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When carrying your laptop, what worries you most? Probably dropping and watching it splinter into pieces! Knowing this all too well, we’ve compiled a list 15 laptop shoulder bags ideal for diverse use. In picking the top products, we looked for the best in quality, functionality, as well as customer sales rank. All the bags reviewed here will also capably handle other tasks apart from securing the laptop.

Whether your preference is in the top handle or shoulder carry, we have all for you. Let’s now embark on the most important task, getting you the laptop shoulder bag you deserve;

#1 Ytonet 17” Expandable Hybrid Shoulder Bag with Organizer

Ytonet 17” Expandable Hybrid Shoulder Bag with Organizer

Device protection has never been more certain. With this bag’s strengthened shockproof padding is capable of taking serious impacts while protecting the contents. Besides the main laptop compartment, there are more than ten others for all the official carry needed. An expansion zipper is in place to make transform it into a flexible duffel bag. Electronics can be safely carried alongside an umbrella, clothes, charger, A4-sized files, and much more. It’s especially suited for MacBook.


  • Shoulder strap is detachable and utterly comfortable
  • Exterior pockets offer even more storage space
  • Flexible zippers allow you to carry more, comfortably
  • Solid color is easy to match with outfits of choice


#2 Keepwe Lightweight Water Resistant Laptop Shoulder Bag

Keepwe Lightweight Water Resistant Laptop Shoulder Bag

As an illustrious laptop bag, this unique construction is colorful and suitable for gents. The large exterior pocket is capable of holding a laptop and all its peripheral devices and other documents. The durability and strength are tested and proven, giving the consumer peace of mind. There is a special pattern clearly distinguishing from other products in this category. Safety is ensured through the thick metallic zipper and highly durable nylon. All laptop version will fit in with unprecedented ease.


  • Laptops between 14” and 15.6” will fit in snugly
  • Large exterior pocket can serve multiple needs
  • Top handle and shoulder strap are very comfy
  • Ladies will find this easy to match with lively outfits


  • There are not many colors to choose from when outfitting

#3 tomtoc 15.6” Vintage Canvas Shoulder Strap Bag

tomtoc 15.6” Vintage Canvas shoulder Strap Bag

Offering you the coolest convenience, this laptop shoulder bag features supreme workmanship and best use of materials. Shock absorption is now possible through the foam padding and protective polyester lining. The extra padded and fully-adjustable shoulder strap streaks of the highest PU leather standards. Besides impact protection, your laptop will also be safe from unwarranted scratches. Attaching this bag firmly to your backpack or suitcase.


  • An interesting and rich exterior texture and look
  • Premium grade canvas material is treated to serve you for ages
  • It can be easily attached to your backpack or suitcase using the strap
  • Has multiple unparalleled interior and exterior storage pockets


  • When attached to other bags, the sight isn’t as pleasing

#4 CROMI Simplicity Slim Waterproof Commuter Briefcase

CROMI Simplicity Slim Waterproof Commuter Briefcase

Organization and a stroke of smartness are prime features highly elaborated in this shoulder laptop bag. The extremely durable water resistant material is used alongside soft Plush, bringing out the absolute best. The laptop inside is free from spills, scratches, scrapes, bumps, shock, and dust. It will be a good choice for all commuters, right from students to professionals. Smaller accessories like mobile phones and chargers have space in the front zippered pocket.


  • Soft Plush material is well blended with water-resistant elements
  • Your laptop and other electronics receive all-around support
  • Perfect fit for many laptop versions and sizes
  • Stylish and convenient carrying made possible through straps


  • An extra, smaller wallet included appears quite hideous and funnily shaped

#5 tomtoc 15.6” Laptop Shoulder Bag with Protective Laptop Sleeve

tomtoc 15.6” Laptop Shoulder Bag with Protective Laptop Sleeve

Tomtoc continues to make excellent products, perfectly embodied in this unique laptop shoulder bag. Inside the briefcase, a fitted ridge offers unmatched protection. Cushioning is made effortlessly possible through the lightweight but ultra-thick padding. 360-degree protection is a relatively new undertaking, transforming how contents are safeguarded. Once the laptop is safe in its main compartment, feel free to use the 2 sealed pockets for small items carriage.


