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Wallets do more than just carry your essential cards and cash; a novelty wallet takes a departure from this by offering a classy but playful solution. As we reviewed the best selling novelty wallets in this niche, we came across 15 of the most illustrious and fashionably designed wallets. Some embellished with your favorite hero and cartoon characters, you’ll literally be spoilt for choice!

As we approach the festive season, you could try out these wallets as worthy choices. We’ve take time to review novelty wallets for men offering the best quality, assuring you of value for money. Let’s get started;

#1 Bioworld Adult Swim Risk and Morty Bifold Wallet

Bioworld Adult Swim Risk and Morty Bifold Wallet

Are you a fan of the Rick and Morty TV series? Your favorite characters have never looked better as they do on the PU Faux Leather. As a rarely high-quality design, the build is as durable as it is soft on your outfit and skin. This authentic novelty wallet is your unique opportunity of expressing your personality in a fun way. The polyester lining in the interior perfectly complements the durable leather construction, in line with the highest USA manufacturing standards.


  • Catchy cartoon characters officially licensed
  • Stylish superior quality Faux PU leather
  • Available in gift wrapping for the holidays
  • Hard to scratch or fade


  • Lacks contrasting double stitching which would be more visually appealing

#2 Dynomighty Men’s Mighty Wallet

Dynomighty Men’s Mighty Wallet

In this age of environmental degradation, purchasing this wallet can be your simple way of promoting eco-friendly products. The microfiber Tyvek material used in construction is molded into a slim, super thin profile for ease of front pocket fitting. Your freedom of movement will be exponentially increased, thanks to the reduced bulkiness of this tear and water resistant novelty wallet. As it is, our carbon footprint is already at dangerous levels; your minor intervention will go a long way in correcting the anomalies. There are numerous alluring designs to choose from.


  • Recyclable and eco-friendly
  • Features unique Tyvek microfiber material build
  • The origami is stitch-less, contributing to the featherweight
  • Tear and water resistant


  • Credit card storage is limited to business needs

#3 Spider-Man Wallet

Spider-Man Wallet

Ideally made for young men, this playful spider-man wallet takes the owner slightly back in time. Featuring an all-around canvas construction, this small novelty wallet is sturdy and resilient to possible damage. There are both interior and exterior zippered pockets, offering an easy solution to the loss of change and other minor items. The Velcro will stick tightly, offering even more assurance of content safety. Young boys will especially take to this wallet, a vivid representation of their favorite movie.


  • Strong reliable Velcro sticking ability
  • Ideal size for children
  • Have 2 zippered compartments for change
  • Intricately organized to accommodate bills without folding


  • The zipper may come loose if subjected to extremely rigorous use

#4 JINX Minecraft Dirt Block Bi-Fold Novelty Wallet

JINX Minecraft Dirt Block Bi-Fold Novelty Wallet

The dirt block pattern depicted on this wallet’s exterior is as realistic as it gets. The minecraft label is woven in, a feature which stamps the design’s authenticity. This moderately-sized bi-fold is easily expandable to allow you carriage of slightly more than recommended. The polyester nylon is durable and promises the user years of relentless service and security. The black interior fits in well with the minecraft design, giving you a thrill each time you use it.


  • Smart stitching adds an attractive appeal
  • An extra translucent ID window
  • 4 neatly arranged card slots
  • Thoughtful interior and exterior design and coloring


  • This novelty wallet lacks a zippered pocket for change storage

#5 JINX Minecraft Sword Nylon Bi-Fold Wallet

JINX Minecraft Sword Nylon Bi-Fold Wallet

The minecraft sword takes a bold new approach in this novelty wallet, appealing to men while remaining optimally functional. The superior workmanship featured during the production phase is evident in the fine stitching and general design. The 100% polyester nylon is primed for all types of uses without being damaged. As a user, you will have plenty of interior space to work with all while avoiding bulkiness. The intricate bifold style makes this wallet choice even more spacious.


