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The Chinese style embroidery clutch is fast becoming a trendy option. For most ladies, however, wearing this clutch correctly remains a challenge. For some, carrying the clutch is impractical since I won’t hold as much stuff. This daytime clutch looks stunning and is available in many styles for all your outfits.
Chinese Style Wallet Description
Chinese embroidery has been a long-established art in China. These wallets are made primarily of leather and features ancient hand-woven Chinese artistry. The craftsmanship is refined and painstaking, producing the highest quality stylish RFID blocking wallets.

Chinese Embroidery Wallet

FYI: Special emphasis has been placed on the local flavor, delicate coloration, and most importantly stitching.
These clutches are convenient to carry since;
They are unfussy: Carrying a Chinese style wallet allows you to be more carefree since they have no shoulder straps. If you require both hands to get something done, you only have to pop it under the arm.
They depict class: These rectangular wallets with smoothened-out corners ooze a graphic modern appeal. The unique embroidery patterns sit well with most outfit patterns and shoes, taking considerable time and effort to create.
You carry fewer items: By reducing your typical bag’s content, you have considerably less weight to carry. You only need 8 essentials for a comfortable day, as will be reviewed later.
They are the perfect style-change: While handbags remain wardrobe staples which complement the outfit, Chinese style wallets make daytime wear feel and look different.

7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Chinese Wallet

To avoid compromising your look, pairing your outfit with the right Chinese style clutch is essential. As you socialize and dance in the evening, you wouldn’t want to carry a bothersome full-sized wallet. With the right pick, you satisfy all practical needs and pull together an elaborate look. You should look out for;

#1 Color

The color of your preferred Chinese style wallet should coordinate seamlessly with the jewelry and outfit. For the perfect look, you may match the outfit color to the wallet; say an emerald dress with a green wallet.Alternatively, you may decide to contrast the colors. A black dress and bright red Chinese style clutch pair perfectly. Are you wearing a muted-color outfit? Selecting a bold colored clutch makes the outfit pop.

#2 Material

The leather is the most used material in these wallets. Combined with the unique Chinese embroidery patterns, leather can be fabricated into many finishes to go with most outfits. While shiny-patent leather helps you make an outstanding statement, it leaves you with fewer outfit choices. Full-grain leather or the understated suede match most outfits.
For many Chinese style wallets, colored leather makes it easier for you to contrast and match outfit colors. The shoes and hair should be considered too.
Formal Evenings
Will you be attending a wedding or cocktail party? Our chic RFID blocking wallets with metals sides are a classy choice; you secure all your cards and private information easily. However, it will be much harder to fit certain items in these rigid wallets and you will have to make do with lesser.

Chinese embroidery wallet

Tip: Stretchy wallets are the best for holding keys, cell phones, and other similar items.

#3 Embroidery Patterns

When wearing an understated outfit, a clutch with bold embroidery and embellishment makes you stand out. Sparkly and prominent jewelry should always be accompanied embroideries with a crystal edge. Does your outfit feature a bow? Chinese style wallet embroidery depicting a bow will look excellent.

#4 Handle

While some clutches have attached handles, the Chinese style wallet is designed to be tucked under the arm. If you intend to carry heavy items in the clutch, this won’t do since it has no shoulder strap. For items such as lipstick and credit cards, and a RFID wallet fitting in is easy. For some few models, clutches have small handles for wrapping around the waist. To remain trendy, avoid all straps.
What will your evening activities entail? For formal events, strapless wallets are the best and most fashionable choice. At the least, the handle should remain conveniently discrete.

#5 Size

Depending on what you need to carry along with you, these are a couple of wallet sizes to choose from. The essentials such as cards, car keys, and makeup tools should come first. Your choice of Chinese style wallet must comfortably fit all items you need for an occasion.
Your body type and the current trend also dictate the size of an excellent wallet. If you’ve got a larger figure, go for the biggest among these embroidery wallets. For petite women, working with smaller clutches creates an appealing and confident look. All through, small Chinese style wallets give the most classical look.

#6 RFID Blocking Capability

Chinese embroidery wallet

The security of our personal information is being increasingly put at risk by radio frequency scanners. With these easily accessible devices, malicious individuals can copy sensitive information without your knowledge.
Our Chinese embroidery wallets are designed with radio frequency-repelling materials, making it virtually impossible for a hacker to access your personal information and banking detail. By placing your cards in this wallet, you have nothing to worry about.

#7 Price

How flexible is your budget? Your choice can range from high-end designer clutches to budget options. After settling on the budget, you can then sample various embroidery designs and patterns; some attract higher prices than others. Investing in a neutral-colored Chinese embroidery clutch is a smart fashion strategy.
Rather than shop for a wallet which only goes well with one outfit, picks one which can be used creatively with several outfit choices. Designs which can be used severally give you value for money. To buy less-expensive wallets of high quality, wait for the following season before heading out. You’ll easily achieve the look you desire without breaking your bank account.

