A wallet remains among the most revered accessories any lady can own. A lot of effort should thus go into researching thoroughly before making a new wallet purchase. While some use it sparingly, others use it on almost all aspects of their lives. You should consider multiple factors if your wallet of choice is going to appease and serve you well. Would you go for a snap closure or one which is zippered? What immediate needs do you hope this wallet will solve for you? Answered correctly, these and other questions will steer you towards making the best wallet choice.
Though wallets are supposed to be highly practical, they shouldn’t be boring all the same! That’s why our team of dedicated researchers go to all depths of the internet to spot the best wallets on offer. Below is a brief guide to the steps you should follow before investing in that new wallet. Every budget, at the end of it all, should get you’re a decent and worthy brand new wallet. Some of your primary considerations should be;

# Size and Capacity

Depending on your intended use, you will probably need a specific-sized wallet; this is where most shoppers go wrong. You may either go for a long wallet or opt for a fold up, in respect to your carriage and daily needs. The larger wallets are ideal for holding items such as the passport or checkbook. If folding your money has always been a bother, you’ve probably gone for wallets which are a size too small. For ladies who plan to carry their wallets in secondary carriages such as purses and handbags, the size only has to conform to the storage intended for use. What number of items would you like to secure?
In the age of online shopping, lesser people are going to the stores to make direct purchases. They thus can’t be able to fully test the wallet online before placing the order. Going by the dimensions provided in wallet reviews, however, you will know quite well what to expect and what can fit in. Since most retailers and manufacturers offer a satisfaction guarantee, test the wallet for its effectiveness as soon as your shipment arrives. Try fitting all the items you intend to carry with the wallet and assess how well it accommodates these items. Should any issues come up, send it back promptly.

# Storage for Your Cards

If you carry with you many important cards. Only a wallet with many card slots will make sense to you. If you were to push many cards in one slot, it will eventually ruin your wallet irreversibly. With the careful arrangement of the slots, many wallet manufacturers and designers have mastered the art of fitting many slots in a tiny space. Wouldn’t you love the convenience of always knowing where your important cards are? There is no better way than by going for a wallet with as many card slots as you flexibly require. With the right wallet, you can forget about digging through the wallet every time you need to transact.
If you value quality over quantity, you will have an easier time spending more on one quality product; cheap wallets will obviously disappoint you in no time. It is very tasking to switch your cards every time a dysfunctional wallet gives in. With a high-quality wallet, your important cards will have designated spots in which you can always find them! Consistency is key if you are going to enjoy your daily wallet use. In our expansive wallet catalog, we have featured many models with many card slots for all your needs.

# Which Currency Will You Be Carrying?

Many people ruin their excellent wallets by carrying the wrong currency in the wrong compartments. Coins present the biggest challenge, with many wallets facing damage and bad repute from their storage of this currency. A stylish and functional compartment in a wallet should secure all coins from falling off or worse, damaging the wallet’s interior. You also want to avoid embarrassing moments when coins fly out of the wallet at the most inopportune instance. For wallets with the best coin and change storage, simply visit our website and go through the expansive options.

If you frequently travel overseas, a wallet with a coin compartment is an invaluable item. In many countries outside the US, coins will probably come in handy. In many other cases, these coin compartments are also good for holding smaller items like keys. With time, you will learn to safely hold all your coins while minimizing the noise level. The best wallets in the market are those whose level of discreetness remains paramount.

# Wallet Materials

While the best wallets are made of leather, there are others immaculately sculpted from other quality materials. Before buying a leather wallet, take the in-depth insight into the various types available. The most frequently used leather material is;

Cow leather: Its ready availability and superb characteristics make it the top contender. It looks great and is lengthily durable, offering excellent services and looking better with every use. When looking for your perfect cow leather wallet, be sure to check the different qualities; some are not very sleek and smooth to touch.  Consider going for the luxuriously soft calfskin leather.

Alligator Skin: This wallet-making material is easy to distinguish in a crowd, thanks to its distinct pattern. When crafted using the highest industry standards, the alligator skin brings its quality to life and exalts the most fashionable looks. Most manufacturers prefer hand making over modern automated mechanics, an aspect which gives these wallets a rare appeal. Be wary of the multiple fake versions of alligator skin doing rounds in the market.

Cotton: In a lovely turn of events, cotton is now being used by leading fashion brands for the design of superb, customized wallets. Prada and Gucci are some of the pioneers who saw the need to exploit the functionality and appearance of cotton. It is entirely possible to add multiple colors, accurately expressing various personalities. Though cotton will not be as durable as leather, possibly even defacing when stored in tight denim, there are practical ways to exploit its lengthy lifespan. For instance, you could wear denim with loser pockets.