  • An attractive minecraft sword depiction
  • Reliable polyester nylon construction
  • An elaborate video game wrap around
  • Ideally sized for carrying in small pockets


  • Some shoppers would prefer more carriage and zippered security

#6 JINX Overwatch Logo Folding Wallet

JINX Overwatch Logo Wallet

Offering the consumer slightly expandable 5-card storage this intricate novelty wallet is well purposed to serve business requirements. The polyurethane construction is unlike any other material, assuring of durability in the most subtle way. The Overwatch logo has been perfectly stitched using a contrasting color, giving you the distinctive two-tone front. The yellow stitching is clearly visible from afar.


  • Durable and sturdy polyurethane construction
  • Visually captivating and balanced Overwatch game logo
  • Contrasting and bold yellow stitching
  • Primed for business and travel needs


  • Some shoppers won’t easily identify with this game, having ceded some popularity ground

#7 Dynomighty Men’s Old Mighty Wallet

Dynomighty Men’s Old Mighty Wallet

To ensure this wallet’s longevity and its ease of use, this model is created from a single strong sheet. Users can easily fold and unfold without worrying about negligent damage. The absence of stitching makes this novelty wallet easily adjustable for custom fitting. Your versatility will expand beyond storage, easily making it one of the most portable lightweight wallets. Consumers can choose from a wide range of design, accommodating as many personalities. The thin profile is easy to work with especially when in urgent need.


  • Freedom of movement is prioritized
  • Construction features long-lasting micro fiber
  • Instant adjustment to custom fitting as per the need
  • Can be easily hand washed without defacing


  • Users have to be cautious to prevent the novelty wallet from avoidable damage

#8 Outlander Outdoor Rick & Morty Quotes Comic Men’s Wallet

Outlander Outdoor Rick & Morty Quotes Comic Men’s Wallet

If you are in the market for an easy-to-use playful men’s wallet, this model will suffice. The funny quotes made by the Rick and Morty duo will help bring out your playful personality. Available to consumers in a cute gift box, it can be easily presented to a loved one. The width and height take into account small pockets, bolstering its portability and lightweight nature. The interior pockets are professionally thought-out, adding further to its appeal.


  • Elaborately arranged interior pockets
  • Attractive to Rick and Morty fans
  • A great way to show love through gifting
  • Build to last long following simple maintenance practices


  • The colorful nature makes this wallet less appealing for business use

#9 Buckle Down Wallet Mega Charizard Novelty Wallet

Buckle Down Wallet Mega Charizard Novelty Wallet

With its fold closure, this hand washable wallet secures all contents without showing unsightly bulges. Pokémon players can easily associate with the charade presented in a bold array of colors. The manufacturer relied solely on premium vegan leather, assuring you of longevity as well as supreme comfort. A standard billfold is an illustrious feature, complementing the 5 card pockets.


  • Made entirely of durable leather
  • An awesome bifold wallet with superior features
  • Officially licensed for use by Pokémon
  • Easy insertion and retrieval of cash and cards


  • In some instances, the stitching may seem uneven which can be an eyesore

#10 Bioworld Batman Gold Logo Bi-Fold Wallet

Bioworld Batman Gold Logo Bi-Fold Wallet

Featuring 2 vertical pockets for cards and an additional 3 horizontal slots, professionalism is clearly visible at every turn. The novelty wallet is simply a sight to behold, thanks to the Batman logo and contrasting design patches. A full-size currency compartment is in place for all your large bills. The DC Comics wallet has been officially licensed and recommended for young gents above 14. The slim and sturdy construction is less demanding and easily maintained.


  • Feels weightless in your hand
  • Intricate interior organization for maximum capacity
  • A bold licensed Batman logo
  • Finely stitched in tow with the eclectic look


  • For some outfits, this wallet will easily show even when moderately packed

#11 Bioworld Official Dragonball Z Goku Novelty Wallet

Bioworld Official Dragonball Z Goku Novelty Wallet

This novelty wallet’s metallic badge serves as a measure of its worth, appealing to a select set of shoppers. 3 horizontal card slots are intricately placed in the synthetic build, remaining slim and sturdy all through. The Goku print is a prestigious addition to this wallet, making it a worthy choice for anyone who loves watching anime. This bifold construction will prove impeccable in more ways than one, giving its users more reasons to pull it out.


