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For men, having classy wallets speaks volumes of their stature and business acumen. In the wake of electronic pickpocketing, the savvy men are flocking the market in search of RFID blocking wallets as a secure alternative. You need not to be worried about losing your identity as we have reviewed 20 leading RFID blocking wallets for all your needs.
As you commence your search, factors such as the material, construction, and turnover should matter a lot too. Classy men wallets should also feature impeccably-pleated corners as well as creases. In our review of the best front wallets for men, we came across;

#1 Ebax Minimalist Slim Unisex Wallet


This cleverly built and artistically constructed wallet has a thin holder for ease of use. While the interior of the wallet features quality nylon, it still maintains its compact form even when fully packed. Whether in your back or front pocket, the wallet fits perfectly. To allow the user more organizational control, four separate compartments are set out for holding different items.


  • Pull tab feature for easier retrieval of contents
  • Quick accessibility and fast reach of the most frequently used cards
  • A low and slim profile
  • Clever design to accommodate rare functionality


  • Larger bills have to be folded several times to fit properly

#2 Ebax Minimalist Front Pocket 9-Slot Unisex RFID Wallet


Boasting of Italian leather build, this slim wallet provides you with means to store all your cards in a classy way. To add to the user convenience, the card positions have gaps for easy fitting and retrieval of contents. Offering you premium functionality, you can carry in excess of 8 smartcards and secure them from RFID scanners. As a compact fit, you enjoy the flexibility of carrying it in all pockets without showing.


  • Easy operation and quick retrieval
  • Built with stylish and durable Italian leather
  • Superior RFID blocking abilities


  • Users won’t enjoy the convenience of carrying their change securely

#3 Travelambo RFID Front Pocket Minimalist Wallet


If you are in the market for a minimalist top-grained genuine leather wallet, this men’s option will pay off in more than one way. With this wallet, your personal security has been enhanced by the latest RFID blocking technology. For some cards which are often used to access hotels and lobbies, the blocking technology is lenient. In the 2 upper slots, users can fit receipts and money.


  • A perfect accompaniment for suits or jeans
  • Keeps all electronic pickpockets at bay
  • A 30-days satisfaction guarantee for clients


  • The minimalist wallet bulges when too fully packed

#4 HUSKK Slim Leather RFID Front Pocket Wallet


Are you becoming increasingly worried about your personal security? This wallet puts your fears to rest with its anti-theft RFID proprietary material construction. All through, this product features exceptional workmanship and is available in select masculine colors. You may get it as a memorable gift for a close friend or family. It is conveniently larger than a money clip to hold in excess of 8 cards and cash.


  • Assured security of your personal information
  • Built with stylish and durable material
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee for consumers


  • The few colors make it appear quite laidback for its stature

#5 Forbidden Minimalist Slim Front Pocket Wallet


As a convenient way to hold up to 12 cards, this elastic and classic wallet brings minimalism to a whole new level. Within its compact size, it contains 3 separate pockets in which you can store different items in an organized manner. The strap made of nylon is easy to move, making it easy for users to store and retrieve contents. Owing to the wallet’s careful stitching, it will last for years.


• Features high-grade nylon for easy operation

• Great value for money

• Stores keys and coins too


• The design looks rather sluggish and simplistic with cards hanging out

#6 HUSKK Slim Leather Minimalist Card Holder


Released in June this year, this new design incorporates superior functionality and rich style. In this miniature wallet, users can comfortably carry 10 smartcards, securing them intuitively. With this product’s elastic pull-tab, using has never been easier. The manufacturers of the wallet featured double-stitching, ensuring that it will last a lifetime without coming apart.


  • Built entirely with premium materials
  • Features an intuitive pull tab
  • Highest quality craftsmanship


  • Cards don’t look so neat sticking out of the wallet

#7 Villini Leather Slim Front Pocket Card Holder


Have you had the pleasure of owning a ‘crazy horse’ genuine leather product? This vintage and the ultimately luxurious option is reasonably priced for its multiple features. Consumers lucky enough to purchase it before the promotion runs out will enjoy an even greater discount. Its ultra-slim nature makes it ideal for the gym jogging, shopping, and even work.


