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Girls love playful wallets, which are abundantly available in the market. Are you getting the quality which matches your money’s worth? We’ve conducted thorough research, coming up with the best retailing wallets featuring the latest designs and storage. Available to you in a bountiful array of colors, you will never run out of fashion items to match up with.

The girls’ wallets available are built with varying materials, each purposed to cater for specific needs. Right from the latest online trends to legendary designs, these wallets offer you unprecedented versatility. Are you ready to get started? Here are the best wallets for girls bound to appeal to your fashion sense;

#1 1-Piece of Assorted Emoji Face Wallet

1-Piece of Assorted Emoji Face Wallet

This wallet is finely crafted with Velcro material, outlined with a colorful band. All your favorite emojis are strewn on the exterior, giving you the playful aura. Opening and closing are straightforward, giving you access to a zippered pocket and three sizeable clear ID windows. As a young lady, getting through college or other security passes will be stress-free. As an expressive way of carrying your cash, this lightweight wallet will never disappoint in its functionality.


  • The fastened closure keeps contents from spilling out
  • The assorted face emojis are intriguing
  • 3 distinct clear ID pockets
  • A zippered closure capable of holding large bills


  • The Velcro material has to be cared for to avoid damage and tear

#2 Fakeface Girls’ Hairy Mini Shoulder Bag

Fakeface Girls’ Hairy Mini Shoulder Bag

To offer the consumer even more security, this wallet with Velcro closure is adorned with a fluffy exterior with a comfortable and soft touch. It can be worn over one shoulder or as a crossbody, reducing its weight significantly. Ideal for young girls, their hands will be free to attend to other needs without clasping on the wallet. The bowknot decoration adds a cute touch, further complementing the purposeful carriage. It is fit for many occasions without the need for adjustments.


  • Features durable cotton lining
  • The cute bowknot adds to the appeal
  • Perfect Christmas gift or new accessory for young girls
  • Holds candies, cash, cards, and even a phone


  • The fluffy material easily catches dirt, requiring regular cleaning

#3 Stephen Joseph Cupcake Wallet

Cupcake Wallet

As far as color goes, this set of wallets goes all the way and portrays all personalities likeable to young ladies. The interior has a dedicated coin pouch, often useful in getting treats from the candy machine. The Velcro closure is emboldened with the sizeable decorative badge, taking after various inspirations. The double stitching is done on a contrasting color, bringing even more out of this compact and minimalist wallet.


  • Available in a wide array of exciting colors
  • Portrays different personalities in a neat package
  • The zippered pouch can hold many coins
  • Velcro closure is reliable over long use


  • Young ladies are limited to what they can carry owing to the minimalist design

#4 Disney Frozen Elsa Anna and Olaf Character Tri-Fold Wallet

Disney Frozen Elsa Anna and Olaf Character Tri-Fold Wallet

This authentically licensed item serves as a purposeful wallet and fashionable carriage among young girls. Your favorite cartoon characters are brought closer to you, helping you keep your valuables secure. The pink color is a favorite color in this age, matching up with similar outfits. The exterior zipper pocket offers a quick way to access cash and coins, helping you transact seamlessly. Other more important items can be stored inside of the tri-fold design.


  • The size is ideal for fitting in small spaces
  • The characters are relatable to kids
  • The pink color is prevalent and evenly distributed
  • The stitching will hold over long use


  • Careful handling is recommended to extend the wallet’s lifetime

#5 Pokemon Eevee Eeveelution Bifold Wallet

Pokemon Eevee Eeveelution Bifold Wallet

Unlike most other wallets in this category, this wallet’s designer relies solely on PU leather to deliver a classy item. It is a funky and cool accessory to show off, doubling up as a fashion favorite to many events. Young ladies will draw a lot of functions from this highly professional product, holding items like cards, coins, small accessories, and cash. If you’re a fan of Pokemon Go, this is a fresh way to carry your favorite character with you everywhere you walk.


  • Built to last long and look better with you
  • The funky image is highly attractive
  • The 100% PU leather used is of impeccable quality
  • The bifold design gives you even more room


  • The single stitching would look better with more refinement

#6 Miles Kimball Personalized Children’s Butterfly Wallet

Miles Kimball Personalized Children’s Butterfly Wallet

The polyester construction in this wallet is highly elaborate, taking into account all the minor details. Ideal for young girls, the playful printing and naming make it customizable to a specified name. All those in their pre-teen years can find valuable use for it, thanks to the gripper-tape closure mechanism. It is both slim and compact, fitting easily in small pockets without bulging. This specialized wallet is ideal as a holiday gift, coming available in neat packaging.


  • This adorable purse is highly functional
  • It features exterior embellishments
  • The polyester construction is durable
  • The double stitching makes the wallet longer lasting


  • The closure might get slightly lose over time if wrongly used

#7 Susenstone Mini Purse Soft Surface Girls Wallet

Susenstone Mini Purse Soft Surface Girls Wallet

This beautifully accessorized silicone material offers the user rare comfort, with the preservation of the compact shape even with complete packaging. While it lacks in articulate compartments, the interior is still spacious enough to hold all the minor items you might need. The hasp hardness of this small wallet adds to the softness in giving users more comfort. Coming from the solely organized retailer, you get value for your money and a product build to last.


