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Nowadays, the global is becoming a village. We can do many things easier and more quickly. Technology brings us the benefits and we can’t live without it. Here, we choose RFID as an example to tell you that something you need to know about. 7 frequently asked questions are gathered about RFID for you, to help you know what this technology is and how it changed our life.

1.What does RFID stand for?

RFID (radio frequency identification) is a technology that incorporates the use of electromagnetic or electrostatic coupling in the radio frequency (RF) portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to uniquely identify an object, animal, or person. RFID is coming into increasing use in industry as an alternative to the bar code.

2.What does an RFID system consist of?

An RFID system consists of three components: an antenna and transceiver  (often combined into one reader) and a transponder (the tag). The antenna uses radio frequency waves to transmit a signal that activates the transponder. When activated, the tag transmits data back to the antenna. The data is used to notify a programmable logic controller that an action should occur. The action could be as simple as raising an access gate or as complicated as interfacing with a database to carry out a monetary transaction. Low-frequency RFID systems (30 KHZ to 500 KHz) have short transmission ranges (generally less than six feet). High-frequency RFID systems (850 MHz to 950 MHZ and 2.4 GHz to 2.5 GHz) offer longer transmission ranges (more than 90 feet).

RFID systems can also be classified by the type of tag and reader. A Passive Reader Active Tag (PRAT) system has a passive reader which only receives radio signals from active tags (battery operated, transmit only). The reception range of a PRAT system reader can be adjusted from 1–2,000 feet (0–600 m), allowing flexibility in applications such as asset protection and supervision.

An Active Reader Passive Tag (ARPT) system has an active reader, which transmits interrogator signals and also receives authentication replies from passive tags.

An Active Reader Active Tag (ARAT) system uses active tags awoken with an interrogator signal from the active reader. A variation of this system could also use a Battery-Assisted Passive (BAP) tag which acts like a passive tag but has a small battery to power the tag’s return reporting signal.

3.What is the use of RFID?

RFID has many uses in our daily life, which spreads in commerce, transportation and logistics, public transport and so on. It appears with a look of tags, readers.

What is an RFID tag?

The RFID tag has an embedded transmitter and receiver. The actual RFID component contained in a tag has two parts: an integrated circuit for storing and processing information, and an antenna to receive and transmit a signal. The RFID tag has non-volatile memory storage and can include either fixed or programmable logic for processing transmission and sensor data.

RFID tags can be either passive, active or battery-assisted passive. An active tag has an on-board battery and periodically transmits its ID signal. A battery-assisted passive (BAP) has a small battery on board and is activated when in the presence of an RFID reader. A passive tag is cheaper and smaller because it has no battery; instead, the tag uses the radio energy transmitted by the reader.

RFID tags contain at least three parts: an integrated circuit for storing and processing information that modulates and demodulates a radio- frequency (RF) signals; a means of collecting DC power from the incident reader signal; and an antenna for receiving and transmitting the signal. The tag information is stored in a non-volatile memory. The RFID tag includes either fixed or programmable logic for processing the transmission and sensor data, respectively.

Tag’s uses

Tags may either be read-only, having a factory-assigned serial number that is used as a key into a database or may be read/write, where object-specific data can be written into the tag by the system user. Field programmable tags may be write-once, read-multiple; “blank” tags may be written with an electronic product code by the user.

The RFID tag can be affixed to an object and used to track and manage inventory, assets, people, etc. For example, it can be affixed to cars, computer equipment, books, mobile phones, etc.

What is the RFID reader?

An RFID reader’s function is to interrogate RFID tags. The means of interrogation is wireless and because the distance is relatively short; the line of sight between the reader and tags is not necessary. A reader contains an RF module, which acts as both a transmitter and receiver of radio frequency signals. The transmitter consists of an oscillator to create the carrier frequency; a modulator to impinge data commands upon this carrier signal and an amplifier to boost the signal enough to awaken the tag. The receiver has a demodulator to extract the returned data and also contains an amplifier to strengthen the signal for processing. A microprocessor forms the control unit, which employs an operating system and memory to filter and store the data. The data is now ready to be sent to the network.

Reader’s uses

A radio frequency identification reader (RFID reader) is a device used to gather information from an RFID tag, which is used to track individual objects. Radio waves are used to transfer data from the tag to a reader.

RFID’s uses

RFID offers advantages over manual systems or use of bar codes. The tag can be read if passed near a reader, even if it is covered by the object or not visible. The tag can be read inside a case, carton, box or other containers, and unlike barcodes, RFID tags can be read hundreds at a time. Bar codes can only be read one at a time using current devices.

RFID can be used in a variety of applications, such as:

  • Tracking of goods
  • Tracking of persons and animals
  • Toll collection and contactless payment
  • Machine-readable travel documents
  • Smartdust(for massively distributed sensor networks)
  • Airport baggage tracking logistics
  • Timing sporting events
  • Tracking and billing processes

These applications play an important role in our daily life. For example, when buying goods,  you can use it to pay and to track the shipment. Memorize the data and track it is the way to serve you to have a good experience.

4.What is RFID skimming?

Although RFID is helpful, not every successful reading of a tag (an observation) is useful for business or other purposes. Even it shows amount of data breach cases are increasing. The criminal behavior is called RFID skimming. Then what is RFID skimming? Let us tell you.

RFID skimming is a form of digital theft, which enables information from RFID based smart cards to be read and duplicated. It can be used as a form of wireless identity theft or credit card theft among other forms of information theft. Typically it works by the illegitimate reading of RFID chips at a distance using an RFID reader device, which downloads the card information.

