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Have you come across a woman who doesn’t desire the best things life has to offer? I highly doubt. Going for a wallet which suits style and personality is the surest way of self-expression. Women, in their bid to own the most fashionable wallets, go for sizes that are too small. A simple trick to deal with this is picking a wallet size which is bigger than what you perceive right. Women’s wallets always contain more than men’s, given all the beauty products and other items they hold. They look at wallets as not only good for carrying essential items; they serve as strong fashion statements.
Not every woman out there is a fashionista, but you can bet that most walk around judging what others are carrying. The living is becoming a fashion-lifestyle and accessories such as classy women wallets are at the core of it. If top brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel, or Gucci are beyond your budget, don’t worry. Instead, go for many other equally classy options using the following valuable tips for choosing a fashion wallet;

Which Motive Do You Wish To Attain?

Are you looking for a long lasting wallet which will remain fashionable or one meant for that high-end get-together? Some of the wallets are primed for spacious yet trendy looks. The best women fashion wallet will help you accomplish all your goals in the most economical manner. As you go through the limitless options, the most fashionable ones will stand out instantly. Certain flattery shapes, for instance, will only be fashionable for playful and jovial occasions. Your sanity and clear choice-making virtues can be bedeviled by the many fashionable options you will come across.

Which personality do you wish to espouse? As an extension of who you are, a fashionable wallet should own your ideals in every sense. Women are very choosy, prompting wallet manufacturers and designers to produce even more colors, designs, and sizes. As much as needs are being met, how the wallet presents you to your peers matters a lot. You should, therefore, fulfill your motives as much as you wish to please others. If the wallet looks fashionable to others but detrimental to your personality, it will probably bore you after only several uses. It is best to always demand the full value of your money.

What Do You Prefer Having your Wallet?

Their sheer will and passion to make the wisest fashion choices have led women to implore all wallet designers. These professionals have had to create more wallet types. You can now order a trifold, wristlet, long, opera, or compact wallet for the classiest events you attend. There are many different needs on needs to achieve with a wallet, as much as it has to remain fashionable. If you are averse to leaving your wallet behind, it’s advisable to go for wristlets; other loop hangings are ideal too. Do you need a wallet for business? The long and opera styles will provide all the accommodation you need for coins, cash, and important documents.

If you are a tomboy, you’re in for luck! There are now many fashionable wallets mimicking men’s designs made just for you. The ingenuity goes beyond the design and further into color and other discreet decorations. Attention is kept to the bare minimum, avoiding too much glaring. Functionality in these fashionable wallets is at its prime, taking into account the busy lives women have. Your wallet type is a true depiction of yourself. You shouldn’t compromise on the wallet’s likeability since you will be having it for a long time.

Which Is Your Preferred Wallet Closure Method?

Wallets have different methods of closure in conformity with the needs of the user. This is more so when it comes to women designs. The favorites include the kiss lock, magnet, button, zipper, and Velcro closures. Outrightly, this might seem like an unimportant feature but it proves to be one of the greatest sources of user satisfaction. Your wallet closure easily dictates how trendy you remain in fashion, with some having the ability to transcend bounds. Some key considerations when settling for the wallet closure is the noise level. Velcro is certainly noisy and attracts unwarranted attention your way. This closure, therefore, wouldn’t be an ideal choice for offices and places of business.
Opera wallets are known to snap shut quite noticeably, a fashion appeal some women can’t get enough of. While some wallet closures have some obvious misdoings, designers compensate for this by ensuring functionality is optimal. In modern times, most people have phones in one hand constantly. A wallet closure which is fashionable and operates smoothly makes things easier! While assessing wallet closures, be sure to check their durability and quality of construction. Velcro closures are known to degrade quite rapidly. Some zipper closures may look sleek but in reality, break off at the slightest application of substantial pressure.

Explore the Expansive Market both Virtually and Physically

When you open your mind to it, you will be amazed by the abundance of fashionable women wallets available. We have taken the initiative to review the best wallets in quality and functionality, featuring multiple designs and multiple colors. From the comfort of your device at home, you can now visit our wallet for a peek into what the online market has to offer you. The prices are very flexible especially during festive seasons and huge sales. You can go through the customer reviews under each product to get an unbiased view of how fashionable wallet functions. Be careful when checking the pictures to ensure you receive exactly what you ordered.

If you are after taking home specific brands, you can try out a brick and mortar store with a location near you. A hands-on feel of the wallet tells you all you need to know. Consumers can also immediately switching with the wallet appeasing them most. Among the prime considerations should be the tendency to tear and wear, usage, and age of manufacture. However, some online purchases match very close to this. 100% satisfaction guarantee offer allows wallets to be returned and replaced when they fail to meet user expectations. The only problem with this is the time spent on sending the wallet back and forth.

Design and Color Suiting Your Persona

What you own reflects your taste and is a true depiction of your eloquence in fashion. If you’re not very confident, you could ask for help from a knowledgeable friend. Are you enthusiastic and vibrant? You should fly past the neutrals and go for wallets with fashionably decorated exteriors. Funky designs and colors offer a fresh breath of uniqueness in a world which has become too commonplace. Even while revering this, the wallet must remain usable to serve its main purpose. The more vibrant and playful the colors, the easier a time you will have when picking out your favorite outfit.

How often do you intend to be using your wallet? Those models suitable for daily lack highly attractive features which compromise comfort and the overall functionality. The darker shades of brown, red, and black offer classy patterns which are easy to match with the outfit of choice. Ladies also take greatly to wallets with superior craftsmanship and professional stitching and styling. A contrast between the wallet and stitching interest is of particular interest to some, determining the entire purchasing process. At the ending of the day, fashion should be defined by the user.

How Durable Is The Fabric?

The material you ultimately choose for your wallet has a lot to do with fashion as it does with your set budget. There is an abundance of materials used to forge wallets, spanning from exotic leathers to natural fabrics and synthetics. Without a doubt, your fashionable wallet is set to face challenges similar to those you face daily. It is prudent to be proactive and ensure that the fabric you choose will hold up. The fabric has to be well treated to withstand crushing, dropping, fiction, and folding. Other quality tests it will be subjected to involuntarily. This is best achievable in fashionable women wallets made of fine and exotic animal skins.

There are other materials such as cotton and natural fibers which can also stretch a great deal. If your budget is minimal and you still wish to look the part, go for it with a synthetic material wallet. With this, however, you will have to be extra cautious to avoid damaging it within a short time. You might be forced to purchase these types of wallets more frequently. This beats the whole purpose of going for overly cheap products. Besides making sure that every wallet you purchase accounts for every penny spent, the fabric should be kind enough to your skin and cards. Some are known to deface the cards and cause mild discomfort.

