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As we transition from summer to autumn, ladies are faced with hard fashion choices; you have to ditch your summer look but still look classy! Updating your wardrobe for the cooler months ahead can be easy with the right information at your fingertips.

As a favorite time of year for the fashion-savvy population, one can strike an eye-catching look by simply matching up autumn trousers with trendy accessories. To complete this look, layer up with stylish pieces to bring out your rare personality.

To make the choice even easier for you, here are stylish autumn trousers and invaluable fashion styling tips;

# Skinny Jeans

iBricraft blog image of skinny jeans

Contrary to what fashion critics envisioned, skinny jeans are here to stay. To start off, pick comfortable skinny jeans in your favorite style and color. Pairing up with a chic top or vest caters for the basics. Your look will be significantly sharpened by your choice of shoes and other accessories like sunglasses and scarves.
Selecting the Best Skinny Jeans Style
Do you want to attract more attention to your outfit and legs especially on an evening out? Bright-colored skinny jeans with loud patterns will suffice. With darker jeans, you can confidently attend formal gatherings with a played-down look.
Will you be attending a casual affair this autumn? Skinny jeans are available in many bright colors and patterns such as plaid or paisley. Darker tones of blue and black are recommended for all formal events.

Detailed Pockets

If you fancy stylish designs, quality skinny jeans can be optionally styled with embroidered pockets or a myriad of other designs and stitches. For less formality and fun, picking jeans with detailed pockets will rock the look this autumn. If you have a smaller figure, this style’s bulky pockets ultimately create an illusion of larger, fuller hips.

Which Fit is Right for You?

Depending on the figure of your body, you can choose skinny jeans which lie at different waist points. To find the perfect skinny jeans for your waist, you’ll have to make do with a bit of experimentation. Though this might take several tries, you’re guaranteed on finding the most flattering and comfortable wear.
Tip: If you have an apple figure, high-waisted jeans will seat comfortably on the waist while smoothening out the figure.
For pear-shaped women, it’s generally hard to find quality skinny jeans which fit your legs and bottom perfectly. While they may be large and comfortable enough for the lower body, chances are that they’ll bunch-up near your legs. To deal with this fashion undoing decisively, you might want to try long, regular, and short length options; your legs will be catered for all through.

Accompanying Top

Autumn is significantly cooler than summer. Apart from selecting a top which matches or contrasts with your skinny jeans color, go for thicker options. With the right use of color, you can make your legs seem longer! Nude shoes or those closely matching your outfit are the best to achieve this.

Wearing a statement outfit during the day will win your admiration. Ideal for both casual and office appearances, try out plaid, paisley, stripes, among other bold and noticeable patterns. Your choice of skinny jeans should remain flattering.

# Straight Leg Jeans

 bricaft blog image of Straight Leg Jeans

As women jeans style keep going out of fashion, straight legs jeans will give you a classy look this autumn. These styles, featuring simple cuts which fall straight down your ankle, there are many tips and tricks to jazz it up and achieve a fun look. Is your pair of straight leg jeans worn-in? You can still give it a refurbished look!

Wear with Ankle Boots

With lesser heat in autumn, pairing your jeans with ankle boots gives you an amazing look in most casual occasions. While your typical skinny jeans hug the ankle and calf effortlessly, straight jeans require a little more creativity. When wearing ankle boots, however, you won’t need to bunch and tuck in. For this sleek look, try out different designs and colors of ankle boots.

Crop It or Cuff It

Straight leg jeans feature different rises, making it easier for shoppers to pick their perfect length. When worn at crop length, these jeans give you the flashiest autumn look. Are you after more versatility? Avoid going for shorter-length jeans. Alternatively, you may cuff the trousers’ hems for a classy look.

Tip: When wearing straight leg jeans which are cropped, you can pair up with pumps or wedge sandals.

Daring to Go High Waist?

bricaft blog image of high waist straight Leg Jeans

Available to you in several rises, these jeans are mostly worn as low rise. For the best look, go for the high-waisted styles; this should be worn with a classy waistband, sitting at your natural waistline. Apart from making your legs appear longer, this choice makes your look terrific especially when worn with casual flats and long-sleeved tops.

Tip: Are you for more midriff coverage? High-waist jeans are your best bet.

Accessorizing Straight Leg Jeans

As a foundational item in most ladies’ wardrobes, these jeans have to be properly accessorized to avoid a boring look. To keep all eyes on you, match up with interesting and eye-catching accessories. You could try on decorative belts and hoop earrings. Your accessory choice will be largely determined by the top you’re wearing. All the outfit elements have to fuse together harmoniously.

Sizing up For Slouch

Do you want to rock the famous ‘boyfriend jeans’ look? You could simply shop for straight leg jeans which are slightly larger than your standard size. Ladies who wear the right set of heels with slouchy straight leg jeans achieve a fabulous look easily.

Tip: At all costs, avoid completing this look with a baggy top. You could look unflattering and sloppy.

# Jeggings

bricaft blog image of Jeggings

Jeggings is a hybrid of leggings and jeans. When worn right, jeggings look perfect with a blazer, sweater, blouse, and other versatile additions. Women should always style their jeggings right to avoid compromising their looks. To get it right with jeggings, you should;

Avoid Styling like You Would Regular Pants

For some jeggings, they will look strikingly similar to leggings since they have no structure and pockets. Though women can conveniently pair up waist shirts with jeans, this is hardly the case with jeggings. If your pair of jeggings is more like tights and made of cotton, your top should lie just above or slightly below your butt.

Styling like Jeans

Is your pair of jeggings high-waist and with pockets? It will be relatively easier to style as you would jeans. This autumn, settle for jeggings with pockets since they add to your hip and back structure. You are free to wear tops hitting just above the waist to highlight this feature.

Tip: With the right jeggings, you can stylishly tuck in your top or leave it out.

Pairing Jeggings with Shoes

When wearing jeggings, your choice of shoes grows exponentially large. Whether your fancy heels, flats, or boots, all you have to worry about is color matching. Jeggings are considerably more versatile than skinny jeans when it comes to wearing ankle boots. Alternatively, you can go for stilettos boots or thigh-high boots for even more attractive looks.

Why Jeggings are Ideal for Autumn

Fall is a great a time as any to rock your trendy jeggings. During this season, styling your jeggings is as easy as wearing a statement sweater or oversized dress shirts. For a more balanced out-of-town look, try on a leather jacket and fitted top. Fall is the perfect season to break-out ankle boots of earthy, blacks, and browns colors.