Synthetic: This material is extensively flexible as it can mimic both characteristics of cotton and leather. The materials in use are as random as the designer allows, creating a whole new possibility for exquisite looking wallets. These materials, in turn, allow for great modification in wallet shape and functionality. If you have to purchase a wallet of this material, do it strictly for the casual environment; they simply don’t hold to cotton or leather.

# Preferred Craftsmanship

Even with the use of the highest quality material and impeccable design, poor workmanship will ruin the entire look. Astute craftsmanship requires paying attention to the smallest details as they end up making the biggest lasting impacts. For instance, any minor sewing misalignment will come out clearly and make the entire wallet look out of shape. This ugly look can be easily avoided by taking time when hand-crafting every wallet. The craftsman culture is a preserve of the few, making the perfect wallet slightly harder to find. Southern Asia boasts of having the most seasoned crafters, with their skills having been passed down many generations.

There are a few reputable craftsmen who have dedicated their best efforts to this art, pay attention to detail, and doing the right thing always. To assess the competency of a wallet before sticking with it, take a good look at the interior as well as the bends and edges; these are the toughest spots to get right! With the right construction, your perfect wallet won’t be coming undone anytime soon, and you won’t have to waste time seeking a refund or replacement.

# RFID Blocking Feature

The perfect wallet is not only about looking and feeling good; it should go further and assure you of unbreakable personal security. The rate at which individual identities are being stolen and fleeced off money is alarmingly high, making RFID wallets a necessity. We have reviewed classy RFID wallets in their abundance, making the choice even easier for you; simply follow the link to the page. The new technology is now more refined and concealed to keep attention on your wallet’s alluring aesthetics. For the best results, go through customer reviews to assess the effectiveness of RFID blocking.

The newer versions of wallets boasting of RFID blocking also have smart chip trackers embedded in them and accessible through smartphones. The most advanced version will ward off even the strongest RFID signals, accounting for every buck you spend on them. Privacy and security threats should be among your biggest worries when selecting the perfect wallet. Personal information stolen by electronic pickpockets can be used maliciously to wipe your bank accounts clean or engage in even more damaging deeds. Be sure to check the strength of blocking RFID signals.

# Settling On Wallet Type

Slim Wallets: Over the last couple of years, these have become the popular wallet choices owing to their ease of use. With them, you do away with all bulkiness associated with traditional, less capacitive models. Perfectly tailored outfits will only look impeccable when worn with slim wallets hidden from immediate view. While at it, allow for some reduction in functionality seeing as the small size can only accommodate so much.

Billfolds: This traditionally-styled wallet is available in two popular varieties. The bi-fold model consists of 2 equal sides designed for the insertion of all essential items. In the tri-fold, two equal sides will strap over the central enjoining part. Most shoppers prefer ordering this wallet over all others due to its sheer class, easy use, and masculinity. It is timeless and will fit right into any occasion without looking misplaced.

Long Wallets: If you hate having to fold your bills every other time, a long wallet will take care of this permanently. For the most comfortable use, avoid inserting it into your outfit pockets; instead, store it in a second carriage from where it can be accessed on short notice. Some long coats, however, have spacious enough pockets. Most people will likely keep off purchasing these for obvious non-discreet reasons.

Travel/Passport Wallets: For occasional travel use, these dedicated wallets offer the best service for travelers globally. All your important documentation is accommodated in compact and convenient wallets designed for convenient instantaneous use. They will be slightly bigger than traditional wallets but significantly smaller than long wallets. Being primed for travel, most of these wallets with having a protective clip to discourage any prospective thieves.  It is definitely worth having to make your travels a breeze as you get through various checkpoints.

Final Tips for Purchasing Your Perfect Wallet

If you’ve made it this far in your search for a perfect wallet, great! Here are a few other tips which refine your search even further and deliver results in no time. A super stylish and timeless wallet becomes intricately easy to find when;

  • The wallet is free of any zippers. Preferably, the zip should be sparingly left for the coin compartment. In its absence, consider leaving change at home.
  • Your choice o a leather wallet is either black or brown; the two colors are available in several shades and can be easily matched with outfits.
  • There are minimal branded logos or patterns. The perfect wallet, being an extension of your personality, shouldn’t be reduced to an advertisement platform for manufacturers.
  • Your wallet choice has classy creases from the use of hot iron for its turned-edge construction. This creasing is proof of the attention to detail paid by the craftsman.


Has your search for the perfect wallet grown easier? It is our hope that you will find the best wallet for your needs from among the many we have in our catalogs.  Matters have been made even easier for you by grouping these wallets in their respective categories and the functionalities offered. We have done all the research for you; all you need to do now is to follow the link to the wallets catalog page and go through the various options available to you. Should you require any further assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Cheers!

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