Wallet Brand

Most women are fascinated by the top brands in the wallet market.  These, however, are quite expensive and out of reach for many. There are still those who would rather save up and own one of these brands leading to global fashion dominance. Some of the most expensive choices for fashionable wallets don’t guarantee you of lasting for long. There is much more which goes into deciding this. Besides the leading brands such as Prada and Gucci, many more medium-sized ones which offer the same or better quality. You will find these and much more in our versatile fashionable women wallets catalog.
Some wallet brands give their clients amazing offers. For the price of one wallet, customers also get other complementary gifts to keep luring them back. You may make away with an equally stylish coin pouch for settling on your favorite brand. By sticking to your set budget, you will be amazed to find many quality wallets from brands that aren’t well established. Sometimes, trying something new gives you a refreshed feeling and the luckiest break you have had in a while. If you have clothes branded by these and other brands, matching for your favorite events is kicked a notch higher!

Security Features

For the chic woman, being fashionable also means improving their security and that of their wallets. Seeing as they hold your most valuable items and virtually all financial detail, it pays off greatly to invest in physically secure wallets. There are now many RFID enabled wallets, featuring the latest technology to deter all forms of electronic thefts. By the simple flick of a switch, someone with an RFID scanner can easily steal all your contact and personal information. The damage may extend beyond financial manipulation, extending into identity theft.
A secure and fashionable wallet should give you peace of mind, allowing your mind to handle other important obligations undisturbed. The types of closure determine the physical security greatly, with those wallets which clasp shut being more likeable. They can hardly open without your knowledge. Fashion is now being redefined with the need for self-preservation through ensuring all your contents and smartcards are safe from thieves. Always ensure you test the security feature before making your final decision on the ideal fashionable wallet for your needs.

Wrap Up

We hope that our brief guide makes matters easier for you when you go looking for your perfect fashion wallet. Start you search in our expansive catalog; just enter the wallet category you are looking for and suggestions will be availed to you. Our team of dedicated staff has gone to great lengths to bring you the best in the fashionable women wallets category. We are here to meet all your needs. Looking impeccable should be a part of your daily life. What better way to express your likes and passions than with a cute wallet?
Do you wish to get more in-depth information regarding the fashion wallet you are looking for? Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our pride is in serving all our clients to their fullest satisfaction. Welcome to our happy consumer family!

During summer, temperatures can soar quite high as currently witnessed around the world. The color of your outfits determines how dry and comfortable you will be in such weather. Choosing outfits with cool colors helps cool your core temperature and remain utterly relaxed.

The cold color effectiveness has been widely studied by leading scientists, amicably concluding that certain color in the spectrum ward off heat and dissipate it faster. Even when wearing the right colors, you must strike a balance with appropriate clothing coverage; the lesser you wear, the better.

Remain Trendy in Cool Colored Clothes This Summer

Summer is a time to get out and have fun! These cool colors are refined, sensitive, and soft. For the best looks, avoid wearing outfits with vivid colors too close to the face. The most effective cold colors to rock this summer are;

  • Island Blue
  • Grass Blue
  • Taro Purple

In hot weather, black clothes are a no-go; they absorb and retain the simmering heat. White clothes, on the other hand, absorbs all the spectrum colors and reflect away the most heat. In this guide, we focus on the three trendy colors which make stunning outfits.

#1 Island Blue

ibricraft blog image of 3 Cold Colors To Wear and Tips To Match in Summer

As a quiet, noble, and lovely color, island blue is used by many leading designers to evoke inner appeal. Summer is a good a time as any to try bold fashion ideas. This particular hue looks well on most skin and eye colors. In some instances, island blue-colored accessories can be worn to achieve a complementary tone.

Even when wearing this color, matching up with opposite-looking colors creates a lovely ensemble. For an even easier time, consider matching up with analog colors; they are less demanding. A summer outfit won’t be complete without an accent color.

How to Accessorize Island Blue Outfits

Solid color outfits are always tricky to accessorize. To get it right in your first attempt, you should focus on the;


ibricraft blog image of 3 Cold Colors To Wear and Tips To Match in Summer

Our footwear makes an instant fashion statement. Most women will readily go for nude-colored shoes without accessing other options. To look lively this summer, you should go beyond white and black shoes. Both colors, however, complement your island blue outfit without drawing too much attention from them.

FYI: If you are to wear silver shoes, wear mild jewelry which matches; it shouldn’t be too flashy and bright.


To liven up your cool-colored outfit, going for warmer jewelry helps break the monotony. If you have a warm skin tone, gold jewelry will look dashing on you. For those with cooler skin tones, silver is the best color to accessorize with. At all times, these two colors should not be worn together as they will clash.


After sorting your jewelry and shoes, your choice of the bag should go well with the entire outfit. The bag should also be selected depending on the event you wish to attend. Smaller handbags are the ideal choice for formal ceremonies. If the occasion will be more casual, a bigger bag gives you the freedom to tag along all items you might require.

Makeup Tips When Wearing Island Blue

When wearing a captivating island blue outfit, going for basic makeup will be insufficient. To strike the most elegant look, here’s what you should do;

Base: When working with a cool blue shade, you can easily match up with an orange or deep red color for a warmer look. A cooler blue shade will often have a more prominent green embedded. The foundation should be a darker shade than your original choice. This healthy, warm glow won’t wash out in photos.

Be Versatile With Colors: Color wheels, readily available on the internet, are your best bet at choosing contemporary colors. Coral, brown, peach and several shades of blue can be used. Alternatively, you might choose to highlight one color’s prominence in various outfit elements. With other colors, you look even more playful in summer.

Eye: with your alluring island blue outfit, the eyes should be prominent and speak volumes. Feminine eyes should always be made up with gender-friendly color shades. Different shades of blue and green will go amazingly well. If you are more daring, cat-eye shapes are trendy to wear. A peach or brown eye shadow completes the look.

Lips: If your eye look is dramatic, going for nude lip colors even this out. Depending on the color of nude-shaded lipstick, wear peach, pink, or other bleak choices. Remember to use a lip liner for added stay power. For the perfect look, apply striking-red lipstick. Coral and pink are recommended choices too.

In summer, your makeup can easily come off when worn wrong. Applying a makeup spritz will keep this incredible look fresh and shimmery for a longer time. Mineral powder sealers are greatly effective.

Island Blue Creates Serenity

As psychologists prescribe, dressing in an island blue outfit greatly helps in calming. Apart from keeping you conveniently cool, this hue is wonderfully uplifting and perfect to wear when feeling edgy or nervous. Creating your own calm-zone will help keep your thoughts focused this simmering summer.

# Grass Green

ibricraft blog image of 3 Cold Colors To Wear and Tips To Match in Summer

The noticeable grass green is prominent all around us. Apart from evoking a natural aura and giving you a cooling sensation during summer, this popular color only comes second to blue. When wearing grass green, your body’s pituitary grand is naturally stimulated. In hot weather, this increases blood histamine levels and relaxes body muscles.

