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Ladies are often mired with challenges when trying to carry all their makeup and cosmetics in neat packages. While many wallets and handbags claim to be suited for this, none accomplishes the task better than a dedicated cosmetics bag. Within them, users are able to arrange all the items of their craft in designated slots, avoiding confusion when unpacking.

Depending on your professional or personal needs, there are varying designs to choose from, each with different modes of operation. From our online survey, we came up with the leading cosmetics bags promising you the best packaging and use of your cosmetics. They include;

#1 Tancendes Waterproof Multifunctional Makeup Bag

Tancendes Waterproof Multifunctional Makeup Bag

This cosmetic bag, besides holding all the contents neatly, also gives you the happy feeling when walking around. The growth of harmful bacteria has been severely limited through the use of a breathable mesh pocket. The smaller objects can easily be stored in the interior zipper pockets, saving you valuable space for all the larger items. You are free to choose from as many colors as you please, broadening you creative scope even farther. A drawstring closure adds the perfect final touch.



  • The cylindrical shape limits the diverse modes of carrying

#2 doTERRA 6-bottle Essential Oil Carrying Case

doTERRA 6-bottle Essential Oil Carrying Case

Looking strikingly similar to a wide wallet, this purposeful cosmetic bag has conventional storage for up to 6 bottles containing essential oils. All your travels will now be secured, giving you the peace of mind you so much crave. Whether you require it for work, travel, or daily use, this cosmetic bag handles all diligently and without much fuss. The closure is enabled through the leather zipper pull, further amplifying the bag’s fashion sense. The print of the canvas material is alluring to say the least.


  • Convenient use assured all round
  • Able to handle multiple uses
  • Uses a thoughtful leather zipper pull
  • Beautiful designs to choose from


  • The width of the bag limits the maximum carriage

#3 HHE Cosmetic Case with Appropriate Capacity for Women Makeup

HHE Cosmetic Case with Appropriate Capacity for Women Makeup

The multiple compartments strewn across this bag are not only purposed for safe storage but also allow sure and speedy access. The dual zipper, large in size, portrays the spacious capacity designed for all your cosmetic and makeup needs. Are you having trouble with containing your brushes? The elastic strap in the interior keeps all in check and away from other items. Materials used in construction are of the highest quality and are also easy to clean.


  • Many compartments for personalized packaging
  • Easy to clean high-quality material
  • Compact with high organization levels
  • String zipper thoughtfully designed


  • There is a scarcity of color and patterns to choose from

#4 Convenience Kits Women’s Premium 19-Piece Necessities Travel Kit

Convenience Kits Women’s Premium 19-Piece Necessities Travel Kit

When attending to travel and weather-related cosmetic needs, the bags will offer you express convenience as this one. The manufacturer, having been in the business for 25 years, has done an excellent job of portraying commendable workmanship. It will serve as a memorable gift during this period, with the ability to hold more than 19 intricate items. All your oral and grooming needs can now be catered for in this centralized storage unit.


  • Holds 19 separate items in distinction
  • It is compliant with TSA requirements
  • Suits all types of busy life and events
  • Decorations are in line with the latest fashion trends


  • Maximum carriage translates into extra weight which puts off some shoppers

#5 Freegrace Premium Toiletry Bag with Double Hanging Hook

Freegrace Premium Toiletry Bag with Double Hanging Hook

Featuring an intuitive and ingenious design, this top-notch cosmetic bag accords you the confidence you need. Within 90 days of buying this bag, you are free to request a refund or replacement should you notice any defects. The water resistance and tear-proof capabilities make it an easy pouch to use in all types of weather, and without much regard for precautious care. You can now enjoy the high organization levels in limited space.


  • Strong and comfortable metal hook
  • Spacious for conventional toiletry packaging
  • Feature top-notch honeycomb nylon material
  • Intuitive in interior and exterior design


  • The cosmetic bag seems too laden with multiple zippers

#6 Convenience Kits Women’s Garnier Fructis Deluxe 9-Piece Travel Kit

Convenience Kits Women’s Garnier Fructis Deluxe 9-Piece Travel Kit

In compliance with the latest TSA standards, this clear cosmetic bag fits all the requirements and makes your travels all-the-more easier. Whether you require it for emergency or regular use, this classy item offers all the conveniences needed in the modern-day life. When carefully thought out, one can carry slightly more than recommended; you only have to be careful not to stretch the clear packaging beyond its limits. As we approach the holidays, it would make for a likeable gift.


  • Ideal for all weekend getaways
  • Approved for use across all TSA checks
  • Popular across all ages
  • The zipper fits right into the design


  • Sharp items cannot be contained due to potential damage

#7 ValourGo Leak Proof Silicone Travel Set Cosmetic Jars

ValourGo Leak Proof Silicone Travel Set Cosmetic Jars

Made from the safest and softest material, this packaging for funny travel bottles keeps all your essentials neatly aligned. To farther reduce your worries, these bottles are refillable with your choice of essential oils or other cosmetic products. The identification of these products has never been easier, thanks to the clear aspect. Complete with a clear zipper to go with the rest of the design, this bag rarely deforms or succumbs to undue pressure.


  • Maintains a compact form when packed
  • Clear all through, including the zipper
  • Easy to carry in secondary options
  • Beautifully embossed with a logo


  • The number and type of fitting items is specific

#8 Zoevan Waterproof Multifunctional Makeup Organizer

Zoevan Waterproof Multifunctional Makeup Organizer

Have you been traversing the market for the easiest way to contain all your cosmetics? Brushes and bottles often present challenges, not so with this illustrious cosmetic bag. Besides preventing the loss of all beauty items, this foldable bag will conform to the shape of contents thereby reducing strain. While the coating is waterproof for convenient use purposes, it is still washable assuring you of effortless maintenance. With this bag, you no longer have to deal with zippers.