  • Attractive depiction of the anime character
  • Stylish metallic badge for a genuine feel
  • 3 horizontally-aligned card slots
  • High-quality synthetic material


  • The badge may entangle with certain outfit fabric and should be kept smooth

#12 JINX Overwatch Lineup Novelty Card Holder Wallet

JINX Overwatch Lineup Novelty Wallet

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a collage of all Heroes of Overwatch? The exterior of this polyurethane construction is embossed with the vivid character in their colorful depictions. The interior panel also features the logo, highlighting the high-quality craftsmanship employed all round. The extra translucent ID window will fit average-sized US driving permits or a photo. To add color and bring vibrancy, moderate yellow stitching is finely done.


  • A sizeable full-size bill pocket
  • A reliably strong polyurethane build
  • Produced by a globally renowned manufacturer
  • Easily fits extra contents without bulging


  • Its suitability for business requirements are quite limited

#13 Fig Design Group Fine-Art Armored Card Case

Fig Design Group Fine-Art Armored Card Case

As an easy way to avoid losing and compromising your cards, this wallet comes in handy for daily use. While the colors may seem off at first, the design is beautiful and intriguing, almost guaranteed to become a conversation-starter. The Asian-like motif art is lovely and would go along with many lively outfits. Besides looking protective and sturdy this wallet is embedded with superior RFID blocking material, keeping all potential identity thieves away.


  • Assured RFID protection against theft
  • Offers carriage of over 10 credit cards
  • Easily matches with playful outfits for men
  • Has one of the most compact wallet constructions


  • This wallet is significantly wide to accommodate for the compact construction

#14 Bioworld Batman Leather Bi-Fold Wallet

Bioworld Batman Leather Bi-Fold Wallet

As a men’s novelty wallet, this product looks great in its dull brownish color, appearing bold and yet reserved. Users are accorded a lot of versatility due to its interior organization, packing a lot of content within its folds in total, 5 card pockets are equally spaced out to minimize unsightly bulges. The currency compartment is decently sized to accommodate all large bills, receipts, and checks. If you’re a batman fan, adding this wallet to your collection will be a worthy investment.


  • Top grade leather construction
  • A simple design for easy functionality
  • Available in a masculine solid color
  • Intriguing Batman logo


  • Were it available in more colors, consumers would have more to work with

#15 Bioworld Pokémon Pikachu Trifold Velcro Wallet

Bioworld Pokémon Pikachu Trifold Velcro Wallet

The little cute Pikachu is the highlight feature in this novelty wallet, complete with the red blush cheeks. Taking a departure from conventional wallets, the double stitching is done on a black all-around trim edge, bringing out the contrast in clarity. The Pikachu front figure is made of rubber, giving you an authentic feel of your favorite character. As a 100% cotton construction, this wallet feels comfortable on against the skin and will hardly cause any irritations.


  • Entirely sublimated with legendary Pikachu
  • Build entirely of high-quality cotton
  • Officially licensed for use as is
  • Uniquely build polyester Trifold Wallet


  • The contrasting edges have been perceived by some as a bit odd looking


As we beckon even closer to the end of year holidays, any of these 15 novelty wallets for men will be a great gift for your family, friends, or colleagues. Build to serve varying needs, it will be important to assess the desired use of the wallet before placing an order. Should you require any further guidance with finding the best novelty wallets, let us know and we will be glad to offer assistance. Cheers!

Ambitious men know the value of carrying an excellent wallet with them; the classy look earns you instant respect among your business associates, thereby according you more leverage. Besides making sure that the wallet is clean and neat, men should shy off from purchasing over-sized wallets. The affluence in today’s industry has seen the emergence of varying shapes, prints, and leather material.