The concern is that some credit cards, passports, and driver’s licenses now come with embedded radio frequency identification chips. When activated by an RFID reader, these chips transmit certain types of information wirelessly, so that you can verify your identity or even make a purchase without swiping your card. The downside: Anyone with an RFID reader can activate those chips and pick up whatever information they’re designed to transmit. And, if they’re sneaky about it, they can do it without your knowledge.
So, what can we do to protect our data from being scanned? There are many methods to solve this problem. But one is the most common and easiest— use the RFID blocking technology.We will tell you what RFID blocking technology and materials is and how it works for you as follows.

5.What is RFID blocking technology and material?

First, we need to know what the RFID blocking is. RFID blocking is a form of passive shielding of RFID signals through either a metallic encased wallet or a passive lined material RFID blocking wallet or RFID blocking sleeve like most you see on the market currently.

In fact, RFID blocking’s principle is using material to impede the signal. There are three primary methods—shielding, shielded containers, metal foil. Shielding attempts to block radio signals from reaching the tag by enclosing it within a container made of material that blocks electromagnetic signals in the RFID spectrum by acting as a Faraday cage. Shielded containers for regular use in the form of single-document sleeves, wallets, pouches, etc. Shielding is possible simply and inexpensively by wrapping a tagged object in aluminum foil, which can be configured as a sleeve permitting a card to be slid out. Informal tests found that the shielding effect was not 100% effective, though it did very much reduce the maximum range for reading, from about 1.5 feet (50 cm) to 1–2 inches (3–5 cm).

There are two materials which impede Radio Signals with incredible success… Water & Metal. Although you could fill a bag full of water and place your money, wallet, or whatever else in it, let’s continue with the metal route. A single layer of aluminum foil of only 27 microns thick is often enough to block the RFID signals of most readers or 1mm of dilute salt water. So…many RFID wallet was designed with aluminum foil embedded inside compared with water for its convenience.

6.How does an RFID wallet work?

Usually, we purchase RFID wallet to protect our information for its easy usage and convenience. Maybe many people don’t have a clear mind of this new kind of wallet.

RFID-blocking wallets are designed to help insulate you from a very particular brand of electronic pickpocketing, called RFID skimming. Now, almost cards have RFID chips in it. In 1979, the first radio frequency identification chips that can be implanted into other things are created. It has been spreading all around the world in the past decades. Now, they are everywhere in our life. How do the chips work?

They work by using radio waves to communicate. The object, such as a credit card, contains an RFID tag with information, and an RFID reader uses radio waves to read the information from a tag. The key is that RFID chips have tiny electromagnetic fields, which is what makes them possible to read without having to “initiate” communications. All you need is proximity.

That’s the reason why, in theory, that somebody could scan you through your pocket. And yes, people in the real world have been scanned like this.

Fortunately, radio waves are relatively easy to interrupt and block, and that’s how an RFID-blocking wallet works: they encase your credit cards in a material that interferes with radio waves. If the wallet is properly constructed to be a Faraday cage, it will block all electromagnetic fields and prevent communication between your cards and RFID scanners.

7.Do you actually need an RFID-blocking wallet?

Maybe, maybe not. If your credit cards don’t have RFID chips, then obviously you don’t need one. And even if you do have RFID-chipped cards, the chance of being maliciously scanned is exceedingly low — less than 1 percent according to some. On the other hand, the possibility is there and the chance is non-zero.


After reading these frequency asked questions about RFID, I guess you have known the fundamental knowledge. Other information about RFID will be updated soon. If you think it’s useful for you, please share it with your friends. Thanks!

Are you an ambitious woman eager to take on bold fashion trends? Handmade wallets are not only high-quality but also boast of beauty and class. As we reviewed 15 of the leading handmade wallets for women, most items appeared naturally tanned and eco-friendly. The sophistication of your taste is brought alive in most of the handmade wallets using the best accessories and artisans.
With plenty of choices available, our dedicated team did the hard work for you, presenting the best there is in the market. Are you eager to get started? Read on!

#1 Travelambo Women’s RFID-Blocking Waxed Large Capacity Wallet

Travelambo Women’s RFID-Blocking Waxed Large Capacity Wallet

During its design and construction phase, this wallet undergoes a month of superior hand-making. Every item is worked on by a team of 15 dedicated personnel with decades of experience. Offering you diverse usage, the 21 card slots and pockets for your phone are amongst the most alluring attributes. Following numerous and complicated treatment techniques, users can’t get enough of its rare wax leather vintage feel. The surface is designed to look even more appealing with each use.


  • Entirely handmade from decades of experience
  • Embedded with aluminum for RFID protection
  • Numerous treatment of the vintage wax leather
  • Accommodates all your business and travel needs


  • Carrying it might require secondary carriage due to the size

#2 ITSLIFE Women’s RFID–Blocking Compact Bifold Pocket Wallet

ITSLIFE Women’s RFID –Blocking Compact Bifold Pocket Wallet

Have you been duped into buying bad products online? This mini wallet comes with a 100% money back guarantee, giving you alternatives should it disappoint. If you despise carrying huge wallets across town, this mini option takes a load off your back. The bifold design and clear layout were arrived at with the consumer’s comfort and efficiency in mind. While small, it is still roomy enough to hold 6 credit cards, cash, and coins. RFID readers and scanners can’t get past its superior blocking mechanism.


