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As you pack your clothing and get transportation all ready for a trip, you need some essential tools. These are tools that will probably save your life or will give you comfort during your trip. They do not need to be heavy machinery unless you are planning to travel back in time. Most of these essential tools are very inexpensive, portable and for multipurpose use.

Be sure to have this checklist ticked from top to bottom before you walk out because you just might need them right at that door! If you do not have any of these things, a suitable improvised version will come in handy.

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There is no way you should leave your house without duct tape. Duct tape can fix almost anything and can be used anywhere in any part of the world with a just little creativity.

You can apply duct tape to tasks during your travel in the following creative and practical ways;

a. Where there are no cloth lines. You can use duct tape to hang your clothes up to dry.

b. Duct tape fixes holes in just about anything you need to patch up, including clothes and cars. When you are out camping, and your tent just so happens to get torn into by anything, get out your duct tape and use it as a temporary cover.

c. It makes good temporary bandages and splints. With some good cloth, use duct tape as an adhesive to stick the cloth on to a cut to stop bleeding.

d. They are also used to make good ropes because they are strong enough. All you have to do is to twirl the tape a few times and stretch it to its limits so that it is strong enough to tie and hold things up.

e. Duct tape is also great whenever you want to create a name tag on your luggage for easy identification

f. They are also used to protect luggage from the rain. Simply wrap them all up!

g. They can be used to create a makeshift bed. By using two strong rods, you can make a good hammock for you to sleep on.

h. You can repair any tool broken using duct tape.

i. It is used to insulate open wires on electrical appliances to save them from seeping rainwater or spillage that might damage them. Carry duct tape with you on all your outdoor activities and surprise all those traveling along with you just how much you can do with good old simple duct tape.

These are not the only items you should have with you but are certainly the most important as you travel. Other things such as a toiletry kit, sleeping bags, bug spray, car tools and other items are useful too but not entirely necessary.

This is what you should consider when making up your mind on what to carry with you and what to leave behind.

1) The purpose of travel. This is the first thing you should take into account when sorting your travel tools. You will find it easier to know what you need and do not need in a few minutes. Your purpose of travel could be camping, vacation or business trip. Be wise as you make your picks, consider various scenarios that the tools you have with you might come in handy.

2) The place you are traveling to. Make a quick research of the place, its climate and the provisions you need when traveling.

3) The vessel you will use to travel. You may probably not need a spanner in a ship. A parachute will not be of much use in a bus or ship. Be practical as you choose your items.

4) The time you will spend out there. This is important in determining how much money to carry and what supplies you may need.

5) The number of people in your travel group. You cannot have supplies meant to last one person for a day if you have three or four people along with you. If you are many, it is best that you plan as a team so that you decide how you will split the items to carry along with you.

7. Rain gear 

All types of light rain gears are great as long as you carry at least one set. You can have a long rain jacket instead of carrying pants too.

They are relatively affordable and durable too. They help to protect you from getting wet and getting sick or have health-related problems such as hypothermia due to prolonged exposure to cold climatic conditions.

You can also add shoes to your rain gear which help keep your feet comfortable and dry so that you can travel fast or run fast enough when fleeing for cover from a storm.

Rain gear is essential especially when you are not very sure about the climate of the place you are going to. You must carry them albeit not in excess to be a burden to you.

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6. Microfiber towel 

Microfiber towels are made of nylon and polyester. It is wonderful to use during travel because they often use up fairly small packing spaces. These towels have high absorbency and are also known to trap and suffocate microbes hence preventing their spread and resultant infections they might cause.

There are three main reasons why you should carry microfiber towels:

· They are lighter and therefore easier to clean and uses less water. They are very effective as compared to cotton cloth towels.

· They absorb microbes and reduces bacteria infestation on a surface by a very high percentage. When you have a clean microfiber towel with you and would like to reduce bacteria infestation on a wound where there are no other options, use a microfiber towel and apply some pressure on it.

· It prevents cross contamination. By being an effective absorbent towel, it is also health sufficient.

