During summer, temperatures can soar quite high as currently witnessed around the world. The color of your outfits determines how dry and comfortable you will be in such weather. Choosing outfits with cool colors helps cool your core temperature and remain utterly relaxed.

The cold color effectiveness has been widely studied by leading scientists, amicably concluding that certain color in the spectrum ward off heat and dissipate it faster. Even when wearing the right colors, you must strike a balance with appropriate clothing coverage; the lesser you wear, the better.

Remain Trendy in Cool Colored Clothes This Summer

Summer is a time to get out and have fun! These cool colors are refined, sensitive, and soft. For the best looks, avoid wearing outfits with vivid colors too close to the face. The most effective cold colors to rock this summer are;

  • Island Blue
  • Grass Blue
  • Taro Purple

In hot weather, black clothes are a no-go; they absorb and retain the simmering heat. White clothes, on the other hand, absorbs all the spectrum colors and reflect away the most heat. In this guide, we focus on the three trendy colors which make stunning outfits.

#1 Island Blue

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As a quiet, noble, and lovely color, island blue is used by many leading designers to evoke inner appeal. Summer is a good a time as any to try bold fashion ideas. This particular hue looks well on most skin and eye colors. In some instances, island blue-colored accessories can be worn to achieve a complementary tone.

Even when wearing this color, matching up with opposite-looking colors creates a lovely ensemble. For an even easier time, consider matching up with analog colors; they are less demanding. A summer outfit won’t be complete without an accent color.

How to Accessorize Island Blue Outfits

Solid color outfits are always tricky to accessorize. To get it right in your first attempt, you should focus on the;


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Our footwear makes an instant fashion statement. Most women will readily go for nude-colored shoes without accessing other options. To look lively this summer, you should go beyond white and black shoes. Both colors, however, complement your island blue outfit without drawing too much attention from them.

FYI: If you are to wear silver shoes, wear mild jewelry which matches; it shouldn’t be too flashy and bright.


To liven up your cool-colored outfit, going for warmer jewelry helps break the monotony. If you have a warm skin tone, gold jewelry will look dashing on you. For those with cooler skin tones, silver is the best color to accessorize with. At all times, these two colors should not be worn together as they will clash.


After sorting your jewelry and shoes, your choice of the bag should go well with the entire outfit. The bag should also be selected depending on the event you wish to attend. Smaller handbags are the ideal choice for formal ceremonies. If the occasion will be more casual, a bigger bag gives you the freedom to tag along all items you might require.

Makeup Tips When Wearing Island Blue

When wearing a captivating island blue outfit, going for basic makeup will be insufficient. To strike the most elegant look, here’s what you should do;

Base: When working with a cool blue shade, you can easily match up with an orange or deep red color for a warmer look. A cooler blue shade will often have a more prominent green embedded. The foundation should be a darker shade than your original choice. This healthy, warm glow won’t wash out in photos.

Be Versatile With Colors: Color wheels, readily available on the internet, are your best bet at choosing contemporary colors. Coral, brown, peach and several shades of blue can be used. Alternatively, you might choose to highlight one color’s prominence in various outfit elements. With other colors, you look even more playful in summer.

Eye: with your alluring island blue outfit, the eyes should be prominent and speak volumes. Feminine eyes should always be made up with gender-friendly color shades. Different shades of blue and green will go amazingly well. If you are more daring, cat-eye shapes are trendy to wear. A peach or brown eye shadow completes the look.

Lips: If your eye look is dramatic, going for nude lip colors even this out. Depending on the color of nude-shaded lipstick, wear peach, pink, or other bleak choices. Remember to use a lip liner for added stay power. For the perfect look, apply striking-red lipstick. Coral and pink are recommended choices too.

In summer, your makeup can easily come off when worn wrong. Applying a makeup spritz will keep this incredible look fresh and shimmery for a longer time. Mineral powder sealers are greatly effective.

Island Blue Creates Serenity

As psychologists prescribe, dressing in an island blue outfit greatly helps in calming. Apart from keeping you conveniently cool, this hue is wonderfully uplifting and perfect to wear when feeling edgy or nervous. Creating your own calm-zone will help keep your thoughts focused this simmering summer.

# Grass Green

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The noticeable grass green is prominent all around us. Apart from evoking a natural aura and giving you a cooling sensation during summer, this popular color only comes second to blue. When wearing grass green, your body’s pituitary grand is naturally stimulated. In hot weather, this increases blood histamine levels and relaxes body muscles.

While the grass green colored outfits are invigorating, they are stress-relievers and will effortlessly calm you. The color is also touted for spurring creativity! Attaining a youthful appeal this summer is within your grasp.

Styling Tips When Wearing Grass Green

As a versatile and amazing color, grass green can easily be matched up with white, blue, yellow or pink colors. If you have other outfits or accessories with dark turquoise or pastel shades, it goes along well too. This color flatters almost all skin tones, whether cool or warm.

As a renowned summer cool color, grass green should be worn mildly. When used together with eye-popping shades such as green, orange, or yellow, monotony is broken easily; the accessories shouldn’t be too large and glaring.

