Today’s tech-savvy women aspire to remain in fashion as they conduct their business dealings. A laptop comes in handy in getting all your activities done seamlessly and to a profitable end. What better way to carry this crucial device than in a classy women laptop bag? While some have been designed to suit casual or formal events only, others transcend this barrier. We fully acknowledge the need to get the quality product, hence our detailed review of the 15 best women laptop bags worth your while.

Which of these beauties will you be taking home? There is an abundance of style and design, suiting every aspect of your life. Here are the leading bags to look into;

#1 Canvaslife White Rose Pattern Women Shoulder Laptop Bag

Canvaslife White Rose Pattern Women Shoulder Laptop Bag

If your laptop is 15.6” and under, it will fit comfortably and securely in this cute bag. Women who love color and vibrancy will be instantly attracted to this laptop bag’s exquisite exterior. It is fully shockproof, keeping your laptop and other devices safe all through. The unique and special pattern is for those who wish to do away with dull colors while maintaining versatile functionality. Both sides feature spacious pockets; these are good for holding the mouse and other smaller items.


  • MacBook owners will have an easy time with it
  • There are two comfortable modes of carrying
  • It goes perfectly well with vibrant outfits in all events
  • The interior is highly organized and heavily padded for protection


  • Some consumers express wariness with the discreetness of the shoulder strap

#2 ZYSUN Laptop Tote Bag Fits Up To 15.6”

ZYSUN Laptop Tote Bag Fits Up To 15.6”

On both of its handles, this marvelous shoulder bag for women can be adjusted a great deal. When shortened, it can be hung by the arm comfortably. Rich PU leather has been used to give women the class and durability they need. Extra protection is offered to your laptop through the professional soft padding in the interior. Professional and practical smooth zippers make operations all the easier. The manufacturer promises to offer the best customer service.


  • 100% money back guarantee should you feel deceived
  • A multiple pockets design neatly arranged an spaced
  • Easy adjustment of the top handle into a shoulder strap
  • Great for carrying other smaller items as well


  • The comfort is somewhat compromised when used as a shoulder bag

#3 Overbrooke Classic Women’s Tote Bag for 15.6” Laptop

Overbrooke Classic Women’s Tote Bag for 15.6” Laptop

If you have been yearning for a large everyday carryall bag, this laptop carrier will appease you. It can serve purposefully as a casual, business, or all-purpose bag. When carrying your laptop, it will secure from shock on all sides, taking away your worries. If you are traveling, you will be pleased to learn of the spacious room you can use inside for packing. It is light in weight but strong in structure, a factor which helps it maintain its rigid form without clamping.



  • Straps can’t be adjusted to offer alternative carriage

#4 Kayond Canvas Fabric Ultraportable Neoprene Laptop Carrying Case

Kayond Canvas Fabric Ultraportable Neoprene Laptop Carrying Case

Are you a fan of style and boldness in design? This bag’s colorful canvas will attract you and keep you in suspense; there’s no outfit which won’t look good when worn with it. Laptops between 15” and 15.6” will fit perfectly and without much room for movement. This comfortable case will make your days more organized and less stressful. Besides your laptop, you can also freely park many other items you require. Certain laptop models fit better than others.


  • The shoulder strap is comfortable with a thick pad around the shoulder
  • Adjusting the height is easy and firm
  • The external pocket’s zip is concealed discreetly
  • You can carry in the way most comfortable for you


  • The luggage capacity is not expandable beyond what is recommended

#5 WEWEON #1 Recommended Multi-Pocketed Laptop Bag

WEWEON #1 Recommended Multi-Pocketed Laptop Bag

Offering the users multifunctional use, you probably won’t be requiring any other bag type for a while. There is plenty of accommodation from all gear you need, right from your laptop to file folders. The safety of your laptop is a surety, thanks to the reliable padding all around. You can now order with confidence, knowing that your money will be fully refunded should it fail to meet your expectations. Large laptops will fit with much ease as the smaller ones.