While the grass green colored outfits are invigorating, they are stress-relievers and will effortlessly calm you. The color is also touted for spurring creativity! Attaining a youthful appeal this summer is within your grasp.

Styling Tips When Wearing Grass Green

As a versatile and amazing color, grass green can easily be matched up with white, blue, yellow or pink colors. If you have other outfits or accessories with dark turquoise or pastel shades, it goes along well too. This color flatters almost all skin tones, whether cool or warm.

As a renowned summer cool color, grass green should be worn mildly. When used together with eye-popping shades such as green, orange, or yellow, monotony is broken easily; the accessories shouldn’t be too large and glaring.

Ultimate Sugary Look

Grass green seamlessly blends with delicate pastels. This excellent shade of femininity and tenderness perfectly harmonizes with ice-cream, nude, lavender, baby pink and powdery shades. For you to be able to play more with other colors, settle for an extra pastel shade to color-block. Skirts, shorts, and mini pants look irresistibly enticing when paired up with white tops and blouses.

Tip: With these endless, rely on your inner instinct to match the outfits you already have in the wardrobe.

 Lovely Retro Looks

Regardless of the cloth type you choose in the grass green shade, coming up with retro looks this summer is straightforward. For some ladies, a head-to-toe look is more preferable; being summer, ensure the outfit is light enough to enhance cooling. Other women prefer wearing a single element and complementing it with other accessories.

When matching grass green with black, you can rarely go wrong. However, this would be a costly mistake during summer as you’ll end up retaining too much heat.

Amazing Ways to Makeup When Wearing Grass Green

Moderate Base: Since this cool lively color will naturally complement the skin complexion and tone, hiding under a thick primer and foundation layer is a no-go. Your concealer of choice should match closely to the skin tone. When applying tinted moisturizer over the concealer, only use products which disappear soon after application. If you have paler skin, a darker-colored foundation will suffice.

Metallic Eye: To look more glamorous this summer, go with dramatic and elaborate eye looks. To start off, dab color pink just above the eyelids. Peach-pink eye shadows look particularly appealing when blended with gold shimmering. Depending on your preference, there are many eye-styling options to pick from. When adding highlight, a tiny smudge of champagne-gold glitter completes the look!

Natural Glow: As an earthy color, grass green should be accompanied with an equally natural glow. Adding the glow to your face balances the attention between it and your outfit. If you have a pale complexion, golden-apricot powder blushing will liven you up. If you know how to work a highlighter, you can try contouring the face after applying a bit of bronzer powder.

Nude Lip: When making up for summer, you can play around with the lips without losing touch with the attire. If you can’t access your favorite nude lipstick, shimmery coral can substitute. After outlining the lips and applying lip balm, you can fill with a favorite color which doesn’t clash with grass green.

#3 Taro Purple

ibricraft blog image of 3 Cold Colors To Wear and Tips To Match in Summer

Specially made to portray feminine elegance, this color instantly gives you a youthful look. When in it, people will find you easy and fun to associate with. For psychologists, this color helps in attaining deeper spirituality and imagination.

Different Colors to Wear With Taro Purple

To show off opulence while still remaining cool this summer, contrasting and vibrant choices create a bolder look. You should focus on;

Gold and Silver

While gold helps create a warm ambiance, silver is excellent at highlighting taro purple’s cool undertones. If you fancy silver as your metallic choice, a taro-purple cashmere top will go well. When wearing jewelry, simple pearl studs or silver earrings will do. Over-accessorizing can ruin the entire look. Opaque black tights won’t go well with this color.

Neutral Backdrops

To backdrop your taro purple garments, use dark neutrals; lighter neutral is better suited for darker shades of purple. A taro purple top and a white pair of pants should be matched up with neutral accessories; say a nude envelope clutch and tan leather sandals. Adding accents should never overwhelm this youthful color.

Purple and Blue Tones

ibricraft blog image of 3 Cold Colors To Wear and Tips To Match in Summer

The simplest approach to accessorizing your outfit this summer would be to work with varying purple tones. You can effortlessly complete this ensemble by wearing delicate gold jewelry. If you are more daring, try matching up with blue accents. Different blue shades can be used as long as they don’t overpower the subtle taro purple. Chunky accessories should be avoided.

Contemporary Contrasts

Since taro purple is a mildly bold color, it can be easily worn with a variety of other bright colors. With this contemporary purple shade, red looks striking and adds to the appeal. With such colors, you can have it easy with accessories and settle for basic ones. A light shade of yellow can also be paired up with this color for the ultimate summer look.

Wearing Makeup with Taro purple Outfits

In summer, your makeup should lighten you up and create a glowing, fresh appearance. With taro purple, your makeup should remain simple but sweet. Applying matte bone shadow on the eyelids works best for all skin tones. If you have blonde hair and fair skin, a taupe shade brings warmth to your palate.

Tip: To complete eye makeup, neutral shimmery champagne is recommended.

If you prefer black-cream kohl eyeliner, the upper lashes receive more attention. Several tiny dash-strokes should be made close to your lashes. For an easier time and the best results, the upper lash line should be built gently. An angle brush is useful in evening out certain areas.

Will you be wearing taro purple this summer? Your lips and cheeks will look best in warm coral colors. One can still opt for bolder color such as red; this lipstick looks impeccable on ladies with light hair as it brightens their palates. If you have darker hair, bolder lips will look overwhelming on your taro purple outfit.

Time to Head Outdoors!

Women generally have a harder time working with these cold colors; conventional colors are a staple. During summer, you can keep cool while still trendy and in fashion. Through this fashion guide, making the right color choices has been made easier and more practical. Having a color chart with you is a sure way of avoiding color clashing.

Do you have any questions on how to wear cold colors in summer? We would be much obliged to provide definitive answers. If you found this review useful, kindly share on your social media platform; sharing is caring. All the best!

All women aspire to have perfectly-shaped bodies. However, this is not always the case. While many ladies go to great lengths to make this come true, it remains hard to achieve for some. While a fitness program may help slim the waist, it might not do so for the arms. Apart from disappointing many women, flabby arms can spoil their desire to look stylish.

Are you having issues with your plump arms? It’s about time you brought them to an end! Here are 7 ways to say goodbye to fat arms without losing weight.

#1 Puff Sleeves

ibricraft blog image of 7 Amazing Ways to Hide Flabby Arms with These Clothes

If your arms are quite big, it’s best to keep off all short-sleeved and sleeveless attire; this only attracts attention to the arms. On contrary, full-sleeved tops and outfits divert the attention elsewhere. In some cases, only the upper hand requires to be hidden; quarter sleeves can be used instead. Modern fashion has brought forth vogue outfits designed to hide fat arms such as the long-sleeved puff sleeve.