Ultimate Sugary Look

Grass green seamlessly blends with delicate pastels. This excellent shade of femininity and tenderness perfectly harmonizes with ice-cream, nude, lavender, baby pink and powdery shades. For you to be able to play more with other colors, settle for an extra pastel shade to color-block. Skirts, shorts, and mini pants look irresistibly enticing when paired up with white tops and blouses.

Tip: With these endless, rely on your inner instinct to match the outfits you already have in the wardrobe.

 Lovely Retro Looks

Regardless of the cloth type you choose in the grass green shade, coming up with retro looks this summer is straightforward. For some ladies, a head-to-toe look is more preferable; being summer, ensure the outfit is light enough to enhance cooling. Other women prefer wearing a single element and complementing it with other accessories.

When matching grass green with black, you can rarely go wrong. However, this would be a costly mistake during summer as you’ll end up retaining too much heat.

Amazing Ways to Makeup When Wearing Grass Green

Moderate Base: Since this cool lively color will naturally complement the skin complexion and tone, hiding under a thick primer and foundation layer is a no-go. Your concealer of choice should match closely to the skin tone. When applying tinted moisturizer over the concealer, only use products which disappear soon after application. If you have paler skin, a darker-colored foundation will suffice.

Metallic Eye: To look more glamorous this summer, go with dramatic and elaborate eye looks. To start off, dab color pink just above the eyelids. Peach-pink eye shadows look particularly appealing when blended with gold shimmering. Depending on your preference, there are many eye-styling options to pick from. When adding highlight, a tiny smudge of champagne-gold glitter completes the look!

Natural Glow: As an earthy color, grass green should be accompanied with an equally natural glow. Adding the glow to your face balances the attention between it and your outfit. If you have a pale complexion, golden-apricot powder blushing will liven you up. If you know how to work a highlighter, you can try contouring the face after applying a bit of bronzer powder.

Nude Lip: When making up for summer, you can play around with the lips without losing touch with the attire. If you can’t access your favorite nude lipstick, shimmery coral can substitute. After outlining the lips and applying lip balm, you can fill with a favorite color which doesn’t clash with grass green.

#3 Taro Purple

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Specially made to portray feminine elegance, this color instantly gives you a youthful look. When in it, people will find you easy and fun to associate with. For psychologists, this color helps in attaining deeper spirituality and imagination.

Different Colors to Wear With Taro Purple

To show off opulence while still remaining cool this summer, contrasting and vibrant choices create a bolder look. You should focus on;

Gold and Silver

While gold helps create a warm ambiance, silver is excellent at highlighting taro purple’s cool undertones. If you fancy silver as your metallic choice, a taro-purple cashmere top will go well. When wearing jewelry, simple pearl studs or silver earrings will do. Over-accessorizing can ruin the entire look. Opaque black tights won’t go well with this color.

Neutral Backdrops

To backdrop your taro purple garments, use dark neutrals; lighter neutral is better suited for darker shades of purple. A taro purple top and a white pair of pants should be matched up with neutral accessories; say a nude envelope clutch and tan leather sandals. Adding accents should never overwhelm this youthful color.

Purple and Blue Tones

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The simplest approach to accessorizing your outfit this summer would be to work with varying purple tones. You can effortlessly complete this ensemble by wearing delicate gold jewelry. If you are more daring, try matching up with blue accents. Different blue shades can be used as long as they don’t overpower the subtle taro purple. Chunky accessories should be avoided.

Contemporary Contrasts

Since taro purple is a mildly bold color, it can be easily worn with a variety of other bright colors. With this contemporary purple shade, red looks striking and adds to the appeal. With such colors, you can have it easy with accessories and settle for basic ones. A light shade of yellow can also be paired up with this color for the ultimate summer look.

Wearing Makeup with Taro purple Outfits

In summer, your makeup should lighten you up and create a glowing, fresh appearance. With taro purple, your makeup should remain simple but sweet. Applying matte bone shadow on the eyelids works best for all skin tones. If you have blonde hair and fair skin, a taupe shade brings warmth to your palate.

Tip: To complete eye makeup, neutral shimmery champagne is recommended.

If you prefer black-cream kohl eyeliner, the upper lashes receive more attention. Several tiny dash-strokes should be made close to your lashes. For an easier time and the best results, the upper lash line should be built gently. An angle brush is useful in evening out certain areas.

Will you be wearing taro purple this summer? Your lips and cheeks will look best in warm coral colors. One can still opt for bolder color such as red; this lipstick looks impeccable on ladies with light hair as it brightens their palates. If you have darker hair, bolder lips will look overwhelming on your taro purple outfit.

Time to Head Outdoors!

Women generally have a harder time working with these cold colors; conventional colors are a staple. During summer, you can keep cool while still trendy and in fashion. Through this fashion guide, making the right color choices has been made easier and more practical. Having a color chart with you is a sure way of avoiding color clashing.

Do you have any questions on how to wear cold colors in summer? We would be much obliged to provide definitive answers. If you found this review useful, kindly share on your social media platform; sharing is caring. All the best!

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