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Nearly a decade ago, fashion blogging kicked off without much fanfare; quite frankly, it was dismissed by the mainstream fashion industry. The times have since changed and through the years, fashion bloggers have grown their influence and become part of the fashion establishment. They are the go-to people when leading brands and outlets want to sell their latest designs.

Get It Right

Across the globe, fashion bloggers share their passion and knowledge with millions of followers. Depending on your style, there is a lot of international talent to choose from; our fashion choices are increasingly becoming crucial to our employability, productivity, and success in business.

Bricraft blog image of 10 best fashion bloggers

To come up with the 10 most influential fashion bloggers, here’s what we looked into:

  • The ‘It’ Factor – Bloggers who have worked with higher-end brands have more experience in virtually all fashion styles; industry insiders acknowledge that these bloggers are becoming increasingly popular with advertisers.
  • Followers on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook Twitter, and Pinterest – These numbers indicate the overwhelming numbers which top bloggers reach every day; Instagram is weighed more heavily!
  • Brand Extensions – All of these bloggers have launched collaborations or clothing lines of their own.
  • Google News Searches – These bloggers generate trending headlines, increasing their influence.

After crunching all these numbers, here are the top fashion bloggers you ought to be looking up to:

Bricraft blog image of Chiara Ferragni

#1 Chiara Ferragni

As a teenager, Chiara started sharing in her mother’s passion for photography and fashion. In 2009, before blogs became the big hits they are today, she started as a way of fully expressing herself and quickly becoming a top fashion blogger.

Today, Chiara Ferragni is a synonymous name for leading designer brands and fashion houses. She also has a namesake shoe line, made entirely in Italy, where she’s the creative director. Her efforts have received recognition from Forbes and BoF, describing her as one of the most influential people in the international fashion world.

What You Can Learn From Chiara

The Blonde Salad has a wealth of fashion information, regularly updated to keep up with the season and the latest trends. While she acknowledges that we have all become accustomed to dressing for occasions, for instance, she insists on the need to dress in a color that reflects your emotions.

Her blog helps you to:

  • Get your hair prepped for summer
  • Dress for all kinds of occasions, in detail
  • Know the dresses you should have for every season
  • Choose a comfortable pair of shoes
  • Apply temporary hair color
  • Know various designers and what inspires them

The list is far from conclusive. In addition to providing useful fashion tips, Chiara keeps up to date with the latest developments, letting her followers know which revolutionary beauty gadgets they should use. Do you want to dress like certain celebrities and public figures? She has all that laid out for you too.

Just last year, Amazon fashion international campaigns made Chiara Ferragni the face of Pantene. Her list of 1.2 million subscribers on Facebook and 5.6 million followers on Instagram keeps on growing! Her ability to move products endears her to advertisers.

Bricraft blog image of Wendy Nguyen

#2 Wendy Nguyen

This L.A based fashion blogger, popularly known for her 600,000+ subscribers, provides useful and actionable fashion tips, outfit suggestions, and fun pairing ideas to name a few. For instance, her ’25 ways to tie a scarf’ video has over 29 million views.

More to share her passion, Nguyen also shares her personal life stories and experiences with her followers. Her inspiration is drawn from music, people, food, architecture, culture, and art. Wendy uses fashion as a way to play with colors and shapes while expressing herself.

How Wendy’s Lookbook Can be Useful to You

Lookbook explores various ways of providing useful information to the ready. Apart from YouTube videos, Wendy has invested in high-quality blog content; her fashion tips and tricks cover what most shoppers go through in their effort to look the best.
To take blogging to the next level, Wendy gives opportunities to her most illustrious followers, highlighting their fashion sense unique preferences. As one of the best fashion bloggers, this level of interaction gives her followers something to look forward to in every content publication.

Her Other Interests

To help her followers get the most out of their fashion choices, Wendy Nguyen provides actionable tips on:

  • How the movable boutique is changing
  • Creative ways to get the most of every summer
  • How a professional photographer is invaluable for your top look photos
  • How to make the best of fashion items
  • Holiday fashion guides
  • How fashion defines the strength of a woman

Her illustrious career has seen her hold a conversation with fashion movers like Luke Heywood, Edgar Vanuska, and several others. Through her experiences, you can finally realize what where you’ve been going wrong with your fashion choices.

Bricraft blog image of Chriselle Lim

#3 Chriselle Lim

Chriselle has the aura of sensible style and winning. Staring out her blog in 2011, it didn’t take long for her to enjoy a huge following. Her irresistibly cute YouTube videos and photos will have you returning to the blog every chance you get. She started off in the fashion industry as a wardrobe stylist. She then started posting her editorials and campaigns, earning a top fashion blogger status quite early.