Balancing Comfort and Style

There are many trendy outfits such as the long-sleeved puff sleeves, ideally designed to fit flabby arms while focusing the observer’s attention elsewhere. If you have an apple body shape, your dress choice should flatter the top half.

For ladies with a pearl, flattering the bottom half attracts more emphasis to the most outstanding features. Broomstick skirts and shapeless garments should be avoided at all costs. An A-line cut dress will make the look trendy. Having a pair of well-fitting and straight jean gives you a lot to work with.

What Puff Sleeves Offer

Giving you the ancient Victorian era aura, puffy sleeves have the old world charm. If you have flabby arms and broad hips, puffed sleeves take this boldly and direct attention to your most attractive features. Depending on your preferences you can get:

  • A puff sleeve full at its top only – In this pattern, using 1 or 2 darts at the sleeve’s edge keep it from being full at the bottom. Another variation can be a butterfly sleeve.
  • A puff sleeve full at its bottom only – To fill at the bottom, the darts should be more centered, preventing the sleeve from being full at the top.
  • A puff sleeve full at both the bottom and top – For sleeves which are full on both sides, the dart is strategically placed during sewing. This allocates equal attention to detail.

Matching and Accessorizing

Unusual and beautiful accessories are a must-have for women with flabby arms. Apart from making the wardrobe more versatile, such accessories will be blind to your weight loss or gain. Unlike smaller women, bigger ladies can easily pull captivating looks with bold and large jewelry.

Tip: Keep off teeny pendants and earrings; they might look inappropriately miniature.

ibricraft blog image of 7 Amazing Ways to Hide Flabby Arms with These Clothes

#2 Speaker Sleeve

ibricraft blog image of 7 Amazing Ways to Hide Flabby Arms with These Clothes

If you have fat arms, they probably won’t allow you to show off easily. Unknown to many women, there are many other body parts which can be flaunted for a glamorous look. Speaker sleeve is a good choice for you to show off easily. Speaker sleeve has more to do with the arm design. It is narrow at the upper arm and gets broader towards the hand. This outfit gives you more accessories options to work with. Avoid going for extra-large jewelry they compromise the stylish look; dangling earrings are ideal.

By wearing a speaker sleeve, you ingeniously conceal your flabby arms while balancing the overall appearance. By allowing you to highlight the other attractive parts and not arms, you can rock a trendy look and be totally comfortable with your look!

Shifting the Focus

Are you constantly getting easily worked up due to the problem area? Drawing attention to your attractive assets gives you more leverage. With a perfect-fitting speaker sleeve, you can keep attention off the arms by using attention-grabbing, bold accessories. Alternatively, why not try a dramatic necklace and chunky earrings to match up?

Is your figure perfect for flaunting? If yes, flabby arms are easy to deal with! When choosing your speaker sleeve and accompanying its accompanying outfit, focus on accentuating your waistline.

Why Wear Speaker Sleeves?

Barely exposing your shoulders, speakers are the best outfits for showing off the shoulders while quietly concealing the arm. Depending on whether you need to conceal the upper or entire arm, there are both medium and full-sleeved speaker sleeves to choose from.

When picking your outfit, ensure the seams are strong enough to hold for long. Speaker sleeves are available in numerous designs, all designed to quietly conceal flabby arms.


When wearing speaker sleeves, avoid going for horizontal patterns. Apart from making your arms more prominent, they broaden your figure and make it harder to find comfortable looks. A speaker sleeve which is plainer is easier to work with.

#3 Strapless Dresses

ibricraft blog image of 7 Amazing Ways to Hide Flabby Arms with These Clothes

Apart from being a trendy fashion statement, strapless dresses have a great appeal on the eyes; this completely takes attention away from fat arms. If you were to wear a strapped dress, for instance, the thin strap would only emphasize how large the upper arm is.

As women with fat arms try to avoid traps, hiding the upper arm is pretty easy with a nice wrap. This can either be included in the dress design or an accessorized light shoal around the shoulders. If your cleavage is larger, these outfits will add grace and style without hiding your assets.

Many Forms of Strapless Clothes to Choose From

When you want to conceal more weight throughout the body, Spanx dresses are designed to flatten out the area of interest and divert the attention elsewhere. While some people may find strapless clothes immodest, selecting a well-fitting mini dress highlights your legs and pearl shape.

There is an abundance of beautiful strapless clothes specially designed for women with flabby arms. To make them even more effective at concealing, the best designs feature minimalistic designs, making your figure appear even smaller.

When worn the right way, strapless dresses can give you a fun, sexy, and formal look. With many designers offering their best idea yet, looking appealing and classy has been made easier. Showing a few your shoulders portrays fashion boldness.

FYI: When wearing strapless dresses, it is best to go with light accessories; you don’t want to take attention from the shoulders.

#4 Strapless Shirts

ibricraft blog image of 7 Amazing Ways to Hide Flabby Arms with These Clothes

If your arms are flabby, the age-old to slim them without hitting the gym is dressing in dark tops and shirts. When working with darker outfits, it’s easier to match them up and strike the most appealing look. You also have a broader choice of accessories to work with.

Cute tank tops and shirts which are strapless are an easy way to express yourself and amplify your assets. When picking your choice of strapless shirts, you should ensure your bras are concealed; there are many designs of strapless bras to wear with.

Bras to Wear

For the most comfortable fit, wear your strapless tops with strapless or bandeau bras. If you can’t find those, bras with clear straps will do. With a bandeau bra, you receive all the support you require without attracting too much attention to the top.

Tip: However, for those women who will still wear a shirt or other garment on top, any bra design can be used.

Why Wearing Strapless Shirts Works

Your choice of strapless short shouldn’t be too tight; it would otherwise reveal all bumps and lumps. For a more flattery look, comfortable fits are the way to go. When working to hide the flabby arms, it’s important to ensure that the top also blends with your torso. Your choice should also be guided by the girth of your shoulders and the general body shape.

Do you have a larger bust? There are specially-made designs to support this without weighing you down. Always ensure that the top fits tightly at the top and allows you free movement. For those with smaller chests, tops which are V-shaped are the best; they place more emphasis on the cleavage.

Tip: If you have a wide chest, go for strapless tops with the neckline ending just above the cleavage. Solid colored tops will look dashing.

#5 Backless Blouse

ibricraft blog image of 7 Amazing Ways to Hide Flabby Arms with These Clothes

When concealing fat arms, drawing attention to your back is a sure way to win! These blouses are designed to leave enough skin to arouse interest while still remaining classy. If your skin is moderately clear or you have a toned back, a backless blouse is the ideal statement piece for that next big appearance.

