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A handy wallet is an invaluable non-digital storage which contains essential items you wouldn’t comfortably do without. Of particular interest to many fashionable individuals are the classy leather wallets, the allures of which are often irresistible. Owning a leather wallet is not enough; the user must ensure the highest levels of care and maintenance if they are to get full value for their money. A new flourish will not only see your leather wallet last longer, but also earn you accolades along the way.
Working your leather wallet is intricately simple when you follow the right procedures. Here is how you can spark up your leather wallet instantly and within no time!
Eliminating Moisture and Dryness Challenges
Leather wallets are especially notorious for dryness and moisture problems. When leather is washed with water, it is bound to develop cracks as it dries should conventional methods be used. If you live in an area accustomed to dry and hot climates, your leather wallet will become more brittle. Applied on at semi-regular intervals, a leather conditioner should solve this amicably in no time. Leather needs natural moisture if it is to maintain its protective layer intact. With this, you experience lesser tearing and cracking.
At times, your leather wallet will come into direct contact with fluids of various sorts; it is best to dry them within the shortest time possible. By first patting it with a dry cloth and later allowing it to dry at the room temperature, you will be well on course to rectifying this vice. A breeze from a fan or other device could help smoothen out the look even faster. At all times, avoid using your dryer or placing in close proximity to a heat source; this will cause irreversible damage.
To maintain your leather in the best possible shape, you will be required to clean on a regular basis. During this time, you can use various products and materials to extend the wallet’s life even further. It is entirely possible to restore your leather wallet to its original condition by following the prescribed care procedures.

Dealing With Dirt and Dust

On the finished side of your leather wallet, are you noticing small dirt marks? To successfully get rid of this, you will require a bit of elbow grease and warm water. A simple mixture of the two does wonders in getting rid of the dirt without causing further harm. There are different products created for use on various leather types. For instance, the ‘Satchel Knight’ cleaning satchels will wipe the dust off all satchel leathers almost instantly.
If you wish for an easier and more fruitful time, avoid applying too much pressure as it might ruin the entire experience. In practicality, rubbing a spot a hundred times softly is much easier than doing so ten times with the maximum application of pressure. With intense pressure, your leather wallet’s finish will be ultimately ruined, defacing the otherwise attractive build. A simple research will bring you across all leather cleaning products you will require.
How you deal with dust and dirt has a direct bearing on how long your leather wallet lasts. These are the two most common forms of grime which will threaten your leather wallet’s longevity. By conducting simple daily dusting procedures, you will have very little to contend with at the end of the week. Make this part of your routine every time you notice grime appearing in or on your leather wallet.

Identifying and Dealing with Natural Leather Markings

Within the farming industry, there are several leather types professionally used in the construction of wallets. Unlike animals which are exclusively reared for beef, those from which leather is harvested are significantly older and more may be susceptible to certain conditions and tendencies. Depending on how the animal was reared, here are five typical marks you might have to contend with;

Flay Marks: As farmers remove the fatty tissue from underneath the hide, some accidentally leave a small scar caused by the flaying knife.

Veining: Animals which are larger in stature have their veins showing on their skin, bringing out the same in the leather wallet.

Scarring: Some animals have undergone medical procedures to rectify certain conditions, leaving behind scars which are worked into the wallet’s exterior look.

Tick Holes: It is quite common for ticks to serrate the animal’s hide as they burrow underneath to reach the blood vessels, leaving tiny pores.

Stretch Marks: As animals increase in size, so do their hide stretch to accommodate the extra volume. The resulting stretch marks can be easily hidden or done away with entirely.

The removal of these natural marks primarily involves a split off, resulting in a classy range of leather wallets, or sanding. The latter procedure smoothens the top layer and does away with all evidence of unsightly marks. The tanning procedure which can also be done at home, makes all the remaining stretch marks unnoticeable. The suitability of the leather material in use is not affected by procedural tanning.

Before purchasing your leather wallet, always ensure that the marks are either negligible or bearable. In instances where these marks are already too prevalent, it would be incredibly hard to get rid of such. The best way to go about it is avoid unsightly marks that leather wallet care procedures won’t solve. Should you come across challenges, we would be glad to help your further.

Care Products Application

There are various ways to use care products, chief among which is testing out a certain product on a small patch of your wallet. This method helps you assess the suitability of the care product and whether it will change the leather color significantly. Take a day to check whether there will be an unwanted reaction from this new leather care product. If it turns out great, you can then proceed and apply the product to the entire wallet. The texture and look change almost instantaneously.

