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The Safer Approach to Using Contactless Payment Systems

Credit card fraud and stolen identities are not more than a mistake away these days. Everyone definitely gives a second thought to the idea of sharing their credit card numbers with strangers. They have become a very sacred and inseparable part of our lives. But it’s not so hard to get away with these types of crimes anymore. As farfetched as it may sound, it is possible for someone to steal your credit card information by simply standing close to you. This is especially possible if your RFID chips are embedded within your cards. As with several other methods of contactless payment designed for convenience, radio frequency identification credit cards let the users make payments simply by touching them to scanners. This is unlike inserting the card into a terminal or swiping it across which poses an even greater risk to users’ finances.

How to Guard against This Kind of Threat.

If a malicious hacker had to walk up to you and scanned your wallet, they could collect sensitive and important details allowing them to use your card even without your knowledge or consent. Fortunately, it is considerably easy to interrupt radio waves. There are RFID-blocking wallets that can protect your finances and prevent you from falling prey to their selfish plots. Proximity is the best channel they can get to you as RFID chips contain electromagnetic fields. This is what makes it easy to read without actually having to initiate communication. A wallet designed to be some sort of Faraday cage will block electromagnetic fields thus preventing communication between RFID scanners and your credit card. You may not necessarily need an RFID wallet. Much as the chances of being maliciously scanned are thin, it is safe to have a blocking wallet as you may never know when the imminent threat could attack.

The Criteria for Selecting an RFID Wallet

You can’t simply buy any old product that will perfectly suit your needs. This equally applies when it comes to purchasing an RFID wallet to hold your cards and/or your passports. Most people will go for something they actually like, somewhat jazzy but that aside, there are some very important factors you have to identify before picking just any other wallet.

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Durability of the Material

The most recommended material for wallets is leather not just because of its good quality and luxurious attribute but also due to its durability and the longevity it comes with. Of course, you will find other materials in the market and it is obviously your personal decision. One thing that may discourage most buyers from purchasing a leather RFID wallet is the fact that it is expensive, which should not be a big deal. It is good value for money as you are guaranteed of long-term use and as a result, you won’t need to make as many replacements as with some of these less durable materials. For the lovers of anti-slash material, you will definitely have to cough up a few more bucks but it is totally worth it. It is only promised that you will get what you pay for in most cases. If you buy a product that is flimsy just because it costs lesser, it will not really serve its purpose. As a result, you end up losing even more than you bargained for and even worse, you could lose some of your documents from the wallet you buy. If you want something that does the job just right, find one that is sturdy enough to hold all your cards perfectly without risking losing some of them. It’s a great idea to buy the RFID wallet online but to be safer than sorry, you may need to look into customer reviews to confirm it is durable enough to hold items even if in excess.


Before buying an RFID wallet, the first thing that should be on your mind is the use you want to put the wallet into. It is only clear enough that the primary purpose for an RFID wallet is to guard against getting your credit card details or identity stolen by malicious people. Do you need the wallet to carry more than just one credit card or will there be a few other documents you will need to include? Passports also have RFID chips, which means you may also need to carry one or more in your wallet which means that you’ll have to find out to fit that in. If you intend to carry multiple cards with documents as well, ensure the wallet you buy has enough room to accommodate all you need to include in it.


There is a variety of products on the market for different budgets. It doesn’t have to be such a big deal and you may not necessarily have to plan before you can buy your RFID wallet. You also don’t have to splash too much cash to find one that suits your desires, requirements or needs. It is only obvious that if you want a fancy wallet, some kind of brand name with extra pizazz, you have to invest a little more than just a few dollars. Generally speaking, it is still very easy to find high-value products on a mid-budget range. Fancy doesn’t always promise quality although most brand names have been known to deliver far beyond the customers’ expectations.

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Security Features

RFID wallets are well-equipped with security features that protect you against identity theft as in the case of passports and losing the monies stored in your credit card. But that doesn’t mean you are immune from theft. Rest assured, if someone wants to steal from you, they will definitely know what to do. For this reason, you need to have a product backed with some kind of smart thinking behind the construction which will be equally as intelligent as thieves you are likely to encounter. The anti-slash fabric is great as it will protect you against anyone who may try to rip into the material of your wallet to steal the contents in it. The two materials that can effectively block radio waves are metal and water but you can’t fill up your bag with water in the name of protecting your money. Aluminum makes the best guard for RFID wallets so the next one you purchase will for one have a little of it, in lighter quantities of course. For those not entirely made out of it, there will be a strip of it placed in the internal body.


This isn’t always such a big deal. Standardly, the size of RFID wallet would barely exceed that of regular wallets. However, you will need something that big enough to hold all your items. This is where a wallet with several compartments comes in handy, to allow you keep everything in one basket and thus avoid any inconveniences. Particularly, an A5 sized wallet is sufficient enough to carry as many things as you may need to bring to a trip or just stepping out. Convenience is an aspect covered under the size of the wallet. Ensure it is just the right size to move around with and doesn’t weigh too much on you.