To pull off this look perfectly, you must wear the right accessories and bra. A low-back-bra, for instance, wrap around the stomach’s back while still providing ample chest support. Other bras you could use with this include;

  • Adhesive bras
  • Halter bras
  • Stick on silicone-gel petals

Making the Skin Glow

Since your back will be a major attraction, exfoliating the skin will go a long way towards making it appear supple and youthful. Several weeks before pulling off this look, use the standard shower gel and a loofah to scrub away every inch of dead skin. If you have quite sensitive skin, do this for only a few times.

FYI: Even for those without acne conditions, using an acne scrub on the back will keep off stray pimples and improves your skin’s health. A light moisturizer should dry it out.

Backless Blouses Offer You Rare Convenience

When rocking this outfit, walk with confidence with the chest out, the shoulders back, and your head held high. With this straight posture, your flabby arms will be barely noticeable. To keep the focus on the back, keep accessories to the bare minimum. An elegant pair of earrings and a mild bracelet should suffice.

#6 Layering Over the Camisole

ibricraft blog image of 7 Amazing Ways to Hide Flabby Arms with These Clothes

Just because your arms are quite flabby, you don’t necessarily have to give up wearing the latest sleeveless outfits. With so many pretty camisoles on the market, you will definitely find your perfect fit and look amazing. There is a huge assortment of sheer blouses, wraps, boleros, cardigans, and other tops you can wear.


As a fashion piece which could go with anything, camisoles should be a staple in your wardrobe. Being highly fashionable, you can use them to serve a wide range of purposes. Depending on your preference, you can work with skin-colored camisoles or the supportive ones. They are available in all lengths and styles.

You can either go for a;

  • Body-Hugging Camisole – These are often stretchable and made of soft cotton material. It is easily the most common camisole type.
  • Cotton Camisole – Being extra soft, these camisoles make it easier for your skin to breathe. It provides women with additional style and comfort especially when working out
  • Silk Camisole – Apart from exuding feminine confidence, silk camisoles have been designed as comfortable and sensual.

To conceal fat arms discreetly, a fancy camisole is stunning and requires very mild accessorizing. Shape-wear camisoles might end up highlighting the arms and should be avoided. There are plenty of plus-size camisoles expertly designed to give you unmatched confidence.

#7 Sheer/Lace Sleeves

ibricraft blog image of 7 Amazing Ways to Hide Flabby Arms with These Clothes

During the hot months, sheer clothes not only hide flabby arms but also make you feel at ease and cool. During the consequent seasons, they can be complemented with layering to keep warm. With breezy sheers, you need to be extra-careful to hide the bra as well. A pretty look should never be a challenge to you.

For virtually any occasion, a pussy-bow blouse will make you stand out. Being full-sleeved, these tops come in all styles and colors. Darker and plain colors will look especially appealing.

Subtle Soft Bra

When considering inner wear, sheer and lace sleeves look appealing when worn with subtle bras. These bras are nude and won’t bunch-up under your top. This would otherwise bring attention to your fat arms. To complete this look, a seamless and strapless top complements your figure and exudes rare confidence.

FYI: With this full coverage, a seamless tank can go with any sheer top. You will have to be extra-vigilant with your bra.

Are you looking for even more coverage beyond the arms? A lace-trimmed slip dress is an easy solution. This tunic can be an invaluable option for women in the plus-size category. Perhaps you have more attitude and daring; consider going for a lacy bustier. Throughout all seasons, concealing your fat arms is incredibly easy when you follow the right fashion advice.

Wrap Up

Those flabby arms should be a bother anymore. There is a huge assortment of strapless clothes on the market. In this short guide, women can try out many options right at home. By doing a wardrobe audit, you might find several items already intact.

Do you have any questions or comments on how to deal with those flabby arms? Kindly contact us and we will get back to you with a solution! We are committed to making you feel comfortable in your skin. Cheers!


In summer, sunglasses are must-have fashion accessories. Many people are at a loss on how to accessorize without compromising their look. What do you want to portray? If your choice of sunglasses is bronze, silver, or gold, for instance, all other accessories and hardware such as RFID blocking wallet should match closely.

You should also ensure;

# Earrings and glasses complement each other – Sunglasses should remain more prominent; your choice of earrings should simply add a nice accent. The earring size and shape should remain relevant to your eyewear.

# Necklaces and glasses go well together – Are you a fan of bold necklaces? When accessorizing with sunglasses, always go for lesser earrings. While the look should remain harmonious, wearing flunky glasses gives you the freedom to wear clunky jewelry. If your glasses have rimless frames, fine jewelry will do.

# The glasses match the shape of your face – To get it right, always strike the balance. For instance, if your face is round, boxy rectangular glasses will look great! For those with long faces, round glasses complement this feature. Oval faces can go with any shape.

# The sunglasses match your outfit – Modern clothes should go with modern sunglasses as should traditional ones. For most people, mixing the two is quite common; having both types of sunglasses gives you many options to work with.

Choosing Your Perfect Fashion Accessory Set

Too many accessories draw attention from you; simple Sunglasses, a pair of earrings, and a few bracelets should do. The accessories you choose will either make or break your appeal. Before choosing the accessory set, you must consider the style, scale, scale and color of all pieces in addition to the occasion.

# Style

Wearing the right accessories is another way to define your style. Depending on your choice of jewelry, shoes, sunglasses, handbag, and other accessories, your typical dress or pair of jeans looks completely different. To go with your glasses, here are accessories worth considering;

  • Casual accessories – You could go with a crossbody bag, knee-high boots, floppy hats, candy-colored watch or bracelet, or espadrille sandals.
  • Edgy accessories – In 2017, the choker necklace continues to gain popularity. Black leather boots, a studded handbag, and a thick cuff bracelet would go well.
  • Glamorous accessories – with oversized sunglasses, you could easily pull a neat look with a bib necklace, chandelier earrings, large cocktail ring, sky-high heels, and a crystal-embellished clutch.
  • Classic accessories – A leather RFID wallet or clutch, silk scarf, classic black pumps, and diamond or pearl stud earrings would make for an incredible look!
  • Workday accessories – When going out on weekdays, a classic watch, kitten heel, a large shoulder or satchel bag, and a delicate necklace suffice.
  • Playful accessories – Chunky accessories have no limit to what they could go with. Anything from headbands, hobo bag, or colorful ballet flats and a skinny belt would do.
 # Scale

The fashion accessories you choose to go along with your sunglasses and outfit should be appropriately scaled. For instance, if you’re wearing patterns, having too many accessories makes the prints look tacky; simple accessories will do. When accessorizing, always emphasize on the outfit.
Your body type is another important consideration. Ensure that the shape and scale of your handbag auger well with your sunglasses. If you are a thin, tall woman, slouchy bags such as clutches and hobos should be your ideal carry. Shorter women should avoid oversized handbags with extensive straps. If you are an hourglass-shaped or plus-sized woman, boxy or mid-sized structured bags will even out your curves.
# Color
Neutral colors such as white and black are the easiest to use accessories with; you can use virtually any color! Colorful outfits should be worn together with accessories they don’t clash with. Just like in the color wheel, colors next to each other, in their many shades, will naturally blend in. Ensure they are matched on similar darkness or lightness.


