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As the most powerful source of energy, the sun’s rays reach the earth at the speed of light. They then heat up the air and anything on the earth’s surface, despite the sun is millions of miles away. This makes the sun, as dangerous as it is useful, especially for people with fair or light skin.
In most countries, summer is a good time to have fun on the beach; taking a dive in the water to cool your body and relaxing with family and friends. However, the sun’s effects are strongest at this time as the UV rays hit the earth with the most intensity.
This intensity can be a bit damaging to the skin, causing terminal ailments like cancer and other degenerative skin conditions. The sun rays that fall from 10 AM to 4 PM are the strongest, exposing people to possible harm.
Avoiding exposure to the sun is easily achievable by wearing protective clothing, hats and holding umbrellas above their heads to block the UV rays. Though these precautionary measures work, they are not nearly as effective as using sunblock.

Effects of Strong UV Rays  

Credible scientific studies accessed the effects of naked sun rays on the human skin. The initial effects, before the Ozone layer was hampered, were not very dangerous. However, these effects are increasingly becoming dangerous.

UV rays, especially UVB, are the leading causes of sunburns; the red patches will develop on fair or light skin after exposure to UVB sun rays. Sunburns are very uncomfortable, itchy, and they burn intensely, possibly ruining an entire summer!

UVA is UV rays from the sun which cause much more damage to your skin than UVB rays. The damage caused on the skin by UVA rays can be devastating, and may even lead to death. Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases, with Skin Cancer being the most common type.

UVA rays are responsible for Skin Cancer with a very high percentage of people around the world diagnosed with this type of cancer. In addition, UVA rays also cause photo damage and early or premature aging.

No effects are pleasant, and staying indoors throughout summer is not a good enough method to prevent them. For this reason, certain beauty companies have come up with sunblock, a simple but very effective way of dealing with harmful rays. Sun blocks also go by the names;
• Sunscreen
• Sunburn cream
• Sun cream
• Suntan lotion

ibricraft blog image of 11 reasons to fall in love with sun block

Many types of Sun Block to choose

Depending on your mode of application, there are different varieties of sunblock to choose from. Each method is uniquely equipped to keep off the harmful rays, according to you the luxury of enjoying summer.

According to the method of protection from the sun, there are two types.
Physical sunblock: They are effective in preventing the rays of the sun from reaching the skin by reflecting it away.
Chemical sunblock: Unlike the physical sunblock, this type protects the skin by absorbing harmful rays.

The following are classifications of sunblock according to the method of application:

a) Lotion 

This is the oldest most common type of sun block available; the cream you can apply on your skin before exposing your skin to the sun rays.

b) Spray 

Spray sunblock easily passes as the most favorite due to easy application. However, a simple spray can be difficult to use because sunblock is most effective when there is a thick layer of your skin. Spray might lay a thinner layer than lotion, which is why people spray a lot of it on a single patch of the skin, for more protection.

c) Mineral 

Usually, the skin absorbs sun block for better protection, which can bring certain effects of irritation to people with sensitive skin. Mineral sunblock is a good alternative for this type of skin because the skin won’t absorb it.

d) Sunscreen sticks 

These are for easier, more specific application. They are usually applied on certain small patches of your skin such as your nose.

e) Water resistant

Water resistant sunblock prevents water or sweat from washing it off your skin; you to take a dive in water without worrying about it washing off!

f) Built in 

This sunblock contained in certain beauty products like moisturizers and lipsticks. They help make your work easier, preventing you from applying the sun block and beauty products separately as most people do.

The best way to tell whether a sun block will be useful to your body is by checking the SPF (Sun Protection Factor). The variable defines the percentage of UV rays that reach your skin after applying the sun block in the recommended amount.

Note: For instance, the most preferred sun block SPF, highly recommended, is sun block with a 30 to 50 SPF.

ibricraft blog image of 11 reasons to fall in love with sun block

The Benefits of Sun blocks

Sun blocks have provided most people with protection from the sun rays for a number of years, and the results have become evident. There are benefits that come with constant application of sun block, even when the sun is not a factor. Below are the ten reasons why you should always apply sun block on your skin.

1. Protection from UV Rays

As stated earlier, UV rays are very harmful to skin, especially light skin. The effects of exposure of light skin to UV rays are evident after a few minutes of exposure, usually up to three minutes. This is just a simple effect known as sunburn and it is very uncomfortable for anyone who gets affected. The patch of skin that is sunburned is unpleasant to look at and it takes more time to heal than it does to get one. Apart from this effect from simple rays, there are deadlier effects of exposure of skin to rays of the sun. These include skin cancer, one of the most dangerous disease in the world as of this moment. Prevention is easier than cure. For this reason, people apply sun block on their skin minutes before exposing it to the sun. The benefits are more than the small price you pay at the store.