8 Chinese Style Wallet Essentials

Chinese embroidery wallet

Debit/Credit Cards and Driver’s License: While these items remain a no brainer, they are arguably the most fundamental items in your clutch. To hold them all securely together, all cards with chips should be locked inside when not being used.
One Small Brush: If you’ll be heading out for a casual, lively affair, chances are that your hair will untangle. With a mini brush in the Chinese style wallet, maintaining an attractive hair-do is effortless. This is often an invaluable item many ladies forget. One could be used to straighten your hair and the other to work on the eyelashes.
Cash and Change: As much as we all increasingly embrace a cashless society and transaction preferring digital means, cash still remains king. Some corners of the globe still don’t accept debit and credits cards as a mode of payment. A few small bills also come in handy when giving tips.
Having big bills only has its downsides. Apart from being useful on laundry day, quarters make the paying of parking meters a breeze for you. Having lost money helps get you through certain situations with incredible ease.
Safety Pins: Fashion disasters will often unravel at the most inopportune time. With several safety pins tucked away in your Chinese style wallet, however, avoiding such crisis is easy. A broken zipper, lost buttons and several other mishaps can be seamlessly fixed to hold up for the rest of your day.
Mints: Ever held a conversation at an awkwardly small bar or table? Face-to-face violations are quite frequent but easily avoidable through simple etiquette like carrying mints. Maintaining fresh breath is common courtesy which should be practiced always.
Gloss and Lipstick: Drinking and eating is ultimately your lips most damning enemy. Throughout the day or night, having some color in the clutch is necessary for occasional reapplications. There is an abundance of exquisite gloss and lipstick to keep the lips looking naturally sparkly and hydrated.

Little Mirror: As you retouch your makeup, having a small handy mirror helps since you don’t always have the luxury of washrooms. In these rectangular wallets, you can easily fit a decent-sized mirror for all your makeup needs. You are better equipped to pull off the best look.
Smartphone: Most people are oblivious to the fact that their phones have chips; these can be compromised using RFID scanners just as cards. With this RFID-blocking Chinese style wallet, your Smartphone remains secured and conveniently packed.
When packing your Chinese embroidery clutch for a day or evening out, fitting in all the essential items is crucial. You’ll need to plan well in advance to avoid leaving behind the most useful tools. You not only need to look good but also feel utterly comfortable.

3 Ways to Carry Your Chinese Embroidery Wallet

For decades, wallets of all forms have remained a revered fashion staple. Now available in the unique Chinese embroidery style, these clutches are fit for both casual day outfits and formal evening wear. With so many clothes choices, which is the correct way to carry your clutch? Here are handy tricks and tips;
# Getting a Grip

image of ibricraft's blog

Ideally, these stylish wallets are designed to be handheld. It should be lightly but firmly grasped in the hand. You can either place either of your hands over its top while using the other to hold the side or simply hold it from its bottom. When standing, they can be held using both hands, which is quite dainty.
FYI: When carrying slightly large Chinese embroidery wallets, holding them up while walking draws attention to your upper body. The embroidery can also be used to emphasize the lower body.
# Use a Wristlet 
Some Chinese style wallet models have extensions for detachable wristlets. This makes it conveniently easy for you to attach to your hand when carrying heavier items like your Smartphone. When you don’t fancy being too hands-on with the clutch, simply sling it with the optional wristlet.
For some select clutches, designers may feature unique holders or handles, all designed to make carrying easy.
# Avoid Overmatching

image of clutch

Matching your Chinese embroidery clutch with the entire outfit will not strike a classy look. When your shoe or outfit choice has an intricate design or bold pattern, it’s best to work with a streamlined or sleek clutch. As a great and compelling accessory, your wallet choice should simply add to your dress, gown, or blouse.
How You Carry a Purse Dictates Personality
Carrying you purse, unlike popular belief, I not a random occurrence. With your wallet in hand, your personality is laid bare. Women will mainly conform to several specific positions as their subconscious choice.
If you wear your wallet with a detachable strap over the shoulder and close to the body, utilitarian motives drive you. Rather than focus on displaying the outfit elements, the wearer prioritizes the freedom to move around. Being small-sized, Chinese embroidery wallets are especially suited for this style.
In other cases, straps allow the bag to dangle freely about the shoulder, playing along as you move. This free swing often indicates that the wearer prioritizes functionality more than display. It will be intricately easy to get items in and out of the embroidery wallet. For comfortable movement, this clutch should be close to your body and buckled.
If the strap is worn cross-body, the wearer will likely have a cautious personality with attention to detail. Ladies who are shy and laid back will go for this style almost instantly. To emphasize her defensive personality, the lady will often gaze downwards while maintaining a slightly-folded upper body posture.
The most popular strategy for carrying your Chinese embroidery wallet is by simply holding it strapless with your arms. Apart from this being more hassle free, it gives you versatility when selecting outfit choices and their matching accessories.


Have you been lacking confidence and style in when wearing your Chinese style wallet? It is time you changed all that by following through with the tips and tricks highlighted in the review. Your outfit is only as good as what you complement it with.
We would be much obliged to answer any questions you have regarding these unique embroidery wallets. If you found this brief guide helpful, don’t hesitate to share with the friend on social media. All the best as you compose your next best look!





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