Are you after making a huge fashion statement? Consider mixing a primary color and a secondary color opposite to each other on the color wheel. These are adventurous and bold colors to pair. While trying to appear chic, avoid using all three primary colors.

Tips for Matching Sunglasses with Other Accessories and Outfits

#1 Wearing Sunglasses and Earrings

Ladies are often at a loss when choosing whether to highlight earrings, or sunglasses. Longer earrings always go well with glasses. Dangling earrings leave enough room between the accessories, bringing out unique aspects in both. On the contrary, hoops or stud earrings would make your face seem too crowded.
To prop your look even further, why not wear dangly earrings with large ornaments/stones? Both your earrings and glasses will shine and complement each other.
Consider Sunglasses First
Whether your glasses are for eye protection or reading, you probably have two or three pairs at most. On the contrary, ladies have loads of earrings in their wardrobes. Naturally, it is easier to build an earring collection around your sunglasses than the other way round. If the glasses’ frames are traditional, pearls and diamond earrings will do. Modern frames will go with any most earrings.
Do you want to portray a cohesive look? Strive to use similar materials first. If the frames are acrylic, amber and crystal earrings will create a harmonious look. Silver rimmed frames match perfectly with white gold or platinum.

Tip: When it comes to earrings and sunglasses, avoid making all aspects similar; shapes should remain contemporary. For instance, rather than pairing up circular glasses with circular earrings, go for teardrop-shaped ones.


#2 Matching Your Sunglasses to Skin Tone

When choosing the sunglasses to accessorize with in summer, take into account both the frame and lens colors; they should bring out the vibrancy of your skin tone. If you are light skinned, dark-colored glasses are your best choice. Dark, however, doesn’t always refer to black; brown, gold and dark blue are other options you could work with.
Medium Skin
If you have a medium skin tone, complete with warm undertones, a medium color will go along perfectly! Vibrantly colored sunglasses such as orange further enhance the effect; these colors are often flattering. If you have a cool medium tone, a color which highlights natural pinks lying underneath is the best choice. Lights blues and greens are almost perfect.
Aging Skin
As we age gracefully, we still need to give a bold impression; red and purple shades give you that trendy edge. Frames which are too drab should be avoided. Depending on your skin tone, there is a variety of other colors you could go for to enhance your look. Gold, dark green and several shades of blue will do too.
The material used in making sunglass frames can affect your choice of color; they will be mostly made of metal, plastic, and even wood.

#3 Wearing Your Sunglasses with the Right Outfits

Improving your personality can be as easy as choosing the right sunglasses. You can get your best look by simply pairing your sunglasses, other accessories, and outfits consistently. For instance, a checkered would go well with checkered sunglasses. You don’t necessarily have to own many sets of outfits matching your sunglasses; just ensure they are consistently close and relevant.
Being an accessory, sunglasses can be matched with other accessories instead of outfits. This saves you the trouble on trying in vain to match outfits; one can easily match the glasses’ color to earrings, bracelet, or even shoes.


Color Matching

While it remains highly important to match the colors of your outfit and sunglasses, colors don’t have to be exact matches; they must, all-the-same, complement each other. For instance, a red outfit could go well with several green hues for sunglasses. The colors should communicate a cohesive message.

Alternatively, one could match the frames to the outfit. For bright colored frames, you can even forego the glasses’ color! The tint and frame colors can both be used to seamlessly blend with your outfit. Consistent looks are easy to create when you follow the color matching table; you could never go wrong. With the many accessories you can work with, you can wear your glasses to even match your classy RFID blocking wallet.

#4 Upgrading Your Sunglasses

We all have those pairs of sunglasses lying around; they do the job but don’t add much to your fashion appeal. As an important part of your outfit, sunglasses are on the most significant part of your look; your face! They have to make a good impression right away. With many sunglass designs in the market, here’s what you should be looking for;

Flattering Shapes

Unless you’re participating in sports events, sports glasses are not flattering and give your face a short, narrow, and not-so-inviting look. Stylish sunglasses are the best to work with if you want to make a fashion statement. If your interests lie in-between, consider trying aviators. Most people will go for the Clubmaster glasses; they are very flattering and make the wearer more likeable!


Neutral Colors

While glasses are available in all colors in the spectrum, going with less is always the key to looking classy while remaining trendy. The tint and frame colors should not veer far off from your normal shoe or belt color. Black and brown are the most popular classical colors. You don’t always have to match your sunglasses to shoes or belts; these two colors go along well.

Tip: When looking for trendy sunglasses, some folks go wrong by wearing glasses that are too large and end up covering their eyebrows. Without eyebrows, the face loses structure and expression.

#5 Eyewear for the Seniors or Modern Baby Boomers

Seniors and modern baby boomers no longer wear old-fashioned, big-framed glasses. Today’s glasses no longer dominate the face and cover up too much. They too want to look modern and young! The ideal frame shape should be uplifting to the face; more precisely, cat-eye shapes for women and upswept rectangles for men.

An assortment of colors can be used to evoke a youthful feeling; these include deep browns, burgundy, and gunmetal for men and shinier hues for the ladies. To avoid compromising your look, avoid black, silver, dull, and dark colors; they drain are too rigid to appear stylish. The hair color should be kept as light as possible.

Fashion Savvy and Creativity

Modern sunglasses are intuitively creative in design. The plastic frames are considerably larger and the geometrics thicker. Metal frames are also more fashionable and available in a wider range of colors. For those who love color in abundance, multi-colored laminates come in many animals, flowers, and other patterns.


Modern finishes on sunglasses are laser-cut, ensuring the highest level of accuracy, balance, and perfection in design. Lately, retro-vintage styling has become a phenomenal trend, making use of exaggerated frame styles from back in the 80s and 70s. Mod looks in the 60s might also become a catchy trend this year. Aviator shapes have always been a favorite during summer.

#6 Business and Student Eyewear


Even during summer, we have to keep on learning, working, and looking good in neat sunglasses. In business, you will have to maintain conservative frame colors and shapes if you are to appeal to colleagues and clients. To further enhance your professional appeal, you should consider;

  • Plastic frames which have no unusual shapes or bright colors
  • Gray, brown, silver, gold, and other traditional colors
  • Classic shapes like almonds, rectangles, or ovals

Your look could also go well with stainless steel or titanium choices. For men, it will be easier and more impactful to match business with sunglasses and other accessories like a Rfid blocking wallet of brown, black, silver, or gunmetal colors. Women in business would look excellent in silver, burgundy, golden, espresso, and brown color tones.


