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The idea of having a handbag that has a strap that fits around your waist is picking up enormously due to its ease of carriage as well as efficiency. Long gone are the days when you had to drag a handbag with you wherever you went.  Wristlets are handbags that are usually small and are used to carry money, credit cards and make-up products that a woman may need. Wristlets come in handy when you need few essentials like when going for a night out. Below is a review of the trending wristlets;

1.Scout Kate wristlet


This is a lightweight wristlet that allows you to carry products that are essential to you on the go. The Kate wristlet has a removable strap meaning you can use it as a wristlet or just hold it by the hand. It comes in different colors and patterns and you can choose the one that suits your taste. Made from 100% cotton twill, this wristlet is soft to the touch, has a light coating and is water resistant.


  • Your phone, cards and keys can be well accommodated by the wristlet
  • Can be used for school as a pencil pouch
  • It is very colorful and therefore can be used for different occasions


  • Calls for a tight squeeze for the bag to carry more



Lecxci Women’s canvas Smartphone wristlet bag is a wristlet that combines efficiency and touch of class. It is a multi-function wristlet with one large compartment, one hidden zip pocket, 3 card slots, and one outside rear zip pocket. Lecxci perfectly carries iPhone 6/ 6S Plus or 7/7plus perfectly protecting the screen of your smartphone.


  • It is of high quality, does not rust and classy
  • It bigger than other wristlets
  • Highly durable; thick canvas material used
  • Has a removable strap


  • After purchasing the wristlet, the colors may not be as they appear on the pictures
  • The wristlet can only fit one Smartphone

3.Michael Kors Wristlet


MICHAEL Kors Large Wristlet MK PVC has a signature fabric lining that allows it stand out from the rest. In dimensions, the bag measures 8 inches by 5 inches. It is the perfect size for your outings where you need to carry a few things. It has a zip closure that ensures your items do not fall.


  • Made of PVC making it highly water resistant
  • It has quite a number of pockets including an outer pocket where you can put your cards while in a rush mostly at checkout lines.
  • Can carry not only cards but also some make-up; lipstick and MAC Compact just to mention a few


  • The Michael Kors part gets scratched out with time especially if the bag is frequently used

4.Humble Chic NY Wristlet


Humble Chic Vegan Leather Wristlet Wallet Clutch is a Small Phone Purse Handbag designed to serve as either a wallet or a small-sized purse. It is made of vegan leather that is well known for its scratch resistance, water resistance and easy to clean with a damp piece of cloth. The interior of this wristlet has several compartments that allow you to organize your essentials with ease.


  • Can hold your phone, key and lipstick perfectly
  • One of the best and most popular gift choices


  • A cross body strap would have been included
  • Has an odor that lasts a few hours upon opening the package and some of the wristlets have glued pockets making it hard to fit debit cards

5.David Jones Wristlet


DAVID JONES Women wristlet has a synthetic leather crossbody with a wrist strap. It is a product imported from Paris that has PU on both its faces that make it’s cleaning easy. It comes in several colors and you can choose according to your liking. Its stitching is high quality and clean.


  • Large enough to carry a phone, its charger, credit cards and passport at a go
  • Has a strap that is long enough to serve as a crossbody
  • Comes in handy for formal occasions such as work functions


  • Does not have credit card slots
  • As opposed to what is stated, the bag is made of polyvinyl

6.Te-rich Wristlet


Te-rich is a women wristlet with a canvas zip around clutch long wristlet wallet. It has 2 large compartments, 2 medium sized pockets, 8 card slots and one zipper pocket in the middle of the wristlet. It has a durable zipper that is easy to use. If you are a woman who loves traveling, this is the wristlet meant for you.


  • Provides ample space for your phone, cash, and cards
  • The zipper used is highly durable; does not get stuck
  • Canvas material used is of high quality
  • The design has a perfect size; not too small and not too large


  • When new you have to push your cards into their compartment for them to fit; stiff

7.Coach Wristlet


The Coach is a sophisticated wristlet with canvas material that has a signature on it and leather trim. Has a soft fabric lining that does not wear easily.  The inside compartment is multi-functional with the zipper closure securing your essentials perfectly.


  • Perfect bridal gift choice
  • Can serve as a wallet or even a coin purse
  • Strong and durable canvas material


  • Would not fit an iPhone 6 plus

8.Damara Wristlet


The Damara Wristlet is a women’s floral dotted versatile wallet. It is made of thick canvas material with a wrist strap that is detachable. You can have prints that are either floral or spotty. You can have 4 different colors of this wristlet.


  • The wristlet is made feminine by a lace crotchet line on its side.
  • Can be used as a purse and as a pencil pouch
  • It has two large pockets for your phone, cash, and change.
  • High-quality product made of premium canvas material.