  • Perfect for ladies who frequently multitask
  • Comfortable and soft prime leather
  • Compact and small with roomy interior
  • 100% money back guarantee return policy


  • For business needs, this wallet is quite limited

#3 iPulse Minimalist Slim Wallet with RFID Protection

iPulse Minimalist Slim Wallet with RFID Protection

With its ability to carry slightly over 12 credit cards, this minimalist wallet’s sleeve serves impeccably well. For faster transactions, the manufacturer slotted in a pull-tab, guaranteed to allow easier access and choosing of cards. You too can get this sophisticated look and feel at an affordable price. All through, a high detail of craftsmanship ensures the finest finish and unwavering compactness. Within the first year of buying it, you will be free to return should it fail.


  • A smart pull-tab for seamless transactions
  • Advanced materials for blocking RFID scanners
  • Ultra-compact minimalist design
  • a sophisticated feel and appeal


  • Some consumers have taken fault with the size and capacity

#4 C&N Studio Genuine Leather Handmade Pouch Bag

C&N Studio Genuine Leather Handmade Pouch Bag

Have you been struggling with the storage of your cash, jewelry, accessories, and coins? This stylish pouch bag is purposely build to eliminate this with a touch of class. This perfect gifting wallet portrays hand-making at every turn, allowing you to easily stand out. The full-grain leather used will serve you for many years, only looking better. With virtually no maintenance requirements, this wallet promises to be the ideal replacement to your conventional one.


  • Wonderful display of craftsmanship
  • Serves multiple purposes easily
  • Thoughtful rope closure
  • Easily fits in a secondary carriage


  • Users won’t be able to store their credit cards

#5 Rustic Town Handmade RFID-Blocking Zippered Wallet

Rustic Town Handmade RFID-Blocking Zippered Wallet

Made from a long line of tradition, this wallet offers a rare glimpse into the manufacturer’s culture. Even when filled with currency and credit cards, the pockets remain sturdy and compact. Are you in need of extra storage? The interior zippered pocket suffices. Whether you will be traveling, shopping, or attending to business, the multi-purpose wallet serves these and more commitments. Matching it up with your favorite outfits will be a breeze.


  • Superior craftsmanship is a priority
  • Offers users extendable storage
  • Ideal for multiple uses


  • The leather smell takes a bit of time before dissipating

#6 Zg gift Mini Coin Wallet for Women

Zg gift Mini Coin Wallet for Women

This wallet does a great job of combining style and luxury in a durable package. If a lady you know is celebrating an anniversary, why not surprise her with this unique wallet? As a mini cute wallet, the user is at liberty to use it for versatile needs. The middle kiss-lock closure is an excellent way of securing all your content, all while keeping up with the latest fashion trends. The large capacitative carriage provides a seamless way to carry all essential elements you need.


  • Small, cute, and compact structure
  • A palm-sized semi-circular design
  • Serves as a perfect gift to ladies
  • Built with 100% premium-quality leather


  • The 3 card slots simply just meet the needs of  the casual situation.

#7 JSLOVE RFID-Blocking Compact Bifold Wallet


From the first glance, shoppers are highly intrigued by this wallet’s soft genuine cow-leather item. With space to hold slightly over 6 credit cards, it is suitable for travel and shopping needs. As an everyday carry, the miniature size snugly fits in the palm and doesn’t require secondary storage. Should you feel aggrieved, the manufacturer is willing to replace or refund your money. The use of RFID secure material ensures that your personal information remains perfectly intact throughout.


  • Easy access to cards and cash
  • Ideal as a gifting option to ladies
  • Replacement or refunding available
  • Intricate organization of the interior


  • Users are asked to take precautions not to damage the interior

#8 Toraway Ethnic Handmade Embroidered Women’s Wallet

Toraway Ethnic Handmade Embroidered Women’s Wallet

Carrying a stylish women’s wallet is more than merely securing your contents; the lively embroidery used in this wallet makes this intricately clear. The flowery color pattern evokes a calm atmosphere and portrays the user as an easy-going person. The polyester fiber material used has all the perks of durability and longevity, taking closely after the popularly used leather. With intricate organization, the interior is spacious enough for your cash, coins, cards, and even phone.


  • Uses superior polyester fiber all round
  • An attractive flowery color
  • May colorful designs to choose from
  • Allows for customizable carriage


The exterior zippered pocket seems to mess with the beautiful embroider

#9 YALUXE Women’s RFID-Blocking Large Capacity Wallet

YALUXE Women’s RFID-Blocking Large Capacity Wallet

With a spacious capacity capable of accommodating 21 credit cards, this business-suited wallet is as beautiful as they come. All the contents are kept safely together thanks to the multi-storey fold feature. When out on business, you will be able to easily access all your catalogued credit cards. The four full-length compartments are spacious enough to hold your checkbook, phone, and other larger items. The hardware features a shiny gold color, making it as attractive as it is functional.


  • Prevent all forms of identity theft by RFID
  • Easy to use and well organized
  • Looks even better after longer use
  • Holds slightly over 21 credit and business cards


  • The leather is quite shiny, much to the dislike of some consumers

#10 TABIK Handmade Mexican Fashion Clutch Wallet


Stylish and colorful embroidery have been brought together amicably well in this large capacity women’s wallet. The pro-artisan techniques used to give you a real feel of the Mexican culture instantly. The neat organization matches well with the embroidery, allowing users to carry slightly more than recommended. The outing time given by this wallet is simply amazing, making it perfect for both formal and informal events.


