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If you are working in sales, having a classy business card holder is a necessity rather than a luxury; your business dealings are directly tied to how presentable you are. While most of us believe that we’re not working in sales, the reality is quite different. If you are especially fond of donning polo shirts to work, for instance, you’ll look excellent when carrying certain card holder designs.
To store all your business cards in excellent condition, here are 20 of the best selling card holder designed purposely for business use and beyond;

#1 MaxGear Professional Business Stainless Steel Card Holder

MaxGear Professional Business Stainless Steel Card Holder

Maintaining business cards in an immaculate condition is always a challenge more so when trying to look the part. Giving you an unmistakable professional appeal, this card holder is designed to hold up to 18 cards within its compact build, giving you all the versatility you require. The durable build will last for years, leaving your business associates with a great impression each time you pull it out.



  • Too small to fit bills and coins

#2 Rolodex Mesh Business Card Holder

Rolodex Mesh Business Card Holder

Have you been looking for a neat way to arrange your business cards at the desktop? The organization doesn’t get better than with this stylish option. For both men and women, this articulate crisscrossed design offers more space and versatility than visually expectable. With the open design, you can accommodate business cards of virtually all sizes.


  • An elegant mesh collection accessory
  • The durability of the roll mesh assures you of longevity
  • The sturdy metal construction is highly appealing
  • Secures your cards and raises your business stature


  • It lacks ends securing to hold business cards even firmer

#3 ADVANTUS 3 X 5 Index Card Holder

ADVANTUS 3 X 5 Index Card Holder

With this holder’s capacity to hold around 300 cards, it easily passes as the highest capacity on the market. If you are a high-level business professional with such huge commitments to cater for, you will have more than enough room to work with. Whether in your home or office, this card holder is an ideal solution. All your cards will remain standing thanks to the built-in ridges.


  • A compelling stackable design
  • Has a strong lid to go with the sturdy construction
  • Easy to carry around


  • It is only available in a solid color which is not so visually appealing

#4 Clairty Business PU Leather Journal Name Card Book Holder

Clairty Business PU Leather Journal Name Card Book Holder

If you will be donning leather or similar outfitting, this card holder’s stylish design will go along well. Within its minimal and slim look, it has the capacity to hold an incredible 300 business cards in the neat organization. While on the go, you need not worry about leaving behind important cards anymore.


  • Constructed with durable but relaxed materials
  • Ensures excellent organization all through
  • Spacious interior pockets for maximum carriage
  • Convenient size


  • It can’t be comfortably fitted in even the largest pockets

#5 T’z Tagz Brand 12 Pack Business Card Holder

T’z Tagz Brand 12 Pack Business Card Holder

Coming with its slightly beveled edge, this card holder adds a dash of fashion to your business look. With its capacity to hold over 60 cards, all your business needs will be met in a timely manner. On the clear windows, you can display cards which are frequently used and for marketing through foot traffic. When ordering, ascertain that the product is coming from manufacturer for perfect matching with this image.


  • Shows up to 6 cards on clear windows
  • Upon purchase, all products are individually bagged
  • Elegance in design all through
  • Comes in a pack of 12


  • Not everyone fancies the plastic material

#6 Sunplus Trade Professional Business Card Holder

Sunplus Trade Professional Business Card Holder

A slim design which ensures minimal storage, this one of a kind card holder features sleek steel construction. Depending on your cards’ thickness, it can fit between 13 and 18 business essentials. With this card holder’s satin finish, you’re bound to attract attention in good measure. A polished mirror edge only makes it more visually appealing.


  • Also holds Drivers license and an assortment of gift cards
  • Sturdy construction to last long
  • A perfect accompaniment to great fashion pieces


  • The number of business which can be accommodated is limited

#7 Deflecto Business Single-Compartment Card Holder

Deflecto Business Single-Compartment Card Holder

Are you in the market for a card holder with a single high capacity compartment? This clear header has been designed with the office professional in mind. As a reliable brand over the years, Deflecto has consistently churning out unmatched products. To allow you an even easier access to all cards, the opening is conveniently angled.