Achieving a Cool Jeggings Look

Your look can be both casual and cool. If you want to portray a cool look when wearing ballet flats or flat sandals, pair up with a long necklace or beaded necklace. With this look, you can comfortably attend both formal and casual events.

For a hot look, jeggings bring out the hourglass figure in women. This sexy look is easily accomplished when jeggings are worn with knee-high stiletto boots or other high heels. For a nice fit, complete this look with a tucked sleeveless top accessorized with a leather purse. Are you slightly larger? Try on an empire-style top to create an illusion of a thinner waist.

Look Trendy in Jeggings This Autumn

This autumn, prop up your trendy look by wearing long body hugging tops and boots. This look would also go well with long sleeve loose shirts, layering, as well as mid thighs. Wearing this with knee-high boots will definitely attract more glances.

# Acid Wash Jeans

Bricraft image of Acid Wash Jeans

Since the late 1980s, acid wash jeans have been a consistent fashion staple, only transitioning between designs. The acid used in them washes away fabric and pigments, creating a characteristic faded look. Unlike non-acidic jeans, these options are softer and more ideal for autumn.

When styling these jeans for autumn, the focus should be strictly kept on them and not the rest of your outfit. By toning down your accessories and other fashion pieces, acid jeans stand out and look even more appealing.

Styling Gray and Black Acid Washed Jeans

When wearing these jeans, slight hints of contrasting colors are clearly visible. With black denim, the fade is a lightly-faded gray. The rest of your outfit choice should closely match this. While black jeans appear to be dressy, their faded versions are not easily paired up with other accessories. For the best look, always go for those jeans with minimal distressing on them.

To bring even more color to your outfit, go for solid colored tops of your choice. A black jacket or cardigan should complete this look. Wash jeans also go well with black, gray, white, or cream shirts. When choosing black fashion pieces to accompany your acid-washed trousers, ensure they are not faded.

Styling Light-Blue Acid Washed Jeans

When wearing these jeans, it’s important to acknowledge that they won’t stand out as much as darker blue tones. With this in mind, women are free to be as aggressive with colors and patterns as they wish. For the best look, however, work with simpler patterns when matching up. Since acid jeans should remain your outfit’s focal points, keep accessories to the bare minimum.

How to Wear Colored Acid-Washed Jeans

If you aren’t going for the typical colored acid washed jeans, you should be more careful when selecting your top. Since these jeans already have color, they are a statement by themselves; wearing tops which are bright or multiple colors may result in a disastrous clash. To make your outfit look calm and composed, go for darker solid colors.
What to Avoid This Autumn
To pull off this look, neon or bright colored tops and accessories are a no-go. In these acid washed outfits, all other accompaniments should not be faded to create a contrasting and balanced look. For instance, acid washed jeans shouldn’t be worn with a similarly styled jacket.

# High-Waisted Material Pants

Bricraft blog image of High-Waisted Material Pants

When wearing high-waists during fall, you get to conveniently hide front flab, belly bugles, and love handles. Apart from keeping your tops properly tucked in, these quality trousers won’t show the plumber’s crack or give the wearer a muffin top. Making your pair of jeans work is as easy as;

Wearing with Tucked-In Tops

When wearing these trousers, it would be a shame to hide their highlight feature; you should always tuck in. almost any style of shirts of tops will work well when worn this way. You can go for your favorite tee, long-sleeve tops, or simple plaid lumberjack shirts.
Trick: Once you tuck in, lift your arms over the head and access whether there are any parts coming out. This highlights a comfortable fit.

Pairing with Crop Tops

Crops tops have been specially designed to be worn with these pants. Naturally, these trousers cover up your stomach, belly button, and abdomen; you can thus expose more of your arms without compromising the look. For some ladies, looser, flowing crop tops are more preferred. With these tops, you can easily balance excess volume and promote a calm look this fall.

Steer Clear of Blousy Tops

Since high-waist jeans provide you a large coverage and with a larger volume, it would be a fashion disaster to and even more volume with blousy tops. Layered tops would also make you appear seemingly large. Such overly blousy tops are best worn with skinny jeans and other fitting trousers. Shoulder bed ruffles are a bit too much. Your top choice should remain subtle.


Are you raring to look your best this autumn? This brief guide takes you through the major fashion trends as we transition to fall. The weather will be a bit colder but your look should remain classy. You can select several of these trouser styles to discover what works best for you.
Do you have any questions regarding matching up as well as trousers quality? Get in touch today and we’ll have all your questions answered. Share this widely with your friends on social media; you never know who you might be helping. Cheers.

The Chinese style embroidery clutch is fast becoming a trendy option. For most ladies, however, wearing this clutch correctly remains a challenge. For some, carrying the clutch is impractical since I won’t hold as much stuff. This daytime clutch looks stunning and is available in many styles for all your outfits.
Chinese Style Wallet Description
Chinese embroidery has been a long-established art in China. These wallets are made primarily of leather and features ancient hand-woven Chinese artistry. The craftsmanship is refined and painstaking, producing the highest quality stylish RFID blocking wallets.

Chinese Embroidery Wallet

FYI: Special emphasis has been placed on the local flavor, delicate coloration, and most importantly stitching.
These clutches are convenient to carry since;
They are unfussy: Carrying a Chinese style wallet allows you to be more carefree since they have no shoulder straps. If you require both hands to get something done, you only have to pop it under the arm.
They depict class: These rectangular wallets with smoothened-out corners ooze a graphic modern appeal. The unique embroidery patterns sit well with most outfit patterns and shoes, taking considerable time and effort to create.
You carry fewer items: By reducing your typical bag’s content, you have considerably less weight to carry. You only need 8 essentials for a comfortable day, as will be reviewed later.
They are the perfect style-change: While handbags remain wardrobe staples which complement the outfit, Chinese style wallets make daytime wear feel and look different.

7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Chinese Wallet

To avoid compromising your look, pairing your outfit with the right Chinese style clutch is essential. As you socialize and dance in the evening, you wouldn’t want to carry a bothersome full-sized wallet. With the right pick, you satisfy all practical needs and pull together an elaborate look. You should look out for;

#1 Color

The color of your preferred Chinese style wallet should coordinate seamlessly with the jewelry and outfit. For the perfect look, you may match the outfit color to the wallet; say an emerald dress with a green wallet.Alternatively, you may decide to contrast the colors. A black dress and bright red Chinese style clutch pair perfectly. Are you wearing a muted-color outfit? Selecting a bold colored clutch makes the outfit pop.