  • Comes with a 3 year warranty
  • Fits 4 cards and a stash of cash
  • The impeccable leather construction looks better with use


  • The storage would have been expanded to hold even more cards

#8 Forbidden Minimalist Slim Leather Front Pocket Wallet


For a minimalist wallet, this wallet has been superbly built to ooze class. The seamless slim deign makes it a perfect fit even in the smallest pockets, securing all contents in its compact model. Especially in your front pocket, the genuine leather used feels utterly soft and won’t bulge. With this card holder, you can conveniently carry 6 cards or slightly. For larger bills, folding severally is necessary.


  • Features full-grain fine leather build
  • Maintains its form throughout
  • Has three pockets for neat arrangement of cards


  • Only available in a few solid colors

#9 HUSKK Slim Front Pocket RFID Wallet for Men


As a timeless wallet, this product will serve you for years to come without going out of fashion. The users are assured of ultimate personal security through the latest RFID blocking technology. The London design features superior workmanship, bringing out every detail to the fullest glare. For this wallet to last you many years, you’re advised to keep it away from excess water, sunlight, or heat.


  • Durable full-grain leather construction
  • Exclusive craftsmanship including a pull-tab
  • Unbreakable anti-theft RFID structure


  • Some men may find the wallet too demanding for careful handling

#10 Radix One Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet


Unlike many other similar wallets, this product will not strain your back due to its ultra-light nature. Efficiency has been ensured in every aspect, making this card ideal for securing in excess of 10 business cards. Featuring silicone-parts build and a strengthened polycarbonate, this wallet boasts of having a patented design. This arguably the most beautiful masculine wallet we came across in our review.


  • Is virtually weightless at less than one ounce
  • Patented storage of cards and cash in the ultra slim profile
  • Features specially designed strong polycarbonate


  • Cards will not be covered on either sides

#11 LOOKISS Aluminum Slim RFID Front Pocket Wallet


Have you been yearning for a money clip with elastic webbing? This RFID secure classic money clip does more than merely protect your personal information; this slide wallet sends a strong fashion message thanks to its elegance and sheer beauty. To make it lighter for easier carriage, premium aviation aluminum is used to add the impenetrable protective shield.


  • Imparts users with a ‘sense of vision’
  • Made from reliable spring steel
  • No more bloated pockets!
  • Extended lifespan due to the stainless steel construction


  • It won’t fit as many cards as other conventional options

#12 Conceal Plus Card Blocr Card Holder with RFID Blocking Metal


If you are in search of a wallet ideal for both front and back pockets, this minimalist solution will suffice. Coming with 100% consumer satisfaction guarantee, you will be at liberty to request for reimbursement should this product fail. As a compact card holder, this RFID blocking wallet won’t succumb to pressure and lose its form when under pressure. As a unisex wallet, the features are highly detailed.


  • RFID protection of up to 6 smartcards
  • Easier operation through the one-click functionality
  • An extra-strong. Minimalist deign for all your needs


  • As a relatively slim wallet, consumers have to make do with folding larger bills

#13 FIDELO Front-Pocket Minimalist Men’s Wallet


Offering the consumers what other manufacturers will rarely do, FIDELO is committed to providing all their clients with lifetime warranties. As a rarely fashionable option. This wallet has 4 premium bands (elastic), giving the user even more room to work with. For its light weight, one would rarely expect this wallet to hold more than 15 business cards, all secured from RFID scanning.


  • Easy and convenient card storage and retrieval
  • Extra-strong build with superior RFID blocking capacity
  • A total satisfaction guarantee to all consumers
  • Elite build to ensure a lasting construction


  • This wallet looks rather bulgy when filled to capacity

#14 Jocose Moose RFID-Blocking Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet


Have you been keenly looking for a minimalist men’s wallet with magnetic closure? This RFID blocking wallet has been tested independently, assuring users of the best personal security. Though thin in stature, this wallet will be extensively durable when handled with proper care. After purchasing it, you’ll have a guaranteed 180 days of satisfaction guarantee to test the product.