Her Favorite Designer

Chriselle Lim is a huge fan of Olivier Rousteing (Balmain).in her blog, she’s talked about how the designer effortlessly makes women feel sexier. She finds the designer’s outfits glamorous, intricate, and street friendly. She attributes that while women will feel great in amazing gowns, Olivier has managed to do the same with leather pants.

What She Offers You

In fashion, Chriselle advises her followers to strive and be themselves. Are you constantly worried about your Instagram looks? She has a number of outfits that would look fabulous on you! Through her blog, her followers can view her entire shopping picks, helping them make even better fashion choices.

For power outfits, Chriselle recommends an all-white look; pieces like ‘how to look great at work in summer’ and ‘how to pack many cities in one suitcase’ are written from her own experience, making her among the best fashion bloggers offering actionable fashion tips.

In addition to helping her followers apply the right skincare, Chriselle travels around the world sharing her experiences with followers every step of the way.

Bricraft blog image of Nicole Warne

#4 Nicole Warne

With a global following of2.3 million, Nicole Warne is a leading fashion blogger who prides herself in elegant fashion, travel, and lifestyle. Starting her blog and store in 2009, this fashion blogger from North Avoca, Australia did all this while balancing internships, a full-time job, and her part-time studies. When her online career became too demanding, she had to defer her studies and quit her job.

Since then, Nicole has been a highly regarded brand across the fashion industry. She is synonymous with social and digital media, digital strategizing, and influencing. Her high-quality content, sharp focus, and creative skills, she has become highly sought after by brands such s Valentino, L’Oreal Luxe, and Chanel.

Helping You Dress Better

Through her high-flying blog, Gary Pepper, Nicole offers invaluable fashion tips such as picking the right outfits for:

  • The honeymoon
  • Out of office
  • Two-tone colors
  • Wearing with stripped back

These and many other outfit decisions can be hard to accomplish without expert help from the best fashion bloggers. As her follower, you will receive a consistent dose of the latest fashion intrigues. Nicole Warne is widely traveled throughout the world, documenting every trip for her fans explorations; there is a lot to learn from her many engagements with different cultures and clothing styles.

Bricraft blog image of Aimee Song

#5 Aimee Song

As an early adopter of fashion blogging, Aimee Songs blog has over two million viewers every month. This site is further compliments by her huge 4.6 million Instagram following. Her photos featuring high-end outfits and products are often taken in exotic locations. As one of the pioneers of fashion blogging, Aimee keeps her followers informed by documenting her interior design work, personal style, and travels.

Created in 2008, her blog was initially meant to share her portfolio shoots and interior design aesthetic. Song, however, noticed the positive feedback about her personal style, sparking her interest in fashion blogging; she soon became a leading fashion blogger.

Interior Design and Fashion

Aimee Song does more than offer her followers valuable fashion tips; she goes the entire yard and helps you design your home or office interior too! She has vast experience in the furnishing of offices and homes as well as kitchen remodeling. After going through her blog, flower arrangement and home art décor will be a breeze for you.

Aimee is your go-to blogger for virtually all outfits. Her many years in the business have enabled her to come up with an elaborate polka dot guide. Her summer style recommendations include choosing white denim. Other helpful tips include:

  • Packing right for vacations
  • Matching white denim with ruffle top
  • A review of red pants and Jacquemus top
  • A guide to Kyoto for travelers
  • How to wear white denim and shoulder stripes
Bricraft blog image of Kristina Bazan

#6 Kristina Bazan

Kristina Bazan, together with her partner James Chardon, founded Kayture back in 2011. Now, it is not only the most influential fashion blog in Switzerland but also a big name in the international scene. In recognition of her efforts, the teen vogue magazine has noted that this leading fashion blogger.

Kristina is the embodiment of the luxurious and elegant European style. To keep her work top-notch, this top fashion blogger only works with select high-end brands; these include Guess, Yves Saint Laurent, Dolce&Gabbana, Dior to Mango, and Louis Vuitton.

Her Itinerary

Kristina is constantly traveling all over the world together with her partner, sharing her passion for lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. Every day, millions of followers go through her luxuriant and dreamy world, abundant with color and excellent outfit choices.

Kristina is a diversified fashion blogger, making time for her other interests in the blog. She also discusses music, video, lifestyle, and beauty. In the Lifestyle section, Kristina talks about diverse topics such as food, travel, and even her opinions; this is an especially interesting read.

Kayture is a different kind of fashion blogger; as much as she gives tips on how to dress well and look the best, she does it in a subtly enticing way. Her followers always have fresh content to go through as well as the option to shop where she gets her outfits from. Her expert advice is much appreciated by her large audience.

Bricraft blog image of Julia Engel

#7 Julia Engel

As a junior in college, Julia Engel started blogging a way of sharing her daily fashion inspirations. Her blog, Gal Meets Glam, enjoys a subscription of thousands of readers each month, all eager to follow Engel’s classic and feminine look. When dressing her body, she’ll initially go for what catches her eye.

