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ibricraft blog image of 9 common makeup mistakes and 9 tips to fix them

Everyone wants to feel at the top, right? Well, that question begs to answer; what common makeup mistakes are we making? Putting up makeup may not get us looking like Beyonce, but it may not leave us any further as well. Unfortunately, most of us tend to overdo it or fail to understand the basics. Let’s take at some different positions that explain why common mistakes in makeup are imperative, shall we? First of all;

To get it right, we have to take time and visualize what you wish to achieve. By highlighting your best facial features, makeup enhances self-confidence and gives you the competitive edge you require.

Sometimes, unfortunately, makeup can make the wearer seem older when applied wrongly. On occasion, we all make the wrong makeup choices; nothing to beat up yourself about. Do you want to appear evergreen and perfectly made up? Here are 9 common makeup mistakes and their remedies;

#1 Putting On the Wrong Shade

ibricraft blog image of 9 common makeup mistakes and 9 tips to fix them

If your skin is white, wearing an orange shade does you the great disservice. Even with a flawless base, the shade color should not veer too far off from your natural skin. As a primer, the ideal foundation should even out the skin tone for makeup application.
Globally, over 77% of women apply their foundation shade wrong. Mostly, this is caused by women testing foundations on the palms of their hands; these areas are 1 or 2 shades darker than the face. Drawing stripes of shade along the jawline gives accurate results.
Selecting the Best Shade for Your Skin
Before selecting the most ideal foundation, access your skin’s undertone and other features. While the skin surface can change due to light and skin conditions, its undertone remains consistent. Generally, you will fall under;
• Cool Undertone: It is more pink, red, or blue
• Warm Undertone: It is more peach, yellow, or golden
• Neutral Undertone: It is a combination of cool and warm tones
By accessing your eyes and hair, you get a pretty clear definition of your undertone. What colors do you great in? The color of your veins and reaction the lights also determine the right shade. You should ensure that for;
• Neutral Undertones: Praline, ivory, nude, and buff shades will do
• Warm Undertones: Consider beige, chestnut, tan, golden, caramel, yellow, or gold base shades
• Cool Undertones: Shades like porcelain, sable, rose, and cocoa shades are ideal

#2 Using a Lip-Liner That’s Darker than the Lipstick

ibricraft blog image of 9 common makeup mistakes and 9 tips to fix them

Even as trends from the 90s continue to make a comeback, not all are to be repeated. By wearing a dark lip-liner, you do your lips great disservice. Apart from looking outdated, the lips appear much smaller and less appealing. While a lip liner can help the lipstick settle in nicely, the darker tones are hard to work with. If you already have small lips, this common makeup mistake is bound to be more prominent.
Applying Light Lip Liner
When you apply the correct lip liner, you consequently;
• Prevent color bleeding
• Hide or enhance lip features
• Prevent color feathering
• Increase lipstick wear
• Increase lip definitions
To start off, exfoliate your lips using moisturizing lip balm or exfoliating scrub/balm. This should only be done occasionally; the lips should remain adequately moisturized to prevent cracking. The moisturizing lip balm you use should sink into rather sit on your lips. Drier lips are harder to apply smooth, filled line on.
FYI: The balm should be all dried up in 20 minutes. Optionally, you can use a primer to hold the liner and lipstick for longer.
For natural looking lips, pink and nude liners are the best to work with. If you will be wearing red lipstick, a red liner of lighter shade will do. The lip liner color should always remain less noticeable than the lipstick color.

#3 Failing to Wash Makeup Brushes

ibricraft blog image of 9 common makeup mistakes and 9 tips to fix them

As much as we all have little time to accomplish all tasks in the morning, setting aside a few minutes to wash makeup brushes goes a long way in ensuring impeccable hygiene. The dirtier your brushes, the more breakouts your skin will experience.
When allowed to accumulate dirt, makeup brushes make the whole experience harder and less rewarding. With a cleaner, keeping them clean should only take minutes.
Cleaning Makeup Brushes
Apart from affecting your authentic makeup colors, dirty brushes can breed harmful bacteria. When the dirt dries on for too long, bristles degrade and break apart. If you’re using natural hair brushes, cleaning them once a week will do; these brushes are used in the application of powdered products. For synthetic brushes, used on water-based and cream makeup, should be cleaned daily.
FYI: After you clean the brushes, ensure that you store them with bristles facing down; this prevents water from soaking down the shaft and causing rot or rust.
Brushes should be allowed to dry by themselves. Using flatiron or a hair dryer may ruin fibers; makeup brushes are often more fragile than natural hair. Before setting out to dry, consider disinfecting the makeup brush using a vinegar (one part) and water (two parts) solution.

#4 Using Too Much Blush

ibricraft blog image of 9 common makeup mistakes and 9 tips to fix them

Contrary to popular belief, too much blush simply isn’t good for you. Apart from making you seem older than you actually are, a clown-face is not particularly appealing. As a common makeup mistake, blush should make the wearer look youthful and flattery.
Finding the Blush Color Matching to Your Skin
Is your skin fair? Pink blush will look amazing on you. A blush which is a shade or two darker than your natural flush is the best to go for. Are you spray tanning? 2 or 3 shades of blush darker are recommended. Depending on the warmth of your skin tone, peach blush exudes the natural warmth.
If you have olive and medium skin, sangria or a dark pink blush promote a natural appearance. Since coverage is buildable, you can easily transition from sheer to near-opaque with a few strokes. For warm skin tones, you should go with darker plum or peach colors.
If you are dark-skinned, blush color can range from sangria and blush to ebony and mocha. While pinks will often appear unnatural, deeper shades give you a more-lively flush; this gives you the perfect color hint.
FYI: To find out which shade of blush will look excellent on you, swipe the colors on either side of your face and decide which looks better.

