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As we push forward into even more technology advancement, laptops have become an essential part of life. However, the laptop won’t do you any good when damaged. Packing it in a safe and functional laptop backpack will lead to less worrying and more working! This is the best time of year for you to get one, seeing as discounts have kicked in.
Miles better than other laptop carries, laptop backpacks are extremely comfortable on your back. They can also be used for other tasks such as packing for travel or leisure. Let us now look at individual bags and what they bring to the table;

#1 Mancro Slim Anti-Theft Water Resistant Business Laptop Backpack

Mancro Slim Anti-Theft Water Resistant Business Laptop Backpack

Are you pro-environment? This eco-friendly laptop bag might be for you! It contains multiple compartments, all classified for easy cataloging. In total, there are 2 sealed side pockets, 9 smaller interior compartments, and 3 main slip slots. Items such as clothes, water, keys, and phones can be accommodated too. Of particular interest is the USB port design; it allows users to charge their phones with a cable on the go. Durable metal zippers slip into an anti-theft combination lock.


  • Achieves multiple purposes and is water resistant
  • The combination lock can’t be tampered with easily
  • USB port design for all your power needs on the go
  • Padded shoulders and back for user comfort


  • The straps near the base seem a bit over-do and failing in purpose

#2 AmazonBasics Backpacks for Laptops up to 17”

AmazonBasics Backpacks for Laptops up to 17”

Your laptop’s safety is this backpack’s chief mandate, made possible through thick-padded sleeves. The largest laptop will fit in comfortably without a fuss. On the side, users have a dedicated mesh pocket to hold their drinks. Your cell phone, keys, and pens also have highly-organized compartments. To appear even more alluring, the designer threw in several contrasting colors, albeit mildly. External and internal dimensions have been well thought out for function and comfort.


  • Multiple compartments all well organized
  • Exterior storage for your water bottle or other drink
  • The laptop’s safety is ensured through thick-padded sleeves
  • Expandable in storage to suit leisure trips


  • Due to the large size, heavy packing will certainly weigh you down

#3 Swiss Gear Black TSA Friendly ScanSmart Laptop Backpack

Swiss Gear Black TSA Friendly ScanSmart Laptop Backpack

When traveling, checkpoints are certainly the most daunting passages. Did you know that having the right backpack can make it easier? This Swiss Gear bag easily unfolds to a flat look when going through checks. The sections below and above the laptop easily give way for content assessment. The designer slotted in a quick recognition window to accommodate the largest laptops, exploring a niche often left unattended. The padding around the laptop is thick enough to offer all support.


  • Users have an easier time going through checkpoints
  • Double zippers are sturdy and on all compartments
  • Top handle is strong enough to hold down the weight
  • The cute logo is easily distinguishable and streaks of quality


  • The back padding should have been done more and be more breathable

#4 Matein Business Anti-Theft Travel Laptop Backpack

Matein Business Anti-Theft Travel Laptop Backpack

Are sturdiness and comfort your prime requirements? This practical laptop backpack offers you this and much more. Easier carrying is a surety for users thanks to the strong luggage strap. A USB port design is in place for all your device charging needs. Besides the separate laptop compartment, make use of the front compartment featuring numerous pockets. The padding on your back and shoulders are well ventilated and offers you maximum support. Breathability takes a new, exciting approach.


  • The grey color in intriguing and mildly contrasted for visual appeal
  • Your back firmly supports weight through padded breathable mesh
  • Users can easily charge their phones at any time
  • The design is illustrious and peaked for performance


  • It is not as extendable, and can’t contain more than the recommended load

#5 ibagbar Water Resistant USB Charging Port Laptop Backpack

ibagbar Water Resistant USB Charging Port Laptop Backpack

If you have trouble settling for the perfect gift for your loved one this Christmas, worry no more! This premium product will earn your love and adoration, thanks to its innumerable features. Extra safety is a surety, a factor attributed to the reinforced zippers. The Oxford material used is resistant to water and commendably strong. Easy organization of all your belongings is now a reality in the multiple secured pockets. This backpack is well padded to ensure no harm comes to your laptop.


