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Easily qualifying as your most important valuable travel accessory, security pouches, and money belts are as stylish as they are concealing. Pickpockets and thieves won’t get anywhere near your valuables, various designs and sizes can hold varying amounts of money and other items. Though not a one-size-fits-all item, a travel money belt is very secure, with some having superior RFID blocking technology.
Some are spacious enough to hold identification, passports, cash, and cards. While some can be hung around the neck, some can easily be tacked under the outfit and concealed from sight. Tech-savvy thieves will have a hard time trying to crack some of these models open;

#1 Shackle Hidden Travel Wallet with RFID Blocker

Shackle Hidden Travel Wallet with RFID Blocker

The soft backing material and durable material offer an insight into the designer’s expertise, making the nylon look stunning. All around, this travel wallet features an impenetrable RFID barrier, keeping your personal information away from prospective RFID hackers. Security and protection are further enhanced through the 3 distinct independent zipper pockets. Large currencies from all over the globe will fit snugly, remaining intact underneath your clothing.


  • Passport and credit cards RFID protection
  • Features a belt loop and easily adjustable straps
  • RFID anti-theft material used in lining
  • Comfortably carries all currencies and card sizes


The nylon texture seems a bit off to shoppers accustomed to leather

#2 Alpha Keeper Money Belt For Travel with RFID

Alpha Keeper Money Belt For Travel with RFID

Recommended for your daily use, this chic travel wallet comes with amazing RFID sleeves, offering wholesome protection in the neatest package. If you know a friend or family member who loves travelling, this suitable companion can be a treasured gift. This stylish belt is fit for multiple occasions, thanks to the eclectic mix of colors available. When visiting your preferred mode of travel, you will have an easier time getting through passes without much hassle.


  • Superior protection against identity theft
  • The packaging is cost effective
  • 100% money back guarantee should you feel aggrieved
  • Carries all forms of monetary documents


  • Some of the colors of these travel belts are limiting to fashion

#3 Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Neck Stash Hidden Wallet

Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Neck Stash Hidden Wallet

With its unique traveldry technology, this wallet can easily be used in treacherous conditions without risking the build. Besides resetting the shrink, mildew, and resisting odors, wicking away the moisture. Within the multiple compartments, you can easily store different items without mixing them up. With every use, this wallet ends up looking better and feeling softer against the skin. This level of undercover safety is impenetrable. The ultra slim design helps you maintain the low profile.


  • Provides ample security against all modern threats
  • Intricately designed compartments for electronics, coins, and the likes
  • Maintains low profile under your outfit
  • Has special traveldry feature for ultimate comfort


  • The card carriage for business needs is somehow limited

#4 Boxiki Travel RFID-Blocking Passports Protector Sleeves

Boxiki Travel RFID-Blocking Passports Protector Sleeves

Electronic armor is a major component of this wallet’s construction, adding to the simplicity of use. This tear and water resistant item are purposefully made with trendy fashion in mind. This super safe and convenient wallet has all the perks of efficacy and excellence. In the 21st century, this level of security is necessary if you’re going to enjoy your piece of mind. High-tech crime is on a rampant rise but can easily be tamed through the use of this wallet.


  • The RFID material is lightweight and thin
  • Prevents all forms of modern-day crimes
  • Conceals a large stash of cash and cards
  • The user can apply various storage methods to achieve efficiency


  • The sole focus of RFID limits what you can carry comfortably

#5 Raytix Travel Money Belt Designed for Comfort

Raytix Travel Money Belt Designed for Comfort

The lightweight and thin design do an impeccable job of ensuring the highest level of convenience for all types of uses. Wearing it as your typical belt, you won’t have to contend with the extra weight associated with your conventional wallet. It will be unnoticeable and serve both purposes with incredible efficiency. This reliable construction is averse with the most professional craftsmanship, taking all design components into account; the fine stitching couldn’t have been better.


  • You need not worry about wallet reliability
  • The sturdy compactness holds all through
  • RFID transmissions are blocked off completely
  • The zippers (YKK) are tear and water resistant


  • Consumers have to be wary of the stitching to ensure longevity

#6 VENTURE Travel Money Belt for Anti-Theft Protection and Comfort

VENTURE Travel Money Belt for Anti-Theft Protection and Comfort

For a lifetime of comfortable trips all over the globe, this long-lasting wallet features large capacity to carry all your essential items. Your valuables remain safe from the prying eyes of electronic thieves, all thanks to the RFID blocking capability. The thoughtful mesh dissipates always all moisture, keeping all the contents dry and safe from avoidable damage. Unlike a fanny pack, this model is neither cumbersome nor bulky.


