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Are you looking to give your outfit an instant spiff and fresh look? Fashion vests have the ability to transform your clothes into many outfits! Ranging from preppy sweater to edgy denim, women vests offer bold versatility. Casual knits and pretty sequin vests are great choices to refresh your look too.

When wearing them ladies can either use them to layer over dresses, tops, and sweaters or on their own (with a fitted cami). Even on lightweight jackets, the vests look alluring. How you choose to wear the vest is dependent on your personal style. If you’re still struggling with the choices, here’s a brief guide to make it easier for you;

# Dress for Your Body Figure

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For certain vest styles, women look frumpy when they wear them wrong. Regardless of your problem areas and body types, any vest can still look great on the body. The details lie in how you wear it and choosing the most desirable style and material.

Tip: When worn wrong, vests may make women seem bigger than they are.

Before going vest shopping, it is important to review problem areas such as a round tummy, wide shoulders, and a full bust. Once you’ve determined the body shape, you have a clearer idea of which vest-type to look for and ways of styling it.

What to Look For

Vests which have universally flattering necklines are either low scoop or V-shaped; they appear trimmer and slimmer. Vests choices which are light and dark neutrals go incredibly well with many wardrobe choices. Avoid going for vests whose straps are too far out on the shoulders; they show off bra straps.

5 Classy Ways of Wearing Ladies Vests

#1 With Basic Tops

During summer, you can pull off a flashy look by pairing your cotton vest with camisoles or plain tank tops. It can either be buttoned up or open. While this passes as basic styling, you can touch it up by;

Accessorize bare arms: Using your favorite statement bracelet helps break a monotonous look. Wearing an open vest and using trendy silver or gold bracelets gives you an edgy-cool look. Your upper arm would also look enchanting with the sculptural-clasp metal bracelet.

Wear printed tees underneath: You don’t always have to wear the conventional black or white tee. You can creatively add interest and texture using polka dots, floral, versatile stripes, and other intriguing patterns. The vest should be buttoned up and worn with a long, attractive pendant necklace.

Look expensive and glam: This look can be accomplished with large sunglasses, slim-fitted trousers, and a long, flowing fashion vest. To attain a compelling spring resort look, a vest worn over breezy and light color should be paired with an attractive wooden bangle bracelet.

#2 With a Dress

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Looking to dress down your favorite dress? A vest helps you achieve this creatively. The dress can easily be adjusted to a casual or semi-formal setting. Adding modern twists to your fashion is possible with several vest combinations. A long cotton vest worn with a short summer floral vest creates an amazing look.
You could also try;
Complementing a print dress: Does your print feature many colors? You are free to choose a vest matching any of these colors. The look can be accomplished excellently by wrapping around a skinny belt to hold the vest in place.
Pairing a party dress: You can easily rock that sexy-cool look with this combination. An open vest should be paired thoughtfully with a short dress. To accessorize, settle for sleek and attractive jewelry. Party dresses are available in many designs to go well with different vest types.
Injecting modernity in a maxi dress: What mood does your dress evoke? Your vest choice should go against this grain and create contrast. For instance, cotton dresses look exceptionally crisp when worn with casual denim vests.
Vests for Vacation: During summer, vests are a particularly invaluable fashion item. Vests made of cotton are the best since they dissipate heat faster. On vacations, you can play around with cold colors to have even better time!

#3 With a Blouse

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What look are you aiming at? When used as sleek layering or accents, fashion vests go well with dress shirts or blouses. For a sharper look, wear these items all buttoned up. If you’re feeling more casual, wearing an open vest achieves the desired look.

The pairing ideas you could try out include;

Bohemian twist: If you’re wearing ripped jeans, try pairing an alluring bohemian-inspired lace-top with a suede vest. The mere contrast in material evokes a rare appeal.

Choosing the American Rag look: Do you have own any style of Southwestern-inspired vests? Using them on a casual white shirt or blouse creates an amazing look. Alternatively, you could a palid shirt instead of the white blouse. Feather earrings are characteristic of the bohemian fashion style.

#4 Office-Work Outfits

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Are you an office girl? Adding a classy fashion vest to your office attire gives it a completely fresh look. To have your office wardrobe covered adequately, consider having dark neutral vests or simple, long knit ones. Dark navy blue, charcoal gray, and black colors are the best to work with. During the warmer seasons, a light neutral vest is a perfect accompaniment to any office outfits.
For even more appealing office look, here are pairing tricks you could try out;
Semi-formal: Do you own a pussybow or pretty shuffle shirt? Wearing a long and black knit vest together with it achieves a semi-formal look. If you want to look super-slim in this attire, wear your vest open and without a belt.
Chic summer work outfit: With a light-colored vest, pulling off this look is quite easy. Pairing it with your favorite pencil skirt creates classy office wear. Depending on your office dress code, you might want to keep away from vests which expose your shoulders too much. For an extra-fresh summer look, try pairing your favorite vest with the short sleeved blouse (white).
For office work: When wearing sleek trousers and your white dress shirt to work, try on a long, knit vest. With a black dress vest, you look even more polished and refined! The professional but chic look should be completed with a statement necklace or metal bracelet.
Corporate head to toe look: With this look, you look both professional and amazing. Wearing appropriate vests with black dresses or skirts strikes a classy rapport. To keep this look fresh and sassy, undo three buttons on your vest and accessorize with classic jewelry.

