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Women’s wallets are poles apart from men’s wallets, not only in form and items they carry but also in how they are treated over the course of their use. As such, a lot of thought has to be put into buying a women’s wallet.

The material, size, look, usage, and a number of other factors come into play, and it can be quite difficult to find a wallet that meets all your needs. But this doesn’t have to be cause for worry!

Our Bricraft women’s wallet is designed to check all the boxes in your list, making this the perfect wallet for you! Here’s a detailed post for you that talks about our wallet’s special features and also gives you simple care instructions.

Let’s take a look at the Bricraft women’s wallet’s stunning features!

Genuine Leather

Bricraft wallets are crafted using 100% genuine leather. Compared to wallets made using other materials like nylon, canvas, plastic, and imitation leather, genuine leather offers a number of superior qualities.

Leather is a natural fabric, making it bio-degradable and eco-friendly. The fabric is breathable and timeless and can retain its look and quality over the years with minimal care. It is also resistant to lint and dust, and mites and mold growth.

Most importantly, leather is very flexible so your Bricraft wallet will expand sufficiently to accommodate all your essentials. Leather wallets also become more flexible over time, molding according to use and owner lifestyles.

Tough Exterior

While the Bricraft women’s wallet is soft to the touch and flexible, it also has a tough exterior. Since this wallet is made using quality leather, it is extremely durable and stands well for constant use.

Note that leather wallets are prone to scratches and fading over time, but this only adds to their appeal. And with just a little bit of TLC, your leather wallet will be able to withstand the elements bravely!

Elegantly Styled

The Bricraft women’s wallet has a pretty design embroidered on it! The butterfly and flower design lend a unique grace and charm to this wallet, while also reassuring buyers that it will continue to look its worth through years of use.

As opposed to a wallet with a printed design, an embroidered wallet is sure to stand the test of time. With prints, there’s the possibility of fading, which can eventually make your wallet look plain and dull, while embroidered designs usually last for the lifetime of garments or products they are on!

Equipped with RFID-Blocking Technology

Radio frequency identification or RFID chips – embedded in objects like credit cards and metro cards, and implanted in pets – contain RFID tags that have information on them. This information can be read using an RFID reader emitting radio waves. Because RFID chips have tiny electromagnetic fields, information can be accessed without the chips having to initiate communication.

In a practice known as digital skimming, hackers can steal your identity from 6 inches away without even touching your wallet. They can also make purchases without your verification!

The Bricraft women’s wallet not only looks beautiful but is also designed to be effective when it comes to keeping your credit cards safe! It comes equipped with RFID-blocking technology- an added layer of protection that helps you keep your money and identity far from the reach of digital pickpockets.

Large in Size

The Bricraft women’s wallet is a trifold wallet that is 7.4 inches in length, and when folded over, measures 3.7 inches in breadth and 1.18 inches in height. With 14 credit card slots and an internal zipped compartment, this wallet can easily hold cards, cash, coins, and a bunch of little things.

Considering wallet size when buying a new one is important because you don’t want to have a wallet that’s too small or extra large for your needs. To pick the ideal wallet, you’ll have to plan ahead of time and determine what items you need to carry in it every day. You’ll also have to purge junk from your existing wallet.

While this will be a good exercise, it can be time-consuming. So if you’re in a hurry, you can just opt for the Bricraft women’s trifold wallet as it is spacious enough to house all your wallet essentials along with the extras.

Keeps Stuff Organized

Fishing for change, fumbling with currency, and dropping receipts onto the ground while pulling out bills are all signs of a poorly managed wallet. An unorganized wallet not only causes undue stress but also wastes precious time.

With the Bricraft women’s wallet, you won’t have to deal with the pressure of making a great first impression! Apart from having surplus card slots and an internal zipped compartment, it also has an outside zipper to hold items you might need in an emergency. Furthermore, this wallet has an ID window, so you can store your ID or contact information there for easy and quick access.


With a host of amazing features, the Bricraft women’s wallet is truly a multipurpose functional tool that offers benefits other than simply storing your cash and cards. It’s large size and well-differentiated compartments are spacious enough to store everyday essentials plus some extras. Its tough exterior stands well to wear and tear that comes with constant use, and the genuine leather with embroidered design can add oodles of charm to any outfit you pair this wallet with.

