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Visits to the gym can be lovely or nasty depending on what you carry your gym gear in. If you were to, for instance, forget certain toiletries at home, you wouldn’t have a very lovely trip back with all the dampness. With an appropriately-sized gym bag, you won’t leave any items behind. What’s more? The weight will be distributed evenly throughout to enable maximum comfort.
While some are designer made and others simple sling bags, both sets of consumers get an extensive variety of quality and style to pick from. This review takes a deeper look into some of the most sought-after gym bags in the market today. Have a read;

#1 adidas Defender II Duffel Bag

adidas Defender II Duffel Bag

As a leading brand in sports equipment, adidas doesn’t disappoint with this carefully orchestrated gym bag. In the main compartment, you can pack several folded clothes and a pair of shoes comfortably. The interior zippered pocket is free for use in the storage of personal items such as wallets and watches. There are two exterior pockets, preferably for holding other minor gear you might need at the gym. The wear and tear-proof reinforced ripstop material enhance durability.


  • The strap is adjustable for different users
  • Double zippers used all through are considered safer
  • Durable construction material won’t wear and tear easily
  • When full, it assumes a uniform compact shape


  • The shoulder strap lacks extra padding for comfort

#2 Olympia USA 33” 8-Pocket Rolling Duffel

Olympia USA 33” 8-Pocket Rolling Duffel

As the name suggests, this duffel bag is very flexible and can fit a myriad of uses and sizes depending on the luggage. When it is packed lightly, the user can carry easily using the straps. If there’s too much gear in it, however, in-line skate wheels and the pulling handle come in handy. This bag is lined with synthetic, improving its durability while keeping the overall weight low. The supreme protection polyester has been constructed superbly to achieve the highest appeal.


  • There are many exterior zippered pockets for use
  • When heavy, you can rely on the in-skate wheels
  • The color contrast adds a beautiful touch
  • The expandable size makes it a multi-purpose


  • Carrying it by hand looks and feels rather odd, for its size

#3 adidas Alliance II Sackpack

adidas Alliance II Sackpack

Featuring the three legendry adidas stripes in excellence, this sackpack evokes a playful atmosphere making it ideal for the gym. There is a wide selection of colors to choose from, each with contrasting stripe colors. The material used, polyester dobby, is durable and has multiple unmistakable features. There are 3 exterior zippered pockets as well as a mesh one, ideally for carrying your water bottle. When packed to capacity, it assumes a lovely ovular shape.


  • The construction has been done to the highest standards
  • The shoulder stripes, while thin, are still comfortable
  • The pockets are well laid and spaced out
  • 100% polyester material is durable and with minimal maintenance needs


  • The colors are not all well combined in some of the bags

#4 Zodaca 3-Piece Set Water Resistant Drawstring Travel Organizer

Zodaca 3-Piece Set Water Resistant Drawstring Travel Organizer

When packing for the gym, you want to carry a bag which is easy to pack and unpack. Available to you in 3 pieces, this will be your new favorite gym takeout, thanks to its multiple features. The sky blue color is easy on the eyes, and features clear printing on what each bag should hold. To provide additional protection to your gym wear, this drawstring bag is splash and waterproof. The three pieces will contain separate sets of items, enhancing easy access.


  • When not in use, the bags can be stored in one
  • The different sizes can be neatly arranged
  • All pieces are splash and waterproof
  • Drawstring closure on all three are easy to work with


  • This solitary color will not appeal to all gym goers

#5 adidas Diablo Small Duffle Bag

adidas Diablo Small Duffle Bag

Like the previously discussed adidas bags, this model boasts of the finest construction with the most vivid colors. The logo takes up a big chunk of the side, making you feel like a part of this globally renowned manufacturer. There are two ways of carrying this gym bag, depending on the amount of gym gear you carry with you. The straps are adjustable, further increasing your chances of enjoying more comfort. You will like the sturdy build.


  • The lively colors get you into the gym mood
  • The width and interior is spacious for a lot of carriages
  • The bag’s construction will hold for long
  • It has a favorable price within its category


  • The zip design is strikingly similar to the other adidas models

#6 adidas Squad III Duffel Bag

adidas Squad III Duffel Bag

Have your trips to the gym been characterized by a faulty bag with shaky storage? This adidas duffel bag is designed to hold all items snugly, each in a distinct compartment. There are several zipped pockets strewn all over, each conveniently sized to hold specific gym gear, for instance, your water bottle. To assure you of the quality, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty; should any defect come to the bag, expect to receive a replacement or refund.


  • The lifetime warranty is a true mark of quality
  • The straps have a rare beauty to them
  • The compact shape remains as is without deformation
  • An exterior ventilated compartment to keep contents fresh


  • The weight, when fully packed, can be an undoing

#7 HOLYLUCK Unisex Sports Gym Sack Drawstring Backpack

HOLYLUCK Unisex Sports Gym Sack Drawstring Backpack

Though this bag has a slightly thick polyester material, it is easy to maintain and wash. Storing your things will now be accomplished more quickly, thanks to the spacious interior and the neatly-placed compartments. The strap design holds a sturdy drawstring, quickly securing contents or opening up when in use. Besides going with it to the gym, you can use this bag for many other uses such as hiking, camping, teamwork, or traveling.


  • The drawstrings are easy to do and undo
  • Exterior zippered pockets provide dedicated storage space
  • The shape conforms to what you’re carrying
  • Solid colors available won’t wash off


  • This bag generally looks least complicated and carefully designed bag in this category

#8 Under Armor Storm Undeniable II Duffle Bag

Under Armor Storm Undeniable II Duffle Bag

These sporty bags have all the perks of a stylish and modern utility bag, holding more than you would expect. The top handle, to ensure your comfort, is heavily padded for the most ideal grip. The side and bottom panels feature abrasion-resistant and tough materials, holding up the shape and enabling the bag last much longer. The comfort farther extends to the shoulder strap, which can also be adjusted to serve different needs.


