In summer, sunglasses are must-have fashion accessories. Many people are at a loss on how to accessorize without compromising their look. What do you want to portray? If your choice of sunglasses is bronze, silver, or gold, for instance, all other accessories and hardware such as RFID blocking wallet should match closely.

You should also ensure;

# Earrings and glasses complement each other – Sunglasses should remain more prominent; your choice of earrings should simply add a nice accent. The earring size and shape should remain relevant to your eyewear.

# Necklaces and glasses go well together – Are you a fan of bold necklaces? When accessorizing with sunglasses, always go for lesser earrings. While the look should remain harmonious, wearing flunky glasses gives you the freedom to wear clunky jewelry. If your glasses have rimless frames, fine jewelry will do.

# The glasses match the shape of your face – To get it right, always strike the balance. For instance, if your face is round, boxy rectangular glasses will look great! For those with long faces, round glasses complement this feature. Oval faces can go with any shape.

# The sunglasses match your outfit – Modern clothes should go with modern sunglasses as should traditional ones. For most people, mixing the two is quite common; having both types of sunglasses gives you many options to work with.

Choosing Your Perfect Fashion Accessory Set

Too many accessories draw attention from you; simple Sunglasses, a pair of earrings, and a few bracelets should do. The accessories you choose will either make or break your appeal. Before choosing the accessory set, you must consider the style, scale, scale and color of all pieces in addition to the occasion.

# Style

Wearing the right accessories is another way to define your style. Depending on your choice of jewelry, shoes, sunglasses, handbag, and other accessories, your typical dress or pair of jeans looks completely different. To go with your glasses, here are accessories worth considering;

  • Casual accessories – You could go with a crossbody bag, knee-high boots, floppy hats, candy-colored watch or bracelet, or espadrille sandals.
  • Edgy accessories – In 2017, the choker necklace continues to gain popularity. Black leather boots, a studded handbag, and a thick cuff bracelet would go well.
  • Glamorous accessories – with oversized sunglasses, you could easily pull a neat look with a bib necklace, chandelier earrings, large cocktail ring, sky-high heels, and a crystal-embellished clutch.
  • Classic accessories – A leather RFID wallet or clutch, silk scarf, classic black pumps, and diamond or pearl stud earrings would make for an incredible look!
  • Workday accessories – When going out on weekdays, a classic watch, kitten heel, a large shoulder or satchel bag, and a delicate necklace suffice.
  • Playful accessories – Chunky accessories have no limit to what they could go with. Anything from headbands, hobo bag, or colorful ballet flats and a skinny belt would do.
 # Scale

The fashion accessories you choose to go along with your sunglasses and outfit should be appropriately scaled. For instance, if you’re wearing patterns, having too many accessories makes the prints look tacky; simple accessories will do. When accessorizing, always emphasize on the outfit.
Your body type is another important consideration. Ensure that the shape and scale of your handbag auger well with your sunglasses. If you are a thin, tall woman, slouchy bags such as clutches and hobos should be your ideal carry. Shorter women should avoid oversized handbags with extensive straps. If you are an hourglass-shaped or plus-sized woman, boxy or mid-sized structured bags will even out your curves.
# Color
Neutral colors such as white and black are the easiest to use accessories with; you can use virtually any color! Colorful outfits should be worn together with accessories they don’t clash with. Just like in the color wheel, colors next to each other, in their many shades, will naturally blend in. Ensure they are matched on similar darkness or lightness.


Are you after making a huge fashion statement? Consider mixing a primary color and a secondary color opposite to each other on the color wheel. These are adventurous and bold colors to pair. While trying to appear chic, avoid using all three primary colors.

Tips for Matching Sunglasses with Other Accessories and Outfits

#1 Wearing Sunglasses and Earrings

Ladies are often at a loss when choosing whether to highlight earrings, or sunglasses. Longer earrings always go well with glasses. Dangling earrings leave enough room between the accessories, bringing out unique aspects in both. On the contrary, hoops or stud earrings would make your face seem too crowded.
To prop your look even further, why not wear dangly earrings with large ornaments/stones? Both your earrings and glasses will shine and complement each other.
Consider Sunglasses First
Whether your glasses are for eye protection or reading, you probably have two or three pairs at most. On the contrary, ladies have loads of earrings in their wardrobes. Naturally, it is easier to build an earring collection around your sunglasses than the other way round. If the glasses’ frames are traditional, pearls and diamond earrings will do. Modern frames will go with any most earrings.
Do you want to portray a cohesive look? Strive to use similar materials first. If the frames are acrylic, amber and crystal earrings will create a harmonious look. Silver rimmed frames match perfectly with white gold or platinum.

Tip: When it comes to earrings and sunglasses, avoid making all aspects similar; shapes should remain contemporary. For instance, rather than pairing up circular glasses with circular earrings, go for teardrop-shaped ones.


#2 Matching Your Sunglasses to Skin Tone

When choosing the sunglasses to accessorize with in summer, take into account both the frame and lens colors; they should bring out the vibrancy of your skin tone. If you are light skinned, dark-colored glasses are your best choice. Dark, however, doesn’t always refer to black; brown, gold and dark blue are other options you could work with.
Medium Skin
If you have a medium skin tone, complete with warm undertones, a medium color will go along perfectly! Vibrantly colored sunglasses such as orange further enhance the effect; these colors are often flattering. If you have a cool medium tone, a color which highlights natural pinks lying underneath is the best choice. Lights blues and greens are almost perfect.
Aging Skin
As we age gracefully, we still need to give a bold impression; red and purple shades give you that trendy edge. Frames which are too drab should be avoided. Depending on your skin tone, there is a variety of other colors you could go for to enhance your look. Gold, dark green and several shades of blue will do too.
The material used in making sunglass frames can affect your choice of color; they will be mostly made of metal, plastic, and even wood.