She is inspired by what surrounds her, the experiences she has and the people she meets. Women’s fashion in their thirties and forties is what she attributes her inspiration from; being well put together and having feminine silhouette looks do it for her.

Maintaining Her Fashion Blog

Just like other businesses, Julia Engel attributes her success to working on her blog every chance she gets. In a week, she provides her thousands of readers with up to 5 posts on fashion tips and other useful information.

To further provide her audience with a wide variety of information, she also provides many mini-posts and 4 newsletters. Her shooting campaigns for major brands keep her busy through location scouting, unique concepts, and editing.

Bricraft blog image of Blair Eadie

#8 Blair Eadie

Blair Eadie has nurtured her fashion blogging career, starting out as a Gap merchandiser in 2007. In 2010, she launched her highly successful blog, the Atlantic-Pacific. By then, she had realized her growing influence on current trends and fashion; her blog is her form of self-expression and personal style. Her merchandiser career has been propelled to new heights since then.


Throughout her successful career, Blair Eadie has worked with the biggest names in the makeup and extensive fashion industry. These include Nordstrom, Target, Gucci, Sephora, and Cover Girl. She has also collaborated with Formula X in the production of her nail polishes line for Sephora, including three limited editions.

To be truly unique, Blair Eadie incorporated her name and that of her blog in her nail polish line, making it easily identifiable. These and other efforts have seen her following grow immensely. For her custom colors, she chose were Atlantic Mist, Taken By Storm, and Pacific Haze; all these are useful fashion items you can use to transform your look.

What Her Blog Offers

The Atlantic-Pacific fashion blog features many outfits, all classified as denim, fall style, stripes, or dress. Her ability to mix colors and still appear chic is inspiration enough to her followers. It is pretty easy borrowing from her style, seeing as she regularly posts tips on how to look your best on her social media. Her ‘how-to’ posts make it even simpler for you to pick the right outfit, accessorize adequately, and stand out from the crowd every time.

Her versatility allows her to wear dresses with boots and shoes equally well. By following her closely, you can appear diverse but still superbly dressed. Stripes are especially tricky outfits to pick the right shoe, bag, and other accessories for; Blair’s love for stripes is evident on her blog.

Bricraft blog image of Gala Gonzalez

#9 Gala Gonzalez

This fashion-savvy Spanish blogger is conscious of her roots and seeks to bring it out in her style. Her blogs feature a sneaker collection of 6 designs, patiently put together by weaving; though a slow process, the results are rewarding. Her sharp taste easily ranks her as a top fashion blogger, providing valuable insights on almost a daily basis.

Through this meticulous fabric collection, the sneakers are made of a variety of colors consisting mostly of earthy tones. Superga’s rare 2750 sneakers have been mildly transformed, toning them down to a simpler vibe.

Online Shopping

Gala Gonzalez attributes that while her job revolves around online platforms; she would rather visit the store and feel the fabric than have clothes delivered to her. When he’s too squeezed for time, however, she will use a trusted delivery service to get her a variety of outfits to choose from.

While many of us are so keen on having all the shopping brought to the door, physically shopping for outfits gives you more time to pick the right outfit. Visiting boutiques also gives you a wider variety than you would have online.

Her blog features popular categories such as modeling, party, travel, and travel. You can get a good feel for the latest fashion trends by keeping up with the latest fashion weeks. Dressing up for events will be incredibly easy for you.

Bricraft blog image of Julie Sarinana

#10 Julie Sarinana

What started out as uniquely creative outlet for Julie Sarinana quickly turned out to be the now famous fashion blog, Sincerely Jules. Her collection of personal thoughts and style since 2009 still gets a good read today, proving her worth as one of the best fashion bloggers. She is now a highly revered personality in fashion who inspires and signifies international styles.

Besides blogging, Julie acts as her clothing line’s creative director; her efforts have resulted in the production of extremely unique and lovable fashion pieces. The high-quality content on her blog inspires and educates thousands of readers every day.

How She Does It

Success comes naturally to this highly revered fashion blogger; in appreciation of this, she strives to help her followers make easy fashion choices without the need of hiring an image consultant. She advises her them to leave nothing to chance when dressing to look their best.

In her blog, Julie advocates for the wearing of boots and classic wear to bring out a rare beauty. Her outfit choice is as far as it goes, giving her followers more than enough choices to pick from. In addition, posts with helpful fashion information are uploaded ever so frequently. If you follow her blog, you will definitely pick a thing or two for your next big event.

Wrap Up

In the new age of fashion blogging, these 10 top fashion bloggers continue to inspire an entire generation of fashion-conscious people. You too can easily receive their fashion tips and improve your look: keeping up will be pretty easy after.

Did you find this review helpful? Do you have any top fashion blogger in mind? Let us know in our comment section. All the best as you strive to sharpen your look.

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