  • The color comes as it is in the picture but the patch may differ
  • You need to fold the notes in half for them to fit into the slots

9.Fossil Wristlet


The debit and credit cards we carry around have radio frequency identification (RFID) chips that can be scanned without us knowing. This is how most people lose their money through cybercrime. The fossil wallet has an inside lining that protects our cards from such scanning. Made from leather and handmade lining, this wristlet has that authentic feel.


  • Soft leather
  • Suitable for when you want to carry a few things
  • Perfect zipper
  • The colors are very beautiful


  • Does not fit the iPhone plus
  • Heavy wristlet

10.PROYA Wristlet

PROYA Wristlet

The PROYA is a classic soft leather wristlet that comes in 19 colors to pick from. The wristlet has a detachable wrist strap. It has more than one internal compartments and credit and debit card slots. The storage space of the PROYA wristlet is quite large compared to other wristlets. It is made from hard quality PU synthetic leather.


  • High-quality vegan leather
  • Soft wristlet with detachable wrist strap
  • Enough room to carry your phone, cards, cash lipstick and more than one tampons can fit


  • Bigger than most expected
  • Only meant to be a wristlet, therefore, you need to make another ring on the other side if you want it to act as a crossbody

11.YALUXE Wristlet


The Yaluxe wristlet has RFID blocking material that protects our credit and debit cards from the unwarranted scanning of the Radio Frequency Identification chips on the cards. The wristlet has a lining that blocks the scans. This reduces digital pickpocketing and identity theft issues. It is a handy wristlet that allows one to carry his cards, cash, and essentials on the go without worrying about security.


  • High-quality leather product
  • Can be used as a shoulder bag and a clutch size purse
  • The zipper is heavy duty


  • Quite small; calls for tight-fitting your essentials

12.J-BGPINK  Wristlet


This is a 3 layered zipper Nylon wristlet that is waterproof. It is large enough to carry more than one Smartphone. The wristlet is made of nylon fabric making it highly durable and can be easily cleaned by a damp fabric. This is the wristlet that combines compactness and effectiveness, with its three layers it can hold several essentials, phones, notebooks


  • Can hold books, pens, keys, more than one Smartphone, cards, coins, notes, and lipstick.
  • Has three sections that are separated from each other perfectly
  • The bag is waterproof


  • Lacks a shoulder strap

13.Vera Bradley Wristlet


This Vera Bradley wristlet is made of polyester with a zip pocket at its back and a cotton lined interior. There are 6 interior credit card slots on its inside and a signature logo that is engraved on its front side. It has a zip closure and its lining is made from 100% cotton.


  • An iPhone 6 fits without a struggle
  • Bills can fit in there without folding them in half
  • Enough slots for your cards
  • Soft fabric used and is a lightly weighted bag


  • As much as its colorful, pretty and lightweight, some may have a problem with its size since it may be too big for those that want a small wristlet

14.Sumcoa Wristlet


Sumcoa wristlet is a multi-purpose canvas casual waterproof handbag that can carry money, cards, and essentials. It is one of the most stylish wristlets you will come across. It is made of nylon fabric that is of superior quality, lightweight and highly waterproof. With 3 internal compartments, you can easily organize your materials.


  • Can be used by females of all age groups; girls and ladies
  • Made of superior fabric
  • Fits both casual and official occasions
  • Made to be lightweight; suitable for a wristlet


  • Lacks a shoulder strap

15.Sakroots Wristlet


The wristlet is canvas coated and can be connected to any of your devices that use a USB for charging. The wristlet has a zip at the top for closing purposes.  It is widely known for its unique property of charging. The inbuilt power bank has a 2500mAh rating.


  • The battery pack inside the wristlet can fully charge your phone at once
  • The battery is long lasting
  • Easy to recharge the battery after draining it
  • Looks way better than in the pictures
  • Perfect gift choice especially for a teenage daughter


  • The portable charger is sewn into the wristlet
  • Only comes with a wrist strap; no crossbody



This is a casual wristlet handbag. EOTW is a lightweight, durable, easily washable and multi-layered bag that can carry all your essentials at a go. It is made of nylon fabric, while its design is casual it is perfectly mad and multi-function.


  • Has 5 different compartment for your phone and other essentials
  • Excellent for a wristlet as it is so light
  • Fits the iPhone 6S
  • Perfect choice for those that want to carry light


  • Does not have credit card slots



The HButler is a smartphone charging wristlet for both iPhones and Android phones. It is made of pure genuine leather making it functional and fashionable. The wristlet is big enough to accommodate most smartphones including those smart phones that are large. The battery in the wristlet is rechargeable. Its battery has a huge capacity of 4000mAh that keeps your phone charged at all times.


  • The rechargeable battery has one year warranty
  • The battery is recharged via a USB port
  • Not only does it charge your phone, it allows you a few extra stuff in the wristlet


  • Some breakdown in less than 4 months
  • The wristlet should have two compartments or so to separate the charging area and where the rest of your stuff is.


The above-reviewed wristlets are the top trending wristlets that a modern woman can have. If you want to have that trendy look, shop for the one that suits your taste and stand out from the crowd.


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