  • The buyer also gets a smaller pouch with intricate design
  • The handles are comfortable and build to serve for long
  • Colors are easy to match with casual and official outfits
  • The extended base means more carrying capacity for you


  • There is only one way of carrying your bag, limiting versatility

#6 KEEPWE Lightweight Nylon Water Resistant Laptop Tote Bag

KEEPWE Lightweight Nylon Water Resistant Laptop Tote Bag

High-quality nylon has been professionally crafted in the making of this bag, giving you a unique laptop bag. Women no longer have to be worried about dropping their bags over short distances, knowing the padding around the laptop holds. A stylish quilt pattern dons the exterior, making it easy to pick complementary outfits. The interior is compatible with certain laptop models such as MacBook and Acer, between 15” and 15.6”.


  • Laptop compartment is padded with the softest shock absorbent material
  • Several compartments inside to contain different items
  • The top handles are comfortable and won’t hurt all day
  • This bag’s base has been built for sturdiness and longevity


  • There is no shoulder strap of handle adjustability

#7 Vera Bradley Laptop Organizer, Signature Cotton

Vera Bradley Laptop Organizer, Signature Cotton

Vera Bradley is a well-known global brand, churning out the best bag products. Taking a wide berth from the norm, it is made of durable cotton, a characteristically strong and comfortable material. The manufacturer truly believes in innovation and endurance, as evidenced by this illustrious laptop bag. Are you ready to head out for an adventure? Make a point of packing all your gear in it and you will be surprised by how well it all fits! Protect your tech gear in this stylish look.


  • The floral pattern is easy to match with lively outfits
  • The top handle is comfy and slightly adjustable
  • It has a slim look but still holds a lot
  • Your laptop and other electronics are perfectly safe


  • There is no shoulder strap to make carrying even easier

#8 TAIDY 15.6” Laptop Shoulder Bag Case with Extra Pockets

TAIDY 15.6” Laptop Shoulder Bag Case with Extra Pockets

To make this a worthy pick for you this Christmas season, consider the ultra-soft neoprene used in construction. The double zipper glides smoothly over the main compartment, ensuring you access the easiest operation. Its shoulder strap can not only be adjusted but also detached completely. The top handles are also well padded to ensure all-day comfort. There are several lively colors and prints to choose from, guaranteeing you a versatility in choice.


  • Spacious accommodation for your laptop and other valuables
  • Two easy modes of carrying without straining
  • Several attractive colors to choose from and match with outfits
  • It is especially well suited for MacBook laptops


  • Some consumers would rather go for leather than this material

#9 CoolBELL 10.6” Fabric Shoulder Laptop Bag

CoolBELL 10.6” Fabric Shoulder Laptop Bag

This multifunctional shoulder bag, at the peak of its performance, holds your laptop, tablet, other electronic devices, and much more. It is especially suited for certain brands and models such as iPad and Samsung. On the front pocket, slot your cell phone in and you’ll be able to easily access it. There is both Velcro closure and zippered compartments, putting your mind at absolute ease. The foam padding is also waterproof, serving two purposes simultaneously.


  • Serves multiple functions with relative ease
  • The laptop positioning makes it considerably lighter
  • There’s a lovely red highlight to break the evenness of color
  • It is sturdy and hold up well to tough weather


  • It can only serve business needs and not travel due to limited space

#10 EDODAY Business Laptop Bag Designed for Women

EDODAY Business Laptop Bag Designed for Women

As a classically designed bag for women, this eclectic model has all the perks of prime functionality and safety. Your laptop is uniquely protected by the independent protective layer, taking in all shocks and impacts. The use of the material in design has led to a large capacity in the seemingly small structure. Whether you are heading out for casual or business engagements, you can comfortably carry it without worrying about the look.