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5. An Energy Efficient Headlamp 

The best energy efficient headlamp to get is one that uses LED technology. These lamps are great to use in pitch black places like under a vehicle at night in case of a breakdown, so you are able to see what you are doing. They give off ample light which lasts long enough for you to accomplish your tasks.

Why you need it

We are all too familiar with sudden and annoying power outages at some point in our lives. When it is night time, even when you have booked a lit hotel at a distant place, you still need a headlamp to find your way. It is important when you are out camping too. The campfire does not last long, and it needs a complementary source of light.

When shopping for this item, look for one that is rechargeable through solar energy.

4. Chargers that have solar powered option 

In this era of accelerated technological advancement, you find yourself with so many gadgets that it becomes impossible to imagine yourself without a charger.

Why you need it

You require a charger to help you remain connected to the outside world in case you get lost. Look specifically for chargers that come with a power bank or a solar charging option. When power is out during the day, you can use solar energy to keep them going.

There are also chargers that have multiple charging slots or cables for different types of gadgets. Be wise enough to get such a device. Check that it is of good quality as well.

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3. A multi-purpose tool- The Swiss Army Knife 

This is by far the best multi-functional item that any traveler should have with them. It is a life saver, and it is also very portable. You will definitely develop a bond to your Swiss Army Knife because you will use it very frequently.

Why you need it

A Swiss Army Knife is more or less a penknife with many other useful tools, depending on what you purchased. It carries a bunch of other tools. Here are a few that you will find in a basic one:

· A screwdriver

· A small blade

· A can opener Keyring(s)

· Wire stripper

· Scissors

How it works

This Army knife functions as a miniature toolbox. You can use your scissors to cut through fabric and strings. Your screwdriver would be helpful in tightening screws on the devices that you have with you and the blade to sharpen twigs for you own intended purposes. These tools are only as useful as your imagination can allow as they can be improvised to perform various tasks.

Make sure that you have the Swiss Army Knife with you especially when you go into remote areas for survival. You will experience the practicality it has to offer.

2. A Mini-First Aid Kit

This is yet another essential requirement that you should have with you when you are going off the grid, and there are no hospitals or medical camps in the vicinity of your touring zone. They are also useful if an accident should occur during the journey itself.

Why you need it

A mini-first aid kit is important because it is a simple assurance of survival when there is trouble. All vehicles, planes, buses, ships and any other transportation vessels should have these. The supplies could be insufficient if there are many of you in the transportation vessel. Therefore, you need your own. A simple cut to a major artery can be life-threatening, and it would need immediate tending to.

How it works

The items in a first aid kit ought to be clean; the kit must be properly sealed and in good condition. A simple first aid kit should have the following basic items:

· Gauze pads or rolls

· Adhesive bandages

· Safety pins

· Scissors

· Antibiotic ointment

· Painkiller tablets

· Pointed tweezers

· Thermometer strips

There are many more items that other first aid kits may have. The ones mentioned above are the basic must-have. You need these items anywhere you go; they could help save someone’s life. No one would tell you this, but it is necessary to slip a whistle inside your kit. You can use this small piece of equipment to call out for help in case you are threatened by a wild animal or an attacking party.

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1. RFID Wallet

You may have credit cards with you which come in handy during emergencies or when you do not have cash. You may also not know that your credit card can be used as a contactless card. This works by getting it close to a card reader machine without having to input your pin. This functionality opens up a world of options for scammers to take advantage of. The RFID wallet takes care of such security and privacy loopholes.

Withdrawal protocols are designed to deal with the malicious eavesdropping through video or audio recording as you input your card pin on an ATM machine. Your money is however not completely secured because someone may use a machine to scan your card, acquire your details and duplicate them. This is possible through picking up of Radio-frequencies transmitted by your smart card; known as Radio-Frequency Identification. This is very serious and at the same time a very simple issue to deal with. Get a RFID wallet to block the transmission of such frequencies to unintended destinations.

