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ibricraft blog image of 4 Hairstyles Women Can Try For a Change

Rocking the same hairstyles is boring and looks monotonous. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have that edgy look you’ve always wanted but never had the guts try? Some cute hairstyles can be done right at home! It can be fun to try out rebellious hairdos; at the end of the day, women choose hairstyles as a way of expressing themselves, their passion, and love for color.
Is your current hairstyle enhancing your unique features enough? The ideal hairstyle you choose should complement the shape of your face and in extension, your neck. Styles also depend on other characteristics of the air such as fineness and curliness.
For a fresh and attractive look, here are hairstyles you should consider rocking;

#1 Layered Hairstyle

This hairstyle works for both short and long hair. If you have long hair, get it ready by cleaning it and leaving it a bit damp; it is easier to control length this way. A wide-toothed comb should remove all tangles from the hair. By bending forwards and tilting your head upside down, it’s easier to comb the hair forwards and later form a ponytail at the top of your head.

ibricraft blog image of 4 Hairstyles Women Can Try For a Change

FYI: Fastening your pony with an elastic keeps it in check. If the hair feels smooth against the head, it has no tangles and will mean easy and neat layering.
If you only want mild layering, hold down the ponytail and slide down the elastic to a few inches the pony’s edge. For subtle layering, this elastic should be only an inch from the edge. If you’re up for even more drastic layering, leave only a few inches of the ponytail.
With a sharp pair of scissors, cut off the ponytail’s end while holding it firmly; this ensures consistency. With this method, your face has fewer trimming features in front, with long layers at your back; your stylist can cut off individual locks for an even greater appeal.
Tip: Cutting should be done slowly and carefully to avoid cutting too much hair.
Short Hair
The most appealing stylish layering, the hair should be combed into several interlocking sections. Four sections should do; two on both sides and the remaining two on top, facing front and backward. When dealing with short hair, extra care should be taken to avoid cutting it too short.

ibricraft blog image of 4 Hairstyles Women Can Try For a Change

The hairline and back of your ears should be thoroughly checked for impeccable layering. This look is complete by combing and trimming the edges into style.

#2 Twist Bump Hairstyles

In this world, being fast and furious will get you to places you never imagined; the twisty bump hairstyle is one sure way to strut the modern woman look within minutes! For a change, let go off the cliché buns and ponytails. Here are 5 twisty bump styles ideal for matching with almost any outfit.

ibricraft blog image of 4 Hairstyles Women Can Try For a Change

Twisty Bump Chignon
To start off, brush the hair thoroughly to smoothen out all tangles; neat, straight hair is the easiest to work with. To make your twisty bump, grab a small hair section close to the hairline. Before bringing it to your heads crown and pushing it mildly forward, twist the hair 3 times. This should be secured to the crown using bobby pins.
This should be followed by forming a side ponytail and using a hair tie to fasten it. Forming a side chignon requires twisting this pony around while holding it firmly. To maintain the form, it should be secured with many bobby pins.
Tip: Spray over your twisty bump and chignon for added security.
Twisty Bump Braid
For a perfect braid, gather all the hair at your back and brush it thoroughly. Just as in the twisty bump chignon, twist the hair bump as appropriate and hold it down with bobby pins.
Doing classic French braiding is pretty straightforward. It involves dividing the hair into 3 sections. As the braid stats from the forehead, it grows thicker as it goes along due to the addition of more hair. At the end, the braid should be secured with an elastic band to maintain its form.
Twisty Bump Ponytail
After brushing the hair, part it as you normally would. Gentle brushing ensures a neater look. If you’re having a hard time grabbing a small chunk of hair, go for a larger chunk on your crown instead. Your favorite hairspray and a teasing comb are enough for propping it before holding it down. Out of your remaining hair, make a neat ponytail and secure with a hair tie at your neck’s nape.
Optionally, you can use another lock of hair to wrap the ponytail neatly. For a really cute look, ensure the hair is bumped at the front. For the best outcome, high ponytails are the best to work with. Hairspray the twisty bump and marvel at the refreshing, bouffant look!

ibricraft blog image of 4 Hairstyles Women Can Try For a Change

Twisty Bump Bun
For this look, the wearer should brush gently without parting her hair; this creates a stunning slicked-back look. You should only create a little bump by following the procedure discussed earlier. Working with a semi-high ponytail at the back gives you a propped appeal. After securing into place with a hair tie, roll your pony around; this should form a lovely bun.
Tip: prolong this unique style using quality hairspray.
Twisty Bump Half-Up-Half-Down
Once you’re done with parting and brushing your hair, select any section close to your hairline; create a neat bump to accentuate the crown. To add the half-up-half-down look, choose a small hair section from your left side and pin this to your midsection; repeat this process on your right side. Once secured with hairpins, use a hairspray to ensure your look lasts longer.

#3 Twisted Crown Hairstyle

Almost similar to the milkmaid braid style, this hairstyle uses twisted braids instead of the conventional regular and Dutch braids. Here are the various styles you could try out;

ibricraft blog image of 4 Hairstyles Women Can Try For a Change

The Relaxed Twisted Crown

After gently brushing the hair, part it down at the center. It is ideal for those with longer hair and capitalizes on twist-braiding only a section of hair; it forms a crown which looks like a headband. The rest of your hair should remain loose. Hold two hair sections close to this center and ideally above the eyebrows.