Our research guided us to 20 of the most sought after long wallets suitable for men. Available to you in multiple colors and designs, have a look at the most compelling long wallets for men;

#1 Kattee Men’s Vintage-Look Long Bifold Wallet

Kattee Men’s Vintage-Look Long Bifold Wallet

As a reliable brand, Kattee has yet again availed a premium US long wallet with all the perks of trendy business practices. This wallet’s high quality construction is finished off with the legendary Kattee logo, modest in every way. Users can either choose the dark brown crocodile embossed or the plain brown style. The vintage feel which comes with it is highly revered in business circles.


  • 2 exquisite styles of choice
  • Features excellent Crazy-Horse leather construction
  • Serves as a perfect gift for men due to its luxury and elegance


  • For its size, it would do better with more clear windows

#2 FLY HAWK Samsung S8/S8 Plus Leather Wallet

FLY HAWK Samsung S8S8 Plus Leather Wallet

Large enough to perfectly house your Samsung S8, this supreme quality cowhide leather long wallet has a detachable hard case; the magnetic fit it strong yet flexible enough. Regardless of your gender or age, this wallet is a perfect fit whose versatility achieves much convenience. Your phones is protected all round with soft padding, ensuring no harm comes to the screen.


  • Beautifully textured protective flip cover
  • Durable and functional professional design
  • A magnetic hard case which can be detached for optional carriage


  • Won’t fit phones which are smaller with similar security precision

#3 KLOUD City Black PU Leather Long Fold Wallet

KLOUD City Black PU Leather Long Fold Wallet

Featuring exclusive PU leather construction, this long wallet sends a strong fashion statement by merely appearing modest. As a convenient design, it gives men more outfit options to work with. In it, users can carry multiple cards in a handy, zippered design. To assure you of high organization, this wallet has slots which are placed impeccably well to maximize on space.


  • Many slots for cards of all sizes
  • Fits comfortably without bulging
  • Can fit other minor items in addition to the cards


  • It limits the number of coins you can carry with you

#4 Hometom Men Bifold Business Leather Wallet

Hometom Men Bifold Business Leather Wallet

Have you been relentlessly searching for a trendy long wallet with easy carriage? This PU leather build comes across as a worthy solution. Appropriately sized to fit just the right dimensions, it fits into jacket pockets without the slightest feel of discomfort. The slim stature is still large enough to hold many cards in the highly organized slots.


  • Appropriately sized for convenient portability
  • Is expandable to accommodate all essential cards
  • Slight contrast in color adds a lively highlight


  • Features single-stitching

#5 Gonex Men’s Genuine Leather Long Bifold Wallet

Gonex Men’s Genuine Leather Long Bifold Wallet

For its compact size, one wouldn’t expect this long bifold wallet to be as roomy. For maximum durability and best maintenance practices, avoid exposing it to light-colored fabric and water. The professional artisans behind this quality build have installed a fully lined interior coupled with fine stitching. Even when packed to capacity, this wallet feels virtually weightless.


  • 11 cards slots and 2 pockets for bills
  • Roomy interior within the compact construction
  • High quality material to assure you of durability and timeless fashion


  • This long wallet is not available in a wide assortment of manly colors

#6 YOOMALL Men’s Long Wallet with Zipper


A genuine USA product, this long wallet for men utilizes exquisite technology in both construction and functionality. The 11 card lots neatly arranged within are complement with a larger pocket designed to fit iPhone 6, 6S, and 7+. For both travel and business needs, this PU leather wallet promises to be a worthy companion.


  • Satisfaction guarantee extended to users
  • Spacious for all your business needs
  • Luxury look and a zippered design


  •  When fully packed and with a smartphone, it might require secondary storage

#7 Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Sheepskin Secretary Wallet

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Sheepskin Secretary Wallet

As a renowned brand the world over, this Tommy Hilfiger wallet carries with it the legendary high quality. With the tonal stitching, the attractive appeal makes it suitable for equally classy events. The rubber logo only adds more class to this stylish long wallet. As a rare material, the manufacturer has used 100% sheep leather, giving you a break from the monotonous cowhide leather.