  • Perfect for attending all lively events
  • Bright colors and modern fashion
  • Premium quality for durability and style
  • Easy and neat arrangement of contents


  • For official uses, this wallet is a bit too colorful

#11 DKER DEEZOMO RFID-Blocking Genuine Leather Wallet

DKER DEEZOMO RFID-Blocking Genuine Leather Wallet

Featuring the latest RFID blocking technology, this modern and stylish wallet is primed with the best technology designed to prevent RFID theft. The minimalist design is perfectly in line with today’s business needs; the workplace has become more than a place for work, looking the part is invaluable. After purchasing this item, you can freely return it for replacement or monetary reimbursement. Within the four card slots, you can fit much more with ingenuity.


  • 100% money back guarantee extended to all clients
  • Minimalistic and compact design
  • A large card holder


  • The stitching would have looked better with use of contrast

#12 ZLYC Vintage Handmade Dip-dye Leather Wallet

ZLYC Vintage Handmade Dip-dye Leather Wallet

For easy carrying, his large capacity wallet comes with a detachable strap. The high-grade dip dye used gives this wallet an alluring finish, making it perfect for many occasions. As a multi-purpose wallet, users are free to be as diverse with its usage as they please. Being genuinely handmade, users should expect slight variations in the texture and color tone. A zipper and snap closure are both use amplifying the security features of this amazing women’s wallet.


  • A pleasant variety in color and texture
  • Intricate compartments with 14 card pockets
  • The leather looks and feels better with time
  • A top-notch product build to last many years


  • The slot for attaching the detachable wristlet is too large

#13 Queen Star Retro Handmade High Fashion Clasp Wallet

Queen Star Retro Handmade High Fashion Clasp Wallet

To allow users a comprehensive carry of all their cards this ingenious wallet features separate pouches. The production is highly refined, complementing the wallet’s content compatibility. The PU leather used is wholesomely durable, accounting for every penny you spend. To secure contents, the snap closure is in place for ease of use. The small size makes it extremely portable without the need for secondary carriage. As a great purse in every sense, you’ll love the feel in your hands.


  • The snap closure is easy to work with
  • Constructed with the highest quality PU leather
  • Compatible with all your essential carriage
  • Multiple card organization made possible


  • The stitching pattern will be an eyesore to some shoppers

#14 BISON DENIM RFID-Blocking Bifold Wallet

BISON DENIM RFID-Blocking Bifold Wallet

If you’re in the wallet market for a super slim look, this product does a pretty good job of combining style and luxury. The classic look offered to you will fit all your daily uses without compromising on your look. Feeling amazingly soft in the palms, you will hardly want to go out without carrying it. Superior RFID protection is a major component, assuring all users of safety form would-be electronic thieves. I this day and age, looking good goes hand in hand with personal safety.


  • Compact design and sturdy build
  • Unmatched RFID protection to prevent identity theft
  • A slim and minimalist design for front pocket fitting
  • Genuine casual leather treated to look better with age


  • Some consumers are wary of the color available

#15 iPulse iPhone 8 Plus Full Grain Flip Wallet



iPulse iPhone 8 Plus Full Grain Flip Wallet

How secure is your iPhone? This specially designed wallet is built to handle this and many more needs. The Italian leather used has been finely grained, setting out the pace for years of comfortable and fruitful use. The interior phone stand ensures flexibility and ease of access, eliminating the many problems associated with poor phone storage. Should you have any issues before or after purchase, the friendly customer care personnel will iron them out in no time.


  • Premium leather used in the construction
  • Holds phones of up to 5.5 inches
  • Intricate organization accords you all the flexibility you need
  • The friendliest customer service dedicated to you


  • When fully packed, the wallet’s weight is a bother to select shoppers


Whether you’re looking for a luxury women’s wallet or on purpose for business, we have all the solutions for you. Our team of dedicated personnel is constantly scouring the internet to find you the best women wallets deals. Within this short anecdote, we’re certain that you’ll find a purse which works well for you; if not, we are here to help you find the best look. Simply contact us today and we will spring into action and get you what you deserve. Our greatest pleasure is in serving our clients to their fullest satisfaction. We’re happy to welcome you to our growing family of satisfied clients.

Do you wish to store all your cards in order while offering the best RFID protection? Though some researchers tout RFID wallets as unnecessary, they are becoming increasingly invaluable in the current environment.

Wallet manufacturers have taken this challenge with zeal, competitively producing the 20 best-looking slim RFID Wallets. Your standard wallet will rarely offer you the level of comfort and peace of mind you stand to achieve with these 20 items;

#1 Travelambo RFID Leather Bifold Wallet

Travelambo RFID Leather Bifold/Trifold Wallet


As a fantastic example of value, simplicity, and security, this Travelambo wallet protects its contents from RFID hacking. It is made entirely out of genuine leather which is extra-soft and smells great! Besides the mesh pocket designed for holding your ID, it has 9 other slots.

FYI: For your currency, the wallet has one larger slot.

To allow the user easy access to cards, this wallet has two styles for folding; cards are easily retrievable. As a no-frills wallet, this wallet has taken great effort remain slim.


  • Many card slots
  • 100% soft and genuine leather
  • Independently-tested RFID technology
  • Great value for your money


  • Could use another divider
  • Quite bulky when fully packed

#2 Badiya Men’s PU Bifold Hybrid RFID Wallet

Badiya Men’s PU Bifold Hybrid RFID Wallet


In its spacious interior, this RFID blocking wallet made of nubuck/synthetic leather gives you enough room to securely pack your cards. Your private information is susceptible to hacking; this option protects up to 7 cards and IDs. In the wallets two long utility pockets, you can conveniently fit larger bills.

As a stylish option, this wallet allows the user great versatility and can be a gift befitting any occasion. Younger adults might find it quite large.