  • Protects against cash and identity theft
  • Lasts a lifetime and looks better with age
  • The breathable and soft mesh adds to comfort
  • It is fully functional in a concealed manner


  • The versatility of this wallet would do with slight improvements

#7 MagicJourney Travel Money Belt and Neck Wallet

MagicJourney Travel Money Belt and Neck Wallet

While out travelling to new destinations, the possibility of falling prey to pickpockets is exponentially higher. Doubling up as an anti-RFID blocking item, this affordably priced item can be replaced should any maintenance issues arise. The easily adjustable waistband is elastic and soft, clasping around your waist comfortably. This inspiring gift idea comes around just as the holiday beckon, extending its capability to the securing of your Smartphone.


  • A compact and slim design
  • Water-resistant and lightweight
  • 3 layers for protecting you from RFID hacking
  • The soft black mesh keeps all contents moisture- free


  • The practicality is limited depending on how you wear it

#8 Tarriss Travel Gear RFID-Blocking Passport Holder with Lifetime Warranty

Tarriss Travel Gear RFID-Blocking Passport Holder with Lifetime Warranty

This essential documents holder is now available to you at a special offer, giving you full value for money. When not tying it around your waist, you can easily slip in the jacket pocket or carry in your bag. You can easily avoid becoming part of the 13 million Americans suffering due to identity theft. When we wear accessories under the clothes, the moisture would easily irritate your skin were it not for the breathable mesh used in material construction.


  • Adjustability and versatility are high selling attributes
  • Illegal scanning is not possible
  • The Velcro strip is an attractive additional piece
  • Comfortable around your neck and skin


  • There is a lack of many colors to choose from

#9 AIKELIDA RFID-Blocking Travel Wallet

AIKELIDA RFID-Blocking Travel Wallet

Through the use of shielding material (electromagnetically opaque), this wallet offers security to all items with smart cards. The finest materials are used in construction, well treated to ensure the last wrong and remain optimally functional. You no longer have to worry about shrinking, mildew, and odors. The adjustable and removable strap accords you rare luxury, all while comforting your skin and preserving the cloth fabric. Maintenance is as easy as washing by machine.


  • Consumers enjoy 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Built with lightweight and durable nylon
  • Can be easily washed by machine
  • The superior RFID blocking technology is impenetrable


  • The solitary color could do with a bit of livening up

#10 Zero Grid Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking Capacity

Zero Grid Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking Capacity


For safe international travel, this classy wallet sees the implementation of an ingeniously simple design. The insertion and retrieval of all contents is straightforward, spending as little time as possible at customs. Whether you’ll be attending music or sports events, your hands will remain free to partake in the fun! Throughout this wallet’s lifetime, users are free to return it or request for a replacement should it come undone.


  • High levels of organization and flexible storage
  • Invisible to people with malicious intentions
  • 100% lifetime extended warranty
  • Easy to secure with a belt


  • Depending on the packaging, the bulge can be significant

#11 Tavelambo RFID-Blocking Passport Holder

Tavelambo RFID-Blocking Passport Holder

The adjustable and soft neck strap will fit comfortably around the neck without weighing too heavy on you. The flexible organization and storage is well articulated through the several zippered compartments, capable of securing coins and other minor items. You will be able to easily conceal your valuables from the glaring pickpockets’ eyes. Your Smartphone and all other items will fit in with relative ease, accounting for all your business and personal needs.


  • Users have seven colors to choose from
  • The quality of construction is guaranteed
  • The practicality is highly versed
  • Can easily fit 2 to 3 passports


  • While the durability is assured, careful handling is necessary all through

#12 VENTURE 4th Travel RFID-Safe Neck Pouch

VENTURE 4th Travel RFID-Safe Neck Pouch

Suitable for all genders, this RFID protected wallet lies undisturbed under your garment. Upon its purchase, you will relish at the classy design and simplicity of use. Even when you’re wearing your slimmest garments, it still won’t show! The storage compartments are smart by any means, revolutionizing the whole notion of organization. Tears and seams are avoided through the reinforcement of stitching. It serves a double purpose.


  • The loop and strap fastener are thoughtfully incorporated
  • Serves you for trips on end
  • The storage compartments are smart
  • The Velcro-closure patch is alluring


  • The longevity of the wallet is solely determined by the mode of use

#13 Travelambo Neck Wallet and Passport Holder

Travelambo Neck Wallet and Passport Holder

The comfort of using a wallet goes hand in hand with the weight and carrying capacity. Identity theft and the protection of your valuables have been primed, giving you the peace of mind you crave. The breathable mesh makes wearing even more comfortable and easier for carriage. If you have multiple passports, you can now arrange them with ease. Checkbooks and other larger documents will also fit in the compartments set aside.


