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If you are the kind of man who doesn’t fancy wallets, money clips are a convenient way to hold your cash and card neatly. Before choosing your ideal money clip, features such as craftsmanship and tension quality should be accessed. In our review of the money clip market scene, we came across 20 selections which are bound to change the way you carry your essentials.
As with other shopping endeavors, settling for the perfect money clip model in this wide variety might still be challenging. To make your choice easier, here’s a brief anecdote of the best we came across;

#1 CL Carbonlife Carbon Fiber Matte Money Clip


Build with the ability to maintain tension over long use, this stylish money clip gives you a feel of elegance. Having been made entirely out of carbon fiber, this model is surprisingly light yet amazingly strong. Whether you’ll be requiring it for your personal use or as a gift, it will suffice and draw attention. Even after day long use, this clip summarily returns to its original form every time.


• A textured finish to go with designer outfits

• Eye-catching and simple in design

• Features 100% real carbon fiber construction


• It limits the amount of credit cards and cards that can be stashed

#2 Travelambo Carbon Fiber Front Pocket Money Clip


Innovation has been clearly brought out in this money clip model. Whereas Travelambo was formerly famous with wallets, this minimalist money clip has reinvented the manufacturer. Its excellent durability sees it return to its original form once contents are removed. The eclectic carbon fiber pattern makes the clip a perfect accessory for classy events. Naturally, the slim size fits well in front pockets.


  • Perfect for gifting to friends or family
  • Lightweight but super strong
  • Premium quality which comes with reliable retraction


#3 Le’aokuu Genuine Leather Magnet Money Clip


The Le’aokuu money clip features a premium structure and can carry more than 6 cards in its slots. In the clear ID window, one can insert the most frequently used card. With its slim fit, you can comfortably store it in small pockets without feeling a pinch. When using it, you will be required to be extra-careful to avoid scratching it. In addition to cards, the wallet also has room for other minor effects.


  • Durable genuine leather construction
  • Stylish and goes well with official outfits
  • Holds more than 6 credit cards


  • The leather smell may be displeasing but wears off with time

#4 American Trends Silver Stainless Steel Money Clip


Promising to be a focal point of your possessions, this neat money clip blends right in with stylish attire. Though barely noticeable, the edges of this clip might slightly wear over time. Without a bulge in your pockets, you will be more comfortable carrying all items you need. In addition to cards, you can also carry your driver’s permit and around 17 bills.


  • Quality stainless steel build
  • Holds a decent amount of cash
  • Available in a neat and attractive gift box


  • You will have a harder time holding credit cards since it is ideally for money

#5 Gerber GDC Money Clip


In the vast money clip market, you rarely come across products which offer the exclusive lifetime warranty. With its ability to hold large bills, you will be free to carry five cards in the sleek structure. As a virtually weightless money clip, the Titanium nitride coating adds an impeccable finish, giving the wallet an attractive edge.


  • An attractive and functional G10 front page
  • Has a functional retractable fine-edge knife
  • An exclusive lifetime warranty


  • The green highlight might be distasteful to some

#6 Badiya Men’s Vintage Genuine Leather Bifold Money Clip


If you have been looking for a slim and glossy money clip, this model offers you these and much more. The first-layer leather used in construction, apart from being extensively durable, is smooth and stylish as they come. Within its slim fit, one can also carry 12 cards, an ID, and bills. The longer you use this wallet, the better it gets in style and functionality.


  • Expandable to carry more than 12 cards
  • Perfect carry for formal and informal events
  • This regular version is significantly larger than its predecessor


  • The manufacturer ought to have used thicker leather to last longer

#7 Easyoulife RFID-Blocking Thin Front Pocket Wallet


This breathable and highly durable wallet features an entire genuine cowhide build, complete with the articulate skilled-line finish. As a minimalist money clip, it accords you the luxury of carrying in either the front or the back pockets. As a replacement for your chunky wallet, this lightweight model protects all your smartcards from RFID theft.


  • Breathable for added comfort
  • Features superior RFID blocking technology
  • A year’s worth of Guarantee


  • There are only a few solid colors to choose from

#8 Yuhan Pretty Men’s Money Clip RFID Slim Wallet


Are you becoming increasingly worried about the privacy of your information? This model is an easy way around this without the bulkiness of a larger-sized wallet. Relying on its powerful magnetism, this miniature clip is designed to hold a lot of cash and cards. Within one year of buying it, clients are free to have it replace or refunded should it fail to deliver expectedly.


  • Reliable and durable magnetism
  • Equipped with RFID blocking materials
  • Oily and waxy finish for a touch of class


  • The magnetic clip may seem a bit misaligned depending on the product

#9 HooAMI Stainless Steel Double-Sided Smart Money Clip


For its simplistic look, one would be wrong to assume the ingenuity into this money clip’s design. As a fashion classic, there has never been a more convenient way to store cards and cash separately. To ensure that the construction holds for years, only the highest quality stainless steel has been used in forging; it doesn’t fade with use, easily maintaining its shinny appeal.


  • Non-deformable even after extensive use
  • Allergen-free and provides neat arrangement
  • A classy way to make an appearance


  • Its miniature size is limiting to its potential carriage

#10 Modern Elements Carbon Fiber Money Clip (Genuine 3K Weave)


Boasting of a large capacity of up to 15 business or credit cards, this money clip performs excellently for its small size. Users will have the choice of different colors, all with Gloss or Matte Finish. Unlike the conventional leather wallets, this model is considerably lighter and more durable. Whether you’re travelling or attending an associates’ conference, this clip will give you the stylish edge.