#5 Using Too Much Bronzer

ibricraft blog image of 9 common makeup mistakes and 9 tips to fix them

When the face bronzer is applied in excessive amounts, the skin develops a fake orange tone. With such a look, the wearer looks entirely out-of-place and unappealing. Rather than maximize, applying too much bronzer takes away attention from your looks to your queer makeup.

For perfect photos on stage or on the runway, the bronzer must be added in the right amounts under the nose and between the eyes.

Applying the Bronzer

Before applying the bronzer your face should be cleaned using lukewarm water. If your skin happens to have dry skin, a cream-based cleanser will give the best results. For normal skin, oil-based pH is good enough, as long as it’s gentle enough. Once done, the look should be completed with a good moisturizer and sunscreen application.

To generate a black canvas ideal for your coloring, an even coat of liquid foundation layer contours the entire face. By simply using young fingertips, makeup brush or sponge, a foundation can be easily installed. Once you’ve applied the bronzer, you can then put on the blush.

#6 Using Too Much Powder on Oily Skin

ibricraft blog image of 9 common makeup mistakes and 9 tips to fix them

Sometimes, our faces look too shiny simply because hot and humid months have gone into overdrive. Do you get tempted to reapply your makeup during the day? This only creates a cakey makeup, running the appeal instantly. If your skin is too oily, like mine happens to be, less powder is recommended.
Dealing with Oily Skin
Do you have greasy and shiny skin? By carrying an oil blotter with you, touching up the unwanted patches throughout your skin will be much easier. To keep the makeup underneath your skin undisturbed, using a blotting paper is a necessary addition.
Makeup should always be on a clean, well-hydrated canvas. For the best results, the face should be cleaned using warm water to remove dirt and oil; a gentle cleanser should dampen the face. After patting the face with a clean towel, your makeup is ready for application.
If you happen to wash the oily skin several times a day, this only kicks your natural skin to overdrive and causes it to produce even more oil. Once in the morning and evening is enough. Excess dirt can easily be reduced through toner application. Hazel and rosewater toners are great natural products to work with.
Loading the Makeup Blush
Coming mostly in the form of pressed powder compact, blush should be applied with an entirely cleaned brush. If the powder has already been pressed, consider running your brush across the compact patch two times. If there’s excess, simply flick the wrist across your blush.

 #7 Tweezing the Foundation Too Much

ibricraft blog image of 9 common makeup mistakes and 9 tips to fix them

Sometimes, you just have to put down the tweezers! Since the early 90s, ladies shouldn’t be trimming down their lashes and eyebrows too much. We all different brows; for them to look excellent, they require special attention and crafting.

How does your arch complement your natural appearance and even character? The natural shape also greatly determines how much effective the tweezing is.

When you don’t tweeze your eyebrow at all, your eyes and general appearance look much duller. To change your face and appearance besides cleaning up your brows, consider creating a fuller brow, complete with trimmed stray hairs.

Fixing too Much Tweezing

How often do you wax? This is a pretty good remedy and greatly maximizes on the amount of brow left. For a brow clean up, it’s best to consult a specialist who’s well-versed in the area. Do you have a friend with excellent bows? Ask them for recommendations.

Ideally, the eyebrows should be tweezed just outside their filling area. If the need arises, you can also try the rowing serums on the brows to make a dashing and long-lasting appearance. Additionally, a RFID wallet could be included to make the choice even broader.

#8 Makeup on the Teeth!

This is an absolute turn-off! When lipstick is stuck to the mouth, it’s as good as a bit of food being glaringly stuck out. If you are wearing dark lipstick, it will require much more concealment from you. After applying your makeup, always ensure that your teeth are absolutely clean of makeup.
How to Fix Makeup on Teeth
Naturally, makeup will find its way in the mouth and between the teeth. To work the easiest way with cleaning the teeth, consider splurging a lot of water through your mouth. If you have excess makeup on the lips, cleaning it up adequately is necessary to maintain the natural color.
While rocking the feared ring-aloud-the-mouth makeup look, excess lipstick must be taken off using the edge of the finger. If the lip lining is unsightly, it must come off immediately. When the lipstick fades away, wearers are often left at a loss on how to fix the look and make the teeth look perfect.
FYI: For the best look on your teeth, ensure that all excess lipstick and other unsightly attributes are expelled. Your teeth’s appeal is directly dependent on how flawless and well-placed they’re.

#9 Using Uneven Eyeliner

ibricraft blog image of 9 common makeup mistakes and 9 tips to fix them

As much as cat-eyes are turning out to be everyone’s favorite, ensuring their perfection is relevant to their appeal. For the best look, however, the wearer must avoid evening out both eyes too much with the wings; they should only be slightly done and mild looking to avoid common makeup mistakes.

Trying to match up both eyeliners can be a daunting task even for the most experienced makeup artist. To top the endless cycle, the first eye must be perfectly matched to the second in terms of appearance.

After a couple of tries, it’s time to move on even when the patch hasn’t worked out perfectly. An oil-free eye makeup remover and a q-tip will help avoid irritation you would have otherwise had to experience. Alleviating the tiresome morning routine has been made even easier for you. When applying your liner, coming up with the shape will be extremely easy.

How well are you wearing your makeup and what do you need to be doing differently? The 9 common makeup mistakes have many ladies losing out at the workplace. By improving on the mistakes, ladies have an infinitely higher chance of looking better and having even better, unshakable confidence.


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