  • Single compartment and high organization
  • Matches all other office furniture
  • Can hold in excess of 50 business cards


  • It looks rather simplistic at a first glance

#8 UBAYMAX Leather Business Card Holder

UBAYMAX Leather Business Card Holder

This wallets durable construction and stylish design will have you showing it off every chance you get. The compact nature clasps together 25 business cards, giving you a lot of leverage to work with. With its magnetic shut, you won’t worry about spilling the valuable contents. The interior has been lined with soft material, ensuring no physical harm comes to your cards.


  • A large, slightly expandable storage
  • Keeps cards unbent and spotlessly clean
  • Can carry other minor personal effects


  • It would have featured many more attractive colors

#9 MyLifeUNIT Metal Wallet Card Holder with RFID

MyLifeUNIT Metal Wallet Card Holder with RFID

Only a few card holders come close to this model’s easy-to-use humanized design. Also serving as a money clip, the user has greater storage diversity. To protect all your 12 credit cards, this wallet features the latest RFID blocking technology; with identity theft on the rise, you will have peace of mind. The slim design keeps weight conveniently low.


  • Premium aviation aluminum build
  • Movable payment is security guaranteed
  • A c-shaped mouth for easier retrieval


  • Could have been more spacious to secure more cards

#10 MaxGear Professional PU Leather Car Book Holder

MaxGear Professional PU Leather Car Book Holder

Multi-card organization has been made incredibly easy in this professional holder. The smart design of ensures both high functionality and convenient combination. As a slim-profile wallet, tagging it along is a breeze. The year’s worth of product guarantee accords you the friendliest customer care assistance should anything arise.


  • Compact size for easier travels
  • Accommodates up to 160 different-sized cards
  • Easy to read and locate cards


  • It calls for secondary storage due to its voluminous size

#11 DocIt Paris Business Index Card Holder

DocIt Paris Business Index Card Holder

Assorted colors often go well with the classiest outfits; this card holder will undoubtedly visually captivate you. Don’t let the miniature build fool you as this card will easily hold 100 cards in an orderly fashion. The polyethene grade used is durable and will last you for years with proper care. The vibrancy of colors available is simply amazing!


  • Snap closure for added security
  • Comes in 5 adhesive and dividers labels
  • Extendable storage to house many more business cards


  • The polyethene material may get sweaty after holding for  a long time

#12 MasterVision Magnetic Data Card Holder

MasterVision Magnetic Data Card Holder

Have you been experiencing trouble while trying to plan your board? This MasterVision wallet is purposed to deal with this. Maintenance and building of all your cards in a neat stack is now possible. As we change and move data, this high level of organization sees us achieve more. All your card stock labels will be held in place by the convenient magnetic material.


  • Can carry slightly over 25 business cards
  • Separate magnetic material for intact storage
  • A beauty to look at


  • Some users may find operating the wallet a bit tasking

#13 Eagle Push-Button Business Card Holder

Eagle Push-Button Business Card Holder

Designed to satisfy all your business needs, this highly articulate card holder features contrasting colors to liven up your desktop; a clear cover complements the distinctively black tray. In it, users have access to 20 A-Z guide pieces to make cataloging even easier. Unlike other models, it won’t require a rolodex fill card to function properly.


• Straightforward cataloging of all cards

• Push function for easy opening

• Clear cover for unobstructed view of contents


• Thickness of cards determines how many will fit in comfortably

#14 SourceOne 8-Pocket Clear Acrylic Desktop Card Holder

SourceOne 8-Pocket Clear Acrylic Desktop Card Holder

A single look at this ingeniously designed desktop card holder is compelling enough to place it high up the wish list. The 8 stack arrangement not only enables easier access to the business cards but also portrays impeccable organization. It is clear all through to give an even broader viewership scope, ultimately improving the speed of engaging in business.