  • It’s expertly stitched
  • The card lots fit precisely
  • High-quality build guarantees you of long tenure


  • The wallet could do with more card slots
  • It squeezes tightly when fully packed

#3 Kinzd Slim Bifold Leather Wallet

Kinzd Slim Bifold Leather Wallet


Providing the user the best and most convenient carriage of their cards, this wallet offers an impenetrable protective shield. The wallet’s extra-thin design makes it possible to fit in front pockets unobtrusively.

To make it even easier for you to the user, the clear ID window allows you to show your driver’s license without taking it out; your cards remain secure all the while.


  • Many card slots for all your needs
  • It won’t bulge even when packed to capacity
  • Is ideal for your front pocket


  • When brand new, this wallet might feel pretty tight; it softens with use

#4 Alpine Swiss Bifold/Trifold RFID Wallet

Alpine Swiss Bifold/Trifold RFID Wallet


Designed out of the most exquisite materials, this wallet offers superior security and features EZ access. All the cards housed inside remain uncompromised even when you flip it open to show your driver’s ID. If you require a particular item from the wallet, you can easily reach without disturbing all other content.

In the outer-pocket slot, you can store a card which doesn’t have a smart chip and access it easily. The genuine leather assures you of many years of efficient use, with the RFID technology remaining intact.


  • Simple-looking and thin
  • Is perfect as a gift for any occasion
  • Its small size makes it utterly convenient


  • The horizontal pockets may be snug for all the credit cards. To avoid this, place your cards on the wallet’s inside under pockets

#5 Travelambo RFID Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet

 Travelambo RFID Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet


Are you in the market for a thin protective wallet? This Travelambo front pocket option is as fine as they come. Apart from being made of genuine leather, the inside has been artistically crafted to house all your cards comfortably. Unlike many other wallets, it won’t bulge and show in your front pocket.

The wallet’s compact design makes it suitable for both back to front pocket wear, remaining concealed within the garment. The 6-lot spacious capacity serves all your requirements and protects your private information with superior RFID technology.


  • Super small
  • Can hold all cards and cash without bulging
  • Lightweight and thin


  • The manufacturer should have done a better job of sewing the fabric

#6 Alpine Swiss Bifold RFID Blocking Wallet


Alpine Swiss Bifold RFID Blocking Wallet


This top quality and slim wallet offer your rare versatility that few other wallets presumably give you. As a bifold, you can stuff quite a lot in it and still carry it comfortably. It has 2 Separated Bill Compartments convenient for holding your most frequently used cards.

The genuine soft-leather material feels easy against your skin and maintains its form for years. With the capacity to hold 12 cards, convenience is brought to a whole new level. At its category, this wallet offers you the best value for money all through.


  • Durable and lasts for many years
  • The stitching is near perfect
  • The price is unbeatable


  • When all slots are in use, the wallet appears cramped up

#7 SimpacX RFID Wallet


SimpacX RFID Wallet


For ultimate convenience, this SimpacX front wallet is ultimately a top contender. It goes further than just protecting your cards; this wallet is chic looking and has a stylish appearance. When using it, users can enjoy the independently-tested superior RFID technology. Unwarranted RFID scanning will soon be a thing of the past.

FYI: The visual appeal is greatly influenced by the wallet’s stylish and slim design.


  • The wallet’s classy look makes it ideal for formal appearances
  • It’s slim and fits conveniently
  • All your card information remains securely intact


  • The clip would have been made a bit tighter, though one can easily fix this by following readily-available DIY procedures.

#8 Viosi Genuine Kingston Leather Magnetic Front Pocket Money Clip

Viosi Genuine Kingston Leather Magnetic Front Pocket Money Clip


Designed from rare earth-magnet, this money clip is unlike no other. From physical appearance, one would doubt its efficiency in deflecting RFID signal. The rare magnets are superior when it comes to protecting the smart cards. To assure the consumer of quality build, it comes with a one-year replacement guarantee.

For even more convenience, this money clip has 2 large slots in addition to the ID holder and 3 card slots. Accessing cash and cards has never been easier.


  • It works conveniently
  • The replacement guarantee assures you of extended use without damage
  • It fits best in the front pocket and is rarely classy.


  • It is quite expensive but worth the effort

#9 Hammer Anvil RFID Blocking Minimalist Wallet

Hammer Anvil RFID Blocking Minimalist Wallet


Though its anti-breach technology, this fine wallet stops all unwarranted access to the personal information contained in your cards. The slimness is not only great for convenience but also for giving you a classy appeal. The material has been finely stitched to give the wallet a smooth finish.

With its compact design, users can fit in either their back or front pockets. Upon purchasing it, you’ll enjoy a new level of convenience.


  • Attractive and visually outstanding
  • Durable
  • May be used to carrying cash, business cards, and all your chip-enabled cards


  • When using it for the first time, it might appear tight; this eases off with time

#10 Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Ranger Leather Passcase Wallet

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Ranger Leather Passcase Wallet


As a legendary name in the fashion industry, Tommy Hilfiger is renowned worldwide for producing quality products; this wallet doesn’t disappoint. The logo embedded on the pebbled strips gives it a classy appeal. It is a great accompaniment to your other fashion accessories. Durability and versatility are evident in the superior build.

To enhance its performance even further, it comes with a removable pass holder. You can fit all essential cards in the 6 lots available.


  • Elegant in design
  • A great gift as a household name
  • Durable


  • The wallet could do with more card slots

#11 Kinzd RFID Money Clip

 Kinzd RFID Money Clip


As a minimalist front pocket money clip, the Kinzd product has 3 cards slots and a clear window to house your license. While it may be small and accommodate less, it still has room to hold your bills as it holds tightly in compliance with the magnetic force. The high-quality pure leather stitching is build to last for years.