  • Ingenious magnetic closure for easier operation
  • Excellent packaging to suit as a gift
  • A stylish and sleek design to go with various classy outfits


  • The wallet would have featured more masculine colors to diversify the choice

#15 HISSIMO Men’s Slim Front Pocket Wallet


Though you will rarely come across minimalist RFID wallets offering this much in the variety of features, this product goes the further step. Within 18 months of purchasing it, the consumer should freely access any services regarding the workability of the wallet. As your most eco-friendly option, the premium synthetic material used in construction is bound to last you for years.


  • An extensive warranty to assure you of quality
  • A minimalist style to go well with the most trendy outfits
  • Prevention of all RFID related data crime


  • When carrying larger bills, the user might be forced to fold

#16 SlimpacX Ultimate Slim Mini Front Pocket Wallet


With this high capacity men’s wallet, you will be certain of feeling a classy aura around you. With the company’s futuristic concept, carrying all your essentials in this minimalist wallet is now a reality. Featuring the latest advancement in RFID blocking technology, this product ensures the safety of your personal information.


• Guarantee quality with a viable return policy

• Spacious enough to hold slightly over four cards

• Superior RFID blocking technology

• Durable, quality construction


• The range of colors could have been broader even for men

#17 Dash Co. ELASTICO Ultra-Slim Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet


Offering you 3 separate compartments for easy storage of documents, this highly-organized wallet will serve as an ideal accessory to the most stylish events. Within two years of purchasing this product, consumers will enjoy an exclusive warranty. The flexible elasticity of the wallet allows it to hold even more gear without bulging out.


  • A sleek minimalist appeal
  • Faster retrieval which saves you lots of time
  • Premium construction which looks better with longer use


  • The wallet requires extra care when handling

#18 Gintaxen Men’s Slim Bifold Front Pocket Wallet


Specially build to comfortably hold large US bills, this minimalist front pocket wallet goes beyond merely securing your minor effects. Within the 2 year warranty, consumers will be free to present all complaints and have them dispensed with. To secure all your smartcards from RFID scanning, you needn’t look any further. You no longer have to deal with bulging wallets!


  • Safety of personal information guaranteed
  • An extensive warranty to assure of the impeccable construction
  • Durable high-quality cowhide leather


  • The design may appear less elegant to some

#19 Protectif RFID-Blocking Front Pocket Sleeves for Men


Has your search for an RFID secured wallet proved unfruitful? This product by Protectif seeks to provide all the solutions you need. From EMV chips to typical smartcards, the technology embedded in this wallet prevents all forms of electronic pickpocketing. With its compact build and light weight, this wallet will feel utterly comfortable in your back or front minimal pockets.


  • Perfect for travel and other less casual events
  • Zippered to secure other personal effects
  • 100% money back guarantee should it fail to meet expectations


  • The design has potential to appear even more stylish

#20 Aonal Men’s Slim RFID-Blocking Front Pocket Card Holder


With its unique synthetic leather build, this wallet enhances your personal security while giving you a professional appeal. While the wallet’s RFID technology lets go off some badges, all malicious scanning signals are conveniently kept at bay. As a reliable carry, its minimalist stature won’t look obtrusive even in the smallest front pockets.


  • Personal security assurance
  • Durable and attractive construction for men
  • Spacious enough to hold all essentials


  • The ultra-slim design looks bulky when loaded up too much


Men are always expected to carry classy wallets as an extension of their personalities and unique attributes. Which of these 20 best-selling minimalist men’s wallets will you be taking home? Let us know if we can help you make the best choice. As you look forward to sharpening your look, it is our hope that our brief guide has helped make your choice easier.


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