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All women aspire to have perfectly-shaped bodies. However, this is not always the case. While many ladies go to great lengths to make this come true, it remains hard to achieve for some. While a fitness program may help slim the waist, it might not do so for the arms. Apart from disappointing many women, flabby arms can spoil their desire to look stylish.

Are you having issues with your plump arms? It’s about time you brought them to an end! Here are 7 ways to say goodbye to fat arms without losing weight.

#1 Puff Sleeves

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If your arms are quite big, it’s best to keep off all short-sleeved and sleeveless attire; this only attracts attention to the arms. On contrary, full-sleeved tops and outfits divert the attention elsewhere. In some cases, only the upper hand requires to be hidden; quarter sleeves can be used instead. Modern fashion has brought forth vogue outfits designed to hide fat arms such as the long-sleeved puff sleeve.

Balancing Comfort and Style

There are many trendy outfits such as the long-sleeved puff sleeves, ideally designed to fit flabby arms while focusing the observer’s attention elsewhere. If you have an apple body shape, your dress choice should flatter the top half.

For ladies with a pearl, flattering the bottom half attracts more emphasis to the most outstanding features. Broomstick skirts and shapeless garments should be avoided at all costs. An A-line cut dress will make the look trendy. Having a pair of well-fitting and straight jean gives you a lot to work with.

What Puff Sleeves Offer

Giving you the ancient Victorian era aura, puffy sleeves have the old world charm. If you have flabby arms and broad hips, puffed sleeves take this boldly and direct attention to your most attractive features. Depending on your preferences you can get:

  • A puff sleeve full at its top only – In this pattern, using 1 or 2 darts at the sleeve’s edge keep it from being full at the bottom. Another variation can be a butterfly sleeve.
  • A puff sleeve full at its bottom only – To fill at the bottom, the darts should be more centered, preventing the sleeve from being full at the top.
  • A puff sleeve full at both the bottom and top – For sleeves which are full on both sides, the dart is strategically placed during sewing. This allocates equal attention to detail.

Matching and Accessorizing

Unusual and beautiful accessories are a must-have for women with flabby arms. Apart from making the wardrobe more versatile, such accessories will be blind to your weight loss or gain. Unlike smaller women, bigger ladies can easily pull captivating looks with bold and large jewelry.

Tip: Keep off teeny pendants and earrings; they might look inappropriately miniature.

ibricraft blog image of 7 Amazing Ways to Hide Flabby Arms with These Clothes

#2 Speaker Sleeve

ibricraft blog image of 7 Amazing Ways to Hide Flabby Arms with These Clothes

If you have fat arms, they probably won’t allow you to show off easily. Unknown to many women, there are many other body parts which can be flaunted for a glamorous look. Speaker sleeve is a good choice for you to show off easily. Speaker sleeve has more to do with the arm design. It is narrow at the upper arm and gets broader towards the hand. This outfit gives you more accessories options to work with. Avoid going for extra-large jewelry they compromise the stylish look; dangling earrings are ideal.

By wearing a speaker sleeve, you ingeniously conceal your flabby arms while balancing the overall appearance. By allowing you to highlight the other attractive parts and not arms, you can rock a trendy look and be totally comfortable with your look!

Shifting the Focus

Are you constantly getting easily worked up due to the problem area? Drawing attention to your attractive assets gives you more leverage. With a perfect-fitting speaker sleeve, you can keep attention off the arms by using attention-grabbing, bold accessories. Alternatively, why not try a dramatic necklace and chunky earrings to match up?

Is your figure perfect for flaunting? If yes, flabby arms are easy to deal with! When choosing your speaker sleeve and accompanying its accompanying outfit, focus on accentuating your waistline.

Why Wear Speaker Sleeves?

Barely exposing your shoulders, speakers are the best outfits for showing off the shoulders while quietly concealing the arm. Depending on whether you need to conceal the upper or entire arm, there are both medium and full-sleeved speaker sleeves to choose from.

When picking your outfit, ensure the seams are strong enough to hold for long. Speaker sleeves are available in numerous designs, all designed to quietly conceal flabby arms.


When wearing speaker sleeves, avoid going for horizontal patterns. Apart from making your arms more prominent, they broaden your figure and make it harder to find comfortable looks. A speaker sleeve which is plainer is easier to work with.

#3 Strapless Dresses

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Apart from being a trendy fashion statement, strapless dresses have a great appeal on the eyes; this completely takes attention away from fat arms. If you were to wear a strapped dress, for instance, the thin strap would only emphasize how large the upper arm is.

As women with fat arms try to avoid traps, hiding the upper arm is pretty easy with a nice wrap. This can either be included in the dress design or an accessorized light shoal around the shoulders. If your cleavage is larger, these outfits will add grace and style without hiding your assets.

Many Forms of Strapless Clothes to Choose From

When you want to conceal more weight throughout the body, Spanx dresses are designed to flatten out the area of interest and divert the attention elsewhere. While some people may find strapless clothes immodest, selecting a well-fitting mini dress highlights your legs and pearl shape.

There is an abundance of beautiful strapless clothes specially designed for women with flabby arms. To make them even more effective at concealing, the best designs feature minimalistic designs, making your figure appear even smaller.

When worn the right way, strapless dresses can give you a fun, sexy, and formal look. With many designers offering their best idea yet, looking appealing and classy has been made easier. Showing a few your shoulders portrays fashion boldness.

FYI: When wearing strapless dresses, it is best to go with light accessories; you don’t want to take attention from the shoulders.