#5 Layering Your Vest with Attractive Accessories

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With three elegant accessories, you can add a uniquely stylish twist to any fashion vest in your wardrobe. Apart from selecting the best-looking and fitting vests, completing the look with simple accessories adds to the appeal. The 3 accessories can also be used interchangeably to create different looks for a single vest. The accessories to use are;

# Belt

Belts serve multiple purposes in outfitting. With the right application, a belt can be used to give you a more polished look, a seemingly thinner waist, and more elaborate curves. To get it right, the belt should be tied around your waist’s thinnest part. Are you petite or with a short waist? Always go for a skinny belt; the wider ones make you appear even shorter.

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A Curvier Look
When wearing a vest, creating a curvier look is as simple as leaving a little volume at your bottom section; longer vests are recommended. With this simple fix, your hips look more pronounced and curvy. With the correct application, a belt will help you achieve a more defined waist and luscious booty.
Tip: When wearing a belt, always go for longer vests as they won’t bunch up around the hip region.
# Scarf
Do you own an appealing scarf which is long enough for wrapping around your waist? You could easily swap this with your belt on occasion. This helps to create a perfect sash for you fashion vest of choice. Many women aren’t daring enough to try on this truly unique look; don’t be counted among them!
Are you a lady who wants to attract attention to your defined waist? Wearing an attractive scarf helps you achieve this effortlessly. If your waistline is wider and fuller, darker-colored scarves are recommended as they even out the look. Scarf styling techniques often prove elusive even for the most seasoned fashion stylists.
Tip: Apart from wearing them around your waistline, scarves can also be worn around the neck with fashion vests. Just ensure that scarf ends are left to freely flow on the chest.


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Do you want to look truly unique in your vest? You’ll have to wear it with an extremely alluring statement necklace. For this jewelry piece to make a resounding fashion statement, the vest must frame it right. To make an alluring focal point of your entire outfit, the jewelry pieces must be properly framed by your vest choice.
If you want to make the most impact and fashion sense, consider wearing a solid or plain top underneath the vest. With a bold necklace statement worn on top of this, you create an amazing, unique, and consistent look.
Are you after making your jewelry stand out and pop? Select shiny and attractive necklaces to wear with neutral-colored vests. To remain relevant, the color of your necklace should be a bold contrast to that of your vest and outfit in extension.
Tip: For a slimmer look on the upper body, always go with long pendant necklaces.

Vests Types to Wear All Year Long

Throughout the years, women are often at a loss when it comes to stylish vest fashion. Quite understandably, vests can be perceived as intimidating layering fashion pieces. When the proportions are visibly off, vests can look fussy and unnecessary. You also run the risk of appearing bigger than you actually are! Here are fresh ways of wearing different vest types with wardrobe staples;


# Fitted, Cropped Vestsibricraft blog image of Classy and trendy Methods of Wearing vests to different

To show off your toned arms and waist, a cropped and fitted vest is your ideal choice; the look is also more polished and sophisticated. This look best fits business-casual office environments. When wearing a bohemian-style dress, cropped vest can be creatively worn during fall/autumn. These vests look particularly befitting to curvy bodies when paired with mini-skirts.

Tip: For an English countryside look, wear a green copped vest on a classic white blouse or shirt.

# Wearing a Bare Vest Only

You don’t always have to wear a vest on top of other clothes. A double-breasted vest can be worn bare, striking a classy look. This style is best for warmer months and during the fall. This same look can be perfected with a subtle turtle neck sweater of a similar color.

# Denim Vest

The simplest question is, what can’t you pair with your denim vest? It goes well with most fashion items already in your wardrobe. When wearing denim, you can wear it attractively with a pretty dress in spring or a pair of favorite jeans through fall. You can work with either extra-long or short denim vests as casual office outfits.

Tip: To find out what works perfectly for you, try out the many denim vest types including fitted, oversized, extra-long, and cropped to name a few.

# Menswear-Inspired Vests

Do you fancy menswear trends? You can try a head-to-toe 3-piece suit for the office or formal evening events. Just like other suit types, ensure that your outfit has been tailored to fit perfectly around your body. If this look makes you feel too tomboyish, add a glamorous edge with red lipstick. Alternatively, you can lose the jacket or wear an open vest over the buttoned-down blouse.

# Longline Vest

The modern-day fashion coolness is defined by wearing longline vests over otherwise simple outfits. When wearing a camel vest, for instance, an entirely black outfit looks interestingly refreshing. Try to contrast the vest and outfit colors to the best of your ability if you want to stand out. Monochromatic perfection is also achievable with the right, neutral colors.

Tip: You could hardly go wrong with this vest type; it is one of the easiest to work with.

# Faux Fur Vest

ibricraft blog image of Classy and trendy Methods of Wearing vests to different

During winter and older season, this warm vest can be comfortably worn with your jacket to keep warm. To look even more daring, layer over with an unexpected but befitting fashion item. Your classic winter or fall coat gets a fresh new look! To accommodate the jacket, the arm holes should be generous enough to leave ample allowance.
Tip: Get an extra warmth layer buy shopping for the longer faux fur vests. Colors should always be contrasted for the most amazing look.

Wrap Up

Vest choices are in abundance for women of all sizes and heights. With this elaborate and detailed guide, matching up with different outfits will be a breeze. Which vest choices do you wear most frequently? We can help you work with these before going out to shop for others.
Are you wearing your vest right? Let us help you answer this and other questions in our comment section. If you found this fashion guide helpful, share widely with friends on social media. Our joy is in helping you come up with your best fashion vest look. Cheers!


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