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As we transition from summer to autumn, ladies are faced with hard fashion choices; you have to ditch your summer look but still look classy! Updating your wardrobe for the cooler months ahead can be easy with the right information at your fingertips.

As a favorite time of year for the fashion-savvy population, one can strike an eye-catching look by simply matching up autumn trousers with trendy accessories. To complete this look, layer up with stylish pieces to bring out your rare personality.

To make the choice even easier for you, here are stylish autumn trousers and invaluable fashion styling tips;

# Skinny Jeans

iBricraft blog image of skinny jeans

Contrary to what fashion critics envisioned, skinny jeans are here to stay. To start off, pick comfortable skinny jeans in your favorite style and color. Pairing up with a chic top or vest caters for the basics. Your look will be significantly sharpened by your choice of shoes and other accessories like sunglasses and scarves.
Selecting the Best Skinny Jeans Style
Do you want to attract more attention to your outfit and legs especially on an evening out? Bright-colored skinny jeans with loud patterns will suffice. With darker jeans, you can confidently attend formal gatherings with a played-down look.
Will you be attending a casual affair this autumn? Skinny jeans are available in many bright colors and patterns such as plaid or paisley. Darker tones of blue and black are recommended for all formal events.

Detailed Pockets

If you fancy stylish designs, quality skinny jeans can be optionally styled with embroidered pockets or a myriad of other designs and stitches. For less formality and fun, picking jeans with detailed pockets will rock the look this autumn. If you have a smaller figure, this style’s bulky pockets ultimately create an illusion of larger, fuller hips.

Which Fit is Right for You?

Depending on the figure of your body, you can choose skinny jeans which lie at different waist points. To find the perfect skinny jeans for your waist, you’ll have to make do with a bit of experimentation. Though this might take several tries, you’re guaranteed on finding the most flattering and comfortable wear.
Tip: If you have an apple figure, high-waisted jeans will seat comfortably on the waist while smoothening out the figure.
For pear-shaped women, it’s generally hard to find quality skinny jeans which fit your legs and bottom perfectly. While they may be large and comfortable enough for the lower body, chances are that they’ll bunch-up near your legs. To deal with this fashion undoing decisively, you might want to try long, regular, and short length options; your legs will be catered for all through.

Accompanying Top

Autumn is significantly cooler than summer. Apart from selecting a top which matches or contrasts with your skinny jeans color, go for thicker options. With the right use of color, you can make your legs seem longer! Nude shoes or those closely matching your outfit are the best to achieve this.

Wearing a statement outfit during the day will win your admiration. Ideal for both casual and office appearances, try out plaid, paisley, stripes, among other bold and noticeable patterns. Your choice of skinny jeans should remain flattering.

# Straight Leg Jeans

 bricaft blog image of Straight Leg Jeans

As women jeans style keep going out of fashion, straight legs jeans will give you a classy look this autumn. These styles, featuring simple cuts which fall straight down your ankle, there are many tips and tricks to jazz it up and achieve a fun look. Is your pair of straight leg jeans worn-in? You can still give it a refurbished look!

Wear with Ankle Boots

With lesser heat in autumn, pairing your jeans with ankle boots gives you an amazing look on most casual occasions. While your typical skinny jeans hug the ankle and calf effortlessly, straight jeans require a little more creativity. When wearing ankle boots, however, you won’t need to bunch and tuck in. For this sleek look, try out different designs and colors of ankle boots.

Crop It or Cuff It

Straight leg jeans feature different rises, making it easier for shoppers to pick their perfect length. When worn at crop length, these jeans give you the flashiest autumn look. Are you after more versatility? Avoid going for shorter-length jeans. Alternatively, you may cuff the trousers’ hems for a classy look.

Tip: When wearing straight leg jeans which are cropped, you can pair up with pumps or wedge sandals.

Daring to Go High Waist?

bricaft blog image of high waist straight Leg Jeans

Available to you in several rises, these jeans are mostly worn as low rise. For the best look, go for the high-waisted styles; this should be worn with a classy waistband, sitting at your natural waistline. Apart from making your legs appear longer, this choice makes your look terrific especially when worn with casual flats and long-sleeved tops.

Tip: Are you for more midriff coverage? High-waist jeans are your best bet.

Accessorizing Straight Leg Jeans

As a foundational item in most ladies’ wardrobes, these jeans have to be properly accessorized to avoid a boring look. To keep all eyes on you, match up with interesting and eye-catching accessories. You could try on decorative belts and hoop earrings. Your accessory choice will be largely determined by the top you’re wearing. All the outfit elements have to fuse together harmoniously.

Sizing up For Slouch

Do you want to rock the famous ‘boyfriend jeans’ look? You could simply shop for straight leg jeans which are slightly larger than your standard size. Ladies who wear the right set of heels with slouchy straight leg jeans achieve a fabulous look easily.

Tip: At all costs, avoid completing this look with a baggy top. You could look unflattering and sloppy.

# Jeggings

bricaft blog image of Jeggings

Jeggings is a hybrid of leggings and jeans. When worn right, jeggings look perfect with a blazer, sweater, blouse, and other versatile additions. Women should always style their jeggings right to avoid compromising their looks. To get it right with jeggings, you should;

Avoid Styling like You Would Regular Pants

For some jeggings, they will look strikingly similar to leggings since they have no structure and pockets. Though women can conveniently pair up waist shirts with jeans, this is hardly the case with jeggings. If your pair of jeggings is more like tights and made of cotton, your top should lie just above or slightly below your butt.