For care products which have an oil or moisturizer, kindly pay attention to the negative side effects this might have on the edges and leather. There are areas which will require heavy treatment with this, if only to make them suppler in feel and appearance. The leather stands to enjoy more protection and nourishment due to higher nourishment absorption. This is more so in wallets that have pigmented finishing as part of their attractive features.

Will be using a waterproof product in your application? Use a care product which locks in the moisture before proceeding further. Before waterproofing, it helps to make the leather fiber flexible as this will hold out for much longer. Areas which are prone to moisture exposure benefit immensely from having a waterproof protective layer. You can now prevent drying out, peeling, cracking, and creasing of your leather wallet by using the right care products; be sure to conduct research and assess customer reviews before settling on specific products.

Apply Different Leather Treatment Procedures

Conditioner/Cream: This product does an excellent job of moisturizing the material to prevent cracks and drying out. While this might not necessarily make the wallet shine, it offers reliable protection. There are some conditioning products which, though lacking in a waterproof feature, they have components which repel water. Conditioning can be done once or twice a year, with professionalism in application determining this.

Polish: While this doesn’t directly translate to care, it is mainly done to achieve aesthetic desires. While at it though, most polish leather products have a measure of moisturizing ability to keep the material commendably supple. Before polishing, users are compelled to clean their wallets first, an astute leather wallet care procedure. How frequently you polish will ultimately be up to you and your need for ‘shine’.

Damp Cloth: This is arguably the oldest and most reliable method of caring for leather wallets. It is highly reliable and results in great moisturizing, leaving the wallet soft and in the best condition. Avoid using soap or other chemicals as they might prove detrimental to the overall quality. This can be conveniently done once a week to get rid of all the dirt and dust. This minimally sufficient care routine has high returns in rewards and satisfaction.

Waterproofing: A waterproof spray applied on your leather wallet will help protect it against water, baby drool, and even snow. Given the moderate use of your product, this treatment procedure can be done only once a year for incredible results. When using sprays, do so sparingly if you wish to extend the lifespan of your wallet. It should never be too dry lest it crumbles and ruins the compact shape. Depending on the season, however, you might have to apply more to keep contents safe and dry.

Suede/Wire Brush: Suede is basically leather’s underside, often soft and with a more espoused texture. If your leather wallet is of this nature, kindly refrain from using the leather self-care procedures discussed above. This type of wallet will come with a suede-specific brush attached to a wire. Suede products should be kept away from water at all costs.

Observe Leather Care Principles

Leather Wallet Needs Breathing: Mildew and rot can become commonplace with leather wallets when they aren’t allowed to breathe sufficiently. As air passes through the wallet naturally, it easily expels any moisture contained within. You should thus avoid placing your leather wallet in constricted places with no airflows, like polythene packaging. Breathable fabrics are the best and most rewarding to work with.

Test Care Procedures First: Before going large-scale with any leather care procedures, make sure to test first on a small patch. This way, you will have a clear insight of how the particular product is treating the leather type. While it may seem tedious and time-consuming, this will save you a lot of worry and inconveniences later on. When certain colors look excellent with certain products, keep at it.

Choose Neutral and Natural Colors: In the leather self-care industry, many creams and polishes are neutral, brown, or black in color. Some are of the view that added dyes have the ability to liven up the

leather fade. Though black is easy to match with most products, brown is available in more shades and greater abundance. The neutrals keep you from compromising the authentic hue of your leather wallet.

Go Easy On Cleaning: Most people, in their bid to take care of their leather wallets, often overdo cleaning. There’s a downside to this; too much and aggressive cleaning can deface your cute leather wallet pretty first. Always ensure that the procedures you use are not only convenient but also highly protective of your wallet. The lesser effort you use, the longer your wallet will last.

Dealing with Extreme Temperatures: Exposing your wallet to extreme heat risks pigmenting it and causing a slouchy look. For the pigmented to finish not to peel away or bubble, only use and store your wallet in moderate temperatures. Protecting the leather fibers and structure calls for a consistency in how you handle the wallet and the temperatures you frequently expose it to. Storage should always be in a clean, dry place.


With time, all leather products age naturally as if they were live; in a sense, they are. Even with your application of these excellent care tips, it will still show signs of aging as time goes by. The process is drastically halted, thanks to the self-care tips we have shared with you. We will help you keep your leather wallet’s condition tip-top, regardless of the hurdles you face daily. The handling of your wallet also determines its proficiency and safety greatly, further adding to its value.

Are you in search of a classy leather wallet with multiple features? Our team of experienced staff has scoured the internet, coming up with the bestselling leather wallets. Visit the review pages and sample the many wallet designs and sizes available for your picking. Practice this leather wallet care tips and you will be surprised at how much your fortunes turn for the better. If you have any other questions, we would love to help you out. Get in touch with us today.


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