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As the year draws to a close, there will be many uses for kid’s backpack during the holidays. To make this a rewarding experience, we’ve singled out the most eclectic backpacks. When dealing with young ones, backpack designers have to bank more on aesthetics than functionality. Have you been worried about getting the best Christmas present? You’re in luck! Even beyond the season, these backpacks will prove useful in the children’s daily lives.
Is your child fascinated more by color or design? We have both in ample measure, seeking to appease as many personalities out there. These products have been reviewed honestly, giving you the best-possible purchasing advice. Please read on;

#1 Skip Hop Zoo Toddler Kids Insulated Unicorn Girl Backpack

Skip Hop Zoo Toddler Kids Insulated Unicorn Girl Backpack

Featuring multiple lively colors, this whimsically detailed backpack is perfect for toddlers. Their little shoulders will be comfortable under the well-padded straps. For safety purposes, each bag has a customizable name tag for use in public places. Upon purchase, the young user gets a complete set comprising tableware, spoon set, fork, straw bottle, and a lunch bag. The front, interior, and back compartments will comfortably fit specific items of appropriate size.



  • The exterior mesh pockets are susceptible to damage with vigorous use

#2 Nickelodeon Girls’ Jojo Backpack

Nickelodeon Girls’ Jojo Backpack

As a characteristically glittery backpack, it is most suited for your aspiring girls. Keeping it clean only requires hand washing and drying moderately under the sun. The entire construction is synthetic/textile, making it an easy-go for carefree children. Comfortable shoulder straps are put in place, adjustable to 14”. When carrying many items, the backpack will stretch outwards and still maintain compactness. Users are free to use the several elaborate storage compartments.


  • Friendly material for kids with lovely prints
  • Many pockets for diverse school packing
  • Long straps suited for girls’ comfort
  • Several colors featuring Nickelodeon characters to pick from


  • Users have to be careful not to tear the irreparable material

#3 Disney Girls’ Minnie Mouse Mini Backpack

Disney Girls’ Minnie Mouse Mini Backpack

As an officially licensed Disney product, this bag’s visual appeal is hugely compelling. Girls will especially love the cute ear designs denoting this model. The same character is brought out in different ways in the several designs and color combinations available. Durability is ensured through the 100% polyester construction, artistic by any measure. Stowing is easy, thanks to the locker loop and custom fit. The tiny design still holds a lot of daily-use items.



  • Certain items. Due to size, won’t fit as comfortably

#4 Frozen Backpack with Assorted Hair Accessories

Frozen Backpack with Assorted Hair Accessories

As the holidays become even livelier, are you looking forward to the snow? This frozen backpack brings this to life in a neat package. Girls above 3 years will love the assorted accessories visible from its exterior, allowing them to play with their hair as much. The consumer also gets access to a comb, mirror, 2 barrettes, and 6 Terries. Your favorite frozen characters, Anna and Elsa, look absolutely dashing underneath all the hair accessorizing.


  • Has free hair accessorizing products as complements
  • For young girls, functionality is easy enough
  • Shoulder straps match the attractive, girly colors
  • With good use, it will last a long while


  • Placing back the hair accessories may prove to task an obligation

#5 Disney Studios Toddler Preschool Backpack 10” Mini Backpack

Disney Studios Toddler Preschool Backpack 10” Mini Backpack

Are Marvel Avengers your child’s superheroes? You’ll be doing them a great favor this season by purchasing this cute backpack for them. As a preschool bag, it is primed for adventure and loads of fun! Besides the top hanging loop, adjustable shoulder straps and zip closure make for great additive characteristics. There are many favorite characters and color schemes to choose from, each portraying different personalities. Have you little one carry snacks with ease.


  • Vivid colors of print depicting characters
  • External zipper is durable and high quality
  • There aren’t many moving parts to confuse kids
  • Around band keeps compactness intact


  • Maintenance requirements are strict if the beauty is to be preserved

#6 Pinky Family Cute Cat-Ear Candy Color Kids’ Handbag/Backpack

Pinky Family Cute Cat-Ear Candy Color Kids’ HandbagBackpack

This bag’s designer clearly took time to deliver a simple yet elegant product. The highly treated PU leather material is bathed in different colors, broadening your choice range. The shoulder strap is easily adjusted and removed as per the need, improving usability. The consumer can also use it as a backpack or crossbody bag; both these methods result in equal weight distribution. The design will hold with ease all little items such as cards, cash, and even snacks.


  • Perfect size for little girls
  • Features different modes of comfortable carrying
  • The design is simple and yet highly involving
  • PU leather donned in several attractive colors


  • Without the detachable strap, the item is quite conflicting

#7 Skip Hop Zoo Toddler Butterfly Kids’ Backpack

Skip Hop Zoo Toddler Butterfly Kids’ Backpack

This bag’s ideal size assures of the most comfortable use for little ones. All components, including compartments and zipper, are primed for use with small hands and with added safety. Snacks can be ideally stashed in the insulated zippered front pocket. A mesh pocket for crayons and other small items is in place too. To avoid loss, parents can make use of the conspicuous nametag. The roomy interior fits a lot when packed thoughtfully.


  • A cute butterfly design suitable for kids
  • All features are primed for children’s comfort
  • It is intricately easy to organize items separately without mixing
  • The color abundance and combination is artistic


  • The butterfly wings are susceptible to damage with poor storage

#8 OFUN 3D Dinosaur Kids’ Unisex Toy Book Backpack

OFUN 3D Dinosaur Kids’ Unisex Toy Book Backpack

This fun zoo animal backpack features many characters such as dragon, ninja turtles, and Jurassic world dino. When going for overnight trips, you’ll want your child to have this on-the-go backpack. Each time the child goes to school, they will take a bit of home with them all day. The material is both waterproof and resistant, keeping all contents dry and safe. The super-paddy diving fabric also has a likeable softness and ability to withstand tough conditions.