  • Prevents all forms of pickpocketing
  • Comfortable for wearing and light weight
  • All forms of identity theft are permanently avoided
  • 6 pockets containing all the important items


  • The many bright colors seemingly prefer this wallet to certain shoppers only

#14 Zero Grid Travel Security Belt and Money Pouch

Zero Grid Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking Capacity


Intuitively designed to appease international travel standards, this invaluable wallet and fashionable item is fully adjustable at several levels. Going through transit checks will now be a breeze, thanks to the easy use of this wallet. The TSA has approved the dimensions and intended usage, clearly depicting it as the ultimate travel wallet. You can now hold all your bills without folding them an inch, keeping all your other items neat and intact; this also prevents bulging.


  • The buckle is removable and fully adjustable
  • The consumers enjoy a lifetime guarantee
  • The buckle won’t slip under any circumstances
  • The security experience in transit is impressionable


  • When packed to full capacity, this travel wallet can be quite heavy

#15 Boundless Neck Wallet with RFID-Blocking Travel Pouch

Boundless Neck Wallet with RFID-Blocking Travel Pouch


The water resistant and durable nylon used in the construction of this wallet makes it among the most comfortable and easy to use. Electronic theft and stealing of your identity will soon become occurrences of the past. You can now purchase with the confidence knowing that any damage or defect will be replaced or refunded. The flexible storage will easily have you carry any and all items and documents needed to make your travels seamless.


  • Highly detailed and thought-out organization
  • Advocates for confident buying
  • Have 5 pockets in neat selection
  • Light in weight even when fully packed


  • The users of this wallet have to make do with taking extra care to limit damage


Which travel wallet best suits all your needs? For some shoppers, wallets which are worn around the waist are more secure than those around the neck. Either way, both are hidden from plain view, limiting the possibility of falling prey to pickpockets. You also get to protect your privacy in the most technologically advanced way, RFID. Should you require further guidance, feel free to reach to us.

Are you an ambitious woman eager to take on bold fashion trends? Handmade wallets are not only high-quality but also boast of beauty and class. As we reviewed 15 of the leading handmade wallets for women, most items appeared naturally tanned and eco-friendly. The sophistication of your taste is brought alive in most of the handmade wallets using the best accessories and artisans.
With plenty of choices available, our dedicated team did the hard work for you, presenting the best there is in the market. Are you eager to get started? Read on!

#1 Travelambo Women’s RFID-Blocking Waxed Large Capacity Wallet

Travelambo Women’s RFID-Blocking Waxed Large Capacity Wallet

During its design and construction phase, this wallet undergoes a month of superior hand-making. Every item is worked on by a team of 15 dedicated personnel with decades of experience. Offering you diverse usage, the 21 card slots and pockets for your phone are amongst the most alluring attributes. Following numerous and complicated treatment techniques, users can’t get enough of its rare wax leather vintage feel. The surface is designed to look even more appealing with each use.


  • Entirely handmade from decades of experience
  • Embedded with aluminum for RFID protection
  • Numerous treatment of the vintage wax leather
  • Accommodates all your business and travel needs


  • Carrying it might require secondary carriage due to the size

#2 ITSLIFE Women’s RFID–Blocking Compact Bifold Pocket Wallet

ITSLIFE Women’s RFID –Blocking Compact Bifold Pocket Wallet

Have you been duped into buying bad products online? This mini wallet comes with a 100% money back guarantee, giving you alternatives should it disappoint. If you despise carrying huge wallets across town, this mini option takes a load off your back. The bifold design and clear layout were arrived at with the consumer’s comfort and efficiency in mind. While small, it is still roomy enough to hold 6 credit cards, cash, and coins. RFID readers and scanners can’t get past its superior blocking mechanism.


  • Perfect for ladies who frequently multitask
  • Comfortable and soft prime leather
  • Compact and small with roomy interior
  • 100% money back guarantee return policy


  • For business needs, this wallet is quite limited

#3 iPulse Minimalist Slim Wallet with RFID Protection

iPulse Minimalist Slim Wallet with RFID Protection

With its ability to carry slightly over 12 credit cards, this minimalist wallet’s sleeve serves impeccably well. For faster transactions, the manufacturer slotted in a pull-tab, guaranteed to allow easier access and choosing of cards. You too can get this sophisticated look and feel at an affordable price. All through, a high detail of craftsmanship ensures the finest finish and unwavering compactness. Within the first year of buying it, you will be free to return should it fail.