Appropriate storage and use

The wallet is designed to block the radioactive frequencies till you get it out and have to use it yourself. It is affordable and simple compared to the invaluable security that comes along with it. Have a safe trip knowing that you have secured your backup purchasing medium which you only can only use by taking it out of your wallet. It is important to take care of your wallet, keep it from the dumpy environment or direct heat.

Parting shot

Have fun planning for the trip you are going to make. If you are about to become a frequent traveler, it is best to note all the various items you need. Be practical and remember that safety comes first. If you need to lose weight along the way, do away with the tools that are least important. Always carry enough food supplies that would not go bad after a short time. If you are going camping, a skill such as hunting or fishing is a plus for you.

rfid wallet and other gadgets for business trip

Your business trip is coming up really fast: at the back of your mind, you’re still feeling that there’s something you have not considered packing into your purse. This feeling is all too common for business women! When going on your trip, you should not only look your best but also have all the items which will make your trip successful.

To pack the perfect purse for your business trip, a little planning goes a long way; in the limited space, you have to somehow fit all the important items and tools. In the competitive corporate world, having the 8 things every chic businesswoman should carry will give you a clear advantage!

Before every business trip, ensure you have:

women business card-blog image

#1 Business Cards

Though small in size, a business card can turn your small business or career around! Apart from being highly personalized forms of advertising and marketing yourself, they contribute to a positive first impression.

By creating a sense of professionalism, business cards enhance your credibility, making it easier to strike deals! Attractive and eye-catching business cards should not only have all your contact information but also capture your client’s attention.

Creating Your Brand

As invaluable marketing tools, business cards establish your brand, helping you become more identifiable in your niche. To make your cards more intuitive, their design should show the close resemblance to your business brand.


If you travel frequently, taking your business cards with you is effortless. By having them safely tucked in your purse, you can establish and maintain contacts long after your first engagement. Everyone you meet is a prospective client!

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#2 RFID Blocking Wallet

Did you know that your confidential information could be stolen without your slightest notice? Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is quickly turning out to be the new-age pick-pocketing. With enough information, a malicious hacker can even drain your bank account(s)!

RFID-enabled Cards

If your credit or debit cards have a horizontal Wi-Fi symbol, an individual with an RFID scanner can easily copy your information and use it inappropriately. These scanners are incredibly easy to acquire, making the threat of cybercrime all-the-more real.

The retrieved RFID data can include:

· The card’s expiration date

· Your name

· The card number

· Your security code

· Additional personal information

Some identification cards, passports, and driver’s licenses are also prone to RFID theft.

Blocking RFID Signals

Unlike the classic bifold or trifold wallets, an RFID wallet secures all your sensitive cards from information theft by effectively deflecting RFID signals. If you have an especially good credit score, you are likely to be targeted for monetary extortion.

A high-quality RFID wallet will allow you intuitive access to your cash and cards. Beyond securing your cards, they are a fashion statement you definitely want to be associated with.

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#3 Cash

No matter where you go, cash will always be king. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing to pull up in a valet parking without a tip in hand? Plastic money might be good but it’s still vulnerable to delays and even theft.

With cash in hand, you are able to tip, a habit that says a lot about you! If you need to split bills with your associates, it’s easier to do so with cash.

When You Can’t Use Your Card

While credit and debit cards can be used virtually anywhere now, some places will only take cash. Some taxi’, for instance, still run by the old meter and have no option for card payments. Vending machines will only accept cash; you don’t want to miss out on your favorite snack!

Card Suspension

Though some emergency services will accept a card payment instead of cash, your card might still let you down following its suspension. Your credit company might do so after observing several fraudulent payments out of your normal usage; this will likely happen when on business trips.

As a precaution, never spend too much on your plastic. Increasingly, more Americans are choosing cash over credit cards; it’s time you too got on board!

mini mifi-blog image

#4 MiFi

As a businesswoman, having a dedicated mobile broadband will keep you connected even when traveling. Weighing like your typical dongle, you will hardly feel its weight in your purse. Unlike the dongle, however, you will have to keep it charged up.

