If you’ve been wondering what all the talk about an RFID blocking wallet is and why you would need one, this post will help clear things up for you a bit. Radio Frequency Identification or RFID technology is rapidly becoming the norm for cashless transactions around the world, with almost all new debit and credit cards now using this technology. These cards, while fantastic for contactless shopping, are also easy targets for RFID skimming.

RFID skimming is a process in which criminals can steal your card details just by standing close to you. They can install a card reading device at the ATM or even commit this fraud at filling stations, bars, restaurants or any public place really. Once they have your information, they can duplicate or clone your card and spend a lot of money before you even find out. If you have an RFID enabled card in your wallet, you are very much vulnerable to RFID theft and an RFID blocking wallet is your only way to safeguarding your information.

Apart from all the biggest data breaches that happened across world, card fraud has been a major threat for a long time now and with the addition of contactless cards, the problem is only set to increase. Putting together a card-reading device is cheap and easy. Criminals can even simply download an app on their phone that does the work for them. In short, your data is at risk pretty much all the time.

RFID blocking wallets insulate your card from these electromagnetic reading devices and make your card safe against RFID skimming and data theft. Check out this infographic to know a whole lot more about how to protect yourself from these malicious threats.Here we gathered 5 essential points you need to know about RFID and RFID skimming for you:

[infographic] Understanding RFID Skimming: It's Time Block your personal data breach

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