  • The design looks like none other in the market
  • Shoulder strap has a large and wide padding for unperturbed comfort
  • 2 sealed compartments for all your secondary storage
  • You no longer have to get worked up by accidental drops


  • Consumers can only make choice among 3 colors

#6 Estarer Computer Water-Resistant Canvas Messenger Bag

Estarer Computer Water-Resistant Canvas Messenger Bag

If security has always been an issue with your bags, this product’s Velcro closure sorts this once and for good. From the first glance, the design seems typical of college goers due to high fashion detailing. Special water-resistance canvas keeps the contents safe even in the most unruly weather conditions. Other purposeful uses this messenger bag could serve are travel and a DSLR camera bag. Excellent quality of the durable materials will see you enjoy years of reliable use.


  • The strap, top handle, and zipper have lovely contrasting
  • Exterior side pockets are quickly and readily available
  • The material is soft against your skin and fabric
  • Shoulder strap is adjustable to a great degree


  • Storage space is not expandable and is only primed for electronics

#7 Mosiso Polyester Flapover Laptop Messenger Shoulder Bag

Mosiso Polyester Flapover Laptop Messenger Shoulder Bag

Yearning for a way to quickly access your laptop and other electronics? You need this laptop messenger bag to accomplish this! The flap on the front not only extends convenience but also safety and time-saving. Shocks and bumps will be absorbed by the fleece fabric lining and polyester foam padding. The top-loading zipper is designed to glide smoothly, making it an easy-go even for novice users. Upon purchase, you get a one-year comprehensive warranty.


  • Exterior zipper design is thoughtful and wholly functional
  • Both straps for carrying are padded for comfort
  • The color is easy to match with many outfits for several occasions
  • Even after all day use, your shoulder’s won’t be fatigued


  • The storage room can be expanded to accommodate more than recommended

#8 7.3” Briefcase Multi-function Waterproof Laptop Bag

7.3” Briefcase Multi-function Waterproof Laptop Bag

On foggy and rainy days, this laptop bag is primed to keep your devices safe from harm. The durable canvas fabric won’t let any water in, among other harmful elements. When not using the carry handle, you can rely on the shoulder strap as a more comfortable option. Bubble padding in the interior construction is among the safest forms of protection in the industry, highly advanced. Your need for portability will ultimately decide which mode of carrying you use.


  • Handles are utterly comfortable for all-day use
  • Exterior pocket is well fitting into the general design
  • Documents and pens have their dedicated slots
  • There are two shades of grey to pick from


  • It is quite slim in width and therefore has limited capacity

#9 Lacdo 15”-15.6” Waterproof Fabric Laptop Shoulder Bag

Lacdo 15”-15.6” Waterproof Fabric Laptop Shoulder Bag

Unlike other laptop messenger bags for men, this product comes with both water resistance and moisture proofing features. Fabric lining is greatly detailed with shockproof fluff. This Christmas season, gift someone you love with this fashionably styled laptop shoulder bag. As an anti-static, this material is also impeccable at keeping away water and dust. The storage space is immense, with 2 extra side pockets closed by Velcro. Your laptop won’t come to any harm.



  • You don’t have many choices to make when it comes to color

#10 Mosiso Polyester Fabric Sleeve Case Cover Laptop Shoulder Briefcase

Mosiso Polyester Fabric Sleeve Case Cover Laptop Shoulder Briefcase

This top brand renowned for making quality bags has done it yet again. Taking a bold step where most manufacturers shy away from venturing in, its polyester foam padding works excellently. The shoulder strap will stretch between 27” and 48”, increasing your level of comfort. The easy-to-use top loading zipper will glide smoothly, allowing you unwarranted access to your contents. Within the first year of purchasing this bag, your warranty remains active and reliable.