  • The straps are utterly comfortable and easy to work with
  • The exterior zipped pockets have awesome designs
  • The durability and compactness is assured
  • The logo and design are interestingly simple


  • Some items don’t have dedicated pockets for storage, leaving them clumsy

#9 adidas Team Issue Duffel Bag

adidas Team Issue Duffel Bag

This do-it-all duffel bag is perfect on the go, on the field, or in the gym. The benefits brought forth by the bag’s HYDROSHIELD, designed for water resistance, get you ready for any situation perceivable. The exterior zipper serves many functions, making this easily maneuverable in tough situations or when carrying widely varying items. The side pockets have been ventilated, keeping the contents fresh throughout. You can carry as much weight as you can comfortably straddle along.


  • The long structure diversifies its use
  • Exterior zipper’s multiple functionality is extremely useful
  • The base is consistently waterproof
  • The mixture of colors is appealing to users


  • Some find this gym bag as being too long and wide for daily gym uses

#10 NIKE Brasilia Training Gymsack

NIKE Brasilia Training Gymsack

Popular with sportsmen and women the world over, this Nike drawstring gym bag is small in structure and collapsible to fit in the tiniest spaces. Your gear will be adequately ventilated thanks to the thoughtful mesh bottom. Inside, the bag has been divided into several compartments to allow easy storage of the varying items you carry. Being water resistant, the fabric is also tough and treated to withstand many years of active use.


  • The bag will serve you for long
  • There are virtually no maintenance requirements
  • Washing can be done by hand or machine
  • The Nike logo stands out from afar


  • Certain items, such as shoes, simply won’t fit as snugly

#11 DALIX 14” Small Duffle Two-Toned Travel Gym Bag

DALIX 14” Small Duffle Two-Toned Travel Gym Bag

If you are a sports person, there is no limit to what you can use this roomy bag for. While it won’t allow you to carry gear to camp for several days, it is still primed to ably accommodate hiking gear. Through fair and rough conditions, the items contained will remain safely intact, proving its value for your money. The reasonable price placed it in the category of far inferior bags, but with features likened to the high-end options.


  • Has a roomy main zippered compartment
  • Comes in a couple of lively and dull colors
  • Comfort is ensured on both the top handle and shoulder
  • Exterior zippered pocket is easily accessible


  • The compactness of the bag is in question

#12 K-Cliffs Heavy Duty Large Cargo Duffel Equipment Rack Bag

K-Cliffs Heavy Duty Large Cargo Duffel Equipment Rack Bag

Have you been painstakingly looking for a huge duffel bag? This rack bag offers you the most storage capacity among all the models reviewed in this guide, at an amazingly low price. For longer use, consumers are advised to avoid dragging it over the floor, even though it looks tough and build to last. The handles are wide and super thick, taking away the pressure normally associated with carrying heavy duffel bags. The shoulder strap is conveniently anti-slip.


  • It easily ranks as the biggest in this category
  • The weight is well-distributed thanks to the straps
  • The rugged look befits the versatile uses
  • Exterior zippers are concealed from view


  • For your normal gym use, this bag would be too big

#13 BeeGreen Drawstring 10 Pack Promotional Backpack Bags

BeeGreen Drawstring 10 Pack Promotional Backpack Bags

Have you ever thought of a perfectly-sized gym bag? This pack of 10 is designed to fit perfectly on your back over a myriad of uses. With a mild detergent, these bags can be machine washed as the only required maintenance. The lightweight and sturdy construction, while not compact, is surprisingly strong to protect all contents. Across the base, these cinch bags have reflective stripes to keep you safe while on the road.


  • Very affordable as it comes in wholesale
  • Reflective bottom stripe protects you from motorists
  • Perfect for the gym and road activities
  • The quality is assured through quality assurance


  • The choice of color is limiting to different personalities

#14 travel inspira Unisex Foldable and Lightweight Duffel Bag

travel inspira Unisex Foldable and Lightweight Duffel Bag

As a super strong duffel bag, this model can comfortably hold up to 25 lbs without flinching. The ripstop cloth ensures that even in the event of ripping, the damage caused remains minimal. When you’re not carrying gym clothes in it, simply fold it up and store in the small attached bag. There is no limit to the things you can carry, right from gym wear to neat packaging for a short vacation. With it, there is nothing too hard to achieve!


  • The differently-colored straps break the monotony
  • You can carry virtually all portable items
  • The handle padding reduces the stress drastically
  • Comes with a small side bag for storing in


  • When loosely packed, there will be a lot of movement

#15 Disney Mickey Mouse Drawstring Backpack

Disney Mickey Mouse Drawstring Backpack

Are you into gold or silver? These drawstring backpacks are available in these colors, easily matching to outfits you already have. Mickey Mouse has never looked this unique in a design, opening new avenues for exploring your personality. The drawstring is easy to work, clasping comfortably on your shoulders. Save for the lack of compactness, this backpack can comfortably be carried to the gym or any other sports facility and event.


  • Comes as a pack of two contrasting colors
  • The Mickey Mouse character is interestingly hideous
  • Drawstrings are easy to work around
  • When packed fully, it assumes a pleasant shape


  • Your carriage of heavier items might result in discomfort around the shoulders

Wrap Up

On your next visit to the gym, make a point of making an appearance with a classy gym bag. Between the duffels and the drawstrings, which do you prefer more? You might need one of either for separate occasions. With the comfortable price range, you will surely find out what works best for you without breaking the bank. If you would like more insights into these and other bags, kindly get in touch with us today!


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