#2 Material

The leather is the most used material in these wallets. Combined with the unique Chinese embroidery patterns, leather can be fabricated into many finishes to go with most outfits. While shiny-patent leather helps you make an outstanding statement, it leaves you with fewer outfit choices. Full-grain leather or the understated suede match most outfits.
For many Chinese style wallets, colored leather makes it easier for you to contrast and match outfit colors. The shoes and hair should be considered too.
Formal Evenings
Will you be attending a wedding or cocktail party? Our chic RFID blocking wallets with metals sides are a classy choice; you secure all your cards and private information easily. However, it will be much harder to fit certain items in these rigid wallets and you will have to make do with lesser.

Chinese embroidery wallet

Tip: Stretchy wallets are the best for holding keys, cell phones, and other similar items.

#3 Embroidery Patterns

When wearing an understated outfit, a clutch with bold embroidery and embellishment makes you stand out. Sparkly and prominent jewelry should always be accompanied embroideries with a crystal edge. Does your outfit feature a bow? Chinese style wallet embroidery depicting a bow will look excellent.

#4 Handle

While some clutches have attached handles, the Chinese style wallet is designed to be tucked under the arm. If you intend to carry heavy items in the clutch, this won’t do since it has no shoulder strap. For items such as lipstick and credit cards, and a RFID wallet fitting in is easy. For some few models, clutches have small handles for wrapping around the waist. To remain trendy, avoid all straps.
What will your evening activities entail? For formal events, strapless wallets are the best and most fashionable choice. At the least, the handle should remain conveniently discrete.

#5 Size

Depending on what you need to carry along with you, these are a couple of wallet sizes to choose from. The essentials such as cards, car keys, and makeup tools should come first. Your choice of Chinese style wallet must comfortably fit all items you need for an occasion.
Your body type and the current trend also dictate the size of an excellent wallet. If you’ve got a larger figure, go for the biggest among these embroidery wallets. For petite women, working with smaller clutches creates an appealing and confident look. All through, small Chinese style wallets give the most classical look.

#6 RFID Blocking Capability

Chinese embroidery wallet

The security of our personal information is being increasingly put at risk by radio frequency scanners. With these easily accessible devices, malicious individuals can copy sensitive information without your knowledge.
Our Chinese embroidery wallets are designed with radio frequency-repelling materials, making it virtually impossible for a hacker to access your personal information and banking detail. By placing your cards in this wallet, you have nothing to worry about.

#7 Price

How flexible is your budget? Your choice can range from high-end designer clutches to budget options. After settling on the budget, you can then sample various embroidery designs and patterns; some attract higher prices than others. Investing in a neutral-colored Chinese embroidery clutch is a smart fashion strategy.
Rather than shop for a wallet which only goes well with one outfit, picks one which can be used creatively with several outfit choices. Designs which can be used severally give you value for money. To buy less-expensive wallets of high quality, wait for the following season before heading out. You’ll easily achieve the look you desire without breaking your bank account.

8 Chinese Style Wallet Essentials

Chinese embroidery wallet

Debit/Credit Cards and Driver’s License: While these items remain a no brainer, they are arguably the most fundamental items in your clutch. To hold them all securely together, all cards with chips should be locked inside when not being used.
One Small Brush: If you’ll be heading out for a casual, lively affair, chances are that your hair will untangle. With a mini brush in the Chinese style wallet, maintaining an attractive hair-do is effortless. This is often an invaluable item many ladies forget. One could be used to straighten your hair and the other to work on the eyelashes.
Cash and Change: As much as we all increasingly embrace a cashless society and transaction preferring digital means, cash still remains king. Some corners of the globe still don’t accept debit and credits cards as a mode of payment. A few small bills also come in handy when giving tips.
Having big bills only has its downsides. Apart from being useful on laundry day, quarters make the paying of parking meters a breeze for you. Having lost money helps get you through certain situations with incredible ease.
Safety Pins: Fashion disasters will often unravel at the most inopportune time. With several safety pins tucked away in your Chinese style wallet, however, avoiding such crisis is easy. A broken zipper, lost buttons and several other mishaps can be seamlessly fixed to hold up for the rest of your day.
Mints: Ever held a conversation at an awkwardly small bar or table? Face-to-face violations are quite frequent but easily avoidable through simple etiquette like carrying mints. Maintaining fresh breath is common courtesy which should be practiced always.
Gloss and Lipstick: Drinking and eating is ultimately your lips most damning enemy. Throughout the day or night, having some color in the clutch is necessary for occasional reapplications. There is an abundance of exquisite gloss and lipstick to keep the lips looking naturally sparkly and hydrated.

Little Mirror: As you retouch your makeup, having a small handy mirror helps since you don’t always have the luxury of washrooms. In these rectangular wallets, you can easily fit a decent-sized mirror for all your makeup needs. You are better equipped to pull off the best look.
Smartphone: Most people are oblivious to the fact that their phones have chips; these can be compromised using RFID scanners just as cards. With this RFID-blocking Chinese style wallet, your Smartphone remains secured and conveniently packed.
When packing your Chinese embroidery clutch for a day or evening out, fitting in all the essential items is crucial. You’ll need to plan well in advance to avoid leaving behind the most useful tools. You not only need to look good but also feel utterly comfortable.

3 Ways to Carry Your Chinese Embroidery Wallet

For decades, wallets of all forms have remained a revered fashion staple. Now available in the unique Chinese embroidery style, these clutches are fit for both casual day outfits and formal evening wear. With so many clothes choices, which is the correct way to carry your clutch? Here are handy tricks and tips;
# Getting a Grip

image of ibricraft's blog

Ideally, these stylish wallets are designed to be handheld. It should be lightly but firmly grasped in the hand. You can either place either of your hands over its top while using the other to hold the side or simply hold it from its bottom. When standing, they can be held using both hands, which is quite dainty.
FYI: When carrying slightly large Chinese embroidery wallets, holding them up while walking draws attention to your upper body. The embroidery can also be used to emphasize the lower body.
# Use a Wristlet 
Some Chinese style wallet models have extensions for detachable wristlets. This makes it conveniently easy for you to attach to your hand when carrying heavier items like your Smartphone. When you don’t fancy being too hands-on with the clutch, simply sling it with the optional wristlet.
For some select clutches, designers may feature unique holders or handles, all designed to make carrying easy.
# Avoid Overmatching