  • A smart pull-tab for seamless transactions
  • Advanced materials for blocking RFID scanners
  • Ultra-compact minimalist design
  • a sophisticated feel and appeal


  • Some consumers have taken fault with the size and capacity

#4 C&N Studio Genuine Leather Handmade Pouch Bag

C&N Studio Genuine Leather Handmade Pouch Bag

Have you been struggling with the storage of your cash, jewelry, accessories, and coins? This stylish pouch bag is purposely build to eliminate this with a touch of class. This perfect gifting wallet portrays hand-making at every turn, allowing you to easily stand out. The full-grain leather used will serve you for many years, only looking better. With virtually no maintenance requirements, this wallet promises to be the ideal replacement to your conventional one.


  • Wonderful display of craftsmanship
  • Serves multiple purposes easily
  • Thoughtful rope closure
  • Easily fits in a secondary carriage


  • Users won’t be able to store their credit cards

#5 Rustic Town Handmade RFID-Blocking Zippered Wallet

Rustic Town Handmade RFID-Blocking Zippered Wallet

Made from a long line of tradition, this wallet offers a rare glimpse into the manufacturer’s culture. Even when filled with currency and credit cards, the pockets remain sturdy and compact. Are you in need of extra storage? The interior zippered pocket suffices. Whether you will be traveling, shopping, or attending to business, the multi-purpose wallet serves these and more commitments. Matching it up with your favorite outfits will be a breeze.


  • Superior craftsmanship is a priority
  • Offers users extendable storage
  • Ideal for multiple uses


  • The leather smell takes a bit of time before dissipating

#6 Zg gift Mini Coin Wallet for Women

Zg gift Mini Coin Wallet for Women

This wallet does a great job of combining style and luxury in a durable package. If a lady you know is celebrating an anniversary, why not surprise her with this unique wallet? As a mini cute wallet, the user is at liberty to use it for versatile needs. The middle kiss-lock closure is an excellent way of securing all your content, all while keeping up with the latest fashion trends. The large capacitative carriage provides a seamless way to carry all essential elements you need.


  • Small, cute, and compact structure
  • A palm-sized semi-circular design
  • Serves as a perfect gift to ladies
  • Built with 100% premium-quality leather


  • The 3 card slots simply just meet the needs of  the casual situation.

#7 JSLOVE RFID-Blocking Compact Bifold Wallet


From the first glance, shoppers are highly intrigued by this wallet’s soft genuine cow-leather item. With space to hold slightly over 6 credit cards, it is suitable for travel and shopping needs. As an everyday carry, the miniature size snugly fits in the palm and doesn’t require secondary storage. Should you feel aggrieved, the manufacturer is willing to replace or refund your money. The use of RFID secure material ensures that your personal information remains perfectly intact throughout.


  • Easy access to cards and cash
  • Ideal as a gifting option to ladies
  • Replacement or refunding available
  • Intricate organization of the interior


  • Users are asked to take precautions not to damage the interior

#8 Toraway Ethnic Handmade Embroidered Women’s Wallet

Toraway Ethnic Handmade Embroidered Women’s Wallet

Carrying a stylish women’s wallet is more than merely securing your contents; the lively embroidery used in this wallet makes this intricately clear. The flowery color pattern evokes a calm atmosphere and portrays the user as an easy-going person. The polyester fiber material used has all the perks of durability and longevity, taking closely after the popularly used leather. With intricate organization, the interior is spacious enough for your cash, coins, cards, and even phone.


  • Uses superior polyester fiber all round
  • An attractive flowery color
  • May colorful designs to choose from
  • Allows for customizable carriage


The exterior zippered pocket seems to mess with the beautiful embroider

#9 YALUXE Women’s RFID-Blocking Large Capacity Wallet

YALUXE Women’s RFID-Blocking Large Capacity Wallet

With a spacious capacity capable of accommodating 21 credit cards, this business-suited wallet is as beautiful as they come. All the contents are kept safely together thanks to the multi-storey fold feature. When out on business, you will be able to easily access all your catalogued credit cards. The four full-length compartments are spacious enough to hold your checkbook, phone, and other larger items. The hardware features a shiny gold color, making it as attractive as it is functional.