The wallet’s tough and pretty exteriors also make it perfect for travel. Though the wallet is large enough to accommodate items you might need on the road, it is compact in size so you won’t be burdened by it. Moreover, with its RFID-blocking technology, you won’t have to bother about digital theft, irrespective of where you’re traveling to!

Save It from the Elements

While genuine leather can brave up to the elements, it would do you and your Bricraft women’s wallet good if you remember to keep it away from direct sunlight and water.

  •  Sunproofing

Direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time can fade and dry out leather. The best way to prevent fading is to simply keep your wallet out of the reach of direct sunlight. If your leather wallet does fade out, you can always get it re-dyed by a professional.

As opposed to fading, drying is not something you can fix easily. Sunlight and other direct sources of heat cause the moisture content of leather’s natural oils to evaporate. Eventually, the leather will dry, stiffen, and crack.

Now that you’ve understood the features of the Bricraft women’s trifold wallet, here’s how you can take care of yours and keep it looking as good as new through the years.

To keep your Bricraft women’s wallet from drying out, you can use a cream or a conditioner that is suitable for it. The leather will soak up the cream just like your skin soaks up moisturizer! Just rub it into the leather gently and repeat treatments every 3-6 months, depending on how dry the climate is.

Bear in mind that some leather products have lanolin as an ingredient. Such creams and conditioners make for fine moisturizing products, but soften the leather to a greater degree. If you want your wallet to develop a rugged look over time, go for products without lanolin.

  • Waterproofing

Your leather wallet might get exposed to rain, snow, or spills over the course of its life. This might not seem to be a major problem, however, water can strip leather of its natural oils, and you already know what that means! In addition to this, when your soaked leather wallet dries out, it can become brittle. Again, the best way to prevent water damage is to keep your wallet safe from spills.

In the event, you get caught in the rains or snow, leave your wallet out to dry naturally. Refrain from applying heat or placing the wallet in direct sunlight for it to dry quickly; this will damage the leather. You might want to dab at any wet patches using a soft cloth so that they don’t leave stains behind.

Once dry, wipe away dirt or residues with a soft cloth. Rub in a suitable conditioner evenly on all areas of the wallet. Allow the wallet to soak up the conditioner and dry completely.

As a protective measure, use a waterproofing spray or wax to repel water and liquids. You don’t have to do this more than once a year if you’re careful about not spilling drinks over your wallet. That being said, you might have to waterproof your Bricraft women’s wallet several times during rainy or winter season.

Clean It Regularly

Wallets are bound to accumulate dirt and grime with use. And since you’ll be carrying your Bricraft women’s wallet inside your handbag, there’s a chance that it will come into contact with food, perfume, makeup products, and the like! To prevent damage, make sure you check your wallet every day and clean it regularly.

To clean your wallet, start with removing all of its contents. This also gives you the chance to do away with unnecessary receipts and junk, helping you not over-stuff your wallet!

Wipe down all surfaces of the wallet with a soft, clean, damp cloth. Do not use soap or chemicals as they can strip the leather of its natural oils. If you must remove grease, use saddle soap. Allow to air dry naturally, and follow up with conditioning or waterproofing as required.

Allow It to Breathe

Just like your skin, leather needs to breathe! Ventilating your Bricraft women’s wallet will wick excess moisture away and help prevent the growth of mildew and rot. So it’s okay to keep your wallet in your handbag, but do let it sit outside for some time when you’re at home or in your office.

Refrain from sealing up your leather wallet in a plastic bag. If you must pack your wallet for storage or travel, place it in a bag made of soft cotton or any breathable fabric. Always store in a dark, dry place that has good ventilation.

Be Careful with Products

Before using homemade cleaners and solutions on your leather wallet, be sure to research usage and side effects well. Remember to read product information before investing in any leather care products. Always buy products that are suitable for your Bricraft women’s wallet so as to avoid chemical damage.

Make a habit of testing out new products in a small inconspicuous area of your wallet. See if the product reacts over the course of a day before applying it over the whole wallet.

An important point to keep in mind is that some products like polishes and conditioners can stain your wallet a darker color than expected, so always go for the lighter option. If you purchase the Bricraft women’s wallet in black, black is the safest option; to avoid staining your white wallet, go for products marked as neutral.


The Bricraft women’s wallet is the perfect fit for you, given its attractive features and minimal care requirements. So don’t wait to grab yours any longer; place your order and get your hands on this beautiful wallet!



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