When purchasing this money clip, the user is offered a replacement guarantee should it fail in performance. Compact design has been implemented for the convenience of use.


  • The money clip fits perfectly in tiny front pockets
  • Superior RFID technology guarantees your security
  • Build to last


It could do with more lots for cards

#12 Alpine Swiss Men Leather Wallets Money Clip

Alpine Swiss Men Leather Wallets Money Clip   


Available in 6 superior models, this finely designed money clip has two separate compartments for holding your cards and cash. Consumers can choose from among the 6 available styles, allowing them versatility. The build is mostly handmade, giving it a true leather feel.

With its independently tested superior technology, the strongest RFID signals are easily deflected. The wallet has been build to last for long without damage. You can conveniently fit all manner of cards in it.


  • Cards can be easily stored and retrieved
  • Superior RFID technology secures all your personal information
  • It can easily fit larger bills


  • When filled with cards, the wallet can be bulgy

#13 Napawalli RFID Blocking Bifold Slim Genuine Leather Front Pocket Wallet

Napawalli RFID Blocking Bifold Slim Genuine Leather Front Pocket Wallet


When it comes to minimalist front-pocket wallets, Napawalli reign supreme with this ultra-modern money clip. With its quick-access ID windows, you won’t have to struggle showing IDs frequently. You can comfortably pack 10 chipped cards and several large bills.

To ensure its durability, the wallet has been made with fine-grain genuine leather. The RFID technology used guarantees the safety of your personal information.


  • Has a smart pull-strap for quick and easy access
  • Two inside pockets for storage of picture IDs
  • Impenetrable RFID blocking capacity


  • The wallet would not be ideal in your front pocket; the bulge shows easily

#14 GDTK Slim Men’s Wallet with RFID

GDTK Slim Men’s Wallet with RFID


Featuring unique luxury and unmatched build, this effective RFID blocking wallet has been made using the finest cowhide leather. The fine stitches and other components are handcrafted to give it even more appeal.

Do you travel frequently? You will love the easy accessibility which makes your travels all the more fun! There are two currency pockets to fit all your large bills. Side flip ID is an extremely useful feature.


  • 12 card lots for all your needs
  • Easy accessibility through the side flip window
  • Slots for 2 SIM cards


  • Stuffing it too much makes it appear odd and bulgy; the lesser item you put in it, the better

#15 Vaultskin Slim Card-Sleeve RFID Protected Wallet

Vaultskin Slim Card-Sleeve RFID Protected Wallet


With this ultra-thin card holder, you can conveniently carry 10 cards with you while avoiding the risk of personal intrusion. Made in Britain, this wallet features a great deal of convenience, comfort, and elegance; its front pocket can hold two cards.

The luxurious top-grain Italian leather adds a touch of class, making it a perfect accessory to similar-styled outfits. 5 inner pockets are RFID protected to give you peace of mind.


  • The smart strap allows for easy and secure access
  • The user can fit up to 12 cards neatly in the wallet
  • The Italian leather used is a rare beauty and guarantees durability


  • The card lots could have been arranged in a neater and more appealing fashion

#16 GintaXen Slim Leather RFID Blocking Wallet

GintaXen Slim Leather RFID Blocking Wallet


With its ultra-slim design, this wallet offers you enough space to pack all your essential cards. They are concealed from RFID scanners, keeping your personal information intact. With it, you can carry 6 cards and 2 extra on the inside. As a neat package, this wallet allows you to access all your cards easily while keeping them secure.

Gintaxen RFID wallet is made from cowhide leather, making it durable for years. Its small size makes it possible to fit conveniently in your front pocket.


  • Superior RFID blocking technology
  • Fits unobtrusively n the front pocket
  • The fine leather is extremely durable and has a 2-year warranty


  • Big bills don’t fit as well as snugly as they should

#17 Urban Tribe Compact RFID Wallet

Urban Tribe Compact RFID Wallet


This slim, minimalist wallet comfortably secures 10 cards in its lots. As a conveniently lightweight and compact model, it will fit in small pockets without showing. Are you looking to reduce what you carry on each day? This is an ideal choice for you.

To keep everything intact, the magnetic closure adds a touch of class. Coming in a great-looking box, it would be perfect a present for any occasion.


  • Very lightweight
  • Holds many cards without bulging
  • Classy and would go with equally-styled outfits


  • Putting too many bills into it can hamper longevity

#18 Casmonal Men’s Leather Wallet

Casmonal Men’s Leather Wallet


Do you fancy outfits with slim front pockets? This wallet is super-thin; it would only comfortably hold U.S bank notes. Other currencies wouldn’t fit as snug. Apart from the 2 card slots and 1 ID slot, this wallet has a sizeable big-cash slot.

For the casual daily usage, this wallet accommodates all your essential cards while keeping them secure. Do you have lower-frequency cards which are less prone to RFID scanning? Store them in the exterior compartment.


  • Made of genuine leather
  • Offers the user versatility
  • Neatly packed and classy allure


  • When holding too many cards or cash, the bulge is not appealing

#19 HIMI Men-Genuine Leather RFID Blocking Wallet

HIMI Men-Genuine Leather RFID Blocking Wallet


Made in Italy and with the rare Italian vegetable-tanned Cowhide leather, this protective wallet is built to last for years. When traveling, you can now quickly access all the cash and cards needed without having to fondle too much.

Apart from this wallet’s 8 card slots, you have two extra other for holding secure cards you use frequently. Organization and class are key components of the design.