Which RFID Wallet Should You Buy?

RFID blocking sleeves are essential for the modern-day as they protect you from thieves who may skim to steal your financial information. This may force you to cancel credit cards over the anxiety of losing money from your bank account. They are also very convenient allowing you to just slide your card into your wallet giving you peace of mind whenever you leave home.

The disadvantage of using the aforementioned sleeves is the bulk they add to your wallet very quickly which is annoying in some kind of way especially if you have a preference for minimal thickness and clutter. Plus, they can be quite ugly if not matched well with the design of the basic wallet. It is also believed by some people that sleeves do not give ultimate protection from RFID scanners, and in this case, you only have the option of a dedicated instead. The following are two types of the most popular RFID-blocking wallets:
1. Slim Aluminum Foil Wallets
They are some of the cheapest available RFID wallets and is the most recommended for convenience. They are not just more affordable than several regular wallets, some also have a great look and take up minimal space if well-designed. A slim wallet makes an ideal option for carrying around cards fewer than five. There could be an allowance for up to 10 cards but there’s no point in buying a slim wallet to deform its shape and form. Aluminum is recognized as an inexpensive option for a shielding material in the construction of RFID wallets so you are assured that the next one you spot will be affordable enough. You’ll be glad to know that they are designed specially to be compact, lightweight and slim, which equals reliability. Some are even made to be waterproof but if you find such, you’ll need to spend a little more. The best of them are crafted uniquely from aircraft-grade aluminum and a powerful alloy of a high-strength polycarbonate and this blend vouchers for better physical protection.

2. Leather RFID Wallets
The cash band for these wallets is on the case. Surprisingly, the costly bit of it doesn’t keep off customers. It is, in fact, the reason why most people will opt for the products. Cheap is expensive, but leather is the best material that can be used in the construction of RFID wallets and it’s not just because of its luxurious attribute. It happens to be one of the most durable ones and having one basically wins you a lottery. These wallets are resistant to any kind of damage even when exposed to extreme conditions. For protection from radio frequencies, they are laced with an RFID shield that guards against losing your personal financial information and passport details with frauds and identity thieves. If you are traveling frequently, it’s the ideal option to bring to your trip. Leather RFID wallets can either be bi-fold or tri-fold.
Bi-fold Wallets
These make some of the most notable RFID wallets currently available in the market. Bi-fold wallets are surprisingly very rare which is why if you get this one, you have won yourself a jackpot. Construction is done on a very durable material-nylon microfiber which makes it extremely lightweight and enhancing its longevity. It is resistant to any form of damage even if subjected to intense and physical heavy daily abuse. Also worth mentioning is the vast amount of space. In it is a pocket big enough to keep bills as well as four main compartments for keeping cards, 2 extra pockets and a plastic pocket where you can keep your ID card. It is capable of holding up to twenty-five separate cards, but these are excess and can make you a little uncomfortable. Therefore, 10 cards are just enough to keep it stable and lighter.
Tri-fold Wallets
The market doesn’t stock too much of these at the moment. They provide the most space enough to accommodate several cards and a few bills. More or less, they are similar to most conventional wallets only they come with RFID protection keeping your passport and credit cards out of reach by digital pickpockets. Several compartments allow you store all your cards including your drivers’ license and ID card too. You can move around with peace of mind and will have nothing to worry even in crowds that are meant to make you vulnerable.

Do You Really Need a New Wallet?

It comes all the way down to how risk-tolerant you are. In case you are willing to spend for some peace of mind, it’s perfectly okay to buy one. However, if you are a penny pincher or you have higher priorities and bigger concerns to worry about, then you can pass the wallets over. Also, if you are a skeptic, there is a cheaper way to protect your credit cards without replacing your current wallet or having to spend too much. An alternative strategy to using avoiding financial losses through RFID credit cards is trying as far as possible not to walk with them. Cashless and contactless payments can be made through other methods such as Apple Pay and Android Pay both of which use a more convenient and safer NFC technology. We often move around with our phones, which are less prone to theft through radio frequency scanners thus guarding against financial losses. It is also very important to be conscious of your surroundings. You can preemptively avoid damage if you stay at the top of the digital identity theft red lights as well as finding out what credit fraud looks like and spot it sooner than it can get to you.


All things considered, the world is changing rapidly and with technological innovation on the rise, have found a new way of getting to your bank account. It is one of the channels through which they can exploit your vulnerability and you may never realize just how much risk you subject yourself to. Much has been said about the credibility of RFID wallets but they still remain the best shield against digital theft through credit cards. Everyone needs one of these to curb the threat we face because the offenders are always aware of when to strike. The best defense you can embrace is to be the smart one so that when the time comes, you have all your security needs in check.

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