  • Have multiple compartments for larger capacity
  • Breathable mesh hinders bacterial growth
  • Drawstring takes effort off the equation
  • Offers the easiest carrying solution


  • Organization to use space fully can be tricky a first

#9 3-Pack Clear Waterproof Cosmetic Makeup Bags

3-Pack Clear Waterproof Cosmetic Makeup Bags

Once you purchase this set of thoughtful cosmetic bags, nothing in your cosmetic packaging will be left behind. This intricate assortment allows you to know where all cosmetic items are without second-guessing. The three sizes are all designed to hold all cosmetic items and products in their average sizes. The soft PVC material used is durable when treated right, often breaking into the user’s personality within the first few uses.


  • Different sizes accommodate a wide array of cosmetics
  • Clear packaging is extensively durable
  • Soft PVC material is skin friendly
  • Double zips offer options should one defect


  • For solitary carrying, this set may prove a bit overkill and demands more secondary carriage

#10 Portable Hard Shell Case Essential Oil Carrying Case

Portable Hard Shell Case Essential Oil Carrying Case

With the capacity to comfortably secure 12 cosmetic bottles, this cosmetic bag is amazingly light. The lighter material is more formidable than metal and aluminum cases, often touted for their compactness. The hard shell offers the first line of protection, even leaving some room for several rollers. Oils will fit in tightly, reducing movement, clutter, and possible damage. The high quality zipper is a huge improvement from the common market substandard options.


  • Holds 12 bottles in comfortable posture
  • Easily slips into moderate-sized pockets
  • Has a stainless steel mini-funnel
  • Easy identification and picking of bottles


  • Besides essential oils, this bag won’t accommodate other cosmetic items

#11 DZT1968 Handle Round Dot Large Cosmetic Travel Bag

DZT1968 Handle Round Dot Large Cosmetic Travel Bag

The Oxford Cloth material used in this bag’s construction is a true measure of its power, setting it apart from the rest. Users can choose from many colors such as watermelon red, hot pink, orange, brown, white, or green. The handle s perfectly balanced to distribute the weight evenly, without ruining the compact and sturdy design. With the two zippers, you won’t have to worry much should one fail in its function. Customer care is friendly and very responsive to all queries.


  • The dot design adds a fresh fashion touch
  • The oval shape accommodates all cosmetic you would need
  • Weight is distributed evenly all round
  • Double zipper serves as a precautionary measure


  • Some consumers have expressed dissatisfaction with the size

#12 FLYMEI 30-Bottle Essential Carrying Case

FLYMEI 30-Bottle Essential Oil Carrying Case

Are you a cosmetic professional with many clients to tend to? Do you have diverse cosmetic needs? Easily coming across as the most accommodative bag in this review, there’s no limit to the choice and brands of cosmetics you can have with you. All bottles, in their upright posture, remain immovable even with some slots empty. Users are at liberty to be a bit ‘careless’ thanks to the bag’s multiple safety features, chief among which is the soft and thick fabric.


  • Soft and thick fabric professionally put together
  • A long-lasting and timeless fashion piece
  • Saves incredible amounts of space
  • Holds 30 bottles with ease and surety


  • When packed to capacity, the weight may become an issue to some

#13 Caboodles On the Go Girl Classic Case

Caboodles On the Go Girl Classic Case

At only 2.4 pounds, this classy storage compartment accommodates essential cosmetic tools with thoughtful organization. The tray automatically opens to give you unlimited access to the spacious interior. The flipping lid, much to the linking of many ladies, has a mirror for those minor touch-ups on the go. The secured latch opens with minimal effort while offering impenetrable physical storage as you move. The accessory tray can be removed if need be.


  • The detachable accessory tray gives even more space
  • A secured latch keeps all contents intact
  • The auto open tray takes great effort off your way
  • The sturdy, compact construction won’t flinch


  • Users have to be wary of dropping this strong but fragile construction

#14 Convenience Kits Man On the Go Premium 12-Piece Travel Kit

Convenience Kits Man On the Go Premium 12-Piece Travel Kit

Men too need to groom while on the go, a reality made possible by this dedicated cosmetic travel kit. Its compliance with TSA regulations suits its other multiple uses across many platforms. All your daily grooming needs are catered for, right from the morning to minor touch-ups. Hygiene and grooming have never been packaged in a better way, giving the modern man all the tools needed to make a worthy appearance. Why not slot it in as a unique holiday gift?


  • Looks masculine from every angle
  • Holds up to 12 cosmetic pieces in elaborate fashion
  • Hygiene and grooming are made effortless
  • The hanging strap easily fits on wall hooks


  • Even for men, the choice of color is quite limiting

#15 Travel Smart travel Bottle Set and Case

Travel Smart travel Bottle Set and Case

As a consumer, getting through TSA checks when travelling is mind-boggling when you’re ill-prepared. This cosmetic bag takes a load off your mind with its superior yet simple characteristics; getting through TSA will be a breeze. In it, you can comfortably package creams, lotions, hairsprays, conditioners, and shampoos among other cosmetics. This bag lacks a zipper, an item which defects in some products. Once packed, the construction naturally conforms to limit movement.


  • Holds many types of cosmetics
  • Easily goes through TSA checks
  • Conforms to the shape and mold of contents
  • Easy opening and closure without a zipper


  • It feels slippery especially for users with sweaty palms

Wrap Up

When are you planning your next trip? The above illustrated cosmetic bags are your ideal solutions to all your cosmetic requirements. At personal capacity, they all offer something different from the other, banking on the versatility of our needs. Should you require any further guidance on purchase and the terms, feel free to indulge us. We’re glad to have you!


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