College is your time to develop a fashion identity and sense; self-expression should be at its best. Unlike the constraining workplace, students have more freedom to experiment with as many styles as they would wish. There are more eyewear styles, colors, and shapes to go with.

For students, looking outstanding means going for the boldest colors, shapes, and designs. For the more conservative ones, geeky glasses have a sense of retro style to offer too. There are many more sober and intellectual styles from college students and other young adults can choose from.

One Size Never Fit All

As much as we all like enjoying convenience, there are multiple aspects to individual personalities and lives. For all your different personalities to be accommodated, you will require more than one set of sunglasses. With the right eyewear, you can upgrade your look without having to buy expensive outfits. You will just have to match and blend appropriately.

Fashion rules are constantly changing; at times, it becomes hard to keep up. Just when you replace your jeans collection, fads change and you’re compelled to adjust. With sunglasses, you have considerably less work when you prioritize on;
• Matching your look and not color
• Adding glasses first followed by an outfit
• Framing your face as not the clothes
When choosing your ideal sunglasses, take your time to settle for the best. Always get a feel of how each pair of glasses will accentuate your facial features; people will first notice how the frame fits the face.
Are you ready to get your signature look this summer? Start by picking the best sunglasses to go along with your other accessories and outfits. If you have any questions or comments, kindly get in touch with us. All the best!

pick the best outfit for every situation-blog image

Picking the best outfit for every situation is easier said than done. In a world where we have to keep up appearances, dressing the part plays an important role in earning you respect, admiration, or whatever else you desire. As a form of communication, your outfit says a lot about you. When picking out your attire, make sure to present your intention accurately.

Before you start assessing other people’s outfit choices, start by looking inward. To do this, you should:

shop in your wardrobe-blog image

# Audit Your Wardrobe

Before spending hundreds of dollars on new outfits, always ‘shop’ in your closet first; what you’ll find might amaze you! For working adults, the wardrobe will likely have social outfits, lazy home clad, and work clothes; some clothes can be ideal for multiple situations.

Being excellently-dressed, however, starts with adequate preparation for the situation. By reviewing your wardrobe, you’ll have a good idea of whether you have the right outfits for:

  • Graduation/Anniversary/Birthday parties
  • Black tie events
  • Funerals
  • Weddings
  • Job interviews
  • Dressy restaurant outings and many other situations

Though this list is far from conclusive, young adults frequent several of these events each year. Are there outfits for these and more events in your wardrobe? If not, it is high time you got them!

ask for honest feedback-blog image

# Ask For Honest Feedback from Your Mentor or Associates

Your body is unique and looks perfect in a particular clothing style; while the internet can provide you with loads of fashion information, it is incapable of giving you ‘intelligent’ feedback. Many factors make an outfit perfect for one person but horrible for another. An honest opinion about your look helps you settle for the perfect outfits.

There are several apps which are used for similar purposes; still, nothing beats an opinion from an unbiased person. If you have more to spend, seek the services of a professional shopper. In many dedicated fashion outlets, there are employees specifically assigned to help you pick the best outfit.

fashion blogs-blog image

# Start Reading Fashion Blogs

A simple Google search will bring you many specialized fashion sites giving advice for both women and men. Through them, you can keep abreast of the latest fashion trends and news. Fashion is fluid and constantly evolves; these blogs can be linked to your email from where you can receive notifications.

You can subscribe to publications featuring different styles; the more publications you subscribe to, the more insight you get! For even more success and a sharper look, choose a particular style you are aligned to and all your fashion nightmares will come to an end!

Most importantly, observe the cardinal fashion rules of etiquette; always find the intermediate ground between the host and the crowd. When dressing for work, dress close enough to boss and senior staff members. When attending a wedding, align your clothing choice with that of most guests without upstaging the bride or groom.

The Etiquette of Proper Artier

How can you make the best first impression? The guide below discusses several fashion psychologies and how to use them to your advantage. Fit, color, and style can be used to get you closer to your ideal fashion brand.

  • Styling: Accessories for both women and men change outfits completely, giving them a whole new appeal. From hats to scarves, watches to shoes, these easy additions help you help change your style’s impression.
  • Fit: People will judge you based on your clothes’ shaping and how they are tailored, looking your best means being very keen on quality.
  • Color Psychology: Your use of color can harness fashion power in your first impression. Rather than pick colors randomly, think very carefully about what you want to portray.
  • Brands: If you aren’t well adjusted to working out the color and fit by yourself, you can let brands do that for you! Choose brands which showcase or emulate the style you are after and trust their choices.
dressing for many occasions-blog image

The standard dressing style for many occasions is quite obvious. For instance:

  • Semi-Formal: These events include dances, cocktail parties, and the likes. Any attire made from sparkling fiber or satin would do. For women, little black dresses would be ideal; men always look great in fitting suits.
  • Business Casual: When dressing for business, one must look well-put-together and neat. Clothes which are too over-sized and tight should be avoided altogether. You shouldn’t look as if you’re about to attend a cocktail party.
  • Casual Artier: The button front blouse, khakis, and t-shirts all qualify as casual wear. Depending on whether you will be outdoors or outdoors and what other people will be wearing, you can settle for the perfect outfit.
  • Resort Casual: A comfortable skirt, slacks, or pair of shorts with matching sandals are classic resort casual looks. As you pick an outfit, what do you want to look like in photos? It becomes easier to make the right choice!

Getting a Powerful and Unique Look

Fashion does more than an impact on how others see us, it impacts on how we perceive ourselves. People tend to think more holistically and abstractly when dressing in shirts, suits, and ties. Such people view themselves as the leaders in their professional and social groupings.

In business, men and women in official wear negotiate better terms and prices than those in casual wear. Formal clothes exude power and confidence. In official clothes, you tend to compromise less and behave more dominantly, partly because your interaction partner gives you the leeway.

If you are after power, dress the part in a pantsuit or suit and tie. Think about the most powerful person you wish to emulate, how do they dress? Always look for bold colors which will not only make you feel great but also stand out.

Appreciating your unique sense of style is a powerful tool you shouldn’t overlook. Dressing is a fun and easy way to stand out from the crowd and maintain your identity. All you need is to be a little more daring. Here’s how to go about is:

  • Settle for a unique shape: While most dresses, shirts, and pants come in the standard shape, you can play around with ‘unfamiliar’ shapes. For instance, if you are used to mini dresses, try out a maxi dress!
  • Patterns and prints: as long as they go on the occasion, these are excellent ways t be unique and still portray knowledge in fashion. At work, you could try out subtle polka dot, a classic plaid, or sophisticated pinstripes.
  • Use the socks! Are you in formal employment? You can use your socks as the best individual expression outlet. You can get as wacky or bold as you wish. Character and colorful sock, for instance, show playfulness. Other designer socks show power and control in the boardroom; you can get as creative as you want!
  • If you want a completely unique set of clothes, avoid going with typical brands; too many people have them already! Go vintage or shop in boutiques; you have higher chances of finding unique clad there.