  • Unique build to set you apart
  • Tonal topstitching to hold its form for years
  • Spacious enough to hold all your business and credit cards


  • Extra precaution has to be taken when handling for longevity

#8 Mfeo Soft Scrub Leather Slim Bifold Long Wallet

Mfeo Soft Scrub Leather Slim Bifold Long Wallet

Due to this wallet’s quality build, it can withstand a lot of kneading without leaving any traces behind. The long wallet’s large capacity and more pockets allow the user maximum carriage. When carrying it with you, the grip feels comfortable and soft. Without weighing you down, this convenient product stuffs all your essentials.


  • Commendable ageing resistance to serve you for long
  • Genuine Nubuck leather to assure of durability
  • Strong construction to eliminate deformation


  • It has to be washed separately to prevent staining

#9 Yuhan Pretty Men’s Vintage Long Leather Wallet

Yuhan Pretty Men’s Vintage Long Leather Wallet

This trifold wallet features RFID blocking to protect all your smartcards. Its vintage appeal adds to its impeccable leather build, making it a perfect fit in your front pocket. If you’re planning to gifting your friends and family this coming holiday season, you’ll love the neat packaging. Capable of handling all your daily requirements, you have enough room to pack more than 13 cards.


  • Practical structure and an ultra thin construction
  • Secures all your personal information from RFID hacking
  • A convenient replacement for your bulky wallet


  • For front pocket fitting, you’ll have to pack light

#10 TIANHOO Long Bifold Men’s RFID-Blocking Long Wallet



Looking luxurious, vintage, and elegant is as easy as purchasing this styling long wallet. The superior construction and thought-out dimensions add more durability and comfort, ultimately making this wallet more breathable. The professional artisans tasked with fine-tuning this wallet left nothing to chance when ensuring a lightweight and slim look.


• Features 11 card slots and an outer zipper pocket

• Impenetrable RFID blocking capability to secure user personal information

• Environmental friendly and soft on your fabric


• Only available to users in two solid colors

#11 Kattee Retro Crazy-Horse Genuine Leather Long Bifold Wallet

Kattee Retro Crazy-Horse Genuine Leather Long Bifold Wallet

Looking for the wonderful new-leather aroma? This vintage piece is beautifully structured, ensuring minimal trace whenever you carry it. Within a few hours or airing it, the smell dissipates naturally. The hunter leather used has been sufficiently oiled, ensuring no damage comes to your soft fabric. The assured durability is fused with eye-catching wildness and retro styles.


  • Zippered pocket for convenient coins and cash storage
  • 8 card lots which can hold more
  • A fashion statement to any event


  • The cards which can be comfortably carried is quite limiting

#12 STW-Men’s Long-Folded Business Wallet

STW-Men’s Long Folded Business Wallet

As we inch closer to Christmas, this wallet would serve as a worthy gift worth consideration. As a slightly thicker wallet, the unique design attests to its simplicity. The 13 card lots have been neatly arranged to allow easy retrieval. An in-built inter-layer goes a long way towards making this item expandable, accommodating even more stuff.


  • Highly engineered practicability
  • Attractive metal accessories for matching with more outfit choices
  • Fasting all through to instigate more endurance


  • Looks quite physically similar to other products by the manufacturer

#13 Morecome Bifold Leather Men’s Long Wallet


The soft texture highlighting this wallet is among its primary selling points. The novel style used in design is purposefully meant to give more control to the user. To make it even more enticing, it also serves as an attractive money clip. For all your daily needs, you can easily pack all essential cards, money, and other effects which line perfectly with the slim structure.


  • Nicely packed for presentation
  • Is expandable to hold more gear
  • Suitable for men, complete with appropriate coloring


  • The exterior design may be an eye-sore to some

#14 MONHINTY Men’s Genuine Leather Long Bifold Wallet

MONHINTY Men’s Genuine Leather Long Bifold Wallet

Due to the stringent quality control implemented when manufacturing this wallet, users can expect rock solid structures which hold. A touch of class is added by the smooth and expensive Italian leather, designed in a timeless fashion. In the bill compartment, soft padding has been used to match the equally smooth exterior.