  • Double strong handles guaranteed to hold down all the packaged weight
  • Fits all purposes besides securing your laptop
  • Exterior pockets look well blended into the design
  • Has an independent protective layer for your laptop


  • There is a limit to what you can carry comfortably without ruining form

#11 Fossil Emma Laptop Bag

Fossil Emma Laptop Bag

For some ladies, simplicity in style is key to remaining fashionable. This laptop bag depicts this so well, with no wildly attractive features highlighting it; instead, you get a laidback bag with optimal functionality. Users can make use of the large zipper pocket and 2 media pockets; these are ideal for the mouse and other small items. The exterior back pocket is non-zipped, instead of having a slide operability. This soft leather construction looks even better as it ages.


  • A soft leathery feel, easy on clothes fabric and hands
  • Two comfortable ways of towing it around
  • Has a cute decorative key dangling from the top handle
  • Leather is well treated to last for long and look better


  • There are not as many compartments to carry different items

#12 BfB Handmade 17” Laptop Bag For Women

BfB Handmade 17” Laptop Bag For Women

From a first glance, you’ll be amazed by the large capacity this laptop bag can accommodate. Laptops up to 17” fit comfortably in it, safe from any impacts and shocks. When carrying it, you will certainly make the right impression and earn yourself commendation! This beautiful business bag is now made available to you at a discounted price seeing as Christmas is already here with us. Enjoy the lengthy durability and the ease of use.


  • It is beautiful and spacious all in one go
  • Exterior is uniquely styled and fashionable
  • Matching with your favorite official attire will be effortless
  • Top handles are comfortable even after all day use


  • The big size does not go down well with women who prefer discreetness

#13 AMOLAR Leather Satchel Women Laptop Shoulder Bag

AMOLAR Leather Satchel Women Laptop Shoulder Bag

This leather computer bag is stylish and chic at every turn, complemented by supreme functionality. Throughout its lifetime, you are set to enjoy 100% guarantee, clearly attesting to the professionalism involved. Other brands in Amazon rarely have this kind of extended user guarantee, making it worth every buck. There are 3 zippered pockets for securing valuables and a back-wall zippered compartment. Laser cute leather is sturdy and reliable over the long haul.


  • The exterior consistently dented design is marvelous
  • Shoulder strap can be removed or adjusted as need be
  • Comfort in carrying and securing your laptop
  • Several compartments to hold a host of other items


  • The exterior lacks pockets for easy and quick access

#14 YIDA 11” to 12” Laptop Neoprene Sleeve Case

YIDA 11” to 12” Laptop Neoprene Sleeve Case

If you adore color, this laptop bag will be a worthy choice to go with. All your vibrant casual outfits will be easy to match, complementing every speck of color. Small 12” laptops fit intricately well in this construction, leaving no room for risky movement. Compatibility extends over a wide range of laptop models, all secured from shock and nasty impacts. Your laptop adapter and all other accessories have designated slots.


  • Both sides are highly decorated with vivid printing
  • Dimensions are well thought out for comfort and functionality
  • There are several ways to carry it while feeling lesser weight
  • Sturdy and compact structure holds even with maximum packing


  • Some people who would rather remain discreet see too much color

#15 DTBG 15.6” Laptop Nylon Shoulder Bag

DTBG 15.6” Laptop Nylon Shoulder Bag

Carrying your laptop safely and in style is now possible thanks to this ingenious shoulder bag. From the looks of it, it fully accommodated personalized packaging and looks fabulous when matched with certain colors. Besides securing your laptop, it can also serve for shopping and travel. There are different compartments in which to hold various items without mixing them up. Make use of the front big pocket for all your needs.


  • The exterior looks amazing and clearly unique
  • Top handle allows for comfortable shoulder positioning
  • Weight is drastically reduced, increasing comfort
  • It is compact and remains as such


  • It carries slightly less than what you would perceive


The holidays are finally here! This wonderful time of year, spread happiness to your loved ones by surprising them with one of these bags. There is a lot in terms of design, quality, and luggage capacity. Should you require any further guidance into picking the best, feel free to contact us. Our support team is ready to offer all requested help. Cheers!

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