  • Unbreakable RFID technology
  • Highly organized card lots
  • Quick and convenient access


  • The stitching may come undone when overloaded

#20 SlimpacX Minimalist Thin Card Holder

SlimpacX Minimalist Thin Card Holder


Your front pocket is not only easily accessible but also improves the physical security of your cards and cash; this card holder achieves this without showing a bulge. In it, you can fit 4 credit cards and an extra card in the clear window.

The genuine leather used in build is soft but very durable. If you have extra SIM cards, you can also store within the RFID housing.


  • Highly portable and light
  • Quick access to cash and cards
  • Can go with many outfit options


  • It could have done with more size to easily fit large bills

Which wallet will you be taking home? Your personal security can be ensured by simply picking the best protective wallet; keeping your personal information secure should remain paramount. From the many styles, designs, and wallet sizes highlighted, you can rest easy.

All the best as you secure your identity!

In the 21st century, pickpocketing has evolved to a whole new level. Your credit card information and other important details can be stolen right under your nose! Today’s crop of thieves will rob you of your identity without your slightest knowledge. Even with the latest security designs in wallets, they easily find their way to your personal information.

To combat this, RFID blocking wallets block off all incoming signals, keeping your identity safe. It still begins the question: do RFID blocking wallets work?

First, here’s a brief insight into how RFID technology works.

How Does Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Work?

RFID works similarly to barcode technology: instead of a barcode, and the scanner, you have a RFID tag and a RFID reader (which has an antenna). Unlike the barcode, However, the RFID reader doesn’t have to ‘see’ the tag: the reader only needs to be in close proximity.

Once close enough, data is transferred to the antenna as radio waves, compromising your privacy and banking details. Used in many applications, RFID technology is present in security checkpoints, credit cards, and even tagging animals.

Through it, we can now pay for products and services without your card touching the terminal.

What Use Is Your Information To RFID Thieves?

Just recently in 2015, identity theft becomes the leading complaint at FTC. While this technology makes it incredibly easy for a thief to steal your personal details, your finances are put at risk.

By successfully skimming your card, a thief can use the retrieved information to drain all your accounts! In other instances, identity thieves can copy your cards’ encrypted information and load it to another card, effectively making a duplicate of your wallet.

rfid credit card-blog post

How To Tell Whether Your Cards Have RFID

If your cards have a horizontal wi-fi symbol, they are RFID enabled. The newer debit and credit cards have a small rectangular chip embedded on the front; these more prominent chips (Europay Visa Mastercard, EMV) add extra security to safeguard your information.

Unlike traditional cards, the new RFID credit cards stay in your hand all through, only requiring you to wave them at a reader. However, unless extra protective measures are taken, identity thieves can as easily access your confidential information with portable RFID scanners.

Recently, thieves are using smartphones and free apps to blend in and be even more stealthy. Securing all your RFID-enabled cards in an RFID-blocking wallet will give you the peace of mind you need.

Note: The presence of a chip on your card’s front doesn’t exclusively indicate that it has RFID or vice versa.

How Do Thieves Acquire Your Encrypted Information?

RFID readers, also known as interrogators or transceivers, are incredibly easy and cheap to acquire. With this reader in their coat pocket, the thief only needs to get within a few inches of your unsecured cards: in a matter of seconds, they will be done and on their way to rein havoc.

In any crowded environment, a thief can retrieve confidential information from countless unsuspecting people. The RFID data contains:

-Your name
-The credit card number
-The expiration date
-Security code
-Other personal information

This technology, also used in some identification cards, driver’s licenses, passports and employee badges can be easily manipulated with a computer. In their earliest days, RFID embedded debit and credit cards could transmit a lot of information, making it fairly easy for identity thieves to clone cards. Most credit card companies and companies have upped their games, making it harder for thieves to rob you blind.

After a single purchase, most cards have nor been programmed to alter their internal security protocol. Should a thief to retrieve information from such a card, it would only be good for one purchase! Even with all these measures, having your personal information compromised will still give you the creeps.

Worrying Identity Theft Statistics

A study carried out by Javelin Strategy & Research in 2013 the U.S indicated that one new person fell victim to identity theft every 2 seconds! Today, there is an overwhelming number of victims, all put to get their identities, and hopefully money, back.

Interesting Demographics

If you have been a victim of data breaches, you are 9.5 times more likely to have your identity stolen. The study also determined that families with a combined income of $150,000+ were more likely to be targeted with the intention of draining the accounts.

As much as RFID-blocking wallets are useful in preventing fraud, confidential information may also be sourced from the victim’s social media accounts: it pays to secure these accounts and limit access to information to the bare minimum.

People with perfect credit scores are an identity thief’s ideal target; their cards can be easily compromised to take even bigger withdrawals and purchases. Of the 12 million people falling victim to RFID identity theft each year, 3 million are deceased: there is truly no honor among thieves!

brown rfid blocking wallet

Why Carry an RFID-blocking Wallet?

To protect all your cards from identity theft, an RFID-blocking option would be the simplest option. On the downside, RFID chips can give away a wealth of information from a safe distance.

RFID-blocking wallets are portable Faraday cages fitting perfectly in your pocket. A Faraday cage/shield blocks all electromagnetic fields and is made of a highly conductive material such as metal or carbon. Using a scanner, the identity thief sends out an electromagnetic field, collecting confidential information in the process.

With an RFID-blocking wallet, the electromagnetic field gets distributed on the wallet’s exterior, keeping its contents safe from prying eyes. By canceling out the radiation or charge from the wallet’s interior, your privacy will be hard to breach even for the most seasoned perpetrators.