The hair must be gathered from either the right or left side of the part; this creates 2 similar twisted braids. This section can be made triangular by ensuring the pointed part faces away from the face. Is your hair frizzy? Cross these 2 sections while giving it a slight downward twist. Form a consistent X shape with the selected bottom section.

As you go along, keep adding hair from the bottom section for a thicker strand. If you use hair from the hairline, you end up with an up-do. Keep on adding hair from the top section and ensure consistency in thickness all through. Use a rubber band to secure this hairstyle at the end.

Once the ropes of either side have been secured, join them by making a hole between one and passing the other through. The 2 ropes should then be tagged away from one another, forming an X shape; secure this in place with clear elastics.

Tip: If you require more volume, loosen the twists a bit; while this is not mandatory, it adds a nice touch. To keep it all together, light misting hairspray will do.

ibricraft blog image of 4 Hairstyles Women Can Try For a Change

Twisted Crown Up-do
While some people find it easier to brush wet hair, others prefer theirs dry; in the latter case, texturizing mousse or spray should be used. Regardless of which part you start braiding, this hairstyle will look strikingly similar to the milkmaid style. As you twist one section towards your face, cross the other section towards the back of your head.
At the section which is closer to the face, gather more hair from the hairline and add onto it. The section closer to your face should have more hair. The front and back sections should be crossed and again; the front section becomes the back section and vice versa. The process of gathering hair from the hairline and adding it to the front part should be repeated until the back of the head.
FYI: You should only stop when you reach your neck’s nape.
This look should be completed by tying a rope braid. After all the hair has been compiled into a ponytail, divide it into 2 equal sections. To come up with 2 ropes, twist these sections towards the right and left and form one rope; it should be tied off using clear elastic to keep it firm. After wrapping this rope all around your head, use several bobby pins to hold these pins together.
Tip: For a more boho-chic touch, consider messing up the hair. Light hairspray misting helps.

#4 Braiding Cornrows

Before starting the braiding, have a clear picture of what you want in mind. The easiest way to go about this is starting with 4 to 6 strands running from the front to the back. Do you want these cornrows to curve or run straight? The size of the rows should also be considered.

ibricraft blog image of 4 Hairstyles Women Can Try For a Change

You can either use water containing detangler or plain water on this air to make it easier to work with; avoid making your hair too wet as it becomes quite irritating to work with. Your hair will naturally contract when dry and expand when wet; this explains why some braids are too tight and painful. Avoid pulling your hair away from your scalp.

Starting with the section of hair from the front row, divide the hair equally according to the number of cornrows you require. For easier working, fold the part of your hair you aren’t using yet in 2 or 3 pigtails. With a clearer path, your cornrows will be neater and more strongly constructed.

Tip: To avoid too hard at the hair, leave sufficient hair untouched near your hairline. Moisturizing your hair with cream at the front and proceeding as braid backward eliminates aggression.

How to Cornrow Hair

ibricraft blog image of 4 Hairstyles Women Can Try For a Change

To start off, divide the hair into your first section into 3 parts. You can make your normal braid with 2 strands before throwing in the 3rd. The strands should be passed over each other in an inter-weaving pattern and without skipping some. As you go along, you might need to add a bit of hair from the middle section to maintain the row’s thickness.
Tip: Towards the end, continue with the conventional 3-strand braid pattern.
You can use a bolo tie tip, barrette, end bar, hair clip, snap bead, or anything else which works; you should be able to remove this easily later. At all costs, avoid using uncovered elastics and rubber bands as these may break off your hair. From here on, you should repeat the process, ensuring the cornrows are of the uniform size of whichever design you please.
Maintaining the Cornrows

ibricraft blog image of 4 Hairstyles Women Can Try For a Change

For your hair to remain neat at night, wear a clean scarf before going to bed; with this maintenance, these cornrows should remain properly intact for at least a week. Your hair should be washed every few days for optimum hygiene; use a stocking cap to keep it intact and in good shape.
The hair should be spritzed with hair oil or leave in conditioner. Before this, the hair should be properly watched with a mixture of water and shampoo and later rinsed. By braiding cornrows, your scalp will be fully exposed to the sun. To avoid getting nasty sunburns on the scalp, consider rubbing sunscreen on it and wearing a sun hat as well.
Equipment You Will Need For Personal Hairstyle Change
To keep your hair moist when it becomes too dry, use a spray bottle. When performing any type of braiding, you might require aqua wax or hair grease. Clear elastics and coated rubber bands are useful in securing your knits in place. If you can’t purchase a rat-tailed comb at your local store, a tint brush will achieve the same results.
If your hair is very tight or curly, a moisturizer which doesn’t lose power too fast is invaluable; most hair creams, however, do not suffice. A natural oil-mixture, hair grease, or hair food will do. Hair wax which is based on distilled water.

ibricraft blog image of 4 Hairstyles Women Can Try For a Change

Wrap Up

It is entirely possible to give your hair a refreshed look right from your home! By following this guide, women can try out different hairstyles by themselves, increasing the choices they have to work with every day. Whether your hair is short or long, these hairstyles will give you the attractive, unique edge you crave.

We would like to be of more assistance to you. Do you have any questions about matching your hairstyle with outfits and accessories in general? Leave a comment and we will get back to you. If you found this review useful, kindly share it with friends on social media; you never know who you might be helping. Cheers!


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