  • Easy maintenance throughout its lifespan
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee offered to all consumers
  • Multi-card organization to hold more items


  • Users have to work with a constricting choice of colors

#15 ITSLIFE Men Vintage-Look Long Bifold Wallet

ITSLIFE Men Vintage-Look Leather Long Bifold Wallet

Worried about losing your personal identity? This cowhide leather wallet is fully equipped with the best RFID blocking materials, blocking all attempts by malicious hackers. As a unique choice of long wallet, the vintage and classic designed have been combined excellently. On its exterior, oil tanning is done to minimize the harm which would otherwise come to your outfit fabric.


  • Full grain cowhide leather for added durability
  • A unique approach to fashion
  • Features the latest in RFID blocking


  • Users are advised to take special care to avoid possible damage

#16 K.L.T CKLT Men’s Bifold PU Leather Minimalist Wallet

K.L.T CKLT Men’s Bifold PU Leather Minimalist Wallet

Unlike your conventional long wallets, this model takes a laid back approach in both size and weight. The highly refined PU leather is a much welcome fashion statement, easily matching with high end items. In addition to the 7 cards slots designed for secure holding, this wallet has 3 slots for holding all your large bills.


  • Highest quality build and professionalism
  • Durable PU leather material
  • Lighter and significantly smaller than other reviewed products


  • It could have been build with expandable storage for more user convenience

#17 Shvigel Genuine Leather Rodeo Bifold Wallet

Shvigel Genuine Leather Rodeo Bifold Wallet

Coming with a year’s warranty, this finely crafted long wallet will serve you for years and only looks better with use. This entirely handmade product has the feel of elegance and features large capacity accommodation. Should the wallet defect, users are within their rights to seek the replacement or a refund. This wallet has been split into 4 sections, each with articulate storage facilities.


  • Constructed with the best available fiber
  • An elaborate money back guarantee
  • Handmade which ensures a fine finish


  • The colors might be too bold for some shoppers

#18 BAILINI USA Distribution Classic Vintage Men’s Long Wallet

BAILINI USA Distribution Classic Vintage Men’s Long Wallet

Rather than stop at merely making a long wallet, the manufacturer ensured a stylish design and closing button to add an even greater appeal. Featuring multiple compartments, your carriage is not limited to credit and business cards. The practicability of this wallet is quite high given its ability to hold coins, passports, tickets, money, and so much more.


  • Highly practical for all needs
  • Great as a gift
  • Multiple compartments for impeccably organized storage


  • This design might be too bold for laid back men

#19 Yeeasy Men’s Vintage Long Bifold Wallet

Yeeasy Men’s Vintage Long Bifold Wallet

In its compact size, this professionally build long wallet has slots for holding 12 cards. Besides that, users with more cash and coins to carry can use the 3 elaborate compartments. As an easy-to-carry option, you will never leave any important cards behind. The ultra slim design serves to make this wallet front pocket friendly, as long as you don’t pack too much.


  • Easy to clasp in your hand
  • Genuine leather construction for years of durability
  • Spacious enough to hold more than recommended


  • The solid color is not every shopper’s cup of tea

#20 Dandeli Classical RFID Blocking Long Men’s Wallet

Dandeli Classical RFID Blocking Long Men’s Wallet

For all your RFID security compliance, this wallet features the best protection against electronic fraudsters. The fine workmanship portrayed is evident in the lightweight design. As a pricier option, the grained leather construction will serve you for a long time to come. This smooth-feeling wallet will come nicely packed, only requiring gift wrapping.


  • RFID blocking materials independently tested
  • Classic design to go with high-end fashion
  • A premium finish to prove value for money


  • The wallet would have featured an extra clear window

Final Word

Why would you require a long men’s wallet? As much as smaller options are convenient, these 20 reviewed products will accommodate more without being an eye-sore. In addition to cards and cash, larger items such as passports fit in perfectly, making them ideal for travel.

Which long men wallet will you be taking home? Let us know in our comment section. We would be glad to offer any further help. Cheers!


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