In reality, these wallets are like hollow conductors, where the charge remains on their exterior without even penetrating.

Besides wallets, the Faraday Shield phenomenon is widely used for the protection of sensitive electronic equipment from outside radio frequency interference. With your wallet functioning as a Faraday Cage, no sensitive information will leak out without your consent.

The most common materials used in the production of RFID-blocking wallets are Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, and other similarly conductive materials.

What To Look For In Superior RFID-blocking Wallets

Unlike a few years back, RFID blocking wallets are more widespread, readily available, and varying in design and functionality. Still, many current designs have inexcusable flaws which will likely put you off.

Some of the distinct and bothersome design feature:

– Traditional leather wallets lined with aluminum foil. Apart from being unnecessarily noisy, this foil will tear away over time, breaking its ‘protective’ seal.

– Removable RFID Shielding sleeves. Flimsy in their construction, these sleeves will only give you a harder time accessing your cards, in addition to making your wallet considerably heavy.

– Cheaply produced hard case wallets. Profusely advertised on the internet and TV, these scam products are ineffective in RFID blocking.

– 2 cheaply made aluminum plates which are held in place by a hair tie; you risk breaking them if you sit on the wallet; don’t we all sit on ours?

To buy the best RFID-blocking wallet, you should look out for:

#1 An Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Plating, Not Merely An Aluminum Foil

The stronger the aluminum alloy plates, the safer your cards will be and the longer your wallet will last. For the best functionality, the plates should fit snugly and firmly in the wallet, ensuring that they don’t get damaged or crushed easily.

Tip: Stong polycarbonate shell designs are the toughest on the market yet; they look classy too!

#2 RFID-Friendly Wallets, Not Just RFID-blocking Ones

Radio Frequency Identification is a typical 2-way street: your RFID cards have been made to enable easy, effortless scanning. The best-designed RFID-blocking wallets take this into account.

If you will be regularly using certain cards at a specific time of day, some wallet designs allow you to attach these cards on the back. For instance, subway-entry and RFID work-entry cards can be used conveniently without opening the wallet.

All other credit, debit, and identification cards can remain securely in the vault!

#3 Is The Wallet Expandable?

Let’s face it, we have all had an overwhelming number of cards at a time, all for specific uses. Perhaps your favorite Aunt gifted you a card you just can’t leave behind. The most thoughtful designs have attachable clips, allowing you to expand your storage space and fit them all!

With this extra capacity, you can protect your regular and business cards in addition to your RFID-enabled cards; though the former may not need RFID protection, carrying them along is equally important too.

#4 Flipping And Staying Open

For 99% of the time, traditional leather wallets are folded in half. With the many cards in your possession, you will definitely need an RFID-blocking wallet that stays open as you sort through.

The best wallets on the market can flip open and stay that way by a press of a button. No rush sorting through your cards as you can flip through without the risk of dropping them out. This easy access and placement of cards improve convenience without compromising your privacy.

#5 Does It Lock Shut?

As one of the most important features of an RFID-blocking wallet, it should lock shut every time you’re not using it; even the slightest opening can allow powerful RFID readers scan through your cards quickly.

By automatically locking itself when flipped shut, a good wallet should secure all your cards and cash, preventing them from falling out accidentally. If you are weary of sitting on and breaking your important plastic, look for the super durable polycarbonate designs; they can withstand your weight without giving in.

#6 Intuitive Access To Cash And Cards

We all hate looking like fools at the checkout line, trying to wedge out a card from the depths of our wallets. As you shop for a new RFID-blocking wallet, it would be best to settle for one that allows you easy access to your cards and cash.

The best designs on the market allow you to flip through cards and cash as if you were dealing Blackjack! This is not only very classy but also allows you to count your cash without taking it out of the wallet.

#7 Bright, Distinct Colors

If you’re like most people, finding your car keys and wallet before leaving the house might be your most challenging tasks. If you frequently camp or go on the hiking trail, you also need a bright colored RFID-blocking wallet; should it get lost, it’s easier to find.

How Else Can You Secure Your Cards?

Once you purchase your RFID-blocking wallet, you are in the clear as far as card skimming goes. However, there’s a growing need to implement even more protection strategies, just to be absolutely sure your identity and money are safe.

You should:

Shop Securely Online

In an age where we virtually do all our shopping online, scammers have come in their hordes and are almost undetectable. To be safe, only do business with trusted retailers. Before entering your personal information, ensure the website little lock symbol on the address bar.

Have The Credit Company Contact Information

Credit cards companies’ customer service are quick to block any cards reported to them as stolen. Whenever you notice any mildly suspicious activity with your cards, be prompt in notifying the company. Quick action can save you a lot of agony and money.

Carry Your Wallet In Your Front Pocket

If an identity theft is out to get you, you have a better chance of noticing if they approach from the front. When in your back pocket, your wallet is as good as forgotten and more prone to being electronically pick-pocketed.

Notify Your Card Company Of Travel Dates

As an added safety measure, credit card companies have the mandate to freeze your card should they note its use out-of-town. By informing them of your travels beforehand, your cards will remain active.

Wrap Up

When shopping for the best RFID-blocking wallet online, you will be met with a wide variety of choices, all claiming to offer unbreakable protection. While many websites have testimonials vouching for their products, independent testing is hard to come by.

One sure thing about RFID wallets though is, they’re more stylish than wrapping your cards in a noisy aluminum foil. At a first glance, they look like the typical card and passport holders. Under their skin, however, RFID-blocking wallets are built to secure all your personal information.

Have you settled on yours yet? Do you have any questions or additional information you would like to share? Feel free to drop us a note. Cheers!


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