image of clutch

Matching your Chinese embroidery clutch with the entire outfit will not strike a classy look. When your shoe or outfit choice has an intricate design or bold pattern, it’s best to work with a streamlined or sleek clutch. As a great and compelling accessory, your wallet choice should simply add to your dress, gown, or blouse.
How You Carry a Purse Dictates Personality
Carrying you purse, unlike popular belief, I not a random occurrence. With your wallet in hand, your personality is laid bare. Women will mainly conform to several specific positions as their subconscious choice.
If you wear your wallet with a detachable strap over the shoulder and close to the body, utilitarian motives drive you. Rather than focus on displaying the outfit elements, the wearer prioritizes the freedom to move around. Being small-sized, Chinese embroidery wallets are especially suited for this style.
In other cases, straps allow the bag to dangle freely about the shoulder, playing along as you move. This free swing often indicates that the wearer prioritizes functionality more than display. It will be intricately easy to get items in and out of the embroidery wallet. For comfortable movement, this clutch should be close to your body and buckled.
If the strap is worn cross-body, the wearer will likely have a cautious personality with attention to detail. Ladies who are shy and laid back will go for this style almost instantly. To emphasize her defensive personality, the lady will often gaze downwards while maintaining a slightly-folded upper body posture.
The most popular strategy for carrying your Chinese embroidery wallet is by simply holding it strapless with your arms. Apart from this being more hassle free, it gives you versatility when selecting outfit choices and their matching accessories.


Have you been lacking confidence and style in when wearing your Chinese style wallet? It is time you changed all that by following through with the tips and tricks highlighted in the review. Your outfit is only as good as what you complement it with.
We would be much obliged to answer any questions you have regarding these unique embroidery wallets. If you found this brief guide helpful, don’t hesitate to share with the friend on social media. All the best as you compose your next best look!




Are you looking to give your outfit an instant spiff and fresh look? Fashion vests have the ability to transform your clothes into many outfits! Ranging from preppy sweater to edgy denim, women vests offer bold versatility. Casual knits and pretty sequin vests are great choices to refresh your look too.

When wearing them ladies can either use them to layer over dresses, tops, and sweaters or on their own (with a fitted cami). Even on lightweight jackets, the vests look alluring. How you choose to wear the vest is dependent on your personal style. If you’re still struggling with the choices, here’s a brief guide to make it easier for you;

# Dress for Your Body Figure

ibricraft blog image of Classy and trendy Methods of Wearing vests to different

For certain vest styles, women look frumpy when they wear them wrongly. Regardless of your problem areas and body types, any vest can still look great on the body. The details lie in how you wear it and choosing the most desirable style and material.

Tip: When worn wrong, vests may make women seem bigger than they are.

Before going vest shopping, it is important to review problem areas such as a round tummy, wide shoulders, and a full bust. Once you’ve determined the body shape, you have a clearer idea of which vest-type to look for and ways of styling it.

What to Look For

Vests which have universally flattering necklines are either low scoop or V-shaped; they appear trimmer and slimmer. Vests choices which are light and dark neutrals go incredibly well with many wardrobe choices. Avoid going for vests whose straps are too far out on the shoulders; they show off bra straps.

5 Classy Ways of Wearing Ladies Vests

#1 With Basic Tops

During summer, you can pull off a flashy look by pairing your cotton vest with camisoles or plain tank tops. It can either be buttoned up or open. While this passes as basic styling, you can touch it up by;

Accessorize bare arms: Using your favorite statement bracelet helps break a monotonous look. Wearing an open vest and using trendy silver or gold bracelets gives you an edgy-cool look. Your upper arm would also look enchanting with sculptural-clasp metal bracelet.

Wear printed tees underneath: You don’t always have to wear the conventional black or white tee. You can creatively add interest and texture using polka dots, floral, versatile stripes, and other intriguing patterns. The vest should be buttoned up and worn with a long, attractive pendant necklace.

Look expensive and glam: This look can be accomplished with large sunglasses, slim-fitted trousers, and a long, flowing fashion vest. To attain a compelling spring resort look, a vest worn over breezy and light color should be paired with an attractive wooden bangle bracelet.

#2 With a Dress

ibricraft blog image of Classy and trendy Methods of Wearing vests to different

Looking to dress down your favorite dress? A vest helps you achieve this creatively. The dress can easily be adjusted to a casual or semi-formal setting. Adding modern twists to your fashion is possible with several vest combinations. A long cotton vest worn with a short summer floral vest creates an amazing look.
You could also try;
Complementing a print dress: Does your print feature many colors? You are free to choose a vest matching any of these colors. The look can be accomplished excellently by wrapping around a skinny belt to hold the vest in place.
Pairing a party dress: You can easily rock that sexy-cool look with this combination. An open vest should be paired thoughtfully with a short dress. To accessorize, settle for sleek and attractive jewelry. Party dresses are available in many designs to go well with different vest types.
Injecting modernity in a maxi dress: What mood does your dress evoke? Your vest choice should go against this grain and create contrast. For instance, cotton dresses look exceptionally crisp when worn with casual denim vests.
Vests for Vacation: During summer, vests are a particularly invaluable fashion item. Vests made of cotton are the best since they dissipate heat faster. On vacations, you can play around with cold colors to have even better time!

#3 With a Blouse

ibricraft blog image of Classy and trendy Methods of Wearing vests to different

What look are you aiming at? When used as sleek layering or accents, fashion vests go well with dress shirts or blouses. For a sharper look, wear these items all buttoned up. If you’re feeling more casual, wearing an open vest achieves the desired look.

The pairing ideas you could try out include;

Bohemian twist: If you’re wearing ripped jeans, try pairing an alluring bohemian-inspired lace-top with a suede vest. The mere contrast in material evokes a rare appeal.

Choosing the American Rag look: Do you have own any style of Southwestern-inspired vests? Using them on a casual white shirt or blouse creates an amazing look. Alternatively, you could a palid shirt instead of the white blouse. Feather earrings are characteristic of the bohemian fashion style.

#4 Office-Work Outfits

ibricraft blog image of Classy and trendy Methods of Wearing vests to different

Are you an office girl? Adding a classy fashion vest to your office attire gives it a completely fresh look. To have your office wardrobe covered adequately, consider having dark neutral vests or simple, long knit ones. Dark navy blue, charcoal gray, and black colors are the best to work with. During the warmer seasons, a light neutral vest is a perfect accompaniment to any office outfits.
For even more appealing office look, here are pairing tricks you could try out;
Semi-formal: Do you own a pussybow or pretty shuffle shirt? Wearing a long and black knit vest together with it achieves a semi-formal look. If you want to look super-slim in this attire, wear your vest open and without a belt.
Chic summer work outfit: With a light-colored vest, pulling off this look is quite easy. Pairing it with your favorite pencil skirt creates classy office wear. Depending on your office dress code, you might want to keep away from vests which expose your shoulders too much. For an extra-fresh summer look, try pairing your favorite vest with the short sleeved blouse (white).
For office work: When wearing sleek trousers and your white dress shirt to work, try on a long, knit vest. With a black dress vest, you look even more polished and refined! The professional but chic look should be completed with a statement necklace or metal bracelet.
Corporate head to toe look: With this look, you look both professional and amazing. Wearing appropriate vests with black dresses or skirts strikes a classy rapport. To keep this look fresh and sassy, undo three buttons on your vest and accessorize with classic jewelry.