  • Serves as a beautiful accessory to you outfits
  • Spacious enough with neat arrangement
  • Is quality assured to serve you for long
  • The silicone coin purse is thoughtfully and attractively designed


  • The small stature will require secondary carriage due to the lack of a strap

#8 Party Favors My Little Pony Trifold Wallet Card Pockets

Party Favors My Little Pony Trifold Wallet Card Pockets

Available to you in a playful set of colors and characters, this minute wallet is small in capacity. This considerably limits its usage to 2 cards and an extra in the clear ID window. There are two zipper closures to work with, taming the rampant loss common among young girls. The Velcro closure is easy to work with, enabling easy opening and closure to access contents quickly. The articulated dimensions eliminate the need for larger pockets to contain this wallet.


  • The alluring characters appeal to more personalities
  • The two zippers mean added physical security
  • The contrasting outline and stitching is remarkable
  • It will remain intact over long periods of use


  • The zipper’s color may come undone and scrapped after use

#9 Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse Plush Coin Wallet

Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse Plush Coin Wallet

If you adore the Mickey Mouse characters, these cute wallets will offer you the unique realization of characters. Their shape is deeply embedded in the two cartoon characters, serving as fanny packs too. When using another bag or backpack, this cute carriage will serve more purposes than those recommended. With these playful characters, young girls won’t hesitate to pull out their cute wallets if only to amuse their friends.


  • Great for using a purse or backpack
  • Interesting characters to keep you engaged
  • Ideal for coin and small items carriage
  • Small and compact for all needs


  • The usage will only accommodate minor needs and requirements

#10 Biscotti Girls’ Living The Dream Dress Purse

Biscotti Girls’ Living The Dream Dress Purse

This odorless wallet is perfect for all your netting needs, featuring the most gorgeous pearl strap in the market. Built entirely out of polyester, the oodles of petals are a favorite addition to the professional craftsmanship. Seeming like an elegant flower from afar, you will love the easy maintenance tips which include hand washing and careful use. As a truly unique design, every young lady will marvel at the sight of this cute wallet.


  • The pearl strap is unlike any other
  • It can easily be washed by hand
  • Bound to make young girls happy
  • Has the most attractively unique design


  • The shape will limit what can be comfortably carried in it

#11 Yalasga Girls’ Letter Printed Cute Fashion Wallet

Yalasga Girls’ Letter Printed Cute Fashion Wallet

For lovers of a cartoon, this wallet is made with you in mind, in the softest-feeling wallet, you’ll come across. The portability is further enhanced by the lightweight nature, combining fashion and functionality easily the jelly gel material is highly favorable to all types of skin, seeing as children need more care. As we approach the holiday season, this will serve as a memorable gift fit for use in various occasions and events.


  • The capacity is pretty decent
  • The cartoon characters are clearly visible
  • The jelly gel material is supple against the skin
  • The shape is intriguing


  • The number of colors and design is somehow limited to a few personalities

#12 Bungalow360 Toucan Tri-fold Wallet

Bungalow360 Toucan Tri-fold Wallet

If you’re in the market for a girls’ wallet with highly contrasting features, this item fits the bill with its polka dot interior lining. The tri-fold design accords you even more room, making it relatively easy to hold more than you would with a bifold design. The 100% canvas construction serves well to avoid many bad eventualities such as soaking in water or wearing and tearing easily. The bill slot is fully sized accommodate storage without having to fold.


  • The contrasting interior polka dot offers perfect lining
  • The colors are alluring to look at
  • Stitching has been finely done
  • The coin pouch is zippered for additional security


  • Consumers are wary of the feasibility of overall arrangement

#13 Sunward Female Cute Mini Macaron Silicone Waterproof Coin Pouch

Sunward Female Cute Mini Macaron Silicone Waterproof Coin Pouch

The impeccable quality portrayed in this wallet’s construction is depicted in its quality guarantee. Don’t let its circular shape fool you; this wallet will still fit a few cards without having unruly edges. The material is purposefully meant to conform to the shape of the pocket or other storage, doing so without causing discomfort. Your ladies will love straddling it around with the wristlet, working towards keeping its carrying weight down.


  • The zipper closure is reassuring
  • The circular shape is unique
  • The range of colors is eclectic
  • Users can be versatile with the usage


  • The shape will limit the carriage of certain items

#14 Naovio Cute Cartoon Mini Shoulder Cellphone Pouch

Naovio Cute Cartoon Mini Shoulder Cell phone Pouch

Have you been lacking versatility in your bags and wallets? This product will serve as a purse, cross body bag, or shoulder bag with incredible ease. With today’s immense needs, young girls can carry their cell phones and other minor electronic gadgets, keeping everything intact. The two zippers are additional features, making it more functional and protective. The portability is highly specialized, keeping in mind that the users are young children.


  • Double zippers stamping on the protective ability
  • Versatile to be used in various capacities
  • Large phones will fit in easily
  • The wallet will last for many years to come


  • The cartoon characters are limited and would have involved customization

#15 Pokemon Pikachu and Friends Tri-fold Wallet

Pokemon Pikachu and Friends Tri-fold Wallet

Pokemon never seems to go out of fashion, be it as a game or when used in the fashion arena. The user has the luxury of using the available card pockets, easily expandable depending on the prevailing needs. The colorful depictions speak volumes of the character’s timeless allure, showing the user as being playful. The Velcro closure is ideal for young girls, eliminating the need for extra security features.


  • The Pokemon character represents timelessness
  • The ease of use is incredible
  • The colors have been neatly combined
  • Usage is expandable as per the need


  • The alignment of the wallet is in question, in some instances


For girls on pre-teen age, these wallets are a way to conceal what they carry while flaunting the favorite cartoon and game characters. More than that, these wallets teach them the basics of keeping contents together and in the neat arrangement. This holiday season, which girls’ wallet will you be taking home to your loved one? We would love to engage with you further! Cheers!


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