#3 Wearing Your Sunglasses with the Right Outfits

Improving your personality can be as easy as choosing the right sunglasses. You can get your best look by simply pairing your sunglasses, other accessories, and outfits consistently. For instance, a checkered would go well with checkered sunglasses. You don’t necessarily have to own many sets of outfits matching your sunglasses; just ensure they are consistently close and relevant.
Being an accessory, sunglasses can be matched with other accessories instead of outfits. This saves you the trouble on trying in vain to match outfits; one can easily match the glasses’ color to earrings, bracelet, or even shoes.


Color Matching

While it remains highly important to match the colors of your outfit and sunglasses, colors don’t have to be exact matches; they must, all-the-same, complement each other. For instance, a red outfit could go well with several green hues for sunglasses. The colors should communicate a cohesive message.

Alternatively, one could match the frames to the outfit. For bright colored frames, you can even forego the glasses’ color! The tint and frame colors can both be used to seamlessly blend with your outfit. Consistent looks are easy to create when you follow the color matching table; you could never go wrong. With the many accessories you can work with, you can wear your glasses to even match your classy RFID blocking wallet.

#4 Upgrading Your Sunglasses

We all have those pairs of sunglasses lying around; they do the job but don’t add much to your fashion appeal. As an important part of your outfit, sunglasses are on the most significant part of your look; your face! They have to make a good impression right away. With many sunglass designs in the market, here’s what you should be looking for;

Flattering Shapes

Unless you’re participating in sports events, sports glasses are not flattering and give your face a short, narrow, and not-so-inviting look. Stylish sunglasses are the best to work with if you want to make a fashion statement. If your interests lie in-between, consider trying aviators. Most people will go for the Clubmaster glasses; they are very flattering and make the wearer more likeable!


Neutral Colors

While glasses are available in all colors in the spectrum, going with less is always the key to looking classy while remaining trendy. The tint and frame colors should not veer far off from your normal shoe or belt color. Black and brown are the most popular classical colors. You don’t always have to match your sunglasses to shoes or belts; these two colors go along well.

Tip: When looking for trendy sunglasses, some folks go wrong by wearing glasses that are too large and end up covering their eyebrows. Without eyebrows, the face loses structure and expression.

#5 Eyewear for the Seniors or Modern Baby Boomers

Seniors and modern baby boomers no longer wear old-fashioned, big-framed glasses. Today’s glasses no longer dominate the face and cover up too much. They too want to look modern and young! The ideal frame shape should be uplifting to the face; more precisely, cat-eye shapes for women and upswept rectangles for men.

An assortment of colors can be used to evoke a youthful feeling; these include deep browns, burgundy, and gunmetal for men and shinier hues for the ladies. To avoid compromising your look, avoid black, silver, dull, and dark colors; they drain are too rigid to appear stylish. The hair color should be kept as light as possible.

Fashion Savvy and Creativity

Modern sunglasses are intuitively creative in design. The plastic frames are considerably larger and the geometrics thicker. Metal frames are also more fashionable and available in a wider range of colors. For those who love color in abundance, multi-colored laminates come in many animals, flowers, and other patterns.


Modern finishes on sunglasses are laser-cut, ensuring the highest level of accuracy, balance, and perfection in design. Lately, retro-vintage styling has become a phenomenal trend, making use of exaggerated frame styles from back in the 80s and 70s. Mod looks in the 60s might also become a catchy trend this year. Aviator shapes have always been a favorite during summer.

#6 Business and Student Eyewear


Even during summer, we have to keep on learning, working, and looking good in neat sunglasses. In business, you will have to maintain conservative frame colors and shapes if you are to appeal to colleagues and clients. To further enhance your professional appeal, you should consider;

  • Plastic frames which have no unusual shapes or bright colors
  • Gray, brown, silver, gold, and other traditional colors
  • Classic shapes like almonds, rectangles, or ovals

Your look could also go well with stainless steel or titanium choices. For men, it will be easier and more impactful to match business with sunglasses and other accessories like a Rfid blocking wallet of brown, black, silver, or gunmetal colors. Women in business would look excellent in silver, burgundy, golden, espresso, and brown color tones.


College is your time to develop a fashion identity and sense; self-expression should be at its best. Unlike the constraining workplace, students have more freedom to experiment with as many styles as they would wish. There are more eyewear styles, colors, and shapes to go with.

For students, looking outstanding means going for the boldest colors, shapes, and designs. For the more conservative ones, geeky glasses have a sense of retro style to offer too. There are many more sober and intellectual styles from college students and other young adults can choose from.

One Size Never Fit All

As much as we all like enjoying convenience, there are multiple aspects to individual personalities and lives. For all your different personalities to be accommodated, you will require more than one set of sunglasses. With the right eyewear, you can upgrade your look without having to buy expensive outfits. You will just have to match and blend appropriately.

Fashion rules are constantly changing; at times, it becomes hard to keep up. Just when you replace your jeans collection, fads change and you’re compelled to adjust. With sunglasses, you have considerably less work when you prioritize on;
• Matching your look and not color
• Adding glasses first followed by an outfit
• Framing your face as not the clothes
When choosing your ideal sunglasses, take your time to settle for the best. Always get a feel of how each pair of glasses will accentuate your facial features; people will first notice how the frame fits the face.
Are you ready to get your signature look this summer? Start by picking the best sunglasses to go along with your other accessories and outfits. If you have any questions or comments, kindly get in touch with us. All the best!

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