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Cigar Case Travel 3 Holders Humidor – Crocodile Leather Case with Silver Stainless Steel Cutter Cigar Set

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  • ★ Cigar Case with Cutter – Stylish elegant crocodile design with silver stainless steel cutter. 3 cigars of max length 6.5 inches. Case diameter is 0.79 inches. Dimensions: 7.4 x 3.7 x 1.1 in.
  • ★ Waterproof Cigar Case – Made of high quality brown crocodile PU leather, has the function of waterproof. 100% natural hand making feelings for cigar lovers.
  • ★ Cigar Case Travel – Travel cigar case humidor, sturdy durable crush-proof box offers good protection for your cigars, keep your cigars safe. Cigar lover’s partner.
  • ★ Portable case – Portable cigar case,easy to carry. Carrying with you to restaurant, management meeting or golf or any outside event. Practical and convenient.
  • ★ Lightweight Design – You can easily take your favorite cigars everywhere, perfect for traveling. Good Craftsmanship on every detail. Enjoy your cigar with style.

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Waterproof cigar case

best humidor

Sturdy construction
Made of high-quality PU leather with crocodile texture.It looks elegant and classy and very sturdy.A comfortable surface, really good touch, with brown color.It is hardly possible to produce wrinkle, really sturdy, so it can perfectly protect your cigars.Believe that the travel cigar case humidor can keep its shape in most status, even when it fells somewhere.
Waterproof cigar case
Due to the good material, the portable cigar case has the waterproof function.The high-density material of the surface, make it hard to get wet.The cigar case humidor protects very well when the unexpected situation happening.So you can be very relaxed when you’re out.

humidor set

Adjustable cigar holder

There are two parts to the cigar holder, the area which holds them and then the top which slides on and off.With this design, it is an adjustable cigar case, which accommodates different cigar lengths.It can hold comfortably 54 ring gauge or thinner than 54 ring gauge.Three slots and they are large enough.
Besides, inside of the cigar case, the material is very soft, but still smooth, fitting perfectly for your high-quality cigar. Also there is not any slit when you adjust the cigar case. It fits very snugly together and the case is incredibly sturdy.Believe that your cigars would be protected well.

cigar humidifier

A sharp cutter

With a sharp cutter
On the outer cover it has a slot with a cigar cutter.And the slot is tight enough to ensure that the cutter does not fall out.The cigar cutter is a premium grade stainless steel and very sturdy. It is sharp enough to cut the cigars evenly.And it also solves your problem for different sized cigars.Or when you are traveling or interrupted for urgent things, it is convenient that you can cut the cigar.This can be perfectly kept your rest cigar, which keeps the cigars fresher and protects them from moisture and dirt in this situation.

leather cigarette case

Easy to carry around
Nice cigar holder, beautiful crocodile embossed great detail, adjustable length, offered a quality, and definite security for your cigars.The cigar case travel holder fits inside suit jacket pocket or front shirt pocket.Looks very classic and manly looking.
Its portability means that you no longer have to choose between relegating your cigar smoking to your home or risk damaging or desiccating your smokes.As a portable cigar case, it is very lightweight and is a good choice for your cigars.You can easily take your favorite Cuban cigars everywhere; perfect for traveling, carrying with it to restaurant, management meeting or golf or any outside event.

Dimensions: 7.4 x 3.7 x 1.1 in



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