Professional and Edgy Dressing

While you don’t have to spend loads of money to get your perfect look, professional and edgy clothes have to fit right. Professional looks matter a lot; for instance, an interviewer will determine within 10 seconds whether you are a good fit for the job just by your dress code.

When you hire a good tailor, your wardrobe transforms immediately; well-tailored outfits are indicators of how conscientious you are and how close you pay attention to detail. If the pieces you already have can be tailored to fit you, the results will be awesome! What this means is:

  • Suits for women and men are the definition of professionalism.
  • Outfits should neither be too loose nor too tight and most importantly, not too short.
  • Of course, ladies want to feel sexy and look great. If you are on your first date, you definitely don’t want to show too much skin. You should especially focus on your bust line, arms, and legs; avoid showing more than 1-1/2 of these areas.

If you are after creativity and self-expression, fashion gives you the perfect platform to express your passion. The more meaningful your clothes are, the better they will communicate who you are to the outside world. To do it right, you should:

  • Shop bravely: there are many shopping platforms online; they all offer similar products with a slight variance in cost and the client base. The more options you try out, the better your choices will be.
  • Avoid getting into color ruts: when we don’t know what to wear, we all have our favorite fallback colors. To achieve the edge you have been lacking, you have to get out of your comfort zone and explore other colors. You should also try one different material, for instance, switching jeans with khakis.
  • Use contrast to your advantage: All outfits can be made interesting and fun by juxtaposing the texture, color, and cut. This is a perfect way of conveying your different personalities. Your clothes and accessories should be diverse enough to show different sides of your passion and uniqueness.

Switching Between Casual and Formal Wear

Pastels, loose, and bright colors are typical casual fashion outfits. For a more easy-going and laid-back look, consider wearing loose fitting clothing and layers. There are many casual brands available for your choosing; these also vary in pricing, covering all levels of the fashion industry.

For men, a casual look means fewer accessories and jewelry. A wedding band and classy watch should do it. Strictly avoid any piercings, earrings, and rings. The calmer and composed your appearance looks, the more casual you will look and feel. By wearing a bold piece, you easily stand out and look exceptionally stylish too!

When certain events call for it, acquiring a formal look portrays more competence, reliability, honesty, and intelligence. In addition, dark and grey colors drive the point home! Always settle for these when you are undecided.

When you put on too many clunky bracelets, accessories, or wrap curves, you drastically decrease your formality; strive to be as neutral and balanced as possible. Simple lines and a splash of accessories will suffice. Professional brands do a decent job of designing formal wear with just the right amount of accessories.

Looking Attractive Is Easy As Pie!

If you love your dress choices, you will feel good and look great in them. Your walk becomes different and so does your talk and performance. The power of clothes and accessories conveys both competence and confidence, giving you the attractive edge you need. To hype your look, you should:

  • Wear very comfortable outfits, mentally and physically. Do you think a certain outfit stand outs a bit too much? Is it too tight? Don’t put it on; it won’t be worth it and might even ruin your day. Your peace of mind goes hand in hand with how attractive you look.
  • Look for outfits which complement your figure; highlighting your best assets makes you look particularly attractive.
  • Accessorize the right way: Jewelry is made sparkly for it to command all attention; it should subtly scream ‘Look here’. Depending on the occasion, jewelry to highlight your neck, ears, hands, and legs should be worn with a certain intensity.
  • Color I the most outstanding property of any outfit or accessory; beauty and attraction revolve around it. Colors that are rich and deep complement your skin tone in the best way. Having a primary color dash is always recommended. You can go with head-to-toe black when in doubt; it works on everyone!

When dressing to feel attractive, dress half your personal style and half your audience. As you express yourself, you should fully acknowledge the environment you will be in. Striking the perfect balance between the two is the definition of attraction!

Extra Fashion Tips

# 1 Ease Your Way into It

Ideally, your clothes should feel very comfortable. If you are used to your sneakers and jeans, a suit will definitely feel constricting. Work your way slowly to wearing a suit by switching from casual to formal wear, for instance; the transition will be smoother and the results even better!

# 2 Avoid Getting Into Fashion Ruts

Choosing the right set of clothes to provoke certain emotions in a particular event is challenging. When the stakes are high, one can easily get carried away and end up making regrettable fashion choices. In fashion, you have to keep your eyes open and expect anything. At all times, you must keep things interesting and fresh.

# 3 Remember the Footwear

You can around with shoes as much as you want. Different shoes can be used for more than one occasion, expanding your range of choices. If you are accustomed to wearing official shoes, sneakers might feel different but end up giving you a refreshed look. The further you deviate from your normal choice, the higher your chances of acquiring a new, vibrant look!

# 4 Shop for Your Clothes in Thrift Stores

If you are just starting out on building the perfect wardrobe, thrift stores will save you lots of money but still fill your space with great clothes for all your occasions. You will come across all sorts of styles, some a bit out-of-date and others simple and timeless. Clean and simple looks can be mixed easily to come up with your perfect look.

# 5 Look for a Style Mentor

Do you have a friend or someone in mind who dresses fashionably all the time? You might be surprised how willing they are to help you dress better; ask them to be your mentor. Local politicians, public figures, and performers are some the people most aware of their dress choices. Rather than throw your entire wardrobe on the bed every morning, a mentor will help you pick what’s right for any occasion.

# 6 Learn the Role of Clothing and its History

The story behind our clothing today is pretty cool; in high-end fashion, the reasons are arbitrary and meaningful. For the everyday wear, however, this history is fun and easy to trace! For instance, the high-up pocket in shirts was ideal for shoulder-fires, hand-loaded muskets back in the day.

Blue chambray work shirts and blue denim are classical styles and colors which were cheap to produce in the early 20th century; bleach was harder to produce than the indigo dye back then. Knowing these and other historical facts as much fun as it is useful shopping and bargaining information!

# 7 Teach Others What You Already Know

You don’t necessarily have to be a fashion guru to share your passion with others; remember, it’s about having fun and feeling good! As you advise others, you think critically about the information you are giving out, making sure not to mislead. Your knowledge and application of fashion will naturally grow and become a habit. When people start coming to you for advice, you’re already a sharp dresser!

Have Lots of Fun!

Explore your fashion today with e rejuvenated fashion; you might be missing out on a lot of life-changing opportunities! When you are comfortable enough to play with your chances, you will realize new heights you never imagined before.

How far are you willing to go? Let us know in our comment section. We can help you make the right choices and avoid being stuck with something you’ll loathe. The ultimate choice is yours. Let’s get started, shall we?


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