#5 Layering Your Vest with Attractive Accessories

ibricraft blog image of Classy and trendy Methods of Wearing vests to different

With three elegant accessories, you can add a unique stylish twist to any fashion vest in your wardrobe. Apart from selecting the best-looking and fitting vests, completing the look with simple accessories adds to the appeal. The 3 accessories can also be used interchangeably to create different looks for a single vest. The accessories to use are;

# Belt

Belts serve multiple purposes in outfitting. With the right application, a belt can be used to give you a more polished look, a seemingly thinner waist, and more elaborate curves. To get it right, the belt should be tied around your waist’s thinnest part. Are you petite or with a short waist? Always go for a skinny belt; the wider ones make you appear even shorter.

ibricraft blog image of Classy and trendy Methods of Wearing vests to different

A Curvier Look
When wearing a vest, creating a curvier look is as simple as leaving a little volume at your bottom section; longer vests are recommended. With this simple fix, your hips look more pronounced and curvy. With the correct application, a belt will help you achieve a more defined waist and luscious booty.
Tip: When wearing a belt, always go for longer vests as they won’t bunch-up around the hip region.
# Scarf
Do you own an appealing scarf which is long enough for wrapping around your waist? You could easily swap this with your belt on occasion. This helps to create a perfect sash for you fashion vest of choice. Many women aren’t daring enough to try on this truly unique look; don’t be counted among them!
Are you a lady who wants to attract attention to your defined waist? Wearing an attractive scarf helps you achieve this effortlessly. If your waistline is wider and fuller, darker-colored scarves are recommended as they even out the look. Scarf styling techniques often prove elusive even for the most seasoned fashion stylists.
Tip: Apart from wearing them around your waistline, scarves can also be worn around the neck with fashion vests. Just ensure that scarf ends are left to freely flow on the chest.


ibricraft blog image of Classy and trendy Methods of Wearing vests to different

Do you want to look truly unique in your vest? You’ll have to wear it with an extremely alluring statement necklace. For this jewelry piece to make a resounding fashion statement, the vest must frame it right. To make an alluring focal point of your entire outfit, the jewelry pieces must be properly framed by your vest choice.
If you want to make the most impact and fashion sense, consider wearing a solid or plain top underneath the vest. With a bold necklace statement worn on top of this, you create an amazing, unique, and consistent look.
Are you after making your jewelry stand out and pop? Select shiny and attractive necklaces to wear with neutral-colored vests. To remain relevant, the color of your necklace should be a bold contrast to that of your vest and outfit in extension.
Tip: For a slimmer look on the upper body, always go with long pendant necklaces.

Vests Types to Wear All Year Long

Throughout the years, women are often at a loss when it comes to stylish vest fashion. Quite understandably, vests can be perceived as intimidating layering fashion pieces. When the proportions are visibly off, vests can look fussy and unnecessary. You also run the risk of appearing bigger than you actually are! Here are fresh ways of wearing different vest types with wardrobe staples;


# Fitted, Cropped Vestsibricraft blog image of Classy and trendy Methods of Wearing vests to different

To show off your toned arms and waist, a cropped and fitted vest is your ideal choice; the look is also more polished and sophisticated. This look best fits business-casual office environments. When wearing a bohemian-style dress, cropped vest can be creatively worn during fall/autumn. These vests look particularly befitting to curvy bodies when paired with mini-skirts.

Tip: For an English countryside look, wear a green copped vest on a classic white blouse or shirt.

# Wearing a Bare Vest Only

You don’t always have to wear a vest on top of other clothes. A double-breasted vest can be worn bare, striking a classy look. This style is best for warmer months and during the fall. This same look can be perfected with a subtle turtle neck sweater of a similar color.

# Denim Vest

The simplest question is, what can’t you pair with your denim vest? It goes well with most fashion items already in your wardrobe. When wearing denim, you can wear it attractively with a pretty dress in spring or a pair of favorite jeans through fall. You can work with either extra-long or short denim vests as casual office outfits.

Tip: To find out what works perfectly for you, try out the many denim vest types including fitted, oversized, extra-long, and cropped to name a few.

# Menswear-Inspired Vests

Do you fancy menswear trends? You can try a head-to-toe 3-piece suit for the office or formal evening events. Just like other suit types, ensure that your outfit has been tailored to fit perfectly around your body. If this look makes you feel too tomboyish, add a glamorous edge with red lipstick. Alternatively, you can lose the jacket or wear an open vest over buttoned-down blouse.

# Longline Vest

The modern-day fashion coolness is defined by wearing longline vests over otherwise simple outfits. When wearing a camel vest, for instance, an entirely black outfit looks interestingly refreshing. Try to contrast the vest and outfit colors to the best of your ability if you want to stand out. Monochromatic perfection is also achievable with the right, neutral colors.

Tip: You could hardly go wrong with this vest type; it is one of the easiest to work with.

# Faux Fur Vest

ibricraft blog image of Classy and trendy Methods of Wearing vests to different

During winter and older season, this warm vest can be comfortably worn over your jacket to keep warm. To look even more daring, layer over with an unexpected but befitting fashion item. Your classic winter or fall coat gets a fresh new look! To accommodate the jacket, the arm holes should be generous enough to leave ample allowance.
Tip: Get an extra warmth layer buy shopping for the longer faux fur vests. Colors should always be contrasted for the most amazing look.

Wrap Up

Vest choices are in abundance for women of all sizes and heights. With this elaborate and detailed guide, matching up with different outfits will be a breeze. Which vest choices do you wear most frequently? We can help you work with these before going out to shop for others.
Are you wearing your vest right? Let us help you answer this and other questions in our comment section. If you found this fashion guide helpful, share widely with friends on social media. Our joy is in helping you come up with your best fashion vest look. Cheers!

As you pack your clothing and get transportation all ready for a trip, you need some essential tools. These are tools that will probably save your life or will give you comfort during your trip. They do not need to be heavy machinery unless you are planning to travel back in time. Most of these essential tools are very inexpensive, portable and of multipurpose use.