Styling like Jeans

Is your pair of jeggings high-waist and with pockets? It will be relatively easier to style as you would jeans. This autumn, settle for jeggings with pockets since they add to your hip and back structure. You are free to wear tops hitting just above the waist to highlight this feature.

Tip: With the right jeggings, you can stylishly tuck in your top or leave it out.

Pairing Jeggings with Shoes

When wearing jeggings, your choice of shoes grows exponentially large. Whether your fancy heels, flats, or boots, all you have to worry about is color matching. Jeggings are considerably more versatile than skinny jeans when it comes to wearing ankle boots. Alternatively, you can go for stilettos boots or thigh-high boots for even more attractive looks.

Why Jeggings are Ideal for Autumn

Fall is a great a time as any to rock your trendy jeggings. During this season, styling your jeggings is as easy as wearing a statement sweater or oversized dress shirts. For a more balanced out-of-town look, try on a leather jacket and fitted top. Fall is the perfect season to break-out ankle boots of earthy, blacks, and browns colors.

Achieving a Cool Jeggings Look

Your look can be both casual and cool. If you want to portray a cool look when wearing ballet flats or flat sandals, pair up with a long necklace or beaded necklace. With this look, you can comfortably attend both formal and casual events.

For a hot look, jeggings bring out the hourglass figure in women. This sexy look is easily accomplished when jeggings are worn with knee-high stiletto boots or other high heels. For a nice fit, complete this look with a tucked sleeveless top accessorized with a leather purse. Are you slightly larger? Try on an empire-style top to create an illusion of a thinner waist.

Look Trendy in Jeggings This Autumn

This autumn, prop up your trendy look by wearing long body hugging tops and boots. This look would also go well with long sleeve loose shirts, layering, as well as mid thighs. Wearing this with knee-high boots will definitely attract more glances.

# Acid Wash Jeans

Bricraft image of Acid Wash Jeans

Since the late 1980s, acid wash jeans have been a consistent fashion staple, only transitioning between designs. The acid used in them washes away fabric and pigments, creating a characteristic faded look. Unlike non-acidic jeans, these options are softer and more ideal for autumn.

When styling these jeans for autumn, the focus should be strictly kept on them and not the rest of your outfit. By toning down your accessories and other fashion pieces, acid jeans stand out and look even more appealing.

Styling Gray and Black Acid Washed Jeans

When wearing these jeans, slight hints of contrasting colors are clearly visible. With black denim, the fade is a lightly-faded gray. The rest of your outfit choice should closely match this. While black jeans appear to be dressy, their faded versions are not easily paired up with other accessories. For the best look, always go for those jeans with minimal distressing on them.

To bring even more color to your outfit, go for solid colored tops of your choice. A black jacket or cardigan should complete this look. Wash jeans also go well with black, gray, white, or cream shirts. When choosing black fashion pieces to accompany your acid-washed trousers, ensure they are not faded.

Styling Light-Blue Acid Washed Jeans

When wearing these jeans, it’s important to acknowledge that they won’t stand out as much as darker blue tones. With this in mind, women are free to be as aggressive with colors and patterns as they wish. For the best look, however, work with simpler patterns when matching up. Since acid jeans should remain your outfit’s focal points, keep accessories to the bare minimum.

How to Wear Colored Acid-Washed Jeans

If you aren’t going for the typical colored acid washed jeans, you should be more careful when selecting your top. Since these jeans already have color, they are a statement by themselves; wearing tops which are bright or multiple colors may result in a disastrous clash. To make your outfit look calm and composed, go for darker solid colors.
What to Avoid This Autumn
To pull off this look, neon or bright colored tops and accessories are a no-go. In these acid washed outfits, all other accompaniments should not be faded to create a contrasting and balanced look. For instance, acid washed jeans shouldn’t be worn with a similarly styled jacket.

# High-Waisted Material Pants

Bricraft blog image of High-Waisted Material Pants

When wearing high-waists during fall, you get to conveniently hide front flab, belly bugles, and love handles. Apart from keeping your tops properly tucked in, these quality trousers won’t show the plumber’s crack or give the wearer a muffin top. Making your pair of jeans work is as easy as;

Wearing with Tucked-In Tops

When wearing these trousers, it would be a shame to hide their highlight feature; you should always tuck in. almost any style of shirts of tops will work well when worn this way. You can go for your favorite tee, long-sleeve tops, or simple plaid lumberjack shirts.
Trick: Once you tuck in, lift your arms over the head and access whether there are any parts coming out. This highlights a comfortable fit.

Pairing with Crop Tops

Crops tops have been specially designed to be worn with these pants. Naturally, these trousers cover up your stomach, belly button, and abdomen; you can thus expose more of your arms without compromising the look. For some ladies, looser, flowing crop tops are more preferred. With these tops, you can easily balance excess volume and promote a calm look this fall.

Steer Clear of Blousy Tops

Since high-waist jeans provide you a large coverage and with a larger volume, it would be a fashion disaster to and even more volume with blousy tops. Layered tops would also make you appear seemingly large. Such overly blousy tops are best worn with skinny jeans and other fitting trousers. Shoulder bed ruffles are a bit too much. Your top choice should remain subtle.


Are you raring to look your best this autumn? This brief guide takes you through the major fashion trends as we transition to fall. The weather will be a bit colder but your look should remain classy. You can select several of these trouser styles to discover what works best for you.
Do you have any questions regarding matching up as well as trousers quality? Get in touch today and we’ll have all your questions answered. Share this widely with your friends on social media; you never know who you might be helping. Cheers.


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