  • Prevent all forms of identity theft by RFID
  • Easy to use and well organized
  • Looks even better after longer use
  • Holds slightly over 21 credit and business cards


  • The leather is quite shiny, much to the dislike of some consumers

#10 TABIK Handmade Mexican Fashion Clutch Wallet


Stylish and colorful embroidery have been brought together amicably well in this large capacity women’s wallet. The pro-artisan techniques used to give you a real feel of the Mexican culture instantly. The neat organization matches well with the embroidery, allowing users to carry slightly more than recommended. The outing time given by this wallet is simply amazing, making it perfect for both formal and informal events.


  • Perfect for attending all lively events
  • Bright colors and modern fashion
  • Premium quality for durability and style
  • Easy and neat arrangement of contents


  • For official uses, this wallet is a bit too colorful

#11 DKER DEEZOMO RFID-Blocking Genuine Leather Wallet

DKER DEEZOMO RFID-Blocking Genuine Leather Wallet

Featuring the latest RFID blocking technology, this modern and stylish wallet is primed with the best technology designed to prevent RFID theft. The minimalist design is perfectly in line with today’s business needs; the workplace has become more than a place for work, looking the part is invaluable. After purchasing this item, you can freely return it for replacement or monetary reimbursement. Within the four card slots, you can fit much more with ingenuity.


  • 100% money back guarantee extended to all clients
  • Minimalistic and compact design
  • A large card holder


  • The stitching would have looked better with use of contrast

#12 ZLYC Vintage Handmade Dip-dye Leather Wallet

ZLYC Vintage Handmade Dip-dye Leather Wallet

For easy carrying, his large capacity wallet comes with a detachable strap. The high-grade dip dye used gives this wallet an alluring finish, making it perfect for many occasions. As a multi-purpose wallet, users are free to be as diverse with its usage as they please. Being genuinely handmade, users should expect slight variations in the texture and color tone. A zipper and snap closure are both use amplifying the security features of this amazing women’s wallet.


  • A pleasant variety in color and texture
  • Intricate compartments with 14 card pockets
  • The leather looks and feels better with time
  • A top-notch product build to last many years


  • The slot for attaching the detachable wristlet is too large

#13 Queen Star Retro Handmade High Fashion Clasp Wallet

Queen Star Retro Handmade High Fashion Clasp Wallet

To allow users a comprehensive carry of all their cards this ingenious wallet features separate pouches. The production is highly refined, complementing the wallet’s content compatibility. The PU leather used is wholesomely durable, accounting for every penny you spend. To secure contents, the snap closure is in place for ease of use. The small size makes it extremely portable without the need for secondary carriage. As a great purse in every sense, you’ll love the feel in your hands.


  • The snap closure is easy to work with
  • Constructed with the highest quality PU leather
  • Compatible with all your essential carriage
  • Multiple card organization made possible


  • The stitching pattern will be an eyesore to some shoppers

#14 BISON DENIM RFID-Blocking Bifold Wallet

BISON DENIM RFID-Blocking Bifold Wallet

If you’re in the wallet market for a super slim look, this product does a pretty good job of combining style and luxury. The classic look offered to you will fit all your daily uses without compromising on your look. Feeling amazingly soft in the palms, you will hardly want to go out without carrying it. Superior RFID protection is a major component, assuring all users of safety form would-be electronic thieves. I this day and age, looking good goes hand in hand with personal safety.


  • Compact design and sturdy build
  • Unmatched RFID protection to prevent identity theft
  • A slim and minimalist design for front pocket fitting
  • Genuine casual leather treated to look better with age


  • Some consumers are wary of the color available

#15 iPulse iPhone 8 Plus Full Grain Flip Wallet



iPulse iPhone 8 Plus Full Grain Flip Wallet

How secure is your iPhone? This specially designed wallet is built to handle this and many more needs. The Italian leather used has been finely grained, setting out the pace for years of comfortable and fruitful use. The interior phone stand ensures flexibility and ease of access, eliminating the many problems associated with poor phone storage. Should you have any issues before or after purchase, the friendly customer care personnel will iron them out in no time.


  • Premium leather used in the construction
  • Holds phones of up to 5.5 inches
  • Intricate organization accords you all the flexibility you need
  • The friendliest customer service dedicated to you


  • When fully packed, the wallet’s weight is a bother to select shoppers


Whether you’re looking for a luxury women’s wallet or on purpose for business, we have all the solutions for you. Our team of dedicated personnel is constantly scouring the internet to find you the best women wallets deals. Within this short anecdote, we’re certain that you’ll find a purse which works well for you; if not, we are here to help you find the best look. Simply contact us today and we will spring into action and get you what you deserve. Our greatest pleasure is in serving our clients to their fullest satisfaction. We’re happy to welcome you to our growing family of satisfied clients.


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