  • An ingenious design unlike any other
  • A single, compact pack
  • Holds cards of all sizes


  • The card holder is solely for desktop and has no portability features

#15 KINGFOM Stainless Steel Card Holder Case

KINGFOM Stainless Steel Card Holder Case

The ease to slide cards out of their packaging goes hand in hand with sharp business acumen. This stylish card holder features a magnificent stainless steel finish, securing up to 20 business cards. The first impression from this wallet will place you in good stead with entrepreneurs, business associates, and clients. As a fashion piece, it is timeless.


  • A great fashion piece to any event
  • Slips easily into the smallest pockets
  • Impeccable stainless steel construction


  • It requires extra care when handling to avoid damaging drops

#16 Tonly Qualified Stainless Professional Card Holder

Tonly Qualified Stainless Professional Card Holder

Featuring the highest-level material, this card holder is extensively durable and maintains its form throughout its use. For its size, it can be touted as a high-capacity wallet with room for up to 16 business cards. The eye-catching black external design makes it a perfect fit for elegant events. Offering you a lifetime warranty, the manufacturer is absolutely sure of the quality construction.


  • An ultra-thin stylish design
  • Would serve perfectly as a gift to family or friends
  • 100% money back guarantee should you feel aggrieved


  • It could have been built for the carriage of more cards in line with business needs

#17 Officemate OIC Business Card Holder

Officemate OIC Business Card Holder

Availed to you in a sleek classic design, you will have an easy time packing up to 50 business cards in this model. To make it even more user-friendly, this holder is angled to present all cards in a neat package. As an all-clear build, it fits right in with all office furniture. Requiring only minor cleaning every once in a while, this business card holder creates more fruitful ventures for you.


  • Clear package for easy matching
  • Stacks cards of different sizes neatly
  • An extendable capacity depending on card thickness


  • You’ll have to handle with extra care to avoid unwarranted breakage

#18 Rolodex 67011 Covered Business Card File

Rolodex 67011 Covered Business Card File

Looking for a convenient storage for more than 500 business cards? This holder file has been build with the maximum carriage in mind, making it an ideal all-time business compatriot. Once the user flips open the lid, the file automatically raises to give an unobstructed view of cards. When using it, cataloging will be a breeze thanks to the ingenious feature.


  • Highly portable without disturbing internal arrangement
  • Among the most spacious card holders on sale
  • Accords you the luxury of working with cards of different sizes


  • When fully packed, it is noticeably bulky

#19 Kantek Acrylic Business Card Holder

Kantek Acrylic Business Card Holder

With this exquisite card holder, durability and elegance have been assured in equal proportion. The user will be able to flip through cards quickly due to the angled design. If you have slightly over 80 cards, a neat arrangement will see them all fit in perfectly. The clear acrylic is heavily cast, making the holder strong enough to sustain minor impacts.


  • Upright positioning of all cards
  • Elegance at every turn
  • Can be easily carried around


  • The design seemingly looks like it can hold more cards

#20 Ohuhu Leather-Wrap Stainless Steel Card Case

Ohuhu Leather-Wrap Stainless Steel Card Case

You will rarely find a credit card case which fuses faux leather and quality stainless steel so seamlessly. For easier sliding of credit cards in and out of this case, the slim design helps a great deal. Bringing even more diversity to users, this case looks neat when placed on desks or in front pockets. If you’re creative, you can fit more than the recommended 20 business cards.


  • Attractive construction and fashion sense
  • Virtually weightless even when filled with cards
  • Fits in and on a wide range of items


  • The flipping design requires intricate arrangement of cards

Final Word

When will you be heading to your next business meeting? Apart from the desktop business card holders reviewed, you have other trendy options to choose from. The products reviewed in this 20 best card holders guide all feature impeccable crafting and an assurance of durability.

Have you made your pick yet? Let us know if you need further assistance. Sharing is caring; feel free to pass this guide on to friends. All the best in your shopping expedition!


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