#4 Strapless Shirts

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If your arms are flabby, the age-old to slim them without hitting the gym is dressing in dark tops and shirts. When working with darker outfits, it’s easier to match them up and strike the most appealing look. You also have a broader choice of accessories to work with.

Cute tank tops and shirts which are strapless are an easy way to express yourself and amplify your assets. When picking your choice of strapless shirts, you should ensure your bras are concealed; there are many designs of strapless bras to wear with.

Bras to Wear

For the most comfortable fit, wear your strapless tops with strapless or bandeau bras. If you can’t find those, bras with clear straps will do. With a bandeau bra, you receive all the support you require without attracting too much attention to the top.

Tip: However, for those women who will still wear a shirt or other garment on top, any bra design can be used.

Why Wearing Strapless Shirts Works

Your choice of strapless short shouldn’t be too tight; it would otherwise reveal all bumps and lumps. For a more flattery look, comfortable fits are the way to go. When working to hide the flabby arms, it’s important to ensure that the top also blends with your torso. Your choice should also be guided by the girth of your shoulders and the general body shape.

Do you have a larger bust? There are specially-made designs to support this without weighing you down. Always ensure that the top fits tightly at the top and allows you free movement. For those with smaller chests, tops which are V-shaped are the best; they place more emphasis on the cleavage.

Tip: If you have a wide chest, go for strapless tops with the neckline ending just above the cleavage. Solid colored tops will look dashing.

#5 Backless Blouse

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When concealing fat arms, drawing attention to your back is a sure way to win! These blouses are designed to leave enough skin to arouse interest while still remaining classy. If your skin is moderately clear or you have a toned back, a backless blouse is the ideal statement piece for that next big appearance.

To pull off this look perfectly, you must wear the right accessories and bra. A low-back-bra, for instance, wrap around the stomach’s back while still providing ample chest support. Other bras you could use with this include;

  • Adhesive bras
  • Halter bras
  • Stick on silicone-gel petals

Making the Skin Glow

Since your back will be a major attraction, exfoliating the skin will go a long way towards making it appear supple and youthful. Several weeks before pulling off this look, use the standard shower gel and a loofah to scrub away every inch of dead skin. If you have quite sensitive skin, do this for only a few times.

FYI: Even for those without acne conditions, using an acne scrub on the back will keep off stray pimples and improves your skin’s health. A light moisturizer should dry it out.

Backless Blouses Offer You Rare Convenience

When rocking this outfit, walk with confidence with the chest out, the shoulders back, and your head held high. With this straight posture, your flabby arms will be barely noticeable. To keep the focus on the back, keep accessories to the bare minimum. An elegant pair of earrings and a mild bracelet should suffice.

#6 Layering Over the Camisole

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Just because your arms are quite flabby, you don’t necessarily have to give up wearing the latest sleeveless outfits. With so many pretty camisoles on the market, you will definitely find your perfect fit and look amazing. There is a huge assortment of sheer blouses, wraps, boleros, cardigans, and other tops you can wear.


As a fashion piece which could go with anything, camisoles should be a staple in your wardrobe. Being highly fashionable, you can use them to serve a wide range of purposes. Depending on your preference, you can work with skin-colored camisoles or the supportive ones. They are available in all lengths and styles.

You can either go for a;

  • Body-Hugging Camisole – These are often stretchable and made of soft cotton material. It is easily the most common camisole type.
  • Cotton Camisole – Being extra soft, these camisoles make it easier for your skin to breathe. It provides women with additional style and comfort especially when working out
  • Silk Camisole – Apart from exuding feminine confidence, silk camisoles have been designed as comfortable and sensual.

To conceal fat arms discreetly, a fancy camisole is stunning and requires very mild accessorizing. Shape-wear camisoles might end up highlighting the arms and should be avoided. There are plenty of plus-size camisoles expertly designed to give you unmatched confidence.

#7 Sheer/Lace Sleeves

ibricraft blog image of 7 Amazing Ways to Hide Flabby Arms with These Clothes

During the hot months, sheer clothes not only hide flabby arms but also make you feel at ease and cool. During the consequent seasons, they can be complemented with layering to keep warm. With breezy sheers, you need to be extra-careful to hide the bra as well. A pretty look should never be a challenge to you.

For virtually any occasion, a pussy-bow blouse will make you stand out. Being full-sleeved, these tops come in all styles and colors. Darker and plain colors will look especially appealing.

Subtle Soft Bra

When considering inner wear, sheer and lace sleeves look appealing when worn with subtle bras. These bras are nude and won’t bunch-up under your top. This would otherwise bring attention to your fat arms. To complete this look, a seamless and strapless top complements your figure and exudes rare confidence.

FYI: With this full coverage, a seamless tank can go with any sheer top. You will have to be extra-vigilant with your bra.

Are you looking for even more coverage beyond the arms? A lace-trimmed slip dress is an easy solution. This tunic can be an invaluable option for women in the plus-size category. Perhaps you have more attitude and daring; consider going for a lacy bustier. Throughout all seasons, concealing your fat arms is incredibly easy when you follow the right fashion advice.

Wrap Up

Those flabby arms should be a bother anymore. There is a huge assortment of strapless clothes on the market. In this short guide, women can try out many options right at home. By doing a wardrobe audit, you might find several items already intact.

Do you have any questions or comments on how to deal with those flabby arms? Kindly contact us and we will get back to you with a solution! We are committed to making you feel comfortable in your skin. Cheers!


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