2. Prevention of Premature Aging 

There is a reason why sun block is also for people with darker skin. The ingredients of sunblock have certain benefits that prevent premature aging. In recent studies by doctors, discoveries led to the conclusion that sun block, after continuous use, gives rise to healthy skin, skin without wrinkles. As a fashion product, sun block is an effective solution for sagging skin. Sun block will keep you young, and your skin will speak for its effects.

3. Cost 

Sun block is not as expensive at the beauty shops as you would imagine. In fact, the cost of preventing skin damage far outweighs the cost of dealing with skin cancer and other similar effects. This realization makes it simpler for a person to continuously purchase sunblock and apply it on their face. However, the ingredients of sunblock are very easy to acquire and prepare. This allows anyone to find the ingredients and prepare the sunblock at home, which reduces the price even more. It is, therefore, a very cost-effective solution for skin maintenance.

4. Wide range 

Skin care requires a lot of dedication and time. This has led companies to manufacture of wide ranges of sun block, allowing people to choose different sun blocks with different methods of application. For instance, you can purchase a lotion, a spray, or even a stick, among many other varieties at different prices.

5. The best solution 

There are different ways to prevent your skin from UV rays damage. Most people find it easier and cheaper to put on protective clothes that cover all of their skin instead of applying sun block. Even though this might be a simpler solution, it is not the most effective on. Sunblock prevents up to 98% of sun rays from coming in contact with your body, which means a very high amount of sun rays bounce off from your skin. You, therefore, get to act normally, put on a simple bikini, or short, and bask in the sun instead of being in some clothes that will make you uncomfortable while other people are having their fun under the sun.

6. Waterproof sun block

Most sunblock options, in the past, could wash off easily after a simple dive in the water, which meant reapplication after each swim. However, fortunately, companies managed to come up with a simple solution that allows you to apply your sunblock, take a swim, and bask in the sun after without having to reapply the sun block. Waterproof sun block options have become the best solution preventing people from using too much sun block, depleting their funds as a result. Sun block has, therefore, become a very convenient solution for skin protection.

7. Fashion

People always wonder whether it is advisable to apply sun block alongside other fashion products such as lipsticks and moisturizers. The truth is that Sun block is applicable together with other beauty products without damaging your skin due to some reaction that might happen. In fact, it is advisable to apply sun block after applying moisturizer. The only thing people should not do is apply moisturizer after the sun block because it affects the level of protection sun block provides. In recent years, companies have created a better solution that includes sun block in most beauty products. This makes it even easier to use, and there is no need for applying sun block after your beauty products since it is on the products already.

8. Hydration 

Skin gets dehydrated fast, especially your lips when there is wind and sunlight. Sunblock provides an excellent solution for dehydrated skin. Once you apply your sunblock, the sun does not get to your skin, and neither does wind. For that reason, just like regular lotions and other dehydration prevention products, your skin will remain hydrated, and you will not lose water through your skin as you would without the sunblock.

9. It is Healthy 

Sun block is healthy to apply on your skin. In certain studies, discoveries proved that apart from prevention of skin cancer and other effects related to the rays of the sun, the ingredients the skin absorbs from sun block are very healthy for any kind of skin. This is the prime reason why the application of sun block is advisable even to people with darker skin. Even though the effects are not immediately visible to users, continuous application over a long period will bring out the benefits.

10. Tanning

Tanning is a result of continuous production of melanin. The skin, in efforts to try to protect the skin, produces melanin, which makes the skin a bit darker. In the early stages of this melanin production, the effects look very fine and most people would want their skin to maintain that color, therefore continuing the exposure. However, these effects are only a simple reaction whose advantages are only in these early stages. Continuous exposure of light skin to these rays, leads to the overreaction of melanocytes in the skin and the skin develops uneven pigmentation and sunspots, which leads to loss of the skin’s initial beauty. Efforts to make your skin look beautiful then become your undoing.


The skin is very important as it is the largest organ in your body. Every type of skin, whether light or dark, deserves to be cared for. The necessary products should be applied to help maintain their healthy state. As the world goes deeper into the manufacture of products and technology continues advancing, waste in form of gases continue to deplete the ozone layer, and the sun rays get more intense, which leaves us more vulnerable to the sun. Everybody should protect their skin to prevent skin anomalies that may be carried over from generation to generation. A healthier skin is a healthier you.


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