Be sure to have this checklist ticked from top to bottom before you walk out because you just might need them right at that door! If you do not have any of these things, a suitable improvised version will come in handy.

Bricraft blog image of how to make travel wonderful


There is no way you should leave your house without duct tape. Duct tape can fix almost anything and can be used anywhere in any part of the world with a just little creativity.

You can apply duct tape to tasks during your travel in the following creative and practical ways;

a. Where there are no cloth lines. You can use duct tape to hang your clothes up to dry.

b. Duct tape fixes holes in just about anything you need to patch up, including clothes and cars. When you are out camping, and your tent just so happens to get torn into by anything, get out your duct tape and use it as a temporary cover.

c. It makes good temporary bandages and splints. With some good cloth, use duct tape as an adhesive to stick the cloth on to a cut to stop bleeding.

d. They are also used to make good ropes because they are strong enough. All you have to do is to twirl the tape a few times and stretch it to its limits so that it is strong enough to tie and hold things up.

e. Duct tape is also great whenever you want to create a name tag on your luggage for easy identification

f. They are also used to protect luggage from the rain. Simply wrap them all up!

g. They can be used to create a makeshift bed. By using two strong rods, you can make a good hammock for you to sleep on.

h. You can repair any tool broken using duct tape.

i. It is used to insulate open wires on electrical appliances to save them from seeping rainwater or spillage that might damage them. Carry duct tape with you on all your outdoor activities and surprise all those traveling along with you just how much you can do with good old simple duct tape.

These are not the only items you should have with you but are certainly the most important as you travel. Other things such as a toiletry kit, sleeping bags, bug spray, car tools and other items are useful too but not entirely necessary.

This is what you should consider when making up your mind on what to carry with you and what to leave behind.

1) The purpose of travel. This is the first thing you should take into account when sorting your travel tools. You will find it easier to know what you need and do not need in a few minutes. Your purpose of travel could be camping, vacation or business trip. Be wise as you make your picks, consider various scenarios that the tools you have with you might come in handy.

2) The place you are traveling to. Make a quick research of the place, its climate and the provisions you need when traveling.

3) The vessel you will use to travel. You may probably not need a spanner in a ship. A parachute will not be of much use in a bus or ship. Be practical as you choose your items.

4) The time you will spend out there. This is important in determining how much money to carry and what supplies you may need.

5) The number of people in your travel group. You cannot have supplies meant to last one person for a day if you have three or four people along with you. If you are many, it is best that you plan as a team so that you decide how you will split the items to carry along with you.

7. Rain gear 

All types of light rain gears are great as long as you carry at least one set. You can have a long rain jacket instead of carrying pants too.

They are relatively affordable and durable too. They help to protect you from getting wet and getting sick or have health-related problems such as hypothermia due to prolonged exposure to cold climatic conditions.

You can also add shoes to your rain gear which help keep your feet comfortable and dry so that you can travel fast or run fast enough when fleeing for cover from a storm.

Rain gear is essential especially when you are not very sure about the climate of the place you are going to. You must carry them albeit not in excess to be a burden to you.

Bricraft blog image of how to travel wonderful

6. Microfiber towel 

Microfiber towels are made of nylon and polyester. It is wonderful to use during travel because they often use up fairly small packing spaces. These towels have high absorbency and are also known to trap and suffocate microbes hence preventing their spread and resultant infections they might cause.

There are three main reasons why you should carry microfiber towels:

· They are lighter and therefore easier to clean and uses less water. They are very effective as compared to cotton cloth towels.

· They absorb microbes and reduces bacteria infestation on a surface by a very high percentage. When you have a clean microfiber towel with you and would like to reduce bacteria infestation on a wound where there are no other options, use a microfiber towel and apply some pressure on it.

· It prevents cross contamination. By being an effective absorbent towel, it is also health sufficient.

Bricraft blog image of how to travel wonderful

5. An Energy Efficient Headlamp 

The best energy efficient headlamp to get is one that uses LED technology. These lamps are great to use in pitch black places like under a vehicle at night in case of a breakdown, so you are able to see what you are doing. They give off ample light which lasts long enough for you to accomplish your tasks.

Why you need it

We are all too familiar with sudden and annoying power outages at some point in our lives. When it is night time, even when you have booked a lit hotel at a distant place, you still need a headlamp to find your way. It is important when you are out camping too. The campfire does not last long, and it needs a complementary source of light.

When shopping for this item, look for one that is rechargeable through solar energy.

4. Chargers that have solar powered option 

In this era of accelerated technological advancement, you find yourself with so many gadgets that it becomes impossible to imagine yourself without a charger.

Why you need it

You require a charger to help you remain connected to the outside world in case you get lost. Look specifically for chargers that come with a power bank or a solar charging option. When power is out during the day, you can use solar energy to keep them going.

There are also chargers that have multiple charging slots or cables for different types of gadgets. Be wise enough to get such a device. Check that it is of good quality as well.

Bricraft blog image of how to travel wonderful

3. A multi-purpose tool- The Swiss Army Knife 

This is by far the best multi-functional item that any traveler should have with them. It is a life saver, and it is also very portable. You will definitely develop a bond to your Swiss Army Knife because you will use it very frequently.

Why you need it

A Swiss Army Knife is more or less a penknife with many other useful tools, depending on what you purchased. It carries a bunch of other tools. Here are a few that you will find in a basic one:

· A screwdriver

· A small blade

· A can opener Keyring(s)

· Wire stripper

· Scissors

How it works

This Army knife functions as a miniature toolbox. You can use your scissors to cut through fabric and strings. Your screwdriver would be helpful in tightening screws on the devices that you have with you and the blade to sharpen twigs for you own intended purposes. These tools are only as useful as your imagination can allow as they can be improvised to perform various tasks.

Make sure that you have the Swiss Army Knife with you especially when you go into remote areas for survival. You will experience the practicality it has to offer.

2. A Mini-First Aid Kit

This is yet another essential requirement that you should have with you when you are going off the grid, and there are no hospitals or medical camps in the vicinity of your touring zone. They are also useful if an accident should occur during the journey itself.

Why you need it

A mini-first aid kit is important because it is a simple assurance of survival when there is trouble. All vehicles, planes, buses, ships and any other transportation vessels should have these. The supplies could be insufficient if there are many of you in the transportation vessel. Therefore, you need your own. A simple cut to a major artery can be life-threatening, and it would need immediate tending to.