  • An easily operable top loading zipper
  • Vivid color contrasts on all available schemes
  • Instead of a top handle, you get a detachable wristlet
  • Side pockets are great for holding small items


  • The effectiveness of the warranty is reliant on strict assessment

#11 Vetelli Laptop and Device Bag with Scratch Protection Lining

Vetelli Laptop and Device Bag with Scratch Protection Lining

Have you been struggling to find products with lifetime warranties? This Vetelli model will take loads of worry off your mind. Premium design translates into easy packing and unpacking, setting it apart from other messenger bags. The bag’s exterior is made of charcoal-grey waxed canvas blended with PU leather. Velcro strap convenience means you can carry more for longer, without feeling the pinch. There are 2 swivel clips, making it possible to strap on either shoulder with ease.


  • Materials look well together and complement each other
  • Spacious interior for all your carriage
  • An exterior strap pocket for quick access
  • The base is sturdy and tough for brazen conditions


  • Something about the flap cover looks off and might be an undoing later

#12 KALIDI Messenger Laptop Bag for Business and Travel

KALIDI Messenger Laptop Bag for Business and Travel

Available to you in two grey shades, this bag is the accurate definition of class and stature. The shockproof padding presents you with rare safety attributes, keeping your devices in check. Your daily necessaries can now be accommodated in the multiple rooms contained within. A luggage belt design is in place to give you the easiest carrying options. Take advantage of the articulate dimensions to take home a stress-free laptop bag!


  • Features the latest 360 degrees shockproof protection
  • Comfy thanks to the adjustable shoulder straps and carrying handle
  • Fit iPads, keys, wallets, and all other daily-used items
  • Trip convenience is a definite guarantee


  • There lacks enough and quickly accessible exterior storage capacity

#13 Mosiso Polyester Flapover Laptop Shoulder Bag

Mosiso Polyester Flapover Laptop Shoulder Bag

As a versatile consumer, this sharp laptop bag will offer you what very few others do; a feeling of satisfaction and contentment. Manufacturers took great caution when penning the dimension, taking note of various laptop and device sizes. Besides this, dedicated slots for other smaller items are easy to identify and use. The snug accommodation limits movement, further aiding efforts by the anti-shock padding. The adjustability of the comfortable strap will amaze you.


  • Three colors for you to choose from and easily match
  • A year’s worth of tangible warranty
  • Complete computer protection from scratches and breaks
  • Easily operable zippers with smooth flow


  • The exterior flap pocket is oddly placed

#14 KROSER Water Repellent Laptop Shoulder Bag with RFID Pockets

KROSER Water Repellent Laptop Shoulder Bag with RFID Pockets

Have you been victim of fraudulent identity theft? It’s probably because you weren’t observing simple protection strategies. This laptop bag takes this off your worry list, thanks to its RFID protected compartments. Every member of society carries with them smart cards whose information can be nicked away by electronic pickpockets. The bag’s life is further extended by quality PU leather construction; this contributes to the 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Superior protection against RFID identity theft
  • Expandable exterior compartment for carrying much more
  • Comfortable shoulder strap with extra padding around the area
  • A slight but interesting contrast in colors


  • If you only carry few items, this might be too large for you

#15 BRINCH Multi-functional Portable Suit Fabric Laptop Bag

BRINCH Multi-functional Portable Suit Fabric Laptop Bag

Coming with durable slipcase features, this laptop shoulder bag accords you unparalleled convenience. Popular laptop models are built to fit in perfectly, leaving no room for slouchy movement. The shoulder strap and top handle are both primed for comfort, feeling great on the hand and shoulders. You have many color schemes to pick from, going with as many outfits as you have. The front strap is closed by the magnetic snap.


  • Capacitive enough for all official carriage
  • Many colors to pick from and match with outfits
  • Cute exterior zipper fitting with the design
  • The strap is as comfortable as it gets


  • It is quite slim to serve some business and leisure needs

Wrap Up

Have you made your choice of men’s laptop shoulder bag yet? The selection we have reviewed for you is the leading and will definitely satisfy you. We look forward to getting in touch with you and sharing more of what we have. If you have a friend in need of a laptop shoulder bag, be kind enough to share this on social media and other platforms. Cheers!


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