How Does It Work?

Just like your Wi-Fi, MiFi has an easy-to-follow installation guide, coming with its dedicated software. Your laptop and other devices will connect automatically once the initial setup is done. As long as it’s turned on in your purse, you will stay connected at no extra cost!

Depending on the model you pick, the information visible on your MiFi can include data usage, signal strength, and the established connection (3G, 4G, etc.).

Why Use Mifi?

Apart from being able to connect to many devices simultaneously, MiFi gives you a professional look; you won’t have a USB dangling at the side of your laptop. The information displayed will make it easier to track your data usage too.

In terms of mobile broadband, MiFi is the way to go!

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#5 A Sweat-Proof Water Bottle

A sweat-proof water bottle balances the mismatch between inside and outside temperatures. A bottle with good insulation holds no sweat; the inside temperature is insulated. If the temperature was to ‘spill out’, water vapor will immediately condense on the bottle’s surface.

Ease of Use

As important as the ease of carrying, the ease of use should incorporate a sturdy design, capable of handling shortfalls. Though cold water impacts the frame of mind, it has many positive benefits to your body.

The appearance of your water bottle keeps you motivated throughout your travels and business interactions.

Cold, Stimulating Water

With a sealed construction, a sweat-proof water bottle is excellent for keeping your spirits and energy up! The design, however, should be thoughtful enough to avoid possible malfunctions. The success of your business trip depends on your level of comfort.

chocolate energy bar-blog image

#6 Energy Bars

Business travels and meetings will deplete your energy levels considerably. Without enough energy, your performance in presentations and meetings will be lacking. With your tight work schedule, energy bars provide you with enough energy to keep you going.

When buying an energy bar, look for a balanced nutritional snack. Healthy snacks can at times be used as a meal replacement too.

Mental Alertness

Apart from building up your physical energy, energy bars keep you mentally alert, a vital component of any successful business trip. If you will be driving, driving fatigue will be conveniently kept at bay too. Healthy energy bars can be used across all ages.

Many flavors

Depending on your preference, you can pack a variety of flavor in your purse, taking out one whenever you feel drained. Energy bars with no preservatives or sweeteners are the healthiest option.

hydration mist for women-blog image

#7 Hydration Mist

In addition to your facial routine, a hydration mist spray will keep your skin adequately hydrated all day. For the best results, it should be locked with a moisturizer, blotted, or directly sprayed on your face. All the beneficial elements are trapped, enhancing their absorption while stopping evaporation.

Mists that have oil as an ingredient don’t require sealing or blotting; they can be used independently. When making presentation or attending conferences, the hydration mist rejuvenates your tired face, giving it a refreshed look.

Setting and Reviving Makeup

Hydration/face mist can be used before and after applying makeup. By using a moisturizer to lock in hydration mist benefits, you lay the perfect canvas for applying your makeup. Misting your face after application keeps your makeup fresh all through.

hand sanitizer-blog image

#8 Hand Sanitizers

With time, the use of hand sanitizers continues to grow. As a savvy businesswoman, there’s no better way of maintaining hygiene and avoiding H1N1. Unless used correctly, however, these sanitizers can fail to provide maximum protection.

Effectiveness depends on the quality of your product and the mode of application. When buying a sanitizer, you should keep in mind:

The Alcohol Level

Good hand sanitizers should contain at least 60% alcohol. If your product contains only 40%, it will only kill 50% of the bacteria! When applying, one should cover the entire hand, wrist, and the back of their palm. All the nooks of the hand, e.g. between your fingers, should be covered.

Taking Off Your Rings

Though hand sanitizers won’t damage your gold jewelry, germs find them in perfect hiding places. With your rings on, hand sanitizers will be hardly effective.

Hand sanitizers are virtually weightless are readily usable.

Final Word

Businesswomen should also carry a phone charger or backup power source just in case the juice runs out. With these 8 items in your purse, your business trip will be not only successful but also fun!

What else do you have in mind? Let us know in our comment section. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch too. Cheers as you embark on your trip!


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