  • Superior construction using the highest-quality oxford material
  • Consumers have a 30-day guarantee in case it defects
  • Customer care is responsive and very helpful
  • Side pockets are versatile and a beauty to look at


  • The bag is quite large and wouldn’t be suitable for those with small body frames

#6 KAUKKO Travel and Outdoor Laptop Backpack

KAUKKO Travel and Outdoor Laptop Backpack

Looking more like a bag built for outdoor use, this backpack is excellent for keeping your laptop safe. High-end material is used in the construction, making it a comfortable and sturdy all-day carry. Within its large capacity, there are several compartments in which to pack various items. The laptop compartment is heavily padded to counter substantial shocks. On your back, the designer saw it wise to use soft padding; this significantly improves comfort and your laptop’s safety.


  • The several closing straps look beautiful and unique
  • Safety is taken to a whole new level
  • The exterior pocket is readily accessible for use
  • Sturdiness and compactness are key features


  • You won’t have many color choices to choose from

#7 C-space Business Waterproof Water Resistant Polyester Laptop Backpack

C-space Business Waterproof Water Resistant Polyester Laptop Backpack

Purchasing this backpack this time of year will bring with it other goodies. All consumer also receive a combination lock and USB cable. As an eco-friendly product, it is perfectly in line with environmental efforts to keep our planet green. Listening to your favorite music is as easy as slotting the earphones through the dedicated hole. Honeycomb breathable material is used on the shoulder straps and back to accord you comfort. It is superb for all your traveling needs.


  • A perfectly safe combination lock impenetrable to malicious people
  • Primed for travel thanks to USB port and earphone slot
  • Strong zippers with resilience and toughness
  • Slim to fit other minor purposes which don’t require monstrous packaging


  • Users have to take care of the strap base’s if they are to last long

#8 LUXUR 37L Nylon Waterproof Casual Business Laptop Backpack

LUXUR 37L Nylon Waterproof Casual Business Laptop Backpack

To give the consumer the best value for money, this laptop backpack features durable polyester fabric. It won’t wear or tear easily and is also scratch-resistant. Though simple in appearance, it is very fashionable and a whopping 37L in capacity. Whether for a day-trip, camping, travel, hiking, or school, every activity will suit its use. There are 12 multiple pockets in which you can fit all your gear in an organized manner. Should any problems arise, the comprehensive warranty lasts a year.


  • It is very stylish and serves for many occasions
  • Has an extensive 37L capacity
  • The material used is resilient against many odds
  • Simplicity remains key in its functionality


  • The base Is quite large even when loosely packed, and won’t collapse

#9 Mancro Anti-Theft Business Under 17” Laptop Backpack

Mancro Anti-Theft Business Under 17” Laptop Backpack

In the conception of this bag, the designer clearly had the user’s satisfaction in mind. Not everyone likes carrying big and weighty laptops around. This smaller version of the earlier reviewed Mancro bag has all conveniences such as USB charging and earphone use. The two side pockets are sealed and thus not ideal for holding water bottles. The 3 main compartments are further complemented by 9 smaller ones, taking care of a wide range of items.


  • Durability and comfort are guarantees
  • Smaller laptops fit in snugly without leaving room for movement
  • Breathable mesh dominates the shoulder traps and back
  • Eco-friendly and perfect for many activities


  • Consumers may mistake this with the larger model when ordering

#10 Sosoon Business Anti-Theft 15.6” Laptop Backpack

Sosoon Business Anti-Theft 15.6” Laptop Backpack

Do you have a notebook-sized laptop you wish to secure? This Sosoon backpack is built with protective features at all angles. Besides keeping your laptop safe from shock and bumps, the bag also has an anti-theft lock combination. Due to the thoughtful innovation of weight balancing, your load is 20% to 25% lighter; the slight variation depends on shoulder strap adjustability. An external USB interface is in place to help with your power needs while on the move.