  • An ideal substitute to chunky wallets
  • Secures 15+ credit business cards
  • Lovely colors to choose from


  • Users have to be extra careful not to scratch it

#11 Mcdull Men’s Slim Genuine Leather Magnet Money Clip


Though small in stature, this highly-refined Crazy Horse Leather wallet accommodates quite a lot. Functioning on 2 pieces of strong magnets, your bills and cards remain securely intact throughout. Being thin and slim, it will readily fit into the smallest front pockets without creating a bulge. In its 7 card slots, you can fit many more with a little creativity.


• Strong and durable magnets

• Small in size but with a high carrying capacity

• The genuine leather smell wears off after short use


• Some may find the arrangement of contents wanting

#12 SimpacX Classic Cash Money Clip

SimpacX Classic Cash Money Clip

To give clients more to work with, this money clip comes neatly packed in an alluring velvet bag; it requires no more packaging for gifting! The absence of extra pockets makes with wallet a suitable modern alternative, in line with today’s business and fashion needs. In its minimalist design, you can pack 15 bills and up to 5 cards conveniently.


  • Build with premium brass, 30% more durable and stronger than stainless steel
  • Perfect for gifting instances
  • Strikes a modern fashion savvy look


  • Might be quite small for tasking business engagements requiring lots of cards

#13 Alpine Swiss RFID-Blocking Men’s Magnetic Money Clip


Having been duly tested and approved through independent tests, the RFID blocking technology in this money clip is at its highest standard. In both design and functionality, this model is visibly superior to other market alternatives. With 3 cards lots, ones can fit six or more depending on their thickness. The strong magnet makes the operation of this money clip intricately easy.


  • Less noisy and crinkly than other alternatives
  • Reliable RFID security
  • Genuine leather to last a lifetime


  • Only available in a few select colors

#14 Qiwang Men’s Leather Spring Money Clip


As a premium build, this money clip is laden with elite features to go along with its stylish appeal. For all your needs, this wallet can accommodate slightly over 12 cards in its lots, with a large pocket for holding bills. The streamlined design occupies negligible space is small front pockets, keeping the wallet concealed.


  • Made of finest full-grain genuine leather
  • Ideal for both left and right hand use
  • Exterior sleeves for even more storage


  • Larger cards won’t fit in as easily

#15 SERMAN BRANDS Real Carbon Fiber Money Clip


Is your business life extremely busy? You can rely on this chic money clip to place business aspects in good order. Users can quickly and conveniently access cash and cards, giving them more business leverage. When moderately packed, this clip can hold up to 10 cards and 15 bills, amounts which are expandable.


  • A revamped carbon fiber design
  • Features attractive Diamond Blue Titanium stripes
  • Strong architecture to last long


  • Some users might find the shine a bit slippery

#16 Visol Men’s Capricorn Stainless Steel Money Clip


This hand washable money clip has been specially crafted, with the user convenience in mind. For even better functionality, the design features a hinged grip. Coming to you in a stylish cardboard gift box, you can easily wrap it as is for presentation. The premium steel used in construction won’t tarnish even under the most strenuous conditions.



  • The build looks amazingly simple for in its category

#17 Coach Men’s Sport Calf Leather Money Clip


If you are after highly-functional simplicity, you needn’t look further. This wallets alluring calf leather build makes it a favorite among trend setters. The user can store a lot of contents in the multifunction pockets, making it ideal for business events. With this wallets quality stitching, you can expect it to consistently serve you for years.


  • Miniature size for fitting in front pockets
  • Pristine-quality calf leather
  • Pockets for multiple functions


  • The money clip fails to strike a lovely appeal

#18 Timberland Men’s Hunter Flip-Clip Wallet


When choosing a money clip, this particular model offers such affluence in the contrast stitching that it would be hard to pass by. Besides livening up the wallet, contrast allows you to work with many more fashion options. This slender case has no closure, making the retrieval of cards straightforward. The interior features 100% leather lining, further vouching for its quality.


  • A clear interior ID window
  • Leather construction inside and out
  • No closure


  • The wallet lacks RFID blocking capacity

#19 Win&Income Men’s Slim Bifold Money Clip


A guarantee of excellent customer service is a leading trait for this exclusive product; should consumers feel aggrieved within 6 months of purchasing this money clip, they are free to return and receive all their money back. To prevent unwarranted personal intrusions, this clip features the latest RFID blocking technology.


  • Premium leather for a long lasting build
  • Slim and functional on both sides
  • High organization of interior contents


  • It could have featured a larger interior space for more robust storage

#20 Adamant Men’s Slim Money Clip


To give this wallet a timeless and unique appeal, manufacturers featured a top notch black enamel accent. Its firm grip is properly toned to secure all contents while still allowing for effortless retrieval. Owing to its slim stature, you won’t have to worry about unsightly bulges in the front pocket. For its versatility, this money clip can hold much more than ideally recommended.


  • Timeless appeal and rare styling
  • Luxurious gold plating bound to turn heads
  • Firm grip throughout its use


  • One has to be vigilant when choosing an outfit for this stylish money clip


Have you found your perfect fit by now? We would be obliged to be of more help. Among these 20 most sought after money clips for men, there’s a huge variety to choose from. While some clips serve as wallets too, real clips serve a unique purpose and give you a more compelling appeal.

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