How it works

The items in a first aid kit ought to be clean; the kit must be properly sealed and in good condition. A simple first aid kit should have the following basic items:

· Gauze pads or rolls

· Adhesive bandages

· Safety pins

· Scissors

· Antibiotic ointment

· Painkiller tablets

· Pointed tweezers

· Thermometer strips

There are many more items that other first aid kits may have. The ones mentioned above are the basic must-have. You need these items anywhere you go; they could help save someone’s life. No one would tell you this, but it is necessary to slip a whistle inside your kit. You can use this small piece of equipment to call out for help in case you are threatened by a wild animal or an attacking party.

Bricraft blog image of how to travel wonderful-Bricraft rfid zip wallet purple oil leather

1. RFID Wallet

You may have credit cards with you which come in handy during emergencies or when you do not have cash. You may also not know that your credit card can be used as a contactless card. This works by getting it close to a card reader machine without having to input your pin. This functionality opens up a world of options for scammers to take advantage of. The RFID wallet takes care of such security and privacy loopholes.

Withdrawal protocols are designed to deal with the malicious eavesdropping through video or audio recording as you input your card pin on an ATM machine. Your money is however not completely secured because someone may use a machine to scan your card, acquire your details and duplicate them. This is possible through picking up of Radio-frequencies transmitted by your smart card; known as Radio-Frequency Identification. This is very serious and at the same time a very simple issue to deal with. Get a RFID wallet to block the transmission of such frequencies to unintended destinations.

Appropriate storage and use

The wallet is designed to block the radioactive frequencies till you get it out and have to use it yourself. It is affordable and simple compared to the invaluable security that comes along with it. Have a safe trip knowing that you have secured your backup purchasing medium which you only can only use by taking it out of your wallet. It is important to take care of your wallet, keep it from dumpy environment or direct heat.

Parting shot

Have fun planning for the trip you are going to make. If you are about to become a frequent traveler, it is best to note all the various items you need. Be practical and remember that safety comes first. If you need to lose weight along the way, do away with the tools that are least important. Always carry enough food supplies that would not go bad after a short time. If you are going camping, a skill such as hunting or fishing is a plus for you.

Shopping for outfits and accessories is a rewarding and fun experience. When going out, think carefully about all the fashion items you need before deciding on a budget. A quick skim through your wardrobe should give you an idea on what’s missing. Which pieces would you love to have most? Place these at the top of your list.

Once at the shop, the choices quickly become confusing and difficult for most people; you have no clue where to get started! There are countless brands, colors, sizes, cuts, styles, and accessories to choose from. With a clear idea, however, you’ll still come out with the best look.

To get the most out of every clothes and accessories shopping, here are strategies you could try out:

#1 Strategies For Shopping Online

With the convenience of online shopping, not everyone fancies visiting the stores. Online fashion stores offer a wide variety of styles both on and off season. By simply using your Smartphone or other mobile devices, you get access to catalogued fashion items complete with the price range.

Bricraft blog image of 5 Strategies of buying clothes

When shopping online, you should;
Know Your Size
Different clothing brands have different size definitions. Before settling for a purchase, confirm your measurements using a simple tape measure. These brands will have size charts on their websites; you can easily consult these charts to find the perfect fit for you.
FYI: Some websites have simple assessments to determine your perfect fit; you don’t have to use a tape measure.
Go Through Reviews and Comments
On all online stores, customers who have already purchased fashion items will have likely written reviews. As their honest view, you can rely on reviews and comments to determine the quality of a particular piece. If it will be your first time shipping, you’ll know exactly what to expect in the package as well as options for getting your money back should the item fail to impress.
Evaluate Shipping Costs
Depending on your manufacturer and location, shipping may be exorbitantly high regardless of the great deal offered. Since some store offer their clients a certain discount whenever they spend beyond a certain limit, it would be wise to do all shopping in such an establishment.
FYI: The biggest online retailers offer free shipping to select global destinations.
Look For Coupon Codes
Due to the high volume of fashion items passing through them, online stores can’t keep an accurate record of all coupons available. Set aside some time and search online whether the supplier or manufacturer has coupons on offer. A simple search generates coupons for a specific store and specific item.
Try Clothes on Delivery
To avoid a higher business risk, some stores have strict return policies, often lasting a few days. As soon as your order arrives, try on the clothes to see if they fit perfectly; you are at liberty to return them as soon as possible if they don’t. Whenever you need to return items, it helps to have packing slips and receipts of online shopping; this also helps you keep track of how much you’re spending.
Shop Anywhere
This is the greatest advantage of buying clothes and fashion items online; you can conveniently search for multiple sellers selling the same item. Apart from comparing the price differences, the reviews on the sellers’ sites will clearly show who sells the highest quality products and offers the best customer support.

Bricraft blog image of 5 Strategies of buying clothes

Tip: When shopping for clothes online, select items from stores offering good return policies; this should include free return-shipping costs.

#2 Strategies For Shopping At a Store

If you still prefer shopping the old-fashioned way, the store is a good place to try out the latest trend first-hand. Shopping in stores in highly convenient; you pick the best-fitting and looking garment every time. When shopping in a store, you should;

Scan the Entire Store

Normally, fashion stores have items all shoppers need in the first few racks; while you may choose to end your search there, the best clothes and accessories are strewn throughout the store. A typical store has hundreds of designs to pick from. An easier way to go about it would start at the back heading to the front.

Ask For Assistance from a Salesperson

Bricraft blog image of 5 Strategies of buying clothes

Shoppers often struggle to find the correct designs and sizes in stores. Courteously asking a salesperson to assist you will get you exactly what you want more quickly. Being well acquainted with the store, these people can also bring you a wide selection of the style you want; they might even stumble upon something you might love more!

While the salesperson may offer all the items and services you need, don’t always take their word for it. Their job is to get items off the shelves as quickly as possible; your final choice should be guided by your instincts.

Inspect Your Clothes

The clothes you should be of impeccable quality and made of strong fabric; in our rush to get shopping done, we often overlook minor details such as missing decals and buttons, tears, and strains. The zippers and seams must be professionally finished.

If you see great-looking items which have threads coming out and are poor stitching, keep off them; having them resized will have them loose initial appeal.

Do They Fit Well?

Clothes with unsightly gaps, uneven hems, puckering seams, and other related issues should be avoided. The mirrors in your fashion store should give you an all-round view of how you look in the outfit. Clothes which are too tight are not right for you; you would also be quite uncomfortable in them.

Rather than purchase items which will lie idle in your wardrobe, choose clothes which fit you at the time; a good look boosts your image, consequently determining how far you go!  Apart from giving you an opportunity to be more social with the friends and family you go shopping with, you might just stumble on on-store-only discounts.