  • Handles exposure to the elements with unprecedented ease
  • Adjustable straps and highly durable zippers
  • Large capacity for overnight-stay storage
  • Awesome gift for kids during this season


  • Parents have to be wary of maintenance if design is to last for long

#9 RALME Thomas the Tank Blue Engine Train 12” School Backpack

RALME Thomas the Tank Blue Engine Train 12” School Backpack

This official product brings back many nostalgic memories for parents and possible new adventures for their kids. Tom the engine bag is officially licensed and especially suited for easy use. The approximated dimensions see it fit in tiny spaces even when packed. The spacious interior compartment has further been complemented by side pockets; they are fully functional for carrying items frequently used like water bottles. Padding is sufficient all round for extra comfort.


  • Colorful depiction of this legendary character
  • Form and compactness are assured throughout use
  • Zippers are high quality and safe for use
  • With careful use, it will last for a long time


  • The material has to be treated with care to avoid wear and tear

#10 YISIBO 3D Cartoon Kids Waterproof Dinosaur Backpack

YISIBO 3D Cartoon Kids Waterproof Dinosaur Backpack

For its small size, one would hardly expect this backpack to be fully protected and close fitting. The environmental neoprene used in construction is waterproof, making it more ideal for boisterous kids. The main compartment is spacious enough to hold diapers, toys, and other essentials. The durable SBR material used in construction is child-friendly and prevents harm at every turn. When consumers feel deceived, the manufacturer is gracious enough to refund or replace the item.


  • Unique design and shape unlike any other
  • Designed with eco-friendly and safe neoprene material
  • Ideally sized for small kids
  • Lightweight to prevent strain and allow more carriage


  • Keeping the bag’s decorative components remains a tall order

#11 Disney Cars Shaped 12” Toddler Backpack

Disney Cars Shaped 12” Toddler Backpack

If you have watched the Cars movie series, you will instantly recognize this backpack. Its compact size will make it an easy everyday-carry for your kid to school and other events. Polyester construction, while not premium, is suitable for the adventurous kids in this age. The medium backpack still packs a decent amount of stuff, taking off the pressure through the padded shoulder straps. The 3D shape gives it a realer car feel.


  • A 3D appearance makes it truly unique
  • The medium backpack holds items snugly
  • Zipper is blended well into the color and design
  • Shoulder straps’ adjustability and comfort is unparalleled


  • There aren’t many color choices to pick from

#12 Skip Hop Zoo Toddler Insulated Dakota Dinosaur Backpack

Skip Hop Zoo Toddler Insulated Dakota Dinosaur Backpack

In compliance with efforts to preserve our environment, this dinosaur backpack is built with BPA free materials. Kids above three years will find it easy to use and equal to every task. The mesh pocket can be adjusted as need be to hold different-sized water bottles. The spacious main compartment will hold all the common items, with the exterior pocket holding urgency need contents. Snacks have a dedicated insulated pouch.


  • Suitable for young boys due to simplicity
  • Materials are treated well to aid environmental preservation efforts
  • The mesh bottle pocket is adjustable
  • Easy storage and retrieval in the exterior pocket


  • With too many contents, weight will be an issue for the young user

#13 Stephen Joseph Mini Sidekick Backpack

Stephen Joseph Mini Sidekick Backpack

With well-cushioned shoulder straps, this colorful backpack is the ideal definition of comfort and purpose. This model is designed purely out of polyester, taking stock of its most illustrious characteristics. For maintenance, parents are advised to wash by machine and later dry by hand under the sun. This backpack is accentuated with featured animals as well as 3D locker and applique loop. The color choice will leave you astounded.


  • Colorful depictions of animals add liveliness
  • The abundance of choice is expressive of different personalities
  • Shoulder straps are widely spaced apart for comfort
  • 3D locker loop and applique are intriguing


  • Some of the external decorations seem a bit overkill

#14 Nickelodeon Boys’ Paw Patrol Backpack with Lunch

This unique Nickelodeon backpack offers more than just simple carriage. Upon purchasing, you will also receive a free matching lunch box. There are countless Nickelodeon characters to choose from, depending on what you’ll find in stock. The lunch kit will fit snugly in the main compartment, leaving ample space for much more. The side mesh pocket can be used to hold a water bottle or other similarly-required item. Hand washing is all the maintenance required.


  • Attractive colors to go along with kids’ playful nature
  • A complementary lunch kit of match style
  • Built entirely of durable and reliable polyester
  • A comfortable and functional backpack by any measure


  • The styles and colors are easily confusing among different models

#15 Coavas Little Kids’ Dinosaur Preschool Toys Backpack

Coavas Little Kids’ Dinosaur Preschool Toys Backpack

In this unique bag, function meets fun in the most subtle way. This will serve well for active kids, always on the go and with many commitments. The superior safety features will see it accommodate contents safely even in tough conditions. The adjustable straps and protective zipper are a true measure of the superior workmanship. The comfortable and safe neoprene is water resistant, amidst other superior features. The girth and height of young users has been placed into retrospect.


  • The material is great at dissipating smells and odors
  • Lovely design is unique in many aspects
  • Durable and soft neoprene will offer excellent service for years
  • Dimensions are true to the height an girth of prospective consumers


  • Some consumers have noted inconsistencies in color and pattern matching


As the year comes to a close, are you worried of what you should get your loved one? Among these 15 unique and bestselling bags, we are certain that you’ll find an answer. We are committed to offering all our clients unmatched services, feel free to ask for further guidance. The many designs and color combinations will definitely appease to different personalities, each with a special liking. For an affordable price, you too can order one for your loved one. Let us know if you require any further assistance. Cheers!


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