Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak. When dressing up for an event you need to remember that people are going to stare at you, so make it worthwhile. How we dress affects how we are perceived by others. One of the rules for dressing is to know your own style, make it simple, elegant and tasteful. Here are a few things to consider in order to dress to impress;

Consider the type of event you are attending

Choose an outfit according to the type of event you are attending. If you are attending an interview, research on the dress code of that company, and make sure that whatever outfit you wear suits the dress code.

If you are attending a social event, know where the event falls and check with the event organizers on the dress code of that event to ensure that you are not overdressed.

Find out the time that the event will take place and choose the outfit accordingly. For example, if it’s a semi-formal event during the day, a light coloured dress or suit would be what you wear in order to stand out and impress.

Choose comfort

When you dress up, consider your own personal comfort before style. As much as you want to impress, always make sure that whatever outfit you are wearing makes you comfortable and boosts how you feel about yourself. Also, ensure that you’ve worn that outfit before to be sure that it fits perfectly. You should always favour physical and emotional comfort before style.

As much as you want to dress to impress, make sure to be yourself. If you are not comfortable wearing high heels, then don’t wear them just to impress others. Impress yourself first before trying to impress other people. Always wear something that makes you be comfortable in your own skin, don’t wear short dresses if they are not your type of style.

You should also enhance your normal style instead of completely changing it when you are looking to impress. When you completely change your style, you are going to create expectations that you might not be able to fulfil. You want to preserve your natural style so always wear something along the lines of your typical outfit.

Go For the right shoes

You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. A lot of people tend to think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of a person’s elegance is what is on their feet. When trying to impress, always pay attention to details and nothing says details more than your shoes.

You also want your shoes to go with your outfit so as to enhance your outfit. For dress occasions, heels are always appropriate as long as you can walk in them. Shoes that are sparkly can be a lot of fun, as they give you a little bit of shine.

As much as you want your shoes to compliment your outfit, make sure that they are clean and they are not worn out. You could be having a nice outfit, but if your shoes are in a bad condition, then you won’t be able to impress.

Break out the accessories

Overdoing your accessories takes away the glamour of your outfit. Even with an overflowing jewellery box, picking the right sets is a virtue not mastered by many. Are you going to the statement or delicate appearance? For classic looks, the delicate and simple jewellery in the wardrobe will do. Updating your outfit is as simple as making wise accessory moves!

If going for an interview or other official meetings, tone down on the pieces and their glamour. Refined jewellery sets you apart and portrays class, giving you higher chances of being accepted. The bag and shoes should be equally modest.

While some ladies pull off high accessorizing, not many look good with too many bracelets and necklaces. The choice of jewellery mix matters a lot; by matching the outfit with your accessories, the complement is received well by the intended audience.

Neat Grooming is Key

When dressing to impress, you can never go wrong with being sharply neat? A professional appearance is a great attraction, endearing strangers to you and asserting a sense of authority. For ladies, the makeup and hear speak volumes of their personalities.

A ton of makeup won’t do you any good. If anything, hot weather might turn this into your worst day! A simple application shows high levels of high esteem, and being comfortable in your own skin. Ladies who smell great are an instant attraction; be very wary of the perfume you choose.

Natural looks are the best to go with as they don’t require much maintenance. Make-up can be a bit messy too, with the possibility of even dripping on and ruining your outfit. Hair which is tamed and clean is the highlight of cleanliness and a marvel to look at. Ladies who fully exploit this impress at every turn.

Flatter the Best Features

Though this is a no-brainer for many, showing off your best features in a subtle way attracts attention and impresses your audience. The features could be your eyes, curves, and so much more. The best way to complement your eyes, for instance, is through choosing appropriate top colours.

With your best features highlighted, those who are genuinely inclined to you will be highly impressed. You might have outfits in your wardrobe ready to go; perhaps a bit of styling here and there could make them look even better.

When doing this, avoid being too excessive and exposing too much. Leaving a little something for imagination arouses the interest even further. Dressing to impress is incredibly easy when you are comfortable with who you are.

Before You Go

Even as you dress to impress, be the first person to complement yourself and your effort. Not everyone will be as kind to acknowledge the effort you put into pulling off your most glamorous look.

What are your fashion choices and how would you like to change or improve them? We have many more insights you can use to be more fashionable. All you have to do is contact us and we will be more than glad to offer insights of how to dress to impress.

We look forward!

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