  • Shoulder straps are very comfortable even after long use
  • Water bottles can ably fit on the side pocket
  • Users have the final say on maximum carriage
  • The top handle is well padded too


  • The solid color lacks contrasting of any kind

#11 The North Face Borealis 15” Laptop Backpack

The North Face Borealis 15” Laptop Backpack

With brand nylon as its main material, this bag is very useful with its mini-ripstop. Shoulder straps are custom-injected with FlexVent suspension. The internal organization in the secondary compartment will simply amaze you. Cord management is effortlessly easy due to the elastic webbing involved. For your laptop’s safety, the sleeve is fleece-lined; there will be no ugly scratches on it. This backpack has maximum ventilation and support.


  • It is marvel to look at and highly functional
  • Your laptop is safe from many forms of damage
  • It will serve many other daily needs without flinching
  • The durability is great and gives you peace of mind


  • Some consumers are weary of having color that is too bright

#12 Yorepek Travel Scansmart TSA-Friendly Laptop Backpack

Yorepek Travel Scansmart TSA-Friendly Laptop Backpack

Have you had trouble making your way through TSA check? This backpack offers you a sure way out of this mess. Organization in its large capacity remains unmatched, according to you all the carrying freedom you need. Premium material is used all through to give the highest quality backpack in the market. Convenience and practicality are evident in every aspect, meaning an easier time using it. Besides travel, this backpack can be used on a daily basis in many capacities.


  • The red highlights give it an eclectic finish
  • There are innumerable compartments, inside and out
  • It remains sturdy and compact regardless of your carriage volume
  • Shoulder straps offer all the support needed


  • The attachments for the shoulder straps can damage easily

#13 The North Face Jester 15” Laptop Backpack

The North Face Women’s Jester 15” Laptop Backpack

The 600D polyester used in this backpack’s construction is advantageous in many ways. The compression-molded shoulder straps and FlexVent suspension systems are astute in offering convenience. The main compartment features a floating and padded laptop sleeve, utterly safe even in dire impact situations. On the back, you have a reflective loop to warm motorists when walking or cycling. There are also pen pockets, a Velcro closure, and shoulder strap webbings.


  • A reflective bike loop to keep you safe at night
  • Straps are very comfortable and won’t hurt all day
  • The webbing ensures reflective visibility around 360 degrees
  • Comes from a globally renowned designer


  • There is no room for expandable storage beyond recommended limits

#14 Beyle Anti-Theft Water Resistant Travel Laptop with USB Port

Beyle Anti-Theft Water Resistant Travel Laptop with USB Port

As a mark of this backpack’s quality, the manufacturer extends a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This is due to features such as anti-theft and USB access, making your use simpler and more fun. The backpack’s large capacity will comfortably hold items of all sizes and nature. If your laptop is up to 17” in size, it will fit in without the slightest fuss. Items such as wallets, keys, bottles, and clothes can all be accommodated within its strong structure.


  • Its design is truly unique in this competitive sphere
  • A USB charging slot is in place for all your charging requirements
  • Bottles can be secured in the side pocket
  • There aren’t many moving parts which would hamper use


  • This backpack’s exterior pocket seems quite large

#15 Oscaurt Anti-Theft Business and Travel Laptop Backpack

Oscaurt Anti-Theft Business and Travel Laptop Backpack

If there ever was a perfect embodiment of beauty, this is it! With superior anti-theft technology, you won’t have to worry about losing your valuables. The built-in USB charging port is ready for use and extends your convenience. With a 12L capacity, this size is right for many shoppers and is equally fashionable. Should there be any quality issues, kindly contact the manufacturer before the 1-year warranty runs out.


  • The backpack’s design has a fine and attractive finish
  • USB charging port comes in handy
  • Contrast between color is sharp but inviting
  • The exterior pocket is well blended in


  • It might take some time to break into at first, especially in use

Final Word

As the year winds up, make a point of getting a laptop backpack as a gift to your loved one. Any of these quality product will form fond memories years from now. On our part, we offer our undivided attention and support where needed. Feel free to contact us and have any queries answered. We look forward.


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