Bricraft blog image of 5 Strategies of buying clothes

Time Factor
When shopping online, on is forced to wait for several business days for the product to be shipped. The fun is buying clothes is trying them on and looking great in them right away; a store accords you this convenience, allowing you to take your pick home. One is able to immediately discern the quality of an item, giving you the best value for money.

#3 Shopping Strategies for the Petite

If you are less than 5’4”, finding perfectly fitting clothes can be challenging. While many petite women do their fashion shopping at the local stores, many are increasingly turning their attention to retailers specializing in their body types. Luckily, there are numerous stores offering fashion solutions to petite women; there’s 100% guarantee of finding the best fits.

In mainstream fashion stores, shorter women have to choose between extra large jackets and skirts; the armholes will be too big or the hems too long for other clothes. Surprisingly, retailers haven’t yet fully embracing this, ignoring an entire market niche.

Armholes and Prints

Are you shopping for fitting dresses and tops? Apart from fully complementing your body and features, these clothes should be carefully checked for perfect-sized armholes. For you to look great in them, no part of your bra should be exposed through the armholes.

Shorter women often stay away from prints, which shouldn’t be the case. When shopping, go for the smaller motifs which don’t outdo your frame. Print of any shape and pattern will do.

Bricraft blog image of 5 Strategies of buying clothes


Petite women have the rare advantage of having perfect waists for clothes. When shopping for dresses and tops that have seams or tapper in, ensure that they line perfectly with the waist. Your actual waist looks more pronounced when used as a highlight.

Skirt Hem and Pant Inseam

Smaller women look amazing in dresses with above-the-knee hemlines; more attention is directed towards the legs as an attractive feature. For pants, it’s best to pick design whose inseam length matches closely to the correct inseam; this ensures optimal fit. These two choices will almost exclusively be found in stores specializing in petite clothes.

Neckline and Shape

If you want to appear taller, consider shopping for scoop-necks and V-necks; coupled with your heels, you add a couple of inches! To complement your shape, avoid selecting clothes which have excess fabric or are too boxy. For some, however, this can easily be fixed by using a belt.

If you have a fuller and curvier shape, you have fewer options to work with. Some stores boringly offer similar basic pieces each season, ruining the whole shopping experience. Luckily, there are lots of inspiring outfits for plus-size women if you know where to look. You can find plenty of chic rompers, jean jackets, sunglasses, shoes, wallets, and so much more.

Bricraft blog image of 5 Strategies of buying clothes

#4 Strategies for Picking the Best Skirt Styles

Bricraft blog image of 5 Strategies of buying clothes

Skater skirt: Also referred to as circle skirts, they sit at your waistband and flare out, forming a circle when lying flat. Regardless of your body type, these skirts will be flattering and best coupled with cropped tops.

Mini-Skirt: Initially creating hype in the 1960’s, mini skirts are still a popular dress choice for younger women; they’ve become a permanent fixture. When selecting your mini-skirt, you have the freedom to pair up with any kind of shirt. Depending on the occasion, choices range from fitted tops to long-sleeved loose shirts.

Knee-Length Skirts

A-line: When these skirts are laid flat, they form a triangle. When worn, these skirts will flare out gently from all corners. Being knee-high, they can be worn to any occasion. Ladies with pearl shapes look the best in these dresses; they complement their waists without clinging to the hips too much.

Denim Skit: There are many varieties of denim skirts and jeans as well as pencil skirts. While some are knee-length, others are slightly above. While shopping, pair them up with s buttoned-up t-shirt silk shirt; a statement necklace completes the look.

Pencil: For working women, this is a closet staple. This acceptable office attire can be paired up with silk shell tops, buttoned-down shirts, and professional suit jackets. Apart from pear-shaped ladies, where the hips are augmented in an inappropriate manner, these skirts complement all other body types.

Bell-shaped: Resembling a bell, these skirts typically fall straight to your knee and are made using the heavier fabric. Ladies with apple-shaped bodies wear this skirt-style best. During formal occasions, the skirt can be paired up with a fitted top.

Pleated: Traditionally associated with school uniforms, these skirts with thicker pleats are quickly becoming popular. You can choose from the many styles including knee-length, mid-thigh, and calf-length. All body types can fit perfectly in these skirts. A tucked top should complete the look.

Bricraft blog image of 5 Strategies of buying clothes

Full dresses can be bought for the most formal occasions such as family meetings or when going to church. They go well with fitted tucked-in tops; this extra highlight makes all the difference.

#5 Strategies for  Selecting the Best Natural Fabric Clothing

When buying long-lasting and multi-seasonal clothes, natural silk, wool, linen, and cotton materials are the best to go for. If you are allergic to certain artificial materials, going natural protects you from autoimmune ailments. If you can’t find 100% natural clothing, 90% should do.

Bricraft blog image of 5 Strategies of buying clothes

Synthetic vs. Natural fabric
Synthetic fabric is chemically derived and typically made of plastic. These fabrics include nylon, spandex, modal, rayon, and polyester; while bamboo fabric may sound natural, it is mostly synthetic and particularly rough and coarse. Natural fibers have been used in clothes-manufacturing for several thousand years. They are the most preferred for shoppers and they include;
• Jute (very coarse)
• Hemp
• Cashmere
• Wool
• Silk
• Linen
• Cotton
Less Toxic
As you go clothes shopping, your health must be considered. Our bodies will naturally absorb 60% of what comes in contact with the skin. Polyester is by far the most dangerous material; traces of terephthalic acid and dihydric alcohol. All other synthetic materials have their weaknesses and pose danger to the wearer’s health in different ways.
More Sustainable
When filling up your closet you’re definitely looking for clothes which will weather the seasons; natural fiber is more sustainable and doesn’t damage easily. While it is hard to detect, an organically-grown material is more eco-friendly. Once the clothes serve their purpose, you won’t have to worry about littering the environment as they are 100% biodegradable.

Bricraft blog image of 5 Strategies of buying clothes

The Better Investment

If you’ve noticed, cotton clothes hold up their shape and structure for years. While this and other natural materials might be expensive at first, they are the best long-term investment. These clothes won’t break up as easily as synthetics do. Natural clothes maintain their beautiful shapes.

Apart from being a fun experience, shopping for clothes gives you the rare opportunity to reinvent yourself. Taking time and planning out your strategy will have you achieve more in a shorter period of time.

Did you find this clothes buying guide helpful? Kindly share on your social media platforms; you never know you might